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So... today Mik and I watched a ton of Anime, including quite a few new shows, and I am super proud-palled at how much she seems to love some of the silly pretty boy shows.

1) Binan Koukou Chikyu Bouei-bu LOVE! - I cannot even explain how horrifically perfect this show is. Seriously. It's completely insane and wonderful and a bit magic. We had almost as much fun watching Cal and Boom watch it later in the evening as we did watching it ourselves. XD

2) Sailor Moon Crystal - yes, season 1 is nearly over and I'm behind the times, but I have a suprisingly large number of feelings about this show. Mostly about the generals. Seriously.

3) Bonjour! Koiaji Patisserie - Mik found this, and 5 minute episodes are totally manageable.

4) Kamigami no Asobi - While I was amused by this show a few weeks back, I'm less fascinated now because of how slowly the plot seems to move. I might keep pushing through, but other shows are more entertaining to me at the moment.

5) Brothers Conflict - Well, shit. I started the show because we needed something to wash our brains from Parasyte, and while I was squeeing and trying really hard not to show my incredible and ridiculous instant love for Azusa and Tsubaki, Mik was getting rather attached to the plot. It's also great to hear KENN acting again, and the rest of the cast is pretty baller as well. Also, Hikaru. Hikaru is my favorite. Getting all the names straight will probably be the end of me, but I'm willing to commit to that.

She also looked at UtaPri when we were flipping through shows, so that's a possible thing.


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