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Jan. 19th, 2010 01:05 am
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But first, a note... there is a new investment on my radar. Because I think I really need to own the S.I.P. Omnibus. It would solve the messy issue of my not owning all the original issues, and prevent me from having to re-invest in either of the other compilation sets (which would actually be more expensive). Also... it sounds /beautiful/.

Anyway. Meme.

Pick 12 characters, fill the blanks and answer the questions, don't peek, etc.

1) Yagyuu
2) Yuushi
3) Niou
4) Shiraishi
5) Yanagi
6) Yukimura
7) Marui
8) Mimi (femme-Jackal)
9) Taki
10) Masako (femme-Niou)
11) Atobe
12) Hitomi (femme-Yagyuu)

Does 10 (Masako) strike you as a voyeur and/or an exhibitionist?
Exhibitionist? She knows she's hot stuff... and I think she enjoys being involved in sex more than watching.

Who in all the multiverse would 11 (Atobe) most likely bottom to?
.....hrm. Rikkai. ...maybe maybe Yuushi.

Would you rather do 3 (Niou) or 5(Yanagi)?
Oh lord. Niou. I think. Yes.

Which of 4 (Shiraishi) and 1 (Yagyuu) would you rather have do you?
.....o.o Yagyuu. I think. Damn that's hard.

12 (Hitomi) and 2 (Yuushi) are having sex in an airplane. XD Construct a snippet of dialogue that happens during this encounter.
"Nnnf.... you know... as much as I appreciate the effort... I think we'd better make this more of a /quickie/."
"While you may be the first girl to ever discourage me from going down on her.... I see your point."

How much would you pay to see naked pictures of 11 (Atobe)? Have you? Where can the rest of us find these pictures?
I have doujinshi. I have quite a lot of them. K2 Co's are the best for hot uke Atobe. I think $10 would be about my limit just for pictures.

When 12 (Hitomi) masturbates, she thinks about...
...hrm... Niou. Masako. Kumiko having sex with Yuushi?
She's a strange little bunny. >.>

What is 11(Atobe)'s favorite sex toy?
Or Taki. But mostly Gakuto.
Or Wakato.

Come up with a title for a 12(Hitomi)/7(Marui)/1(Yagyuu) threeway. Would you read it? Would you write it? What would some of the warnings be?
"After the Birthday Cake"
Yes I would. Only if I felt like chatting a threesome with myself.
Warnings: 'cest, profanity, light bondage and Marui.

Who's more likely to be tied up during consensual sex, 2 (Oshitari)or 6 (Yukimura)?
Yukimura. Rikkai's a little kinky that way, ok?

If 11 (Atobe) and 3 (Niou)are carrying on a torrid and forbidden love affair, who's most likely to spill the beans? What would the other person do to retaliate?
Niou tells Yagyuu. Yagyuu mentions it in strict confidence to Yanagi. Yanagi tells Inui. All of Tokyo knows within a week.
Atobe makes a few calls and suddenly Yagyuu, Yanagi and Inui can no longer get scholarships for any college in the country.

As a birthday present, 7 (Marui)'s longtime lover 5 (Yanagi) offers to do whatever 7 wants in bed. What's 7's secret birthday wish?
...to eat Japanese sweets (like mochi and those little cookie things) off of Yanagi's body in bed. He's normally forbidden food of any kind in bed, Yanagi's too much of a neat freak for that.

Choose a food item for 4 (Shiraishi) and 12 (Hitomi) to use together.
Ooh... whipped cream, chocolate body paint.

8 (Mimi) and 4 (Shiraishi) are in a fulltime relationship. Who's the top?
Well... Mimi's definitely more aggressive, but Kura's the only one with the anatomical 'topping' bits.

Which fetish is 9 (Taki) least likely to indulge?
...least? Um... he doesn't like bukake?

What would 5 (Yanagi)do if he/she had 8 (Mimi) naked, willing and ready in his/her bed?
....oh my. It would probably be a very thorough investigation and a lot of experimentation.

What would 10 (Masako) and 4 (Shiraishi) tell their friends about their sex life, assuming they had both a mutual sex life and some friends?
Shiraishi: *shrugs* What? She's even hotter naked. Everyone knows that.
Masako: *smirk* Kansai boys are better in bed. Just ask Gakuto.

10 (Taki) gets a tattoo to declare his/her eternal love for 9 (Masako) . Where is it? What does it say?
....an arrow pointing to the side that says 'my breasts are over there, bitch' or some such. Also, given that he probably has never touched her... 'eternal love' may be somewhat questionable.

Imagine that 2 (Yuushi) writes an erotic 11(Atobe)/6(Yukimura) fic. What sort of summary might the fic he/she writes have?
Hahahaha.... apart from the part where he could never tell anyone that he'd written it for fear of being killed.
"The raging conflict and contention come to a head when two powerful captains meet at the under-16 tournament in Australia..."

If 2 (Yuushi) walked into the room wearing nothing but a red thong and a feather boa, how would 8 (Mimi) react?
Laugh. Laugh some more. Take him off to a bedroom somewhere. If he's lucky.

And the obligatory fill in the blanks erotic fairy tale! Change the numbers with the matching names on your list:

9 (Taki) and 1 (Yagyuu) are having a quickie in a broom closet when 8 (Mimi) walks in on them. Naturally enough, 8 (Mimi) joins in, first paging 3 (Niou), who's in the middle of fucking 5 (Yanagi) into the mattress. 3 (Niou) abandons 5 (Yanagi) on the verge of orgasm, excited by the possibility of illicit broom closet sex, and 5 (Yanagi), irate, becomes a highly paid prostitute until the well-meaning and generous 4 (Shiraishi) attempts to rescue him. But 5 (Yanagi) will have none of it, refuses to be redeemed, and opens a high-class brothel in Los Angeles, where 10 (Masako) is one of his regular clients.


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