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So, got an email back from the cosplay peeps at SakuraCon, so am now actually planning on attending, here's the progress list for Saku, Kagetoki, and my karaoke songs, to be updated as the month progresses:
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Apr. 6th, 2009 12:25 pm
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Despite being very very tired, we all made it to the airport in plenty of time and I'm home safe and sound. I think lazing about on my couch for a little while sounds good so... con report time~!

Anime Detour 2009 )

I think that may be the first time I've actually written up a full con report in years.

Also, to get the ideas out of my head before I lose them...
How to Run Karaoke 101 )

Now... I think I'm going to start on Tomomori. Or possibly first on the screen design for Kiyomori. Since my legs are still really really sore today. :3
I hope everyone had a great con. And that the few new people I've friended don't think that I'm too nuts. ^_^
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[Edits at 3 am]
It's past midnight, and I'm maybe about to start packing for the con.
That includes double-checking all my costumes to make sure I have all my ties/tabi/accessories/wigs/など and making certain that I have all the necessary paperwork/computers/cables/hardware packed. [DONE - except the Benkei issue in next entry.]
Oh, and making sure I can fit everything in my luggage. -> See Benkei issue
And that I can move my luggage efficiently. And not forget the Karaoke shirts.
And that I have at least /some/ regular clothes for tomorrow, Friday (public transportation in cosplay not probably a good idea), and Monday. Though I guess that between my Taipei shirt, my Karaoke shirt and my black PJs, that covers comfortable shirts that don't look crazy.
[Normal clothes and supplies check.]

I also need to pack my reference scrapbooks]CHECK] (and maybe get a new one for Saku so that she's not in with Kagetoki). AND I need to put together an emergency sewing kit with the basics (needles, thread for all costumes, lint roller, extra snaps and paint for Masaomi. Safety pins for all kimono costumes. MY IRON. And decide what I'm doing about weaponry. I'm thinking no this year. Benkei is easier without it (especially having not remade his cloak yet) and the sword I have for Masaomi is just... not ok until I get a chance to mod it some. Also... Shimon wig? I need to find it or bring curlers and hairspray... or he's not coming. [All found and packed whoo.]

There's always Yuushi and/or Syuusuke to decide on as well. Without the design improvements that I want to make to both, its hard to be sure how I feel about bringing them, especially for a 2.5-day con with major staff commitments. On the other hand... they are much more comfortable for staffing if need-be. Meh. Yuushi's probably coming along either way, he's easy. To pack I mean. And wear. [>.> Yuushi has left me. I reject Syuusuke on principal.]

I'm pretty sure Saku will be competing this year. She has new fully-lined open sleeves on her turquoise layer (I got almost-perfectly-matched silk thread at the Mill without even meaning to) and has lovely weapons (fans) which Masaomi does not have. He'll get his time to shine at NDK, fear not.

On an unrelated note: Everyone has the AAA2008 DVD. I WANT IT SOOO BADLY. I can't even tell you. And I didn't even know it was coming out. That's how lame I am, children. So lame.


Mar. 31st, 2009 12:26 am
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First off - someone used the LJ Writer's Block prompt today. It was about explaining your least-used icon. So I'm using mine. Because... when I made it... I felt that it was absolutely necessary for me to have a TimeCon skirt!Jun icon. (Also because it was the costume set that I most wanted to make of theirs.) But then I realized that I almost never have an excuse to use it. So sad.

In other news, I unfinished a costume tonight. I took Saku's sleeves off. Now I just need to make and line new ones. This is a good thing, since the old ones didn't really fit right to start with. Once that's done with I need to make collar inserts for her inner layer. After /that/ we see if I get really ambitious and try to make Benkei a new cloak in like two days.
>.> <.< Maybe.

Anyway. That's not what this post is for. This post is because I have two burning desires to cosplay in the near future.
1) Persona 4. I don't know who would be who. I kinda just want an excuse to pipe a jacket with reflective tape piping. >.> Really though, I love these characters and I'd love the chance to play something semi-recognizable for once. Something I can talk about with love and understanding. <3
2) Arashi "Right Back to You" costumes from Taipei in 2006 (the half-kimono ones). They're shiny. They're brocade. They'd look stunning on stage. AND, the first verse worth of choreography is totally doable and almost exactly 1 minute long. We could even pull stuff from the instrumental leading up to that. And I can rip straight audio from the concert itself, so it'll sound awesome. We wouldn't even necessarily need all 5, we'd just have to adjust choreography to look good. Who's with me?
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There hasn't been a banquet yet after all.
But looking things over, I'm only about one button hole and some ribbon away from finished with Izayoiki Masaomi. The con is just under two weeks away. This is mind-boggling.
Masaomi could be 100% wearable /tomorrow/ if needed.
I can make Benkei's obi tomorrow, no problem, the only rough thing left will be if I decide to re-make the cloak, though I got Violet Casa Satin for the new applique in case I do, and I know more about stabilizing and thread tension now. The rest shouldn't be too bad, but time consuming to figure out the proper form for a hood to make it look like his does.
The other thing I /might/ decide to do is open and line the sleeves on Saku's inner kimono. I don't have quite enough of the fabric that I want though, so that may continue to be put off for another time.
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Picked up my boots for Masaomi today. LOVE THEM.
Jacket has all four armor panels attached and 16 out of 28 buttons sewn on. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow night after work. When I think about it, the sheer number of steps involved int he construction of this coat are mind-boggling. Anyway... I get friday off in addition to my weekend again, so pants then, if not sooner and then Masaomi will be DONE. (Unless I finish my chest-binder, which I want to, but it'll be all-purpose, not just for Masaomi.)

Because I may forget some steps... here's how I made the coat: )

The Boss gave me a couple extra days off before I leave for the con too, so getting Nozomi's patch, Saku's sleeves and Benkei's obi done shouldn't be too much of a problem either. The challenge will be if I decide to remake Benkei's cloak, since the applique will take a while. The materials are all there though so... *shrugs* It's worth a try.

(Finished Uta no Onii-san tonight. Liked the ending well enough, and the performance was great of course, but.... well... I felt a little let down. I mean, I squeed more when Sho guest-stared. In fact, I think I may he been more excited by the mysterious-looking preview for the show that starts next week. It has another of my boys in it. ^_^)
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Got through the last of my closing shifts for the week, leaving two opening shifts the next two days and then blissful time off.
Babble about work... mostly just for myself )
Lunch/Dinner was leftovers from Tiger Lily. I still have enough left for one meal.
I got home and made omurice for tomorrow's breakfast while I waited for my kitsune udon to heat. It was the best thing ever. Just warm enough and sweet and tasty.

Still to do for tonight:
-workout - I'll probably just dance and do cardio.
-sleep... some.
I need to work on Masaomi's jacket, but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow. Weekend should involve fixing Hakuryu's light problems, doing laundry and finishing Masaomi. I want him done this week so that I can use any extra time to do necessary fixing on Benkei. Saku is still pretty much fine, since I can't get enough fabric to line the sleeves of the turquoise layer anyway.
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But /someone/ distracted me.

You know what, Masaomi?
You just keep being difficult.
Just keep it up and I'll give up on finding out what flower you ACTUALLY have on your damn kimono and you'll just end up with DAISIES! Or roses!
That'll serve you right.
So there.
Irritating jerk.

On the plus side, I did figure out how he wears the damn thing (it /is/ a kimono and not a noshi-type). *grumble*SlackerNotAProperHeike*grumble*

[Edit for Cosplayer Image Explosion: At least mine will not look like this.  May not be as cool as these though. I'm a little jealous of the armoring stuff on this one, but again... the kimono around his hips? Hello?
Also, for reference: Tomomori shirt?. And speaking of my favorite Taira general... I have brocade jealousy - especially this girl's. (I secretly think ours will come out beautifully, but I have to whine.) We are not the first to have had the Shigehira idea. Also, look! Another Saku!]

In conclusion, not enough people cosplay Masaomi. Fewer really get even /most/ of his details right. (This one's my favorite.Yet so many of them have better wigs than I do. ;_; You make me sad Japan.

NOW... sleep. >.> I am so never allowed on the internet again.
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So... this will be a very babble-ful con report, but feel free to read on if you want.
Nan Desu Kan 2008 )

Now we're home and actually considering certain costumes that I swore I'd never be involved with. Seriously. I mean it. I'm looking into friendly plastic and wonderflex and ... dear sweet lord, what have I started?
It's been a really really long time since I got home from a con still going 'OMG, I want to sew!' I want to sew NOW! And not curtains, which is my next project.

[Note to self - need appropriate Saitoh and Saitoh are SRS Business - icon.]
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-Fans painted. I love them. Even thought they totally break my 'accuracy'
-Wig poked at. I hate it, even though I loved the Alias before I started trying to make it look like Saku. Need hairspray and addtional wig pick and bobbypins.
-Looks like the flowers will stay in my hair ok with just a couple of bobby pins. Here's hoping it stays that easy.
-One tabi done and the other just needs the fasteners attached
-Kagetoki's boot covers stripped of armor and eyelets, reenforced with leather, then reset with new (bettter) eyelets.
-Still need to add highlights and petals to the couple sections of Kimono that are missing them.
-Kagetoki's coat still needs those two spots of trim repaired.
-Re-attach Kagetoki's now-repainted boot-armor!
-5 or so more photos to print and add and then the damn reference book is done. Whee~
-Need to double check all costumes that are going with us, make sure all pieces are present and repaired.

I slept about an hour last night. I'm doing ok... but not... y'know... /well/.

In other news:
-I still expect every performance to start with 'Umibe no volume', even though it really doesn't have one.
-Nao-kun getting all sky and 'iya da' about his birthday is still adorable, even three years later.

-I still don't really get Manzai. Neither does Eisen.
-Mugged by a rappers wardrobe. No really.
-Pacifico Yokohama-san tte.... ittai dare?
-Nnn... blue velvet is supperior to floral prints of any kind. If I sent him a memo, do you think he'd read it?
-Amazing dissapearing-reappearing Narita Ken!

-Met with Sensei. This isn't Macbeth all over again. This is even more insane. She may try to pay me though... I'm intrigued.

If you understand any of that last section, you're way more awesome than the average kitten.

I keep alternating between 'sleep', 'go to walmart for supplies and printing last photos' and 'stay here and get some damn work done on the things that just need hand-hemming'
New iTunes is not, in fact, as awesome as I'd hoped. Blah. No longer craving new iPod.
Ugh. So hungry. Coffee and banana cake are not in fact food. In case anyone was wondering.
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Yes, it's 4 am.
Obi is done and despite my uncertainty about the size of the interfacing insert it came out /really/ well. Deffinitely putting remaking Benkei's obi in this style on my list for the future.
Tomorrow is for tabi and fans and wig trimming, etc. Then hopefully time to start on Kagetoki repairs. And the scarf! Which means setting up my serger. Damn, must not forget about that! I'm hoping for a late truck on tuesday, but I'll have to call and see. ^^;

At least the hand-hemming and putting in the ties on the obi gave me time to catch up on VS Arashi and Himitsu (last week).
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Between all that, I finished up our Workmanship forms and worked a little on the scrapbooking portion of the Kajiwara-kyoudai Project. I'm taking the book with us for reference and putting my name and cell number on it. I know they say that you might not get it back but... she was really good with my reference stuff two years ago. If I feel insecure about it I'll only leave them the swatch cards.

[Edit: 6:15 am - I have a lovely straight-edged strip of chiffon to work with for the scarf and I'm caught up to Himitsu 21 and AnS 99 (damn, but I want to see 24-hour Terebi... like NOW) I'm thinking I might not even bother to surge the damn scarf if it gives me too much trouble. We'll see.
Time for some sleep now, though I need to get up at a reasonable hour and get back to work on things.
*sniffles* Damn them for playing Nino's whole letter to the group and damn them for using 'Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi'... I'm not exactly strong against those things at the best of times and at 6 in the morning? ;_;]
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Dragged my butt into work at 9:15 (truck was scheduled 8-12 and N begged me to come in). We were finished with truck right around 11 and I got out of there as fast as I could. I was meant to sew when I got home, but instead I ate a peach and a plum and took a two hour nap until I had to go back.
Then was a lovely closing shift. Mostly lovely because I love Emily and Lindsay lots. I did get through the crazy flannel cart at least.
Mom came to visit and we got to chat a bit. She gave me new shirts for work because all mine are gross and grey. I knew this, but I hardly expected her to buy me new ones. >.

Anyway! Once I got home we balanced some money stuff and got food.
Then I got to thinking that I haven't updated on costume progress in a while (Read: days).
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I'm getting close to the end of Oracle's Queen, which means that I may be reading Shadow's Return at the con. Whee~!
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*beats head on wall*
Focus damn you, brain.

I tried Pandora Radio... which was good until I messed up my nice station with too much yucky stuff... :3 It still totally fails at Japan. There's a little gackt... and a tiny bit of Tokio. That's all I can find. No Mr. Children of Spitz even. Let alone Maaya or Nao-kun or Arashi. ;_;

And I still need to actually finish putting the damn neckband on to the kimono. And then cut the lining for the blue layer (at least it's all cut out now).

[Costuming Edit 8/31 3 AM - whole bottom hem and half the neckband-to-base is done now. Just have probably another hour or less and then attaching the collar guard (which I've decided to use, I like the look of it a lot.
Pieces for the navy layer are all cut out except neckbands. The body and lining are attached to themselves, but not eachother. The neckband will be a little different since the lining needs to show, but I think I have a grasp on how to do it.
Here's hoping that all three kimono layers will be done after tomorrow. Then on to Obi(s), fans and details.]
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Up a little later than I would have liked tonight, but!
Today [profile] mouse_art was in town and helped me pick out a lining for Saku's sleeves. (Namely the pale pale not-pink Sun Silky that no one /ever/ buys. Of course it matches the bizzaro not-really pink flowers. ^__^)
Which means that outer kimono now has lovely lined sleeves. The french seams with lining worked out worse than I'd hoped and better than they could have, so I'm content. Now I just need to do the hems down the front facings and around the bottom hem (by hand).
And then paint and attach the neckband (half by hand).
Then it will be done!

And then I can move on to:
-Blue layer
-fans (painting)
-creating a way to /wear/ the beaded flowers
-making Tabi. o.o
-modifying sandals
-(note to self: make a little wrist purse or similar that matches the costume. You'll be happier)

Oh, and Kagetoki repairs. And... um... other touchups. Like making sure that Seigaku has letters that don't suck. And putting little white dots on Hyoutei. And finding Yuushi glasses that aren't Jess's.

I had Chicken Katsu Curry tonight for dinner. It was /amazing/. I miss tasty Japanese food.


Aug. 26th, 2008 01:16 am
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-I did NOT get called into work and therefore got a real actual day off. For reals. Very exciting.

-I finally got a dragon egg! Help me take care of it?
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! (Now I have two, so I have to see when they hatch and what they are before I name them... <3)

-I also finally finished listening to the 'Answer' drama CD. Hotness on a stick.
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-In other news!! The painting! It is done! (With the exception of some touch-ups to shading and some modifications of the falling petals)
I'm even motivated enough to post some pictures for you all, since I've been promising.
-[Edit 1: Until I can update all the links here, go to the Saku gallery]

-[Edit 2: Watched Sho-kun's fabulous and hilarious appearance on Oshareism. He... I... don't even have words. If you haven't watched it somewhere. DO IT NOW.]

-I'm in a very open and happy music mood today, so if you have anything you think I /might/ like and want to share... this may be a good time.

-Lastly... I've decided that Arashi is cheaper than TeniMyu and am going to try to avoid the ridiculousness that is all the merch and duplicate merch associated with Imperial Presence. I mean... two photosets each for the two casts? Plus new pamphlets and whatnot for October? *headdesk* I'll buy a second copy of Dream'A'Live... it'll be cheaper. :P

The plan is to be up early enough tomorrow to get the machine-sewing parts of the kimono done before work tomorrow. And Inoue-san /does/ seem to be heping me get sleepy... if only it weren't 4:30 already... *headdesk*

Free Day

Aug. 21st, 2008 11:45 pm
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VS 19
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Music Lovers
The performances were good. But the best thing? Sho's fake Jeans. Seriously! best idea EVER. ^___^ Dork.

I could go on about Maoh 7 and how much I just wanted to give Naruse a big hug and pet him... but that would be silly. Anyone with feelings about this episode, please comment, I need me some Maoh fangirling.

Costume Progress for today
-four more designs done. Finishing off the back of the kimono. We learned that Maya should /not/ try to reformat the flower part of the design. (pictures of failure to come later)
-also took lots of progress pics and hopefully didn't mess up my wrist too bad. It was really hurting earlier.

Himitsu 19
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We moved Hokuto today too (they're repaving the parking lot, so we had too), and got the stereo out. She's on the street now, so hopefully I'll call the junk yard people early next week. I'll miss her sometimes. :3

Also! Jess finished Avatar tonight! The ending is just as awesome the second time around.

I failed to do laundry tonight though.... which means I have no clothes to wear to work tomorrow... crap.
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Main Kimono Construction:
(Day 1) - Finally cut out the silk. Not really enough for the full laps in the front, so cut it at the same size as the turquoise. Still considering lining options.
(Day 2) - Assembled parts of Kimono body and tested paints on what will probably become the collar guard. Pretty happy with colors and design. Disappearing Marking pen combined with stencils makes Maya a happy kitten.
(Day 3) - Sewed on sleeves and then sponged on large patches of tan last night... a bit stiff but they'll do. For future reference, decorating should be done /before/ seaming things together, or else more care should be taken to avoid/conceal the marks of the seams.
(Day 4) - discovered that marking pen fades /very/ fast when drawing on paint rather than fabric itself. This is a problem. Also, pencil shows through the paint a little.
(Day 4) - have now killed two brushes and found one I really like. Hopefully I won't kill that one.

Progress update: 3/14 designs done. Day off tomorrow, should mean lots and lots of progress. Yes!
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I'm not going to talk much about today at work. I was there over 10 hours and didn't really take any of my breaks. We were crazily slammed and when Val picked up her keys she was less than pleased with the shape the store was in. When I finally left, we went to Cane's for comfort food and then home.
Jess amused herself with the internets while I took apart my lovely finished collar band, put the center back seam in and then put it back on. I can only pray that it comes out as well as it did the first time. :3

I was a good girl and started getting ready for bed over two hours ago.
Only... I never went to bed. Instead, I made detailed cosplay to-do lists and then I cleaned up my whole sewing area for the carpet cleaning on friday.
....I'm beginning to think that my mind has something against sleeping at night. It seems to like it just fine in the morning and day... when I'm supposed to be getting ready for work.

Now for sleepies. Guh.
Please don't let me cry in front of Val tomorrow. The impact would be stunning, but I really really don't want to put that on her on her first day back. >.>

[Also, since I know plenty of you are physics nerds, go here. You'll be amused, I promise.]
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[EDIT: I thought of it like fifteen times at work, but still forgot to post on the 11th to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] mocny!! I fail. :3 I hope you had a good birthday anyway!]

Jogged today to one of Shishido's mid-paced songs off "ZERO". 79% Hells yes.

Sucked at Agility as usual.
Down 3 pounds from last test and back on my downward streak!

Before now, my best Super HulaHoop (3 min) score ever was while listening to NEWS's "weeeeek".
Tonight I braved 6-minute. Amuro Namie's "Want Me, Want Me" for the first 3 minutes. (OMG SO DEAD!) and then "weeek" again for the left rotations. It was good. Very... just.... omg my thighs.

I am /bad/ at rhythm boxing. Almost as bad as I am at stepping thing.
I have all the Balance games unlocked now. And a shit-ton of Yoga poses and Strength exercises that I've never even done.

Also... am listening to DL5th soundtrack in an attempt to stave off my desire to watch all the episodes of Maoh in sequence while I finish Saku's neck band. /Sorely/ tempted.

Still no sign of work keys. This is a Very Bad Thing (TM). Where the bloody hell can they have gone!?

Am /not/ writing the drabble that I think I'm writing. Just not.
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I feel the need to post and flail and scream about Maoh 6.

However, it is late and apart from spending several hours to produce a massive pile of OhnoNaruse screencaps, I can't acurately convey my feelings about it.

Oh! Saku-kimono 1 is /almost/ done. It just needs (I think) a stiffened collar guard to give it a last bit more bulk.
4 weeks and counting. Gah! Don't want to think about it.

I need to get the white one cut so I can paint it now! o.o

Fans are on the way at least. ^^

Have also been rewatching Avatar (sorta) as Jess watches it. So cool~!


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