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So, got an email back from the cosplay peeps at SakuraCon, so am now actually planning on attending, here's the progress list for Saku, Kagetoki, and my karaoke songs, to be updated as the month progresses:
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First: Yudu Screenprinting Machine
And why I will be buying one )

More Cosplayer Reviews - Kiyomori and Kagetoki )

[Edit: Then I found Tomomori too...] )

[Edit Edit: Sorry for badly borked html. All better now, except for a couple of pictures that I haven't uploaded yet.]
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So... this will be a very babble-ful con report, but feel free to read on if you want.
Nan Desu Kan 2008 )

Now we're home and actually considering certain costumes that I swore I'd never be involved with. Seriously. I mean it. I'm looking into friendly plastic and wonderflex and ... dear sweet lord, what have I started?
It's been a really really long time since I got home from a con still going 'OMG, I want to sew!' I want to sew NOW! And not curtains, which is my next project.

[Note to self - need appropriate Saitoh and Saitoh are SRS Business - icon.]
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-Fans painted. I love them. Even thought they totally break my 'accuracy'
-Wig poked at. I hate it, even though I loved the Alias before I started trying to make it look like Saku. Need hairspray and addtional wig pick and bobbypins.
-Looks like the flowers will stay in my hair ok with just a couple of bobby pins. Here's hoping it stays that easy.
-One tabi done and the other just needs the fasteners attached
-Kagetoki's boot covers stripped of armor and eyelets, reenforced with leather, then reset with new (bettter) eyelets.
-Still need to add highlights and petals to the couple sections of Kimono that are missing them.
-Kagetoki's coat still needs those two spots of trim repaired.
-Re-attach Kagetoki's now-repainted boot-armor!
-5 or so more photos to print and add and then the damn reference book is done. Whee~
-Need to double check all costumes that are going with us, make sure all pieces are present and repaired.

I slept about an hour last night. I'm doing ok... but not... y'know... /well/.

In other news:
-I still expect every performance to start with 'Umibe no volume', even though it really doesn't have one.
-Nao-kun getting all sky and 'iya da' about his birthday is still adorable, even three years later.

-I still don't really get Manzai. Neither does Eisen.
-Mugged by a rappers wardrobe. No really.
-Pacifico Yokohama-san tte.... ittai dare?
-Nnn... blue velvet is supperior to floral prints of any kind. If I sent him a memo, do you think he'd read it?
-Amazing dissapearing-reappearing Narita Ken!

-Met with Sensei. This isn't Macbeth all over again. This is even more insane. She may try to pay me though... I'm intrigued.

If you understand any of that last section, you're way more awesome than the average kitten.

I keep alternating between 'sleep', 'go to walmart for supplies and printing last photos' and 'stay here and get some damn work done on the things that just need hand-hemming'
New iTunes is not, in fact, as awesome as I'd hoped. Blah. No longer craving new iPod.
Ugh. So hungry. Coffee and banana cake are not in fact food. In case anyone was wondering.
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Yes, it's 4 am.
Obi is done and despite my uncertainty about the size of the interfacing insert it came out /really/ well. Deffinitely putting remaking Benkei's obi in this style on my list for the future.
Tomorrow is for tabi and fans and wig trimming, etc. Then hopefully time to start on Kagetoki repairs. And the scarf! Which means setting up my serger. Damn, must not forget about that! I'm hoping for a late truck on tuesday, but I'll have to call and see. ^^;

At least the hand-hemming and putting in the ties on the obi gave me time to catch up on VS Arashi and Himitsu (last week).
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Between all that, I finished up our Workmanship forms and worked a little on the scrapbooking portion of the Kajiwara-kyoudai Project. I'm taking the book with us for reference and putting my name and cell number on it. I know they say that you might not get it back but... she was really good with my reference stuff two years ago. If I feel insecure about it I'll only leave them the swatch cards.

[Edit: 6:15 am - I have a lovely straight-edged strip of chiffon to work with for the scarf and I'm caught up to Himitsu 21 and AnS 99 (damn, but I want to see 24-hour Terebi... like NOW) I'm thinking I might not even bother to surge the damn scarf if it gives me too much trouble. We'll see.
Time for some sleep now, though I need to get up at a reasonable hour and get back to work on things.
*sniffles* Damn them for playing Nino's whole letter to the group and damn them for using 'Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi'... I'm not exactly strong against those things at the best of times and at 6 in the morning? ;_;]
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Dragged my butt into work at 9:15 (truck was scheduled 8-12 and N begged me to come in). We were finished with truck right around 11 and I got out of there as fast as I could. I was meant to sew when I got home, but instead I ate a peach and a plum and took a two hour nap until I had to go back.
Then was a lovely closing shift. Mostly lovely because I love Emily and Lindsay lots. I did get through the crazy flannel cart at least.
Mom came to visit and we got to chat a bit. She gave me new shirts for work because all mine are gross and grey. I knew this, but I hardly expected her to buy me new ones. >.

Anyway! Once I got home we balanced some money stuff and got food.
Then I got to thinking that I haven't updated on costume progress in a while (Read: days).
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I'm getting close to the end of Oracle's Queen, which means that I may be reading Shadow's Return at the con. Whee~!
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Do we try to attend NDK or not?
Pre-Reg through August 15th is $45 each.
If we pre-reg, we will probably be able to get Cosplay slots, as online signup begins Aug. 16th.

Hotel would be another $60-80 per person (depending on if anyone shares the room with Jess and I). [Edit: Hotel would likely cost more like $75-110 per person.]

Attending would also mean I would have to fully complete Saku or refine Benkei and maybe consider making Kokuryu for Corina. In the next four weeks. [Read: I WOULD GO CRAZY.]

It would also make me very very poor.
But I want to.
Any thoughts? Anyone?

I have to keep reminding myself that the only award I can hope to win from the masquerade/cosplay is master's craftsmanship. Which has no associated prize, just a nice bit of paper.
The thing is that Kagetoki will be a year old after this con and we probably wouldn't get the chance to compete with it again (since there's already talk of Genbu and Haruka 4 and various other craziness).
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I dreamed of some strange abberant-ish world last night. But the last thing I remember was getting to try on this amazing sequiny dress in rusty copper to green tones. It looked amazing, but I didn't get to see it on because I was too awake.

Yesterday I spent several hours scrapbooking. Not with my Japan stuff, but with costume reference for Kagetoki.
Overall I'm happy with how it worked out, but was a little disappointed at how few progress pics we actually took compared to what I'd like to use.

I also read lots more of 'Hidden Warrior'. I think Tobin-tachi effected my desire for dramatic Renaissance garb. Instead I'm hoping that all this means that I'm ready for Saku. *deep breath* Really. I have some time off, and even though I've wasted more than half of it, I think I should use the rest for something useful.

Today I'm downloading Maoh 2 and listening to a ton of This American Life. It makes me want to see the TV show too.
Once again I've realized that reading while listening to TAL is /impossible/.

But first... maybe breakfast?

Nah, first, Maoh 2 )
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Made it to Minnesota. Poor [profile] ladyofthegate has only slept about two hours since yesterday morning at 6:30 am.
Kagetoki is actually... like... done. I mean... you could wear it. And walk around. And it's not even the day of the con yet. >.>
I'm in awe.... this /never/ happens.

Anyway... now we're at MAS. Noone is here from the normal admin, so I won't get to see them until tomorrow. Which is nice since we get to play with itunes and internets.
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Have been working straight through since 7 this morning. Got one boot cover almost completely sewn before I had to go out to the store to get elastic and my lunch (I left it at work yesterday).

The boot covers are going to look fabulous even if I can't find a way to attach the armor. With the armor they'll be close to the coolest thing ever.

[ETA 4:30 PM - both boot covers fully sewn except for elastic, and one has all eyelets in place. I think I've got the eyelet technique down now, so hopefully no repeats of the first couple, which took me forever and a half. We need something to lace these up with. :3]

This is really turning out to be a culmination of all the costumes I've done before

Notes on when and where I learned my techniques )
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From quite a while ago:
-Coat: applique done 2/6 Lining (quilting?) and bindings/trim finish hand tacking arm and loop on shoulder for cording
-Obi/Tie: Interface and hem.
-Shirt: pattern, lining?, and bindings, paint/applique
--Armor for shoulders and arm add velcro for armor to attach to
--wrist armor "gauntlets"
-Gloves: pattern, serger thread? final fitting DONE 3/29
-Boots: boot covers + armor
-Wig: dye and style
-Gun: modifications/decorations (In progress since 3/14-ish)
-Gem and "Tattoo"
-Pants: DONE
-Tags: DONE

This of course, reminds me that I should talk a little about what I've been doing...
Kagetoki Babble )

Now, to sleep a bit before I have to be in at 6 for the HD rotation. Yay~ Excited~!

No really. New rotations are like... the highlight of my year. Yes. I'm a nerd.
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Costume progress is being made. Waiting for glue to dry on armor bits at the moment.
Also started watching Atsuhime today. o.o So complicated.

So I wasted half an hour on a meme.

Secret Facts? )
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1) I've been squeeing for days over Okiayu-san's blog and all the pictures he's been posting from 100-Song Marathon. Also over the Set List and the fact that there /will/ be a DVD from the event.

2) I'm finally starting to get into the focused multi-tasking, fast-working stage of costume crunch. If only this could have hit me two weeks ago. >.>
I spent most of tonight and last night making bindings for the arm and hip openings of Kagetoki. I've got about a million pins in his coat right now, but once I sew all that down (by hand) the coat will be /done/. After what, three months? *rolls eyes* I got the shirt lining together enough to look at taking it in so that the shirt will fit right too, and tomorrow I have to cut and make the bias binding for the shirt. (2" strips->1" bias->1/2" Double fold)
I did not actually make progress on Saku tonight, but hopefully tomorrow should change that. I also need to do laundry and pack for California. My family seems to love interfering with my costuming for Detour. >.>

3) So I was ready to go to bed, feeling pretty ok and somewhat accomplished.
I sat down to check the internet and the following email was the top of my inbox:

Second run.
I just stared at the word for about a minute. Then I flailed, then I nearly cried. In fact, I still might. The dates are 7/6-7/16. It's too soon, too expensive. But... hope springs eternal and all that. I'm not even really planning for it unless I win the lottery or something. Just... it's comforting in it's own strange way. We're back to no homepage, no cast info outside of Kime/Aiba and only the new email list for info. But... I'm on it anyway.

Right. Right. Sleep now. Seriously.

TeniMyu didn't get DVDs until the second run of the first Myu. >.> ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.
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Before I go back to my epic sewing quest (Kagetoki) I'm gonna take a quick moment to meme.

I took this from Mazoku spaz, who told everyone to use the letter D and list ten things they love that start with that letter. I'll go the more traditional route and say comment if you want to do this and I'll give you your own letter.

Yay Meme-Babble )

I'll be pretty much de-internetted from now through early April. I know this might concern all of like... five of you, but I just figured I'd say it anyway.


Feb. 20th, 2008 12:29 am
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I keep forgetting things that I need to do, so... list.
-workity work work
-CSU bookstore to get graph paper to pattern Saku's kimono
-Best buy (with Damien) to get the geeksquad to look at my 'hard disk problem' and purchase a nice big external +/or a stack of burnable dvds.
-start on Kagetoki's coat. even if I have to start it by hand.

Edit... Since my computer may eat itself soon I may as well do the itunes quiz now: Read more... )
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I took a Hyoutei Quiz )
I'm proud of that restult.
And for now, that is all.

I have eight of Saku's flowers done. I'm thinking I'll end up with about twenty overall, though how they all fit together will make a big difference. I shouldn't be working on them yet... but it's exactly the kind of detailed crafting I've been craving lately, so hopefully this will get it out of my system and I can go back to Kagetoki's stretchy bits.
February is going by too fast and I'm scared.
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Accomplished basically nothing today.
Apart from a lot of sleep and some internet poking. I feel mostly better now, except for some sinus congestion, but I doubt that will be going away any time soon. I used to take sudafed daily for 3-4 months out of the year.

Anyway.... I did rethread my machine (I had a slightly different set up for using the embroidery thread) and got the outside of Kagetoki's coat put together. A little costume babble )

Since I slept too much, I'm watching Boy's Este in an attempt to put myself to sleep. Also, making To Do lists.
for costumes )

Apparently Takumi still makes me flail more than I thought, so I should try some other way to sleep.
[ETA: Episode 8 - It was only a moment, and it was totally a gag, but apparently Takumi just can't escape the gay. Also, knowing this whole thing has a shojo manga that it's based on makes me give it a lot more leeway. It's actually a nice romance. And pretty. Very pretty. Kanao-san. Mmm.]
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Kagetoki's applique is finished. I overlocked the edges of all three panels tonight, which made me feel a lot better about them in general. Tomorrow I'll put the outside of the coat together and cut out lining. The bindings are going to be hard, But I think I have plans that will work. Note: remember that I need gold thread. Probably rayon?

I also cut Saku's scarves tonight. Bonus points for anyone who understands why I was going 'ah~ Natsukashii' while sitting under 6.667 yards of narrow chiffon scarves.

Will be ordering Madeira polyneon for Benkei and potentially a silver for Saku. I'mnot sure how much hand-work will go into her costume, but I have plans right now (for the aforementioned scarves, among other things). Her brother takes precidence, of course. Hopefully by tomorrow night (I'm off all day) he'll have a completed coat and obi-thing. That will leave just shirt, gloves, boots, armor, wig and rifle. Plus cording and ball-things. But the last isn't technically my responsibility. ^_^

I'm thinking we should watch more Gankutsuou tomorrow, even though I'd rather start Darker than Black.

Also, I'm not allowed to go in to work tomorrow, but I might anyway. Just a little.
Should also do my taxes. >.> *twiddles thumbs*

It took 8 stores before we found a copy of Across the Universe to buy tonight (6 Jess did alone on her way home, 2 we did after dinner). But we have it now and this makes me very happy. It's such an awesome movie. I notice more and more about it every time.

EDIT: OMGWTFBBQ! Aiba, Masa and..... SekiTomo!? Oh fandom, what are you /doing/ to me? Also, Kawai, Hijiri and a pile of girls that I don't recognize. <3
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I'm sick.
This is particularly ironic as, beginning next week, we lose our OTL for /three weeks, leaving me one of two primary MODs for the store. We have the two backup keyholders, yes, but this is not a good time to even consider calling in.

Anyway... right.
My mood has been getting progressively darker all day and now I should really sew rather than piddling around on the internet. Our privileges to wear iPods on the floor while stocking got revoked at work. Which would be fine because I hadn't worn mine in almost a week anyway. But it was truck day, and I really needed some Arashi today. Or something.
Then I got home and now the region 1 anime market worries me.

[Edit: some Kazuki and some Sanroku made me a little better mentally. Nothing seems to really help with the losing voice sore throat bit. Kagetoki's pants are nearly finished.Tomorrow he gets a narrow Obi-thing and then I have to start on the shirt and gloves. As long as I cut the binding on the bias, it should be fine. *crosses fingers*]

[Edit: Wed. Morning: I was up. I was feeling a little better, and not tired enough to fall asleep sitting up like I did yesterday. I even had time to make a sandwich and take my drugs for the day. I had my lunch and a raspberry vitamin water in my bag. I was ready to go. I got to work at 7:32, only a couple minutes late (this is good for me).
...only Val and Jenni were both at the store already. Because I close. And could have slept/stayed at home those extra 5 hours. Yeah. I'm talented, what can I say?]
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LJ Percentage Meme/Quiz )
I finally stopped being flaily a while ago. We finally went shopping for groceries. My stuff was around $50, the shared stuff was only $40. I still don't have pencils, 10x10 graph paper or flat thumb tacks. -.-
We're both almost out of our Good Times gift cards from Kat. (You fed us for a whole month+! Sankyuu~ <3 ^^)
[personal profile] summerqueen emailed me today about the /awesome/ that will be Fanime. It made me nervous and excited and everything. Maybe that started me being flaily.
I'm having a case of Costume-Block )

Bah. Sleep now. More freaking out later.


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