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Ok, fine, you win. I'm on board.

5x08 - the craziest crazy ever to crazy, but I feel like Jensen and Jared must have had so much fun filming the fake tv intro that it's totally worth it. ^_^

I am pretty sure that this is exactly what Grey's Anatomy was like when I was watching it. With the soulful music, and the random violence and emergency surgeries. Only Jensen is hotter than any of the Grey's doctors. (And they're mocking Denny, who was played by the same actor as John fucking Winchester.) Nah, I would rather watch Dr. Sexy, M.D.
The Japanese gameshow... I could totally have won. Just sayin'.
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So... Season 5. For some reason wasn't working for me. Maybe too much Sam angst, maybe too much Angels & Demons bullshit. And then somehow, episodes three and four brought it back for me. Read more... )

Rewatching WC S3 with my brother. I love love love Peter's team, and I love Neal with Sarah. I am terrified to see the end of the season, since I know stuff is gonna go down that involves El and... *flails* I ship the OT3 so hard, I can't even explain it to you. El making them stop on the way to a sting to take a 'prom picture', Neal and Peter staging a fight at the fake racing club, Neil and Sarah pulling a Wally Burns on the Diana and her super-hot girlfriend. I love this show. So much.
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Rant number one of probably many.

So.... I made it through the intro episodes and into the team building episodes. I love that the intro updates for who is and isn't on the team at the moment.

I love seeing MODOK and the AIM idiots. Despite what a terrible idea anything to do with AIM is.

I loved the ten seconds of conversation between Tony and Steve in the mansion at the end of Cap's second episode.

I love Thor's stupid face and 'aye' and 'verily' and how his hair is always shifting in a non-existant breeze. (And how we haven't seen Loki since the origin episode... which is either terrifying or... yeah, terrifying.)

I love Janet and Hank, and understanding them as a part of the Avengers team. Hank keeps Tony honest and brings him back to earth in a way that no one on the current movie Avengers does. There aren't many people who match Tony's intellect, so it's nice to have one of them around.

I love Natasha's stupid double-triple crossing and knowing that Clint is out there somewhere.... being noble and right, but not trusting SHIELD.

Wow, Tony. Two suits in an episode? Really? I would talk about Steve and his bike, or about Enchantress being a complete dick (which reminds me that I want to go re-read Off the Record. Like now.)... but this was Episode 10 and I need to just sit here and feel my Tony feels right now. Poor boy.

Jesus fuck, I think AIM has the tesseract though... so that's a problem.

I just really want Coulson involved in this... like stupidly much.
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You are stunning. Never change.
Cut for Spoilers... )

Coming next.... rants about Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes... because I am equal opportunity in watching cartoons aimed at twelve-year-olds. XD


Jun. 27th, 2012 11:45 pm
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So. Today. For the record.
Don't have any idea how I will continue going to this job as it is literally and figuratively driving me to insanity.
Also deeper depression.
And anger.
And rage.
And misery.

I have no idea how I would survive without the job because enormous pile of debt and no savings. Right. So.

Oh yeah, also, they wrote me up for stupid shit today, so I cannot transfer for THREE MONTHS. Anywhere. Even home. Even to a tiny store somewhere else.

I can not unthink that these things may be related.

In short. The internet is the only thing keeping me from weeping right now. Also, my eyes hurt and I want to sleep for about a year.

Yeah, a year would be good.
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A week or so ago, I managed to clear the ottoman (it's about 3'x4' and tends to get used as a table and worse). This means that it can be turned up on it's side pretty easily and leaves space to use the WiiFit. It also acts as a great balancing surface while stretching and doing wiifit things.

I am from this point on to remember that music and exersize work miracles on my attitude and I should use them as often as possible in place of other self-medicating options.

Astoundingly, between my efforts and J's and some help from K, we now have a mostly-clear living room AND a table which can seat three people. The fourth side still needs some work. STILL. This is incredible progress.

I am working hard to not be bitter that tonight I:
-forced J to do unpacking work instead of playing games (this is her third day off in a row)
-made dinner
-washed the dishes already in the sink
-put away the clean dishes on the rack
-washed the dinner dishes
-packed up the dinner left-overs in tupperware

Yeah. The fact that I cook or eat and leave 0-1 items of dirty dish in the sink, then return the next time I cook or eat to find 4-5 items of dished and silverware in the sink, on the stove, etc.... it is starting to get to me.
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So... started out the day pretty positive and played some RockBand. We were getting no reply from K about watching RvB tonight. No reply at all. So we decided to go check and make sure she got home from the airport/was all right/whatever... got there and realized that 1) she was fine but had not heard her phone and 2) was expecting to watch RvB at her place rather than ours. We still needed to leave to get food because we missed the turn on the way.
Also, I was planning to cook dinner at our place. I had mentioned this last night. When I mentioned to J that I'd been planning to do stuff at our place tonight, she said 'but K doesn't like coming to our place'. Which of course left me thinking about our situation. Again.

To me our living room isn't that bad. Especially right now, most of the mess is just blankets (which I fold up and then get draped over every available surface within a week) and remotes/controlers. My sewing table is in the living area, but I try to contain the mess from it. Not well but. Yeah. There are a lot of boxes still. Some because we don't have enough shelving. And some because my bedroom is tiny and already literally full of other boxes that I'm not allowed to keep in storage anymore.

So here I am, feeling worthless and judged and unhappy after having an otherwise great day. I hate that I can't tell how much of it is legitimate emotion and how much is the overall swing of a depression cycle. Or is the overall swing of depression still legitimate emotion? Beh. I hate that the only path I can see out of this is to get rid of a lot of my stuff. I have tried. I got rid of a ton of fabric, I've taken boxes of stuff to the thrift store. I've sold almost all my books and a lot of my cds.

ETA: Jess did end up unpacking a bunch of books that have been in her room since we moved. So It should be easier to sort through the manga now. Of course, she did this in a kind of cranky "I don't want to be doing work" way, but it did happen. And I emptied about three boxes of random crap. Still working on a couple more, those boxes are the worst, but easiest to get rid of stuff when I'm in the right mood.

Kat did come over and we watched the RvB S10 premiere and started S9. Which is pretty epic, I won't lie.
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In case I ever need to prove where I learned what I know and think I know about John Watson's military career, both canon and BBC, here's a list of links:
-AQ's LONG notes - Includes Medic vs Doctor, and more.
-AQ's TTOBB Notes - the justification for Commando!John is in the notes for Chapter 1
-Wikipedia - Battle of Maiwand - 1880, where ACD Watson was injured.
-Wikipedia - 66th Berkshire Foot - ACD Watson's regiment. He was on attachment to them from the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers. Like BBC Watson identifies himself from in THoB.
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As someone who is constantly trying to get back to the good old days of my High School and Collage years.... it's starting to get hard to watch with all this graduation stuff happening.

So... "Choke" through "Nationals"
Short Rant )

And, I have feelings and a new theory about Sherlock after my second time through Reichenbach...
Read more... )
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I have these feelings about Natasha and her fear of the Hulk, and about Bruce and Tony's conversation about the big green guy. Maybe they're feelings about Bruce/the other guy in general. No one that I've talked to about it sees as much depth as I do to this stuff, so here's the rant.

Read more... )
Made a joke about the Stark Spangled Banner pairing after the movie this time. J totally shut down. IT WAS A JOKE. The most slash opposed person we know mentioned it to me, which is the only reason I said it... I thought she'd laugh. But no. Right. As if I could ever forget how very very unwelcome any mention of slash is.

Which brings me to the rest of the evening, where we finished season 2 of Merlin and started Season 3. So the end of Season 2 I am aching with my desire for Arthur and Merlin to be... together? A team. Trusting one another. And it never happens of course. Then on we go into Season 3. And I have this problem. The one where I ship the chemistry between Uther and Morgana (blame "Defenders of the Realm" for that) except that she's evil and lying, so not that. And then I ship Morgana/Morgause like burning. Also Morgause/Sendred. Morgause/winning I guess. She looks so gorgeous in armor... and I don't even like blondes most of the time.

I can discuss exactly none of these feelings with J. Because slash and fandom are evil. Because... I don't even know why. I genuinely am not sure how you go about enjoying a show if you're not involved in the fandom for it, if you're not reading subtext underlying it. Maybe I'm weird...
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On the Savage Lovecast this week, there was a long discussion about Asberger's and romance. And so so much of what they said, could actually be applied to Sherlock that I just sat there nodding and wanting to rant about it. It was kindof amazing.
Also made me realize that if the non-fictional person in my life who identified with Sherlock is on the autism spectrum somewhere it would explain a lot... and I really need to have a serious talk with her. That part is much harder that flailing about the semi-autistic theory to justify how Holmes/Watson could work.
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I've been reading The Dispossession of Echizen Ryoma.
First, I am sad that it is only available on the Pit of Vipers and not the AO3, but c'est la vie.
Second, I am thrilled that there is great TenniPuri fic out there that I can still enjoy.
Third, it breaks my heart that the story is actually believable, and in some ways a much better story for character development than the actual canon has been.

In summary:
"Not you, though, right Buchou? Can't be getting careless." Ryoma commented with a slight smirk.
"Mada mada dane," Tezuka replied with a completely straight face.

I feel like this exchange could only be written by someone who knows English and Japanese and who totally knows these characters and this show. And god, it just makes me smile. ^_^
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Woken up today to learn that the main events of PAXEast are live streaming, which means that my weekend off isn't nearly so wasted, because I can see the PA panels and got to see the RoosterTeeth panel this morning!

Since then I have finished my first glovelet/fingerless mitten-thing with worsted weight yarn and the cuff modifications that I wanted and started the left hand. (My increases above the ribbing worked perfectly and now the cuff fits and stays put on me. Kris didn't want the fitted cuff, but I hae her yarn to start with next.

I also picked my next cosplay project and printed some reference. I'm going with The Corsair (Eveline Guerra) from AC:R multiplayer. I love her look, and my hair will work whether I cut it off or not. I have most of the fabric and patterns that I can modify the crap out of as needed, so I'm excited. This can also double as a pirate costume if I get the hat and ever need to attend a pirate party or Speak Like A Pirate Day event again. Also, she's my favorite.

I also also pushed through a bunch more recordings for the Arashi Roadtrip AU and am editing them now. Putting together the two collections (one in chronological/timeline order and one in posting order is going to be such a mind trip. I think I read in posting order first, which is easier to get into because you start with two and then three of the boys together already and traveling. Starting chronologically is slower, but you get the background story. I think I prefer posting order, but it's much harder to follow the story. Anyway, funtimes.
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So. Fuck. It's 4 AM and since I'm clearly not sleeping, here's where the ranting about why I'm not sleeping goes.
1) Dishes. I am hungry. But when I cook, I wash my dishes immediately. this is currently not possible because the sink is full of the dishes and J and R used to eat the last batch of food I cooked. I only got one serving, and then when I went to take leftovers to work, all the rice had been eaten. Then after today when I would have made more rice, the rest of the hayashi was gone too. Which is fine, I guess, except that I'm the one who dropped $100 the last time we went shopping, and $25 the time before that, and $80 last month, but I digress. The hunger is not really why I'm not sleeping, that's just the excuse.
The real reason is:
2) World Cosplay Summit qualifying rounds for 2013 are being announced... and NDK2012 is hosting one of them. Babbling and Depression Ensues )

This is all coming out because I had to spend all my money on car insurance this morning and so can't actually go to SakuraCon even though I requested the weekend off. So now I have four days when I'd love to be relaxing or sewing or anything, and instead I have a room with no work space, and lots of time to stare at it.
I own so many things and so few of them are important at all... but I still can't let go. I feel incredibly isolated and despondent in my own house, and I just don't know what to do anymore.
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In picking Doctor Who back up (like 6 months after I watched "Let's Kill Hitler") it was really hard - as it always is - to readjust to Matt Smith. It didn't help that while "Night Terrors" was a Mark Gatiss episode, and super creepy, it wasn't the best for Eleven and the Ponds.
more ramblings )
In short: Ok, Mr. Moffat, it took you two years, but you may perhaps have won me over. Perhaps.
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I totally fell down on the job in my story reviews, so here's to getting started back on the right track.
A Study in Scarlet (STUD) was the first story I even heard, and The Musgrave Ritual I listened to first back in early February. My initial run through of the canon was a bit sketchy and this was one of the stories that got passed by or only listened to while I was distracted/working/sleeping. Also tacked on to this post are a couple of stories that I re-read and re-listened to in the past day or two while working/driving/etc.


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Listening to "Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mystery" by John Taylor and read by Benedict Cumberbatch (the best thing I ever bought from Audible possibly).

So... in the second story, "The Connundrum of Coach 13"... there are two Americans mentioned in the pliot, the client Benedict, and his ex-wife Lara. My brain. It is having BBC crossover actor visualization problems.

Also, Ben's voice is lovely and I know why Cally listened to these stories over and over again. Nap time now though.
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Don't even know what to do with myself this weekend. For once, all I'm required to do is keep myself entertained.

Started the UK version of The Office last night. A bit painful in that awkward embarassed-for-other-people way, but then there's Martin Freeman saying "cock" or dancing in most episodes to make up for the unfortunate reminders of what a shitty manager I actually am.
And then I started "The Last Enemy", which in thirty minutes has had Benedict Cumberbatch being both naked and a bit OCD. And MAKING OUT WITH GIRLS. Well, a girl. Still. Turns out he's also a genius researcher thing, and that it's a big brother freaky future thing.

I should be able to finish the Twilight Sparkle quilt tomorrow (today) and then I can start on whatever I want. I'm thinking some Donna Noble bits in case I make it down to Sakura to see Lor-Doctor.

Also, knitting. I took Kid's Knitting 101 from my favorite teacher the other week, and now am actually enjoying knitting. Just playing with straight knits and purls so far, but liking it quite a lot! Works well while listening to podcasts and Sherlock Holmes stories.

And god damn, but I love Benedict Cumberbatch. Just going to bask in that for a while. I'm thinking Sherlock marathon this weekend before ME3 comes out and any chance of using the TV is lost forever.
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First to the asshole Bahamut-worshiping Paladin who really really didn't like having someone with undetectable alignment in the party.

You may not even read this letter, but I hope that you will. I do not wish to broach this subject aloud because I often find that I can be much more eloquent in writing than in words. I have walked many roads in my life, and animosity from one man is far from enough to unnerve me but in this case I find your untoward hatred of me to be disruptive to the group and to our goals.
Yes, our goals, since you may have noted that I show no interest in derailing the mission. These people are my friends, my family even, and that which endangers them is my goal, in so much as I can, to prevent. In this case, the animosity between us, invigorating to my wit though it may be, is not safe or productive.
I do not know what I have done to so deeply offend your morality that you can not even stomach speaking civilly to me, and certainly our first meeting was not the most opportune moment for myself but I am willing to apologize for my conduct and to attempt to rectify it in so far as I am able.
Awaiting your reply in person or in writing,
Setra Katina Lynn

A second private entry forthcoming. These were both found on un-dated note pages, probably from late 2001.


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