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2011-07-03 01:09 am

Two unrelated bits of babble

I have two things to babble about before I go to sleep.
1) I started rewatching Weiβ Kreuz tonight, and no amount of knowing how horribly cliche and lame it is can reduce my enjoyment of it. Actually, despite the age of the show, the art and the voice performances are actually quite good. Even the background characters, who aren't big names most of the time. If anyone throws me for a loop it's actually Koyasu, because for some reason that's not how Aya sounds in my head.
After all these years, I still love these characters; love the ridiculous predictable plots; love all of it. People can judge me, I really don't care. XD I'm also importing most of the CDs again, to see if I still like the music as much as I remember. I guess we'll see.

2) It's CD Japan sale time again, and even though I have no money I'm poking through things and making a list for things that I like and might want some day.
-New Kusuda Toshiyuki CD
-Meisa's "One More Drama" CD - First Press, with DVD and poster. ^_^
-Nao-kun's Yumekibo Ressha Limited edition still available.
-Amuro Namie Single "Break It/Get Myself Back"
-Crystal Kay's "Journey" - because I need more of her music.
-Nao-KUN'S "Infinity" album - since I recently realized that I really need more of hi
-As a note that I can't be bothered to research at the moment, I should also look into finishing my collection of HaruDaki manga and Drama CDs, since I think they're all completed now. CDs got up to volume 8 and the manga finished at Volume 14. Since the CDs tended to cover a little more than one volume that means the CDs are probably complete as well. And I could really use more MikiShin in my life lately. As well as MoriMori. ^_^

Other ranty things could include ways in which my computer is freaking me out lately, ways in which work is crazy, and ways in which I am not working on packing or cosplay nearly enough right now, but I'm happy in my escapism so I'll let all that be for the moment.
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2010-08-09 04:37 pm
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New Home~

-to Seattle all safe and sound, with no car explosions
-All stuff moved into apartment and out of storage locker
-sexy couch with massive ottoman (like Niou's, for anyone that cares)
-two dressers so that Maya can keep her clothes somewhere not on the floor
-internet installation set up for wednesday

-shelves for DVDs, books, games, manga, and Maya's fabric
-stable craft table for Yudu (or else use my sewing table)
-storage/drawer and things for other craft supplies
-to call the DTL and arrange for my first day of work, etc.
-to finish my quilts and start on Tamir and Clow. XD

Also, I love Rock pizza and Fajita Pitas. Done.
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2010-07-30 01:11 am

Why did I not know about this? (Karaoke Rant)

In order to understand this post, you must know some basic information:
1) I adore Japanese-style karaoke. Lock me in a box with a good song selection for five or six hours, you will never have seen me so happy.
2) 75+% of the music I listen to and know how to sing is Japanese pop or anime music. This has been true since high school and is not likely to change.
3) Most (and they are limited) box-style karaoke places in the US that have Japanese songs, are running on Korean machines that are limited to old-style discs or monthly updates and have a limited song selection.
4) Importing the quality machines that they have in Japan (which I have researched and considered) can easily cost in the thousands of dollars - and may still require a complicated subscription to update the songs on the machine. These are meant for businesses, not personal use.

And now you can see why the the following information kept me up for an hour past my nominal bedtime tonight:

HyperJoy/Joysound has a Wii game.
This is extremely exciting to me. )

Jess? Kat? How do you feel about some sort of team effort to make one of our apartments the awesome-est place in Seattle?
(In any case I think I sense a present to myself on the way come this Christmas.)
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2010-07-16 04:55 am
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Planet Money 193

Before this podcast I had never heard of the concept of "utility" in an economic sense.
From what I'm understanding Utility (measured in un-measurable 'utiles') is a measure of the effect of an environmental factor on the satisfaction or enjoyment of a person or population. (One deffinition I found on the net said: "Ability of a good or service to satisfy one or more needs or wants of a consumer.")

The concept is something really interesting to me, because it's the technical term for something that I've felt for a long time. No, there may not be a significant constant benefit to me from having six boxes full of imported cds, dvds, and manga, but there is a personal benefit to my happiness in owning the things that I do, even if I don't look at them everyday. I can't really discuss the exact value in utiles of things right at the moment, but it's something that I'm sure will be banging around my head as I settle into a place where I can get imports with relative ease in the future (and as I decide what to haul up to the B.C. Book-Off for resale XD)
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2010-01-21 06:44 am

Staying up. Again.

Damn you Project Runway.

Now I really really want one of these someday.


Also, Only 45 minutes left until work! I <3 me some coffee, yes I do.

PS - HOUSE. Oh how I missed you.
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2010-01-19 01:05 am

A meme.

But first, a note... there is a new investment on my radar. Because I think I really need to own the S.I.P. Omnibus. It would solve the messy issue of my not owning all the original issues, and prevent me from having to re-invest in either of the other compilation sets (which would actually be more expensive). Also... it sounds /beautiful/.

Anyway. Meme.

Pick 12 characters, fill the blanks and answer the questions, don't peek, etc.

1) Yagyuu
2) Yuushi
3) Niou
4) Shiraishi
5) Yanagi
6) Yukimura
7) Marui
8) Mimi (femme-Jackal)
9) Taki
10) Masako (femme-Niou)
11) Atobe
12) Hitomi (femme-Yagyuu)

Some of these answers are NSFW. Really. )
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2009-12-14 02:43 am

There's a hole in my pocket.

And it keeps getting bigger. Damn money.
I had the realization today that I basically fell out of most of my music fandoms around 2006. And that was a LONG TIME AGO. >.>
This is basically a giant selfish shopping list. I have no intention of buying /all/ of it, but it makes a good reminder to myself of the /way/ too much stuff that I want to own someday. And this is without Myus and other exclusive DVDs (like Maria Magdalena ;_;) that would take more work than a CDJapan search to source and buy. >.>
LONG List of Happiness Ensues )
- Yagyuu's Solo Single must be included on principle.
- As does Faith, the Kite album I somehow forgot about the existence of.
- Owaranai Ai (the second Rikkai Young Kan single)
- Last Songs (I forgot about all my buchou's albums apparently. >.>)
- Churu Uta is also sold out. I feel like a bad person for not owning it.
- Trick, Fake, or Truth is the same situation. ;_; Noooo~

And yes, we did end up watching a pile of Seiyuu events and other things tonight that started me feeling nostalgic and out of touch with my fandoms. And yes that did get a bit rambly and overwhelmed with TeniPuri at the end. Sorry. >.>

Other than that, I've been so quiet online because I've been working tons, playing Pokemon, Assassin's Creed and TWEWY a lot and actually hanging out with people in real life. I've seen more of my family in the last three weeks than in the three months prior to that too, which is awesome, but means less babbling time on my LJ.

Hope everyone is well and has not frozen into popsicles in this crazy winter yet. Happy Holidays to all~!
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2009-12-03 11:53 am

I. Am. Not. Dead.

Back in Fort Collins safe and sound. Debates about Northglenn still ongoing in my head, but that's a post for another time.
I survived Black Friday again! I've even completed the base plot in TWEWY and started playing Assassin's Creed... all on my own! It's been a nice break when I'm not crazy.

Anyway! Today a very nice Fedex man brought me a package from Play-Asia. Some of you should be very excited to be on my christmas list. ^_^ I had to remind myself /more than once/ that I did not need to pull out the packing slip or use a hand-held to receive it. Too much working, methinks.
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2009-04-27 09:44 pm

Yay for kimono

When we got back from dinner tonight, I realized that I..... could do whatever I wanted. So I went off on a new search for kariginu to actually see how the heck they work. One way or another, I found Bokunan.
Which... was not the most useful thing ever... but then I looked at the other things they had, including maeita and the imitation inner collars to line up your layers too. (Undergarments too!) It also looks like they do custom orders, leaving me hopeful as to my ability to get kimono hangers or other accessories.

Anyway... back to Tomomori research. And then to the gym.
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2009-02-21 01:29 am

Accomplishments for the day

-several sets of red bead and varioud ear-wire options obtained for earrings
-lining for Masaomi Jacket obtained (black swim lining)
-potential jacket trim obtained (still not sure)
-got sample buttons for Masaomi's jacket... (I'll need 36 total... that's 18 cards either way. ;_; )
-got the rest of the rust silk that I'll need for Shigehira's noshi
-got the gold poplin for Kiyomori's noshi. Still need to look into paint and a block-printing block

-vaccumed whole apartment (except sewing section)
-finished two additional loads of laundry (leaving only one small pile)
-RE-PACKED AND RE-ORGANIZED ALL STORED FABRIC! It is now neatly organized into 7 (?) neatly labeled boxes and I reduced the number of project-bags scattered around by A LOT.
-Three large bags of donations taken to Savers. Still lots more to sort through.

Sewing & Costume Stuff
-Masaomi's earrings completed (<3 I like them all right. I still want the 10 mm carnelian from FireMountain Gems really. Since it's a representative stone for the Leo starsign and also meant to sumbolize confidence and personal power. Also, crazily one site said that in magic it can be used "as a focus for past life work and for finding a "twin soul" or family".)
-assembled body of kimono and lining
-got out all extra fabric for Benkei's new cloak and obi

Also, we got [profile] starlit_dragon up to the end of Season 2 of Avatar.

Today I am grateful for: the wind, my awesome teal hoodie, my fabulous team at work, my now-working-again vacuum cleaner, and finding my old CDs and now having some Sweet Honey in the Rock on my iPod.

In the next day or two I'll probably have a lengthy rant about my taste in music and how it had developed over the past 8 years. Finding my CD case from high school and early college is a trip, as will ripping it to my iTunes library.
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2009-02-06 12:44 am

One more day

One more day and then I get a weekend.

Off topic: If I was rich and didn't have bills (or if I had a pretty boy buying me extravigant presents), I would want this. It is one of the loveliest rings I've ever seen. The white gold version is gorgeous too, but the yellow gold has sentimental value to me. This style is also gorgeous.

Detour is only 65 days away! What? I better get a move on here!
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2009-01-25 02:05 am

More progress of the Haruka variety

8 more flowers painted today. 4 of them have gold outlining now.
That's both sleeves and both front panels done, leaving me only the body. -.-;; Have been putting off the body since it is /huge/.
Still, they're looking pretty good.

Today we also:
-got fabric for Tomomori's Izayoiki pants
-got some swatches for Kiyomori and Shigehira.
-printed out some pictures at Walmart
-(I found out where Julie/Kairi works!)
-ordered frosted blonde wigs for Tomomori and Shigehira
-ordered boots for Tomomori from Life of the Party
-got experimental materials for Tomomori's armor
-watched the Maihitoyo stage play. (Actually quite good! Am very much looking forward to the new one!)

Now for sleepy times. My eyes are tired and my back is all tence again.
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2008-07-29 01:14 am
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That amazing song that we couldn't find anywhere?
"Once Again"? (listen here if you're curious)
It's only on the REGULAR edition of Dream 'A' Live.

Well excuse me for only spending $45 on the limited edition and not $75 on BOTH.
I'm vaguely upset now. :3

Note to self: still need to get back to [profile] goodbye_money about DL5 order.
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2008-07-15 10:10 pm
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Quite a while ago, I placed an order from [profile] goodbye_money. (The longer I deal with this the more ominous the community title sounds.
We're not going to go through the issues that occured with placing and paying for the order, we're just going to start where we are.

I'm having issues )

So the question is... do I keep asking her about it? I've tried to be nothing but polite so far (though I know my impatience has come through more than I'd like), but I don't even get responses half the time and her replies aren't saying much.
Do I start the Paypal dispute process? I mean, I think this is well past the point of the item/service 'Not arriving as described.'
I understand that she's having issues with Animate, but I'm not entirely willing to keep a significant portion of my money tied up in a venture with someone who doesn't appear too concerned with rectifying the situation.

Guh. For some reason it's on stressful days that I end up worrying about this stuff. Go figure.

EDIT! Thanks for the input (all two of you).
Ongoing updates. )

Yeah, she shouldn't run around buying new MP3 players and talking about reopening orders when I've only slept like three hours. I get vindictive when I'm tired and hungry.
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2008-06-28 10:20 pm

RenFest, Music and Shinies

I've been missing my iPod /hardcore/ for days. The worst part? It was /Aiba's/ Dream 'A' Live Solo song that I was craving. Though I'm not lying when I say that sitting down at my computer and hearing "Take Me Far Away" again after even a few days almost made me cry with relief and joy. See... I don't do well without my music. I've always known this, but I sometimes forget what a /huge/ difference it makes.

Unfortunately, today was.... expensive. I spent a lot more than I should have and am consequently not in a position to be purchasing a new iPod for a while at least.

Still, today was a glorious and beautiful day. Colorado didn't even rain on us, and the sun was pleasantly obscured by light cloud cover most of the day.

Today I obtained some very nice things. )

It was a bit of a religious day for me (RenFaire time tends to be for me) - with both the new thoughts of Aura/Illior and the older influences of wind and air. I'm looking forward to a more centered focused year... trying to /think/ about the flow of life rather than letting it drag me along.
Also made me want to get some things cleaned up and unpacked - specifically alter stuff. A few candles and having my jewelry and staff back from where ever they disappeared to would be /really/ nice. ^_^
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2008-06-22 12:36 pm


Today is a good day.

We finally found one, and it came home with me today.

(We're filling it with TeniPuri Miis until I get it together to choose what hairstyles to use for my boys. Like... will Leader's hair be black? Will it be blond? Should Aiba have his awful perm or no? *dilemma*)

Friend Code: 2808 0924 8075 3353
(Yes, our second two Miis /were/ Yagyuu and Niou and Yes the first set of numbers there /does/ amuse me. What
MarioKart (Jess): 0731-6139-3708
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2008-06-16 12:18 pm
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I'm going to post a lot today...

I can just tell. I need to stop posting and start sewing so that I can not annoyt the crap out of all of you.
First. I found this post where I mentioned really wanting this. And then went 'Yay! I got that at Fanime'
Also, Jess... there's more trouble for your full set than you thought.
A 'set' is not only:
But Also: Tomomori-Shirogane-Hakuryu**-and that other one

All are sold out and unavaliable from the producer. This may be a long quest. >.>

There was once a whole set of Hachiyo plus Suefumi from Mai-hito-yo as well. ^^;;
Haruka Plushie List?
(And I still want a Yuunoki plushie someday. If only they sold those at lame cons like NDK)
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2008-06-16 10:47 am
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Japan Directions - Animate + Mandarake

I told [personal profile] reposoir that I'd get her directions to Animate in Kyoto and Osaka... and I'll probably add some others on here for my own nostalgia.
(First! OMG Animate Hirakata-ten!? Why was this not there when I was at Gaidai? :3)

Animate Shop Listing

Ramblings and directions about 4 animates I know well... more to come? )

And pulling some older directions out of emails to friends...
Two Mandarake in Osaka - older directions )
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2008-06-12 11:01 pm

Random Fangirling...

1) Avatar Read more... )

2) "One Love" Read more... )
(I only used the icon I did because it vaguely relates to this. >.>)

3) Jun stuff.... Read more... )

4) AnS 87 Read more... )

5) Bad Maya, no monies. Read more... )
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2008-06-10 11:59 pm


Alec and Seregil are taking over my brain. I want plushies and artbooks and all sorts of things that don't exist for them. I also want to play Setra again.
This is during the time that anything at all can manage to distract me from Niou and Yagyuu, of course.

I want to finish Traitor's Moon, but I also need sleep.
The urge to order a signed copy of Shadows Return is killing me.

Anyway. Poinless post. I appologize.
Work and family update someday soon.
G'night all.