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-several sets of red bead and varioud ear-wire options obtained for earrings
-lining for Masaomi Jacket obtained (black swim lining)
-potential jacket trim obtained (still not sure)
-got sample buttons for Masaomi's jacket... (I'll need 36 total... that's 18 cards either way. ;_; )
-got the rest of the rust silk that I'll need for Shigehira's noshi
-got the gold poplin for Kiyomori's noshi. Still need to look into paint and a block-printing block

-vaccumed whole apartment (except sewing section)
-finished two additional loads of laundry (leaving only one small pile)
-RE-PACKED AND RE-ORGANIZED ALL STORED FABRIC! It is now neatly organized into 7 (?) neatly labeled boxes and I reduced the number of project-bags scattered around by A LOT.
-Three large bags of donations taken to Savers. Still lots more to sort through.

Sewing & Costume Stuff
-Masaomi's earrings completed (<3 I like them all right. I still want the 10 mm carnelian from FireMountain Gems really. Since it's a representative stone for the Leo starsign and also meant to sumbolize confidence and personal power. Also, crazily one site said that in magic it can be used "as a focus for past life work and for finding a "twin soul" or family".)
-assembled body of kimono and lining
-got out all extra fabric for Benkei's new cloak and obi

Also, we got [profile] starlit_dragon up to the end of Season 2 of Avatar.

Today I am grateful for: the wind, my awesome teal hoodie, my fabulous team at work, my now-working-again vacuum cleaner, and finding my old CDs and now having some Sweet Honey in the Rock on my iPod.

In the next day or two I'll probably have a lengthy rant about my taste in music and how it had developed over the past 8 years. Finding my CD case from high school and early college is a trip, as will ripping it to my iTunes library.
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My job was too easy today.
Truck was done by 8 and fabric was almost entirely done by 2 pm. Seriously?
The district is made of crazy though. And Friday will be lame no matter what DTL does.

I spent the day thinking about Masaomi. I even made it out to the Mill and picked up some lining material for the bolero.
At home, [profile] ladyofthegate had decided to make herself crazy by thinking about Tomomori's armor again. We have some new thoughts and will be trying different techniques than expected. Of course, having been out by the Mill, I brought [profile] nonny_chan back with me and in a stroke of divine (or not so) inspiration, we decided that she would be a fabulous Kiyomori. So, after a lot of plotting and book examination, we went off to kinko's to make some additional reference copies and get a reference folder started for Kiyomori.
Even if he's not done for this year NDK, there's always the year that we have full armor for Tomomori and Masaomi. I think I can handle all three though. Especially is I succeed in my goal of getting Masaomi done by the end of February.
I could proceed to do some babbling about 夢浮橋 Special and Shigehira (I bought the PERFECT color and texture for his pants before there even /was/ a canon reference picture!) and Kiyomori and all the various things that my head is full of. But I'm really rather tired and still need to pack a bentou for tomorrow. So. Away from the internets I go.

Today's survival brought to you by "Higher and Higher, "Type wa D" and "Hip Pop Boogie".
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But /someone/ distracted me.

You know what, Masaomi?
You just keep being difficult.
Just keep it up and I'll give up on finding out what flower you ACTUALLY have on your damn kimono and you'll just end up with DAISIES! Or roses!
That'll serve you right.
So there.
Irritating jerk.

On the plus side, I did figure out how he wears the damn thing (it /is/ a kimono and not a noshi-type). *grumble*SlackerNotAProperHeike*grumble*

[Edit for Cosplayer Image Explosion: At least mine will not look like this.  May not be as cool as these though. I'm a little jealous of the armoring stuff on this one, but again... the kimono around his hips? Hello?
Also, for reference: Tomomori shirt?. And speaking of my favorite Taira general... I have brocade jealousy - especially this girl's. (I secretly think ours will come out beautifully, but I have to whine.) We are not the first to have had the Shigehira idea. Also, look! Another Saku!]

In conclusion, not enough people cosplay Masaomi. Fewer really get even /most/ of his details right. (This one's my favorite.Yet so many of them have better wigs than I do. ;_; You make me sad Japan.

NOW... sleep. >.> I am so never allowed on the internet again.


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