SPN 8x02

Oct. 20th, 2012 11:16 pm
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God, I can't even.
I caught up about two days before the Season 8 premiere, so now I'm watching week-to-week on Hulu like a real fan. ^_^

So, Episode 2. I am so in love with Kevin's mom, and Dean's purgatory flashbacks are breaking my heart.

Moose, Moose, Moose. And Squirrel. Fuck, he's calling them Rocky and Bullwinkle. God, Crowley. Why do I love you while I hate you?

Did they just sell fucking MJOLNIR???

Not only did they sell Mjolnir, but Sam was able to lift it. Which warms the cockles of my heart. Dear thing.
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Just finished and... whew. Wow.
My heart stopped when the thing with Cas happened. You know the one. For some reason, the whole Lucifer getting bitchy over messing with Michael didn't work for me, but maybe it was a thing for someone else.
And were they implying what I think they were implying about Chuck? Because /wow/ that would be crazy. Then again, they are called the Winchester Gospels. But still.

I don't even have words yet.
I did, but then Sam was there, and HOW can Sam be there.

It's a stunning ending actually, it could have finished the whole show. Tragically, but well... but there's more. Two, soon to be three years more... and I don't know how to feel about that.

And I am going on tonight. Becuase that's what I do. But... just from the first two minutes of 6x01... god, I want this for Dean. I know he is in pain, but he's living. He is strong enough to do this. Sam never was, but Dean is and... I want him to have this life. So badly.
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Ok, fine, you win. I'm on board.

5x08 - the craziest crazy ever to crazy, but I feel like Jensen and Jared must have had so much fun filming the fake tv intro that it's totally worth it. ^_^

I am pretty sure that this is exactly what Grey's Anatomy was like when I was watching it. With the soulful music, and the random violence and emergency surgeries. Only Jensen is hotter than any of the Grey's doctors. (And they're mocking Denny, who was played by the same actor as John fucking Winchester.) Nah, I would rather watch Dr. Sexy, M.D.
The Japanese gameshow... I could totally have won. Just sayin'.
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So... Season 5. For some reason wasn't working for me. Maybe too much Sam angst, maybe too much Angels & Demons bullshit. And then somehow, episodes three and four brought it back for me. Read more... )

Rewatching WC S3 with my brother. I love love love Peter's team, and I love Neal with Sarah. I am terrified to see the end of the season, since I know stuff is gonna go down that involves El and... *flails* I ship the OT3 so hard, I can't even explain it to you. El making them stop on the way to a sting to take a 'prom picture', Neal and Peter staging a fight at the fake racing club, Neil and Sarah pulling a Wally Burns on the Diana and her super-hot girlfriend. I love this show. So much.
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You are stunning. Never change.
Cut for Spoilers... )

Coming next.... rants about Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes... because I am equal opportunity in watching cartoons aimed at twelve-year-olds. XD


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