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I just woke up from a rather disturbing dream.
And I feel like I need to write it down because otherwise I'll forget it and it was rather serious.

WARNING: Topic below include my family issues, religion, freedom of speech, and mermaids.

Cut for length )

Anyway... just explaining it to Jess made me break down crying. Typing it out also did that again. The scariest part? It feels like it could happen. Too much of it re-tells very much like real life. From what I've heard from them recently, I've gotten the impression they really are pretty strongly atheistic. As a lapsed agnostic with leanings toward small-deity Paganism and/or monotheistic Buddhism... is pretty scary to think about from half your parental units. Maybe that's just me.
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I've been missing my iPod /hardcore/ for days. The worst part? It was /Aiba's/ Dream 'A' Live Solo song that I was craving. Though I'm not lying when I say that sitting down at my computer and hearing "Take Me Far Away" again after even a few days almost made me cry with relief and joy. See... I don't do well without my music. I've always known this, but I sometimes forget what a /huge/ difference it makes.

Unfortunately, today was.... expensive. I spent a lot more than I should have and am consequently not in a position to be purchasing a new iPod for a while at least.

Still, today was a glorious and beautiful day. Colorado didn't even rain on us, and the sun was pleasantly obscured by light cloud cover most of the day.

Today I obtained some very nice things. )

It was a bit of a religious day for me (RenFaire time tends to be for me) - with both the new thoughts of Aura/Illior and the older influences of wind and air. I'm looking forward to a more centered focused year... trying to /think/ about the flow of life rather than letting it drag me along.
Also made me want to get some things cleaned up and unpacked - specifically alter stuff. A few candles and having my jewelry and staff back from where ever they disappeared to would be /really/ nice. ^_^
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It's been a while since I took one of these... I think a little has changed.
religion compatibilty meme )

Was entirely unproductive at work today and feel awful about it. Went on to be mostly unproductive at home... so there you have it.

I want HigaMyu so badly that I don't even have words to explicate how much I want it. It's right near the level of wanting I have for the Time Concert or the 100 Song Marathon DVD. Only one of those isn't out yet and HigaMyu I already paid for. I also want some completed Hyoutei jersies to show up on my doorstep tomorrow. That would be nice.

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You don't?

Nov. 26th, 2002 10:47 pm
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It's amazing the things you don't know anout your family.
18 years and a bit I've lived with my mother now an it wasn't untill we were watching "What Dreams May Come" (awesome movie, don't let the stupid hollywood trailers turn you against it)... anyway, it wasn't untill now that I found out she doesn't believe in any sort of afterlife or reincarnation or anything... very odd.

But before that I woke up this morning. Actually before that I had a very strange dream. It involved the world being very desolated (like in X... only without tokyo tower and only tiny buildings), and there were a lot of problems and conflicts because there wasn't enough food.
Then we were with this camp of people who had been our enemies (not bad, just in competition for food), and we were working together. Then there was some other stuff that I really can't put here (I think my brain was making up for my lack of QAF and such lately). Then the final scenes were really beautiful. We (a lot of people) were all standing under/near a huge Sakura (tree) and the were marriage-like ceremonies going on. First it was Corina and a guy who looked sorta like the guy who played Nathan Detroit in PHS's "Guys and Dolls"... she gave him a flower and he gave her a branch of sakura. (this was like the wedding ring substitute) Then it was me and a guy who looked like Justin from QAF (he wasn't really him... I don't think...) He gave me a really pretty flower that looked like a sunflower on crack and I gave him the sakura branch (which corina had handed to me as she walked off). Then he sang a couple lines of sappy drivel (I think it was my brain incorporating the radio). Then after a brief waking I went back and Anna (chemist from SO last year) was marrying someone, then I finnaly got up.

After getting up I did laundry, and then went into Carol's lab to work on my project for matricies. (I got almost nothing done, but I think it's gonna be a lot of fun once I really get working on it. I got a frikking parking ticket for being in the A lot without a permit... when half the lot was empty and there was no classes today... *growl*

I went and picked Nick up and took him to work, then went back to the lab. Carol tried to go and go shopping, but then came back and said her car was broken so I gave her a ride home. Then I played with babies for a while and then came back to Istanbul (mom's). We ordered food from Sri Thai and I went and picked it up... then we cajoled mom into taking us out for ice cream... then we came home and watched "What Dreams May Come" and then I came down here and started writing in my LJ...
but not before taking a quiz. ^_^
If my life were an Anime the theme song would be: "Aoi Hitomi"
What's Your Anime Theme Song?

brought to you by Quizilla
Anyone suprised by that, listen to the song. Listen to my rants, realize that it's a Maaya Sakamoto song... then say 'Ah-hah!'

Five things that would make me very happy right now:
The Kimiko sad girl in snow blanket, a few extra days of break, Maaya Sakamoto's "23-ji Ongaku" album, someone to sing with, someone to cuddle with

Five reasons I AM happy right now:
My new green turtleneck (and the sweater), Winamp picking all my favorite songs (see music and notes on music), Mira, Maaya Sakamoto, the rainbows that are all over the wall near my computer

Notes on music:
"I'll Be The One" (By HAL) is the 2nd Opening for HnG. HAL is also the artist that did the first Angelic Layer closing ("The Starry Sky"). "Hemisphere" by Sakamoto Maaya with Yoko Kanno is from RahXephon (the opening). "Tommorow" is the Opening from FullMetal*Panic (FuruMeta) by Shimokawa Mikuni. "Vector" by Sakamoto Maaya (sung in english).


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