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Since it now appears that it takes me the better part of a week to write a note/LJ post, here's the rundown of the time since I started trying to post this:

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And to try to get my brain back to working shape, I'm working on a translation:
(and since I know there are people on my F-list who do this /for a living/, I should note that criticism is very welcome, but I'm mostly just flying by the seat of my pants to try to get back into the habit and because the song really got to me. So this is rough and unfinished in the extreme with a lot of artistic license taken.
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Also: HAH! Watch my default LJ icon be appropriate for once!


May. 10th, 2009 02:12 pm
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Yesterday was made of pure unadulterated awesome. First there was karaoke with me, [profile] ladyofthegate, [profile] starlit_dragon, [profile] xrqz3728, [personal profile] baranoneko and newbie [personal profile] calhale. Dr. D (Chris) showed up right at the end of karaoke, but then there was dinner and Star Trek with [profile] mocny. In short I saw most of my favorite people in the whole world yesterday. Notably missing were [profile] ashitara (due to finals) and [profile] felessan, other Matt and [profile] laisha (due to out-of-state-ness) but overall, an awesome awesome day.

But today... today I can't stop thinking about a song.
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This is going to take me a /long/ time. And may be more than one post. But... here goes.
This post and any subsequent related posts will contain detailed spoilers for the various arcs of the "Ren'Ai Shindan" drama series.
Warnings for the series in general include: Boys' Love (gayness), Girls' Love (lesbians), Violence, Partial Nudity, Implied Sexual Situations, Implied Sibling Love, Character Death, Serious Illness, Mental Incapacitation and Un-subtle Symbolism.
Episodes 1-3, Tsubasa no Kakera )
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A detailed summary of Maoh 3.
I may keep doing these, I rather enjoy it.
I try to keep these focuses, but still they ramble )

Will inevitably add more to that when I get time to watch the episode again. Mmyep.
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Since Nikki asked for extra notes on lawyer and keijibabble if I understood it, I've taken extremely detailed plot notes over the course of the episode. This may be of interest to others watching it raw.
Summary for those who want more detail )
My flailing and randomness for those who enjoy such things )

Also... Iroh is not missing. Only because it is entirely impossible for me to have lost him already. Therefore he is apparently on vacation. I hope he comes back soon.
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Well, this is a bit nostalgic. I haven't translated in a long time, and I actually wanted to do Yagami's 'Hatsukoi' because of the related line in [profile] nympholepsia's SanaYuki fic. But I don't have lyrics. Then this song came on my iPod and I remembered that I've wanted to translate it forever. So here we are.
Translation notes at the bottom, as usual any con-crit is welcome.

Niji - Nino's Solo from Time )

Well, the song is pretty short simple, but maybe I haven't totally lost my Japanese after all. This translation was fast, and I'm sure I'll spend the whole day rephrasing it in my head.
I debated cross-posting this to [profile] mayachan and/or [profile] kazahana_shouka... but for the moment I'll leave it here. (Also, I apparently forgot the password to Kazahana_Shouka. >_<)
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Not only is there internet here, but I have obtained my copy of 40.5
Since there have been important details not posted, I feel compelled to spam.
Random Essentials from 40.5 )

Just notes on Hyoutei and Jousei for now. More later, I'm sure. This book is a fangirl's bible. Seriously. I'll never lack for RP details again. ^_^
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[Moving to this journal because inu_kai got it from someone else. XD]

I got Inui's albums "Special Disc" today (thanks to [personal profile] datenshi_blue, [profile] disutansu, and [profile] inu_kai).
So... since I'm oh so productive, I started outlining the slightly odd choose your own adventure-esque special disk for those without teh Japanese skills.
The translations are just in numerical order right now, tonight I'll make a webpage with links and stuff. ^_^
[3:45 PM MST] I have about 1/3 of tracks done. Will continue updating.

I tried to make these make sense as far as I could understand them. Anyone with better skills than I, please feel free to correct/nitpick the translations too.

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Image of the Day/Moment: Satan from Akuma na Eros - By Shinjo Mayu

But that wasn't the original point of this post. Oh no. This was about Olivie. Because he's wonderful, and I love him... so much. Under the cut is a translation of possibly the sweetest thing I've ever heard any man say...
Confession )
*sqees and cuddles her translation paper again* Love you! People don't like Olivie, they think he's wierd, they think he's gay, they think a lot of things... but transvestite or not, I love him. Now I just need a real one. ;_;

I've slept 7 hours in the last 52, so forgive me if that's a little incoherent. Now I'm off to study for... classes. I don't know which one.
Yeah, ok. So I'm off. *glomps Olivie again for good measure*

Current Bishounen: Olivie (Guardian of Dreams)


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