Apr. 15th, 2010 03:09 am
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On the way home tonight, the Fuji/Oishi/Echizen version of "Birthday" came up on my iPod. Okiayu-san wasn't even singing, but for some reason, the song felt intensely emotional to me. It makes me physically ache for the high and sense of joy I used to get from TenniPuri. And it makes me almost angry (or maybe just disappointed) at the musicals and craziness that finally burned me out on it a bit. A lot of it was the recession as well, and it's one of the only things that I really feel as a loss in my life due to it... I stopped importing and owning the things that I loved and that made me happy, and therefore fell somewhat out of the swing of a fandom that had given me continuous enjoyment for ...six years now?
Anyway. Melancholy moment at three in the morning.

Costume progress updates on FaceBucket and on my AO Progress Tracker.

Happy Thursday, everyone.
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In the last couple of days, I've been blazing through dramas in my free time. So... some commentary is in order.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji 8-10 )

Atashinchi no Danshi 3 )

TeniMyu - Imperial Presence B/B Version )

Then today... in addition to lots and lots of Halo, I watched several eps of VS Arashi and Shukudai-kun. I really think VS (not 'versus' Aiba and Sho tell us, but vee-es) is the unsung hero of their variety shows. It just has a tension and energy that none of the other shows manage and you get to see a side of the boys that I really enjoy. Also, Nino is a tiny tiny little man and I adore him. The guest interactions are just different on VS, in a way that I enjoy. Also... Jun and Nino really get to show their strenths, which is awesome.

Tomorrow, more work. Wednesday, probably pogs and Thursday 2071. Guh, this week will be killer.


Apr. 29th, 2009 06:16 pm
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From what I'm hearing through the grapevines:

Second Niou (double cast) will be Wada Taisuke. blog
Second Yagyuu will be Onoda Ryuunosuke. blog/profile (Born in '91. ;_; He looks like a cross between Kame and Baba. And that's a little freaky. He has done a lot of musicals though, including the Saiyuki Myu. ^^)

New Yukimura will be Masuda Toshiki (not the scarily old guy with the same kanji) profile

No information exists on New!Yanagi. Even the Chinese blogs don't know who he is yet. He was in an instructional DVD for Country Line Dancing. In Japanese. Yeah, IDK either.

In searching for him though, I found a Chinese blog with the same info that [profile] dilettantka had found and shared. It's here: bein' cool.

New Jackal was in Taiikukan Baby.
New Bunta ... is ... um... on Ameba. That's about all. Blog here.

Now food. Then L Movie. Yays.
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So... this will be a very babble-ful con report, but feel free to read on if you want.
Nan Desu Kan 2008 )

Now we're home and actually considering certain costumes that I swore I'd never be involved with. Seriously. I mean it. I'm looking into friendly plastic and wonderflex and ... dear sweet lord, what have I started?
It's been a really really long time since I got home from a con still going 'OMG, I want to sew!' I want to sew NOW! And not curtains, which is my next project.

[Note to self - need appropriate Saitoh and Saitoh are SRS Business - icon.]
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[EDIT: I thought of it like fifteen times at work, but still forgot to post on the 11th to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] mocny!! I fail. :3 I hope you had a good birthday anyway!]

Jogged today to one of Shishido's mid-paced songs off "ZERO". 79% Hells yes.

Sucked at Agility as usual.
Down 3 pounds from last test and back on my downward streak!

Before now, my best Super HulaHoop (3 min) score ever was while listening to NEWS's "weeeeek".
Tonight I braved 6-minute. Amuro Namie's "Want Me, Want Me" for the first 3 minutes. (OMG SO DEAD!) and then "weeek" again for the left rotations. It was good. Very... just.... omg my thighs.

I am /bad/ at rhythm boxing. Almost as bad as I am at stepping thing.
I have all the Balance games unlocked now. And a shit-ton of Yoga poses and Strength exercises that I've never even done.

Also... am listening to DL5th soundtrack in an attempt to stave off my desire to watch all the episodes of Maoh in sequence while I finish Saku's neck band. /Sorely/ tempted.

Still no sign of work keys. This is a Very Bad Thing (TM). Where the bloody hell can they have gone!?

Am /not/ writing the drabble that I think I'm writing. Just not.
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So, despite having no intention of buying a lot of things in the near future, I feel the need to search for and list out all the things that I /want/ should my current bit of money succeed in burning a hole through my pocket.

-Best Actors 12 - KiteKiteKite! Even if I don't love Luke that much, I feel obligated.
-Best Actors 11 - I'm not fond of Dai-chan... but he /can/ sing.
-The Higa album - Remember that feeling of obligation to my noble school of purple pirates? Yeah... >.>
-Sanada & Tezuka Single!? - I have no idea how to feel about this, but if it involves Okiayu-san, I may end up getting it anyway.
-New Akaya Single! - I don't know that I'll buy it, but I'm excited anyway. Morikubo-san has such a good voice. ^^
-DL5 Soundtrack - The fact that it releases on the same day as Higa's album has nothing to do with my desire to put in an advance order for the both of them. Really.
-Yoru no Chirarizumu Vol.4 - There are CDS! And Okiayu is a guest on this one... >.>
-Kurenai no Tsuki Vocal Collection - ;_; I want. I want a Neoroma CD for the first time in a /long/ time... but I really shouldn't buy it.

Also! Anyone in the FC area need stuff from CDJapan? I'm ordering 100-Song Marathon and i'd love to split shipping with someone.... [profile] ashitara? any further thoughts about the Time con?
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I am not watching the whole Myu tonight.
I'm just.... commenting... a little. On the bits that I'm watching.
It's rather later, so this probably won't make much sense )
Right. So I actually did watch the whole thing. And now I'm sleeping. Really.
I'm starting the file splitting tonight so I can start uploads tomorrow because I assume [profile] higa_chuu would still like direct downloads rather than the torrent that went up.
Still want my very own DVD. >.>
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In trying to keep background noise up while sewing, I was poking at YouTube.
First: Kichiku Magane: Yagyuu Version I am so entertained.
Second: So... what was that you said about 'Vikings'? HigaMyu clip It burns... no really... I think I'm with [Bad username or unknown identity: giving ground] when she said it killed her. ALSO, Kite and Rin with SWORDS! What!?

Anyway... I think a concert or Myu on the TV would be more conducive to sewing, so I'm going back to that now. Really.
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Tonight was the best night of my month so far.
We woke up early and went to clean Jess's parent's house because tonight we hosted a party.
A Rikkai 2nd party.
With an S-Video cable for perfect picture on the 52" plasma TV. and surround sound.
I think Jess's parents weren't too pleased with us since the party ran well past the time they got back from dinner, but hopefully they'll forgive us.
Thank you /all/ for coming! It was awesome.
The trip home (and the post-myu wind down) involved a lot of fun discussion of the myu and the characters.

And then, what more appropriate for my wind-down than a (very long) Rikkai Meme? [unfinished]
Read more... )
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Well... that was Rikkai Second.

/Long/ Review Babble Here )

Some day soon I'm have to cope with the loss of the 三代目 cast. The End of Tennis Take 4? I think not. With HigaMyu already in rehersals and all my favorite boys (read: Doori, Ba-chon, NakaMasa) on my flist, I'm not really worried. I just hope they get back to some better planning and organization.

For the moment:
"I'll have to assassinate him to prevent further character assassination."
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Right now. Right at this moment. I am the happiest person alive.
No, really.

In an hour, when I'm watching Rikkai Second and maybe eating some food. I'll be even better.

[profile] ashitara, you are my hero. I mean it. And I love the omiyage. I'll put it up next to my sewing area where my Myu photosets are pinned to the wall. Thank you. <3
See why under the cut )


Nov. 11th, 2007 11:54 pm
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There will be a rant about the Rikkai Second soundtrack here soon. I love it. I love it lots.
[ETA: Here it is )]

But... this post... this post is because... remember when I posted I win?

I..... I /did/.
>.> <.< o.o O.O

Oh my.

*scampers off to pre-reg*
Anyone else going to Fanime in 2008?
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1) I has a new Favorite Myu Boy. Hes a pretty smirky boy. He has a cat. He's a Cancer, but I don't hold that against him. :P

2) I has a new favorite song of the week: "Oh Yeah!". I listened to it... about 15 times yesterday and several today. The video isn't actually for the song, it's a compilation of slips from the Taipei concert, but the timing is good enough that it looks pretty good most of the time. (There's a real fancam of the song here, but the sound isn't as good, duh. I just played it in sync with the same fan cam in better quality that I downloaded.... and two windows... dancing... I forgot what I was saying...)
Though today I also listened to "Taiyou no Sekai" a lot. And "Song for Me" (Riida~ &hearts). Last night I had "Fight Song" stuck in my head too. You know they wrote the lyrics and Nino wrote the music to that? So awesome. Yes indeed.

3) I has a shiny new copy of SIP volume 19. That's what I'll be doing the rest of the night thank you. After I work on Hyoutei for a while. And probably watch "Buku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru"... or maybe the last couple eps of Yamada Tarou.

4) I want to rant about Dramas... so look for that forthcoming. I'm up through 5 of Jotei now. ANd 7 of Yamada Tarou. Love love love.
I think I'll be starting 'M no Higeki' for quality and 'Biyou Shounen Celebrity' for fun. ^_^

5) Someday I will post pictures of my sewing corner (And my current projects)... the walls are all covered with inspirational materials (read: posters) and I love it so much.

6) I has a Halloween Meme! Damien ate the first one, which was funnier... but this is ok too.
Hidden Here )
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Nikki, this means you.

There are potentially Rikkai ~Second Service~ Tickets avaliable through pre-reserve on Pia.
Should I try to get you one?
Should I just sign up to try to get /some/ tickets no matter what?
Would you try to brave a trip to Osaka on one of your first weekends in Japan?

Anyone else on my flist who is in Japan... should I try to get tickets? I don't know what the odds of getting them in lottery for pre-reserve is... but it's gotta be at least as good as calling on the first day. Which shows or days?

Show Dates are as follows:
Kantou(Tokyo) - 8/2-8/15
Kansai(Osaka) - 8/18-8/25
Shikoku(Kagawa) - 8/28-8/29
Fukuoka - 9/1-9/2
Chuubu(Gifu) - 9/7-9/9

Advice, suggestions and requests welcome.
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"featuring" is not, in fact, pronounced "future-ing".
Futuring is not, in fact, a word. /If/ it were, it would apply to the act of putting something into the future. While this was appropriate for RokkakuMyu (which showed at least one Hyoutei scene several volumes out of order)... it was /really/ not appropriate for YamabukiMyu, which only had flash backs to St. Rudolph and thus was not futuring anything.
You seemed to have repaired this error during RikkaiMyu ~First Service. Please continue to keep in mind this important issue.
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So there was work. And now I'm back. And now there will be more DD-Boys rantage. So there.
I will rant about work and the goodness and the badness at another time, or maybe at the end of this, but at the moment, I desire pretty.

starting with a backtrack to episode 4... )
I want to go to the D-Boys live now. So bad. But this hopefully also means that they'll release a dvd.
Anyway... mm... yeah. The PS2 froze a while back and [profile] ladyofthegate gave up dating Tsukimori in favor of Sanada. So I'm off to be amused by Rikkai.
Ja ne~!
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Back from NDK. Leaving for work in 2 minutes.

There will be more, this weekend was so full of... everything. I think overall it went much better than either of my last two conventions. It was definitely cheaper.

My big thanks of the weekend go to [profile] ladyofthegate for putting up with me and keeping me organized and in one piece the whole time (and for one of the best presents ever). And to [profile] japanshin for always having a rendom happy moment to distract me with.
Also, to the TeniMyu girls who recognized us on Friday night. There is nothing more gratifying then fangirls. ^^
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Ganked from [profile] ladyofthegate who ganked it from [personal profile] illogical-sama...
This is a bit filthy but /oh/ so entertaining.
TeniMyu X-Mas meme )

Work, Damien and costumes are my whole mind tonight. Mmyep.
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My world is filled with Keigo love.
After work I got to settle in and finally watch The Imperial Match: Hyoutei Gakuen. [profile] ladyofthegate watched with me, and seemed pleased with it on the whole - which makes me very happy. We share many of our opinions on the new cast.
I'll have more notes later, I'm sure.
For the moment... )

Now I'm listening to Kazuki's Best Actor album.
Again, read of ignore as you will... )

Current Bishounen: Atobe Keigo and Oshitari Yuushi
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So yes, at long last I am taking some time this morning to watch BukiMyu.
(The experience was enhanced by noises of Tennis from outside my window down in the park.)

Part the first - in which Seigaku runs, Akutsu is a badass, and there is FUJI )

And yes, I slept and slept... and still woke up at 9:30. So I got a reward, and now there's time to go do all my stuff today!


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