Jan. 25th, 2009

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8 more flowers painted today. 4 of them have gold outlining now.
That's both sleeves and both front panels done, leaving me only the body. -.-;; Have been putting off the body since it is /huge/.
Still, they're looking pretty good.

Today we also:
-got fabric for Tomomori's Izayoiki pants
-got some swatches for Kiyomori and Shigehira.
-printed out some pictures at Walmart
-(I found out where Julie/Kairi works!)
-ordered frosted blonde wigs for Tomomori and Shigehira
-ordered boots for Tomomori from Life of the Party
-got experimental materials for Tomomori's armor
-watched the Maihitoyo stage play. (Actually quite good! Am very much looking forward to the new one!)

Now for sleepy times. My eyes are tired and my back is all tence again.


Jan. 25th, 2009 04:09 pm
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So... I've been very positive about Masaomi today. Just ticking along, getting things done... putting off the really hard stuff, yes, but overall... confident.

Today... it feels like guh... why am I doing this.
I seriously would rather beat my head against a heavy object than keep painting right now.
The number of flowers left seems daunting. The amount of paint is mind boggling. And I feel like an unoriginal hack because I'm just painting another kimono. Two costumes in a row, I just... don't know.
I'm still working, which is a step in the right direction, I know, but...
This must be what writers-block feels like for a writer.
Maybe that's just it.
I have costumer's block. And my internal editor finally caught back up to me.

3 flowers done so far today, taking longer since these are the front body and I had to try to align the flowers to compliment/complete the ones on the front panels. Also had to cut down the front panels since I forgot to do it before I painted them. -.-;;


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