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So. Things have happened to me and with me in the past few weeks.

Love, Hair, Exercise, and Patterns )

I am not talking about work, which is still all kinds of bat shit, but that's a different problem.
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Multiple cuts is so much work....

Day 6 complete and now I get a whole day off!
Work Today )

Since several people have asked, things are much better at my store. And will be even more better soon. I did talk with my boss a bit, and we appear to have settled things. With Inventory and the RVP visit over with for now, we're all hoping things will settle for a while, though it is August, so the roughest quarter of the year is still ahead of us.

I'm at a pretty much total standstill on Kiyomori... mostly because I broke the rhythm I had going and am a bit nervous to start back up. I /did/ however, get a couple yards of a /beautiful/ white brocade at the ARC last week and think it will work much better than what I had for his white layer. Additionally, we got in some new houndstooth suitings at work, so I have a new possibility for P4 costumes. Though I'm tempted to try to just throw together their casual outfits and buy wigs instead.

That pretty much covers my life updates. More tomorrow since I won't have work to distract me. :D

On an unrelated note, Corina and I figured out that the Heike memorial site thing I linked to before is most likely actually way way south at 赤間神宮, near the site of the Dan-no-Ura battle. Too far for her to see.

Also also, Random Mainichi Shinbun Rant )
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I have no justifiable reason for being as happy as I am this afternoon.
I was late to work this morning.
Debbie called in and we were slammed the entire morning.
I have to go back at 8 tonight to help make sure that all the closing gets done properly and the add set too.
There's also various worry over things like Kat's car and other stuff like that. Like how I'm going to survive the next week and keep myself and Val from going insane and/or killing people.

Yesterday was Yagyuu's birthday. &hearts And Damien's too. &hearts
Today is Olivie's birthday. &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts
I'm wearing a Hyoutei Polo (I wore it at work too).
It looks awesome.
Nikki put my copy of Rikkai Second Service on hold at Animate yesterday.
I put gas in my car on the way home.
I ate instant Yakisoba for lunch.
I'm /wearing/ a HYOUTEI polo. That I made. Myself. :D

Anyway, I'm in a good mood, so I'm gonna try to sew myself some Hyoutei pants too.
I think I'll wear Benkei to work tomorrow. That way I'll be awesome and no one can mess with me. ^_^
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I was thinking, would people want me to filter my posts in some way. I was thinking:
-Real Life
-Fangirling (Official)
-Fangirling (Fic and other)
Can anyone thingk of others? I'll try putting up a poll tomorrow , I think...

[Below is all RL stuff...]
Last night was longer and ran later than expected, but I hope that things will work out for everyone.
Now I'm going into work (Path) and then I'm actually free to do stuff tonight maybe! *gaspies* Also, expecting to be called in early tomorrow, since the truck window was only 11-2...
Major bills paid, now just getting rent and utils and things sorted out and I'll be set through Feb (no, [personal profile] rkold, I haven't forgotten... I'll catch you on aim sometime soon). By which point, I hope to have sorted out some things with those investment accounts and see what I can do to keep myself a little more stable. ~_~

Translations for [profile] oshigaku are coming along - as long as I don't keep getting distracted by working on my script/translations for HyouteiMyu. ^_^;;

This morning I'm greatful for NPR and my JOB (Dude! I work in a fabrc store! /SO/ cool!)... and the infinite ability to plan projects (let's hope I can get some done).
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And then there was RENT.
And Maya remembered a part of who she used to be. And who it might be good to be again.
I am so, so blessed to be where I am in life, and to waste so much of my time in worry and fear is a disservice to those who put me here and those who may not have the chance.

On the way home I was contemplating where I found out about RENT.
Roots )
and also Vague family introspection )

Needless to say, I was very pleased with this rendition of the show. While some of it was over the top, it was so powerful and so beautiful that I can't bring myself to be really upset about the little omissions. You have to remember that I first learned the story from the songs alone, with the little notes in the lyric book... so if things were condensed, it wasn't too hard for me to adjust. The costumes and scenery were spectacular.
I'm sorry that Corina had been spoiled for certain parts, and that Jess just seemed generally unhappy toward the end. I hope people are ok, and better and... stuff.
So very much love to all the people I got to see tonight. You all rock, and I miss you guys that are so far away. I send you long-distance hugs!
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At mom's house for a moment since Ernst is probably still eating the internet at home. (It's not really him, it's the wall-socket. I am not pleased by this revelation.)

Tomorrow I have work at JoAnn from 9-3, then class at 4:10, then I have three rooms in Path. It will be a LONG day. The 26th however, is utterly and totally free, so I will be at Kat's party for as long as possible. ^_^ Trying to get time in my schedule to go to Japanese special!4th-year on tuesday, but we'll see about that.

Tonight there was Karaoke. I was very late, and had adventures with driving. But that was fun, because I had Nikki with me. We made it eventually, and weren't even too late getting back. Karaoke was excellent. Easily the best session in recent memory. We laughed, we cried, we sang, I can now go back to school refreshed and ready to rock. I felt extremely good about the whole night, and I'd like to thank all involved. (and applogize for all the random FMA songs... dunno what was up with me. XD;;)

Anyway, now to head back to my real home and slee~p before I catch the bus at 8:20 to get to work. ^^


Current Bishounen: Takahashi Naozumi and Kimeru (ライブ、見たいなぁ~)

PS- Kat, I have your two missing wigheads... forgot to give them to you. Remind me friday. ^^


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