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I've been missing my iPod /hardcore/ for days. The worst part? It was /Aiba's/ Dream 'A' Live Solo song that I was craving. Though I'm not lying when I say that sitting down at my computer and hearing "Take Me Far Away" again after even a few days almost made me cry with relief and joy. See... I don't do well without my music. I've always known this, but I sometimes forget what a /huge/ difference it makes.

Unfortunately, today was.... expensive. I spent a lot more than I should have and am consequently not in a position to be purchasing a new iPod for a while at least.

Still, today was a glorious and beautiful day. Colorado didn't even rain on us, and the sun was pleasantly obscured by light cloud cover most of the day.

Today I obtained some very nice things. )

It was a bit of a religious day for me (RenFaire time tends to be for me) - with both the new thoughts of Aura/Illior and the older influences of wind and air. I'm looking forward to a more centered focused year... trying to /think/ about the flow of life rather than letting it drag me along.
Also made me want to get some things cleaned up and unpacked - specifically alter stuff. A few candles and having my jewelry and staff back from where ever they disappeared to would be /really/ nice. ^_^


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