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I haven't mentioned this before here, because I've been watching it in live chat with [personal profile] baranoneko... but... yeah. ^___^ It makes me very very happy.
I'm quite a bit of the way into season 3 now. And certain things are making me squiggle like the little fangirl that I am. Notably Zuko and Mei. And also Iroh. He's not around nearly enough anymore, but I still love him a whole lot.

2) "One Love"
New song. New PV... I'll admit that the preppy look on all of them makes me a little 'meh'.... and leaves some questions to be asked like 'WTF Shorts Nino!?' The video style is a little wierd. More judgements later once I watch it in HD rather than Veoh.
Ok, take 3. The style and outfits still don't do it for me. The song is lovely though. Not great, but good for a movie theme and good for HanaDan.
God, but I love Nino's voice. I think he's in second voice-wise. Followed by Sho, then Aiba then Jun. I know Sho is a better singer than Nino, but there's something honest and emotional about Nino's voice. I like it lots.
(I only used the icon I did because it vaguely relates to this. >.>)

3) Jun stuff....
I watched videos of his trip to USC for the first time. And... i don't know why, but his speaking English (WELL!) made me melt inside. I wish I'd been able to go. It would have been amazing.

4) AnS 87
Nino's hair... the day after I saw his new style Brit came into work with the same look... and now I always think of her when I see it.
Aw... Nino and Fuji-san both are kyoumi-nai about food. Though I think Nino must eat enough given how much Leader and Aiba like food.
Leader: I'll eat, I'll eat!! DON'T HURT ME!!
Arashi: HURT HIM!
*cries* Why is Nino on the no-fun side with Aiba. :3
They play off each other a bit though... and that's cute.
So, they've decided to take out their inability to defeat guests in VS, they're tormenting guests in Shukudai-kun.
OMG Sakuraiba!?
OMG OhMiya too!!!?

5) Bad Maya, no monies.
I just pre-ordered this and this. The later was a total spontaneous decision because the release dates matched, but I'm quite excited. Okiayu-san mentioned the recording for his song and made me feel like I should contribute a little to that fandom after all this time. ^_^


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