May. 8th, 2013 11:20 pm
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Things I was supposed to do after work today:
-start mother's day present
-set up vacuum with tiny hose to clean out computer fan

Things I did today:
-caught up on Glee
-fused a small sheet of blue/white angelina, tested opacity and adhesion on the suiting, and started cutting out my multiplayer emblem
-updated my player model in AC:R to match the costume I'm making (no sleeves
-stared at Eveline's model for long enough that her proportions really started to bug me
-finalized plans for embellishment on Eveline's coat (soutache and paint for shoulders, gold binding, some rick rack or more paint for the bottom and rear hems AND pants embellishment)
-Spent an hour with mom discussing options for the remaining pieces of the costume
-played an hour of AC:R multiplayer
-interfaced back-shoulder area on coat
-interfaced and assembled collar for coat... may have to redo this anyway
-chalked in the first lines (to be done in soutache braid) on the shoulders and back of the coat

Summary... finally actually making progress on Eveline, but only because there are other things I should be doing instead. >.>

For Tomorrow:
-pick up 7 1-2" gold buttons (or 5 for front and 2 larger for back)
-look for other trim/cording for button loops
-check color match on gold rick rack and/or gold fabric paints.
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Woken up today to learn that the main events of PAXEast are live streaming, which means that my weekend off isn't nearly so wasted, because I can see the PA panels and got to see the RoosterTeeth panel this morning!

Since then I have finished my first glovelet/fingerless mitten-thing with worsted weight yarn and the cuff modifications that I wanted and started the left hand. (My increases above the ribbing worked perfectly and now the cuff fits and stays put on me. Kris didn't want the fitted cuff, but I hae her yarn to start with next.

I also picked my next cosplay project and printed some reference. I'm going with The Corsair (Eveline Guerra) from AC:R multiplayer. I love her look, and my hair will work whether I cut it off or not. I have most of the fabric and patterns that I can modify the crap out of as needed, so I'm excited. This can also double as a pirate costume if I get the hat and ever need to attend a pirate party or Speak Like A Pirate Day event again. Also, she's my favorite.

I also also pushed through a bunch more recordings for the Arashi Roadtrip AU and am editing them now. Putting together the two collections (one in chronological/timeline order and one in posting order is going to be such a mind trip. I think I read in posting order first, which is easier to get into because you start with two and then three of the boys together already and traveling. Starting chronologically is slower, but you get the background story. I think I prefer posting order, but it's much harder to follow the story. Anyway, funtimes.
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Confused by the title? I know! It's like I stepped back a generation and picked up AC: Brotherhood again. Well... I did. XD
Actually managed to get possibly the last trophy that I'll ever manage to "Job Skills" and played a couple hours of multiplayer with a couple of awesome level 50sn(we bonded by all having headsets and having to wait together for almost 20 minutes before getting into a Manhunt game) one of whom was in New Zealand and had an awesome accent, and the other of whom was another actual girl! So now I have Brother hood multiplayer friends. Excite!
Hindsight reviews - I miss having more perks available early on. I miss Honorable Death bonuses. And understanding the line-of-sight feature makes everything make so much sense, even if it's a little bit broken. I still love Venice more than almost any other map, though for small maps, I think I prefer Souk to Siena. And I miss my customizations, though I am almost to level 25, so I think I do have some options available now. Pushing for 50 may be insane, especially since I'm closer in AC:R and get creepy Vidic videos and plot hints there. I miss having the doctor and Fiora's sexy sexy costumes from AC: B though.

Second rant of the night: "Tissue of Silver"
If ever there was a bass-ackwards was of getting hooked on an 8 hour fic for a pairing you never once thought of shipping.... this is it. I went and downloaded this fic because the title came up in a discussion of long recordings on one of the PodAware podcasts I listened to. And since it was FayJay and lengthy and a story I hadn't heard before... of course I had to go look it up. "Maya," you say, "it's Harry/Draco for gods sake!" "You do not ship Harry Draco. You barely slash any thing in Harry Potter at all! And know that it's the fastest way to being disowned by your girlfriend that ever there was." But this is how much I love FayJay. And how badly I need new podfic. >.>
So.... I've now listened through it three times, though I slept bits of one of them. And this, like so many other AUs... works for me. Maybe it's just that stepping Jr. High- up to High School- or High School- up to College-age is so very normal in my Prince of Tennis addled brain, or maybe it's just that in some ways, I think the universe and storyline in this story are more compelling to me than the actual storyline that played out over the last three books. I assume that it was written before Order of the Phoenix was published, because it's very attentive to cannon that was revealed before that book, and very creative about getting around facts from Book 5 and on.
I keep meaning to post a rant or comparison chart about voices in FayJay's podfic... because I love knowing that her Sherlock is halfway between the Great Dragon and Arthur (Snape is close to that as well). It's lovely that she has very specific and different voices for Gwen, Morgana, and Draco (! - new one). I keep thinking that Harry and Dean Winchester are very similar as well, both sort of shouty and well-meaning. Anyway. Um, yeah. Less babbling, more sleeping now.

Good night all.

At Last!

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:14 pm
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Just got my second ever platinum trophy, on Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Not sure why I get the platinum even without the DLC multiplayer trophies, BUT I am so good with that.
Tax Evasion was the last trophy I couldn't get, but the comment on this video had a strategy that actually WORKED:

I feel like I really need video capture tech just to make an Achievement Hunter video for this.

And yes, that means I got 100% sync in this game. On everything. Now I can just play multiplayer stabbing any time I want. ^_^
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So, Happy Christmas, Merry Chanukah, and Joyous Non-denominational Holi-brations of all kinds. I've been working on a post for a while, so this may ramble.

First, we saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on opening night. It was absolutely lovely. cut for spoilers )

Then I finished Assassin's Creed Revelations this week.... Spoilers for Ending and Meta-Game Rants )
In closing, next game please let me stab William in the face. I refuse to trust Discord/Q/John DeLance.
Love, Maya
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It's been a while. Partially because my play slowed down, and then stopped for a while because of freezing problems. Partially because I was letting other people use the TV for things (Skyrim). So in the last couple days I advanced the plot a bit, 100% synced on Sequence 5, filled all my Mediterranean cities with Assassins (mostly level 10), and only crashed the game three times. Not even with the same bug. Just with other random shit. Anyway.

Now we're on the way to midnight showing of Sherlock Holmes. I'm hoping it will be amazing. Yay!
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Today in Constantinople:Read more... )

WTF, why is it 5:30 in the morning!??? Ok, me and my trophies are going to sleep. Damnit. XD
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I worked my way into Sequence 3 today, and into a whole pile of side missions. Here's the rant:
Read more... )
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This is going to be a giant spoilerific splorge about how much I'm probably going to adore this game now that I'm home and have been playing for a couple of hours. Here goes.
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I survived Saturday! E and I are both getting rather annoyed with the fact that certain people who are responsible for the schedule are not balancing coverage, so those of us with no control over the schedule are left without coverage a lot of the time.

Now I'm listening to "For Good" for the eight-billionth time. It had never really struck me before, I loved "No Good Deed" and "Defying Gravity" of course, but until I saw it in the upcoming song list at the end of Glee Season 2 I hadn't listened to it much. Now I love it. So much.

Of course my iPod follows that up with "The Guilty Ones" from Spring Avakening. Which is just such a sweet soft introspective song. God I love that soundtrack. The whole show actually. reminds me of little Emily and of Cass. Little Emily who is pregnant now. Barely more than a child, carrying a child. I don't know what to say to her.

Aaaand sunday followup, work was blah, but Rob and I both have assassin-ish hoodies for the launch tomorrow night and I finished my assassin bag too. Soooo excited. Now time for sleep and then truck. 74 fabric cartons, here I come.
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Since it now appears that it takes me the better part of a week to write a note/LJ post, here's the rundown of the time since I started trying to post this:

Read more... )

And to try to get my brain back to working shape, I'm working on a translation:
(and since I know there are people on my F-list who do this /for a living/, I should note that criticism is very welcome, but I'm mostly just flying by the seat of my pants to try to get back into the habit and because the song really got to me. So this is rough and unfinished in the extreme with a lot of artistic license taken.
Gift )

Also: HAH! Watch my default LJ icon be appropriate for once!
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So Glee. I watched the first two discs of the first season tonight.

It's not Dr. Who. It's not Torchwood. It doesn't make me forget everything in the world or want to run away on an adventure, and there isn't the intese rush of fangirlish energy that I get every time The Doctor says 'fantastic' or Jack grins at his team.

But Glee has characters that I care about against all my original expectations. It has amazing music and it moves me. And that is definitely worth continuing to watch. Even before Darren Criss.

It really really makes me miss karaoke though. That 3 hours a week made life so so much better.

In other news, I have a white linen hood sitting on my sewing machine. For competition? Maybe. For awesome? I certainly hope so.
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Back in Fort Collins safe and sound. Debates about Northglenn still ongoing in my head, but that's a post for another time.
I survived Black Friday again! I've even completed the base plot in TWEWY and started playing Assassin's Creed... all on my own! It's been a nice break when I'm not crazy.

Anyway! Today a very nice Fedex man brought me a package from Play-Asia. Some of you should be very excited to be on my christmas list. ^_^ I had to remind myself /more than once/ that I did not need to pull out the packing slip or use a hand-held to receive it. Too much working, methinks.


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