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And it keeps getting bigger. Damn money.
I had the realization today that I basically fell out of most of my music fandoms around 2006. And that was a LONG TIME AGO. >.>
This is basically a giant selfish shopping list. I have no intention of buying /all/ of it, but it makes a good reminder to myself of the /way/ too much stuff that I want to own someday. And this is without Myus and other exclusive DVDs (like Maria Magdalena ;_;) that would take more work than a CDJapan search to source and buy. >.>

- Haruka Stage Play 2 (with Airu!Akram)
- Akram/Shirin Character Single from Hachiyou Sho
- Arashi 5x10 Music Video Compilation
- Impresive (Tezuka 2nd Album)
- TeniFes 2009
- OKIsm Tour DVD
- Neoroma Boxset 4
- Neoroma Boxset 5
- Prince of Tennis anime calendar 2010

- Nao-kun's Pallete single (first press still available)
- A to Z Concert Limited Re-release
- Haruka 2&3 Other Characters Album
- Niou Valentines Kiss (not shipping until February or course and no, Hiyoshi's isn't as high on my wanted list as Niou's. :P)
- "Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy" is out of print. Of course. I think I even knew that once upon a time.
- Koishite Kimeru! still has the limited edition available though. I might want that.
- Discover and Target Kimeru's most recent and upcoming albums. I loved Glorious so much, these are definitely of interest.
- Newest DAI single :D
- Maaya's newest single
- Maaya Sakamoto Live Tour: We Are Kazeyomi!
- Kazeyomi (the one Maaya Samakoto album that I'm missing since like... 2004.)
- Kazuki's newest album? Glamorous Beat

- Yagyuu's Solo Single must be included on principle.
- As does Faith, the Kite album I somehow forgot about the existence of.
- Owaranai Ai (the second Rikkai Young Kan single)
- Last Songs (I forgot about all my buchou's albums apparently. >.>)
- Churu Uta is also sold out. I feel like a bad person for not owning it.
- Trick, Fake, or Truth is the same situation. ;_; Noooo~

And yes, we did end up watching a pile of Seiyuu events and other things tonight that started me feeling nostalgic and out of touch with my fandoms. And yes that did get a bit rambly and overwhelmed with TeniPuri at the end. Sorry. >.>

Other than that, I've been so quiet online because I've been working tons, playing Pokemon, Assassin's Creed and TWEWY a lot and actually hanging out with people in real life. I've seen more of my family in the last three weeks than in the three months prior to that too, which is awesome, but means less babbling time on my LJ.

Hope everyone is well and has not frozen into popsicles in this crazy winter yet. Happy Holidays to all~!
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