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In poking at my PS3 video stash, I decided (after two episodes of Maoh) to watch "Doukyuusei". If I thought "Taiikukan Baby" was depressing.... man was I not prepared for this. Both are very serious stories and very much better made than some of the BL movies I've seen. "Doukyuusei" isn't BL at all actually, but it's some of the same characters in two different versions of the same period of time... so, I feel like it was enough involved with "Taiikukan Baby" to count under the same production values.

-Yellow Upper body interfaced
-Yellow neck band on
-Channels made to attach to lining of the Yellow (will go on by hand)
-Tomomori neck fasteners made and put on

Is the con really only two days away? ;_; I'm doomed.

Anyway. Sleep for a few hours now. Then go get Jess from the sleep study place and then run some laundry and work more on Kiyomori until it's time to go in to work for truck. THEN come back and close. And make things look pretty for The Boss. I hope. Why do I agree to these things? Seriously!

Post NDK, I need a serious icon overhaul. My current collection is just not really conducive to my current interests and moods.


Aug. 29th, 2009 01:20 am
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I have a Japanese costume blog thing. Yez, that does make me a complete geek.
On Cosplay Archive
So far only a couple Saku and Kagetoki pics up and I'm still not done tagging them (read, don't know how to) but I'm working on it.

(Also, Tomomori and Masaomi ironically, one of the better pairs that I've seen. Oh to have such a tiny appropriately-shaped body to put my costumes on.)
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- Carpets cleaned (Jess was right, it took us two hours to clear the floor last nigh and them 10 minutes to clean it.
- imported recently-played lists into and got it to suck less!
- Too much sleep-apartment somewhat reassembled from carpet cleaning

- checked fan for Tomomori after painting last night... It's not perfect, but it's a start and it will pass if need be
- finished printing on body pieces and am now working on sleeves for the Noshi/Kariginu/thing
- have assigned other geniuses to figuring out wings
- chose BGM for walk on (first 50 seconds of the Haruka 4 opening is almost exactly the right length (45 secs) and has a proper tone and such. Also, sneaky former-Myu-boy pimping. :D
-started choosing potential songs for karaoke (probably not competition)

(Also, today I learned that slash fandom is older than me but not by very much. Granted, I wasn't into slash as soon as I was born, but still... it's always wierd to realize after the fact that you were actually there in the kindof early days of something. Lurking. And not contributing at all. Ah, my life.
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[[**EDIT: I need music suggestions for our walk on! Traditional robes, but two of us are warriors, so maybe something a bit battle-y? Anyone?**]]

NDK is in 22 days people! Are you panicking yet?
Time for lists. Of things to do before NDK and things I may NOT do.

Projects: Tomomori, Kiyomori, Etc. )

Only in my wildest fantasies will I possibly have time to work on him, and even if I did it wouldn't be up to my standards for competition.... anyway. >.>
すばらしきこのせかい(The World Ends With You)
Starting it doesn't mean you should keep playing it. Really. It can wait for con, you always need things to do in line and at night anyway.
Pokemon, Rock Band, Little Big Planet, 遙かなる時空の中で-夢浮橋-
Video games of any kind really? Not nearly as productive as you think they are. Get over it.
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I've been on a long break from LJ. Still reading and loving you all very much, but taking the time to post just hasn't happened.

Lots has happened in the last month. Tomomori got finished a couple weeks later than I'd planned (obi and all accessories are done though - except the necklace). I ended up gold-leafing the shirt with a technique that I saw in one of my quilting books. I looks amazing, but I'm not 100% sure that it will hold up to intensive wear. Anyway, since I'm already behind schedule, I've moved on to Kiyomori. Sunday night I got the body pieces for his outer robe cut out, and in the next day or two I'll be printing it. I carved a linoleum block with the design and tests with fabric paint look good to print it on the poplin.

I'm fiddling with the file format on the external a little to let the PS3 see all my files. It's really flipping awesome to go straight from the PS3 browser to my video files. This afternoon, I finally took a moment to start on Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru (First Half) )

Had to pause in the middle for new Recreation. Which was awesome.

And now it's another two days gone even since I tryped this. Work is crazy since inventory is next week and then the RVP visits the week after.
Anyway. Good night LJ.
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When we got back from dinner tonight, I realized that I..... could do whatever I wanted. So I went off on a new search for kariginu to actually see how the heck they work. One way or another, I found Bokunan.
Which... was not the most useful thing ever... but then I looked at the other things they had, including maeita and the imitation inner collars to line up your layers too. (Undergarments too!) It also looks like they do custom orders, leaving me hopeful as to my ability to get kimono hangers or other accessories.

Anyway... back to Tomomori research. And then to the gym.
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My job was too easy today.
Truck was done by 8 and fabric was almost entirely done by 2 pm. Seriously?
The district is made of crazy though. And Friday will be lame no matter what DTL does.

I spent the day thinking about Masaomi. I even made it out to the Mill and picked up some lining material for the bolero.
At home, [profile] ladyofthegate had decided to make herself crazy by thinking about Tomomori's armor again. We have some new thoughts and will be trying different techniques than expected. Of course, having been out by the Mill, I brought [profile] nonny_chan back with me and in a stroke of divine (or not so) inspiration, we decided that she would be a fabulous Kiyomori. So, after a lot of plotting and book examination, we went off to kinko's to make some additional reference copies and get a reference folder started for Kiyomori.
Even if he's not done for this year NDK, there's always the year that we have full armor for Tomomori and Masaomi. I think I can handle all three though. Especially is I succeed in my goal of getting Masaomi done by the end of February.
I could proceed to do some babbling about 夢浮橋 Special and Shigehira (I bought the PERFECT color and texture for his pants before there even /was/ a canon reference picture!) and Kiyomori and all the various things that my head is full of. But I'm really rather tired and still need to pack a bentou for tomorrow. So. Away from the internets I go.

Today's survival brought to you by "Higher and Higher, "Type wa D" and "Hip Pop Boogie".
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But /someone/ distracted me.

You know what, Masaomi?
You just keep being difficult.
Just keep it up and I'll give up on finding out what flower you ACTUALLY have on your damn kimono and you'll just end up with DAISIES! Or roses!
That'll serve you right.
So there.
Irritating jerk.

On the plus side, I did figure out how he wears the damn thing (it /is/ a kimono and not a noshi-type). *grumble*SlackerNotAProperHeike*grumble*

[Edit for Cosplayer Image Explosion: At least mine will not look like this.  May not be as cool as these though. I'm a little jealous of the armoring stuff on this one, but again... the kimono around his hips? Hello?
Also, for reference: Tomomori shirt?. And speaking of my favorite Taira general... I have brocade jealousy - especially this girl's. (I secretly think ours will come out beautifully, but I have to whine.) We are not the first to have had the Shigehira idea. Also, look! Another Saku!]

In conclusion, not enough people cosplay Masaomi. Fewer really get even /most/ of his details right. (This one's my favorite.Yet so many of them have better wigs than I do. ;_; You make me sad Japan.

NOW... sleep. >.> I am so never allowed on the internet again.
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That chin thing must be something.... like a backwards head-band made to hold his chin down.
Or perhaps to hold his wig on. Who knew he was balding prematurely.

... those cords around his neck in his izayoiki costume? Actually the cords of his katana sheaths, looped around his neck and under his arm to allow both to be drawn over the shoulder. he's strangling himself for his art (by which I mean his swords). So much of his behavior can be explained when you assume he suffering from constant oxygen deprivation.

Thank you to /everyone/ for the congratulations and compliments. I still can't really believe it, but apparently [profile] ladyofthegate has taken this as a challenge to outdo herself next time. XD

An actual con-review is coming soon. We're just a little slap-happy tonight.


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