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Been on vacation for almost a week now. And a couple of things have happened.
First - I have friends. Places to be and people to see and things to do. I know this would taper off if I lived here, but it feels unbelievably nice to have people to see and talk to and to bring me into new things.
Second, I love my mom's house. Maybe it's just that I'm starting from scratch and a clean foundation, maybe it's that I haven't run out of money yet, but it feels so good to live here, to make food and clean up and sew a bit.
Third, Val texted me and said that they will need a new RTL as of 10/22. And holy shit, why do things like this keep happening? If there has been a message the universe has been trying to send me, I think it might well be 'go back to Colorado'.

Or am I feeling all this because I'm on vacation? I mean, the difference between thinking about going back to work at 2228 versus 2173 is night and day. The smiles I saw on people's faces at the Ft. Collins store and the number of people in the building.... there would still be a shrink plan to follow but... god, I feel like with Val and Shawna I could manage that. I'd be included, I'd know what the hell was going on and what to /do/. I could get back to the place where there are standards and they are enforced.

It's the dream. Anyway. I need to talk to mom about the possibility of living here and/or taking her car if I sold mine. I need to talk to Rob about whether he would stay in Washington if I moved in October. And I need to decide in my heart if this is what I want. In my dreams I can imagine that I could get a better job in Seattle, but there is something in me that fails to go out and do those things, and maybe here... god I hate making choices. They change everything and change is so miserable.
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The poor archive being down, and me being rather picky about my fandoms this month, I've actually started reading fic again. I think I mentioned Lorem Ipsum, which is brilliant. Now I started on Two Two One Bravo Baker which is very well written and remarkably compelling to me for a military story which usually isn't my sort of thing. Then again, it has very professional organized proper military John Watson, which is very much my thing. Very much.
Just needed to remind myself that that and some SHkinkmeme fills are what I'm reading in case my computer dumps all my tabs again. I'm off to go quilt for a while now and then I close, then close, then mid for truck, then open then open, I think. Ugh. Need a day or two to set up the apartment and finish emptying and cleaning the old one. Not gonna get that apparently.
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I feel I should post to say that despite stress, I've been feeling much better the last week or so, about a lot of things.

And then I went back in my LJ to a post from 2008n and was reminded that lots of important work anniversaries happen for me around this time.
It's now been about five years since I stepped up into the Home Dec Coordinator, a year after than I stepped up to MTL after Cori left (though I'll admit that Jenni still did most of the work) and then a year later (three years ago today) Val offered me the OTL position. And then about two years after that I let her know that I would be leaving in the summer to move to Seattle. And the rest... isn't really history yet.

It's hard to remember those times and read how excited I was, how ready to learn. I need to get back to that headspace somehow. Something to work on.

Happy birthday to all my various Pisces friends and fictional characters! March is a good time to be born.
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I may or may not have spent the last three hours in photoshop working on a texture and gradient set for damnned Shitenhouji jersies. Now to test to see how the Yudu handles it and then start the epic search for a yellow knit that Jess and I can actually agree on.

For anyone wondering what I'm going on about...
Take a look at this team's uniforms. See that lovely leafy green texture pattern? I'm trying to screen print it onto plain fabric. Yes I may have lost my mind.

[profile] ladyofthegate found me a potential Shiraishi wig locally: at Display & Costume. (Which means another chance to visit Pacific fabrics. ^_^ I only wish that their clearance outlet was closer than Seattle. >.>)

Also, there are work things. But I have Friday off and we get to see Chris, so that worry can wait for another day.

It should also be noted that I got my second ear piercing on... monday evening I think. So soon I shall be able to show off more than one set of earrings at once. ^___^
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I have fallen off the face of the earth for the last few days, but wanted to post quickly.
Mostly I've been working, sewing and sleeping.
My costume progress is being continually updated over here, for anyone who is interested.

Work is very worky, but we're doing well. This is our long-time RTL's last week at our store, so there's a lot of learning and training going on.

Anyway, I need to drop store mail and then head in to close. I'm around by phone if people need me. If not, I'll see the PG-related people at next weeks meeting, the work-related people at work and everyone else.... when time allows.

Happy Late Valentines. ^_^
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Wow. It's now been about two full weeks since I started this post.... I've been working in a store about 55 miles from my home store for those two weeks and my attitude has been all over the map while I've been down there five days a week. (And usually staying overnight for strings of four days at once).
[EDIT: 55 miles, not 5. I'm not THAT much of a whiney baby. >.>]

First Impressions )
Luckily, that rant was cut short because I started watching Arashi no Shukudai-kun first and was too in love with MatsuJun's new hair to care. Additional Arashi Babble goes here. )

..... all that was two weeks ago. There's been a lot of development on the work front. I'm actually getting very involved in the store. I'm growing to love the team (more on that later), it's clear that they really have their hearts in the right place. We're slowly getting back on track with freight and recovery. There's a growing sense of ownership with me and the store. And... a lot of other things going on that I don't know how I feel about. I will be down there for at least one week, probably two.

I get the feeling that my home store crew figured out where I was in the last few days. I've gotten more calls for store transfers in two days than I did in the whole last week I was there. :P
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Ok. So. I have fallen off the face of the internet. Partially because it's that time when work starts to want to take 12-hour days instead of 7 and nothing ever feels like it's done.

That's not really the reason though. See, the real issue is that I picked up the English version of The World Ends With You. And now I am an ADDICT. The plot and system were much easier to pick up without having to work to read the simple dialog, and if the game didn't /require/ shut down time and idle mingle time, then I would probably never put it down at all.

Read more... )

Also also, am I the only one in the world who wants to try to cosplay some of the /other/ branded clothes instead of the regular outfits? I know it's totally not recognizable, but I'm way amused by the fact that I've had Joshua in "bondage pants" for... most of this week.
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So... today I worked a 7 hour shift, downed 6 sudafed, spent most of my time at the cut table and... ate two bites of banana bread between 9 am and 7:30 PM. Not smart.
I did cook awesomely tasty corn stew with pork when I got home. (Japan and it's stew and curry roux-based recipies are the sum total of my cooking abilities.) While cooking I cranked up my ipod and got a lovely chain of songs going, including a fair amount of Arashi and some Aoyama Thelma, Amuro Namie and Kanon. I always need to remember that /nothing/ can turn my mood around like ten or twenty minutes in a room where I can sing my lungs out with impunity. Seriously. Try it sometime.

Then, I vegged out for a while with fic, until Jess got home. We cleaned up the apartment quite a bit, which makes me feel ten times better about the state it will be in for the weekend.

Also! Happy Birthdays to: Joe (9/24), Kirihara (9/25), Nikki (from work 9/27)!! We Libras are pretty awesome people, no? ^__^
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Today was rather satisfying, even if I was exhausted for all of it.
I was into work early and we made some pretty massive progress on truck.
Did four interviews at work (actually conducted 3, Boss did the last), all of whom seem pretty competent interesting people. Excited for tomorrow's group and to get some new help in for us.

Before that, I even took a lunch and actually came home and cooked during it, even if it was just Ramen. Once home I picked up Jess's baking project (Banana bread) without burning anything AND cooked me dinner for tonight and lunch for tomorrow. Food/Bentou Rambles ensue )

I even did most of the dishes from all those cooking projects! This isn't a big deal or an achievement for real grown-ups, I know, but it's a big step for me. ^_^

On my list for tonight are a letter of recommendation for one of the girls at work and finalizing my letter of recommendation requests for JET (scary!). Though I may take a small break to play some video games. >.> We'll see.

Long Pause

Sep. 19th, 2009 12:26 pm
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I realize that I haven't posted since NDK, so... here's a brief summary.

We did compete at NDK, but only with Masaomi and Tomomori. I was not comfortable with the quality or presentation of Kiyomori and the judges were thrilled to let us drop a slot. We did not win any awards this year, but those who did were overall AMAZING and quite deserving. Competition was more fierce this year than any NDK I've ever attended, especially for the intermediates.

Coming home was relatively low key, we have some interesting skit ideas for the future, and I have gotten to spend a bit of time since getting home with my DS (TWEWE and Trauma Center) and with The Beatles: Rock Band. There was some drama with my work situation on Tuesday, but it all worked out in the end. Sorry to everyone who panicked over my well being.

This week at work went really well, lots accomplished, store looking clean and sharp, and the DTL visit on thursday felt more like 'Ok, keep up the good work' than any other I can remember. It's ramping up to crazy-season, so that's a good place to be in.

On my slate for this weekend: And also note to self... )


Sep. 8th, 2009 11:21 am
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Didn't keep my phone on me, so missed out on about half of truck. :3 Looks much more managable than I was afraid of though. Also got my first friend on Cosplay Atrchive. The site is still incredibly difficult to use, but I did find the search photo feature that actually works!

The photo collections are mostly memberz only, but they're worth it. Like 'Zomi, Saku, Chibi-Hakuryu and seven of eight Hachiyou. Not the highest quality costumes, but still an awesome group. :D
Also, I may start stalking (or try to friend) their Saku. I just need to compose a message that doesn't sound wierd and update my profile to look less lame. After NDK. >.<

Progess since this morning
-washed some laundry!
-sleeves attached to Kiyomori's yellow robe
-made frogs/closures for Kiyomori's robe (need a color consult before attaching)

Now back off to work. Then two whole days to pull this nonsense together before con. o.o;;
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In poking at my PS3 video stash, I decided (after two episodes of Maoh) to watch "Doukyuusei". If I thought "Taiikukan Baby" was depressing.... man was I not prepared for this. Both are very serious stories and very much better made than some of the BL movies I've seen. "Doukyuusei" isn't BL at all actually, but it's some of the same characters in two different versions of the same period of time... so, I feel like it was enough involved with "Taiikukan Baby" to count under the same production values.

-Yellow Upper body interfaced
-Yellow neck band on
-Channels made to attach to lining of the Yellow (will go on by hand)
-Tomomori neck fasteners made and put on

Is the con really only two days away? ;_; I'm doomed.

Anyway. Sleep for a few hours now. Then go get Jess from the sleep study place and then run some laundry and work more on Kiyomori until it's time to go in to work for truck. THEN come back and close. And make things look pretty for The Boss. I hope. Why do I agree to these things? Seriously!

Post NDK, I need a serious icon overhaul. My current collection is just not really conducive to my current interests and moods.

Slow going

Sep. 7th, 2009 01:54 am
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-Pants cut and sewn, just need elastic, ankle ties and bottom hems.
-White sleeves lined and finished. Need a body and neckband to attach to.
-Purple layer still in yardage
-Need white satin for boot covers and to fit them to some size 9 flipflops.
-found perfect wire for floating balls. need to set channels for wires into yellow lining.

Not /my/ progress, but the wings and crown are looking /gorgeous/. If we had psychic powers to levetate them, they would be almost done. XD

I love Project Runway.

Predictably, I picked up a shift on Tuesday (when I should already be on costume crunch PTO). Anyway. Very very tired now. Hopefully the motivation will come back tomorrow.
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er... work. Whatever you want to call it. With any luck, I won't see my boss again until after NDK. Luck because she's on PTO and needs a damn vacation. And then I go on PTO for the con, so. Yeah, anyway. Work was madness, as usual. I felt bad leaving, but me being over 40 hours this week won't help us anyway.

At home I finished the 'Chance' special. It was actually pretty cool. A little predictable, and classic J-dramay, but different in some good ways. Also Meisa is pretty and Maki is adorable. Of course, I followed that up with Episode 1 of Innocent Love. My heart is breaking already and I just know it's going to get worse and probably never get better. BUT.... it looks good, so I'll try to stick with it.
Or else I'll end up rewatching Love Shuffle. Maybe both.
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Multiple cuts is so much work....

Day 6 complete and now I get a whole day off!
Work Today )

Since several people have asked, things are much better at my store. And will be even more better soon. I did talk with my boss a bit, and we appear to have settled things. With Inventory and the RVP visit over with for now, we're all hoping things will settle for a while, though it is August, so the roughest quarter of the year is still ahead of us.

I'm at a pretty much total standstill on Kiyomori... mostly because I broke the rhythm I had going and am a bit nervous to start back up. I /did/ however, get a couple yards of a /beautiful/ white brocade at the ARC last week and think it will work much better than what I had for his white layer. Additionally, we got in some new houndstooth suitings at work, so I have a new possibility for P4 costumes. Though I'm tempted to try to just throw together their casual outfits and buy wigs instead.

That pretty much covers my life updates. More tomorrow since I won't have work to distract me. :D

On an unrelated note, Corina and I figured out that the Heike memorial site thing I linked to before is most likely actually way way south at 赤間神宮, near the site of the Dan-no-Ura battle. Too far for her to see.

Also also, Random Mainichi Shinbun Rant )
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I ran out of fabric paint two hours ago, and I could have gone to sleep once I cleaned up my mess... but since I'm trying to shift my sleep to make me not insanely exhausted for inventory on friday, I seem to have some spare internet time on my hands. So today... have some random notes about.... the Taira!

Rambling. Some historically acurate and some not. )

Oh no!

Aug. 5th, 2009 02:28 am
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I'm updating again? Woah.

Some random things:
-[profile] starlit_dragon is in Japan, so 2/3 of the people I see most often outside of work are now there. I hung out with by Brother on monday night to make up for this. :D
-AX: MoriMori's hair, woah! I still always expect him to be blonde. (Photo was from [profile] double_dear. Yell at me if it's a problem to post it here.)
-NDK: It's that time of year in my store.... and it makes me panicy ever time a cosplayer talks to me. I'm like 'Aaaah, costumes aren't done!'.... even though two of mine totally are.

Thanks to the people who gave me feedback on the work-related letter I posted the other day. (Not everyone saw it, so ignore this if you didn't) Work has been better this week so far... and hopfully we'll get back into the nice balance that we've had historically really soon.
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In the last couple of days, I've been blazing through dramas in my free time. So... some commentary is in order.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji 8-10 )

Atashinchi no Danshi 3 )

TeniMyu - Imperial Presence B/B Version )

Then today... in addition to lots and lots of Halo, I watched several eps of VS Arashi and Shukudai-kun. I really think VS (not 'versus' Aiba and Sho tell us, but vee-es) is the unsung hero of their variety shows. It just has a tension and energy that none of the other shows manage and you get to see a side of the boys that I really enjoy. Also, Nino is a tiny tiny little man and I adore him. The guest interactions are just different on VS, in a way that I enjoy. Also... Jun and Nino really get to show their strenths, which is awesome.

Tomorrow, more work. Wednesday, probably pogs and Thursday 2071. Guh, this week will be killer.

A day

May. 5th, 2009 03:06 am
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Wow, Monday.
Was supposed to get up at 7 today to get to the gym in time for workout and breakfast before I went to work at 9 and Jess went to her Dr. appointment at 9:45.
That... didn't happen.
I woke up at 9:08. Panicked. Called work - found out that Truck was today and shifted my shift later. All in all, the work-bits were ok. I was not late (much) and had time to make breakfast (which I didn't eat until 2 pm anyway).

Work proceeded to be very long. I did get the truck unloaded in a timely manner and I did finish the Arranging Supplies POG, but the latter took /so/ long that we were closed by the time I left. The good news is that it sounds like we're going to be ok for payroll this week. The bad news is that coverage is crap because we only scheduled about 20 hours over. >.> Corporate logic FTL.

Once home, I made sammiches for myself for dinner and watched Jess make deviled eggs (they were massively tasty). In the midst of that, [personal profile] calhale called me and demanded that I go out to alleviate her boredom. Fangriling Ensued )

We also hit the IHOP for a small snack before I dropped her back at her dorm, so now it is very very late. Or early. Both. And I work at 10, but am getting up earlier to go work out and hopefully encourage myself to crash a little earlier tomorrow.
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Ghost Friends 1
The production values may be a bit low... but it looks interesting. And less obvious and contrived than 'Quiz Show'. Also, pretty male cast. Yes.
The lead is cute and comfortably 普通. Which I like a lot.
And really, of all the B-level dramas I've watched. It might be the least cracky. So there.

Edison no Haha 3
I am really enjoying this show. I don't even know any of the actors in it. (Except Kikurin, but I didn't know him when I started DLing it). It's cute and inspirational all at once, and I'm curious to see where it ends up heading.
Also, yay for easy comprehension of science with subtitles. >.>

Now that I've spent the last two hours making huge order-reference sheets for wool felt andYudu products based on the JoAnn website and my own Yudu-SKU database, I think I shall sleep. Or work on writing for... that thing I'm thinking about. ^^;;

After a last edit: )


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