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I told [personal profile] reposoir that I'd get her directions to Animate in Kyoto and Osaka... and I'll probably add some others on here for my own nostalgia.
(First! OMG Animate Hirakata-ten!? Why was this not there when I was at Gaidai? :3)

Animate Shop Listing

There are actually /several/ Animates in Osaka proper... the largest being:
It's three floors and located in Osaka's 'Den Den Town'.
This should link to it's location on google maps.
I used to walk all the way from JR Namba Station to Den Den town, but the closes stop to it is actually the Namba stop on the subway Nankai (南海) Line.
The store is on the largest street in the DenDen Town area, and there's actually a Mandarake just down the street from it. I recall a K-Books too, but I never shopped there, so I can't be sure. Unfortunately, better directions than that are hard in Den Den Town. There aren't any large landmarks really, and having learned my route based on walking the entire underground Namba Walk to get there every week means that my ability to describe is limited. I know that there is a 'Den Den Town' exit from the subway station. I believe that it's exit #10. From there you cross a street toward a Mitsui Sumitomo bank, turn right when the street bends (straight takes you into a covered shopping district where there's an amazing Karaoke place and the largest Wendy's I ever say in Japan). You'll pass a Book-Off on your right and then you want to turn left at the next large street. That /should/ run you into the major street of DenDen Town (I remember a McDonald's near the corner) and turning right should walk you past first the Mandarake and then the Animate.

This branch is smaller, but also easier to find, as it's located very near JR Kyobashi Station (京橋駅).
大阪府大阪市都島区東野田町1-6-16 ワタヤ・コスモスビル2F
(Again, attempted google map here.)
To get to this Animate, you just need to leave the JR station through the main doors and head across the plaza toward the Keihan (京阪) half of the station. Go inside, but stay on the lower level and head out through one of the doors on the right side of the station. Turn left outside and follow the road that runs along side the building. Right about as you reach the end of the station building (there are a lot of banks and respectible looking businesses around, don't be alarmed), you'll want to cross the street and about a block later you'll see the 'Wataya Cosmos' building, I remember there being a sign outside that quietly proclaims the Animate hidden within. You can just head in and take the elevator up. Ignore the security guards, they can't hurt you. :3

There's only one Kyoto Animate. And no Mandarake.
Google Map?
What none of those maps really tell you is that it's inside the semi-covered shopping streets that make up the 'Shijo-Sanjo Mall'. I know there are busses that run to this area, but I only ever arrived there from the Keihan train stations. [We usually got off at the Sanjo station because there is a kick-ass two story book off on the corner where that station puts you above ground (Keihan runs underground through much of Kyoto and Osaka).] However, getting off at Shijo station is easier. You simply follow Shijo Street (四条通) across the river and on into town. There's plenty of good shopping to be done here, but keep your eyes out to the right (north) side of the street as you walk. Eventually you will see a high vaulted entrance to a covered shopping area. There are two main pedestrian-only streets that run for about a half-mile between Shijo street and Sanjo further north. You'll want to be on the first one of these streets, though crossing between them isn't hard and there's a gaming and dvd specialty store as well as a 'Gamerz' on the other side 'road' of the mall. Anyway, you'll want to walk quite a ways into the mall, keeping your eyes on the right side. The animate is up a set of stairs and somewhat tucked away. There are also a /lot/ of bookleg idol photo shops in this mall, and one of the largest is right next to the animate.
The store itself is one level, but they fit a lot in there and this was the one place that I found DL3 when it first came out. ^^
Getting there from Sanjo is much the same, walk into town on Sanjo-doori, crossing the river and eventually the road will dead-end but continue as a foot-trafic path. You'll need to turn left to get onto the road Animate is on and it will be on your left about a quarter mile later, after an open plaza with a fountain.
Next time I'm in Japan I'll take freaking pictures of all these places and make a descent guide. >.>

愛知県豊橋市花田町西宿無番地 カルミアB1F
If you're riding the Tokaido line between Osaka and Tokyo, you pass through a small-ish city called Toyohashi (豊橋). (mappy?) There's an animate there just outside the station (actually still in the same building as it, that's actually about the same size and Kyoto probably. They have a dedicated copic/deleter/art section though, which reduces a bit on the DVD/CD space.
Just head out the station gates and turn right into the station thouroghfare, you'll go down a set of steps and then see the ads for a shopping center on your right. It should list what floor the animate is on (I think it's B3). You have to take a narrow escalator down to get there, so if you have bulky luggage and a traveling companion I suggest going one and a time and leaving bags with the person up top. At any rate. This is seriously easy to find, and since it's in an outlying area it sometimes has things that more popular stores are sold out of. ^_^

And pulling some older directions out of emails to friends...

Mandarake - Umeda-ten (the big ghetto one ^_^)
This is /the/ Mandarake if you ask me. It's huge, fairly well organized, and not on the 6th layer of hell like Shibuya.
From Osaka-eki (there's a map here: )
From the station, there's a long covered walk that will take you to the covered mall where Mandarake is... but I don't remember that way at all.
The way I remember is to leave the station by turning left outside the ticket-stiles and getting to the area where there are overpasses and people playing music and stuff. Head down from there into the underground subway station and 'Whitey' mall. Take the... (north? west? - I think west) branch of the mall (which ever one heads toward the 'angel fountain' - you'll know you're going the right way if you pass the Haagen daas place on the left and a bakery/candy store on the right), and then exit back to ground level up the stairs past the fountain. You'll come up on a ghetto corner near a phone booth. Walk along that street past the Yoshinoya until you see a big blue dragon head in the wall of an alley to your left, turn down that alley, then turn right and walk along the covered mall... there will be lots of Karaoke places to your right and then eventually the mandarake on your left. Just past Mandarake is the Sega game center, so if you see that you're in the right place.
Just remember that mandarake doesn't open until like noon most days.

The smaller Mandarake is just down the street from the larger animate - both are in DenDen Town
TO get there, go to Namba-eki (center of the JR-Loop more or less) and take what's called the 'Namba Walk' after a while you'll end up in a subway station, and I think DenDen Town is Exit 10. Once you get above ground you turn right(?) and cross a massive intersection toward the SumiTomo bank. Turn left and follow that street as it curves around (you should pass a big covered mall and a book-off on the far side of the street - the book off is a decent one and in the covered mall (shinsaibashi) is a theatre, a wendy's and a freaking awesome Karaoke place). Anyway, that street will come to a smaller street, turn left... when you get to a major road with overpasses and stuff, turn right... the animate, mandarake and a couple of other video game stores are all on the right hand side of the street)
[NOTE: these directions are the same as the Nipponbashi Animate directions above... I'm just saving them for natsukashisa.]
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