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So. Fuck. It's 4 AM and since I'm clearly not sleeping, here's where the ranting about why I'm not sleeping goes.
1) Dishes. I am hungry. But when I cook, I wash my dishes immediately. this is currently not possible because the sink is full of the dishes and J and R used to eat the last batch of food I cooked. I only got one serving, and then when I went to take leftovers to work, all the rice had been eaten. Then after today when I would have made more rice, the rest of the hayashi was gone too. Which is fine, I guess, except that I'm the one who dropped $100 the last time we went shopping, and $25 the time before that, and $80 last month, but I digress. The hunger is not really why I'm not sleeping, that's just the excuse.
The real reason is:
2) World Cosplay Summit qualifying rounds for 2013 are being announced... and NDK2012 is hosting one of them. Babbling and Depression Ensues )

This is all coming out because I had to spend all my money on car insurance this morning and so can't actually go to SakuraCon even though I requested the weekend off. So now I have four days when I'd love to be relaxing or sewing or anything, and instead I have a room with no work space, and lots of time to stare at it.
I own so many things and so few of them are important at all... but I still can't let go. I feel incredibly isolated and despondent in my own house, and I just don't know what to do anymore.
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We've been living in the new apartment - the one that will live forever as 221. Seriously. It's #221, and there are three rooms, with mine in the middle, so I officially live in 221B. Because I say so.

1) Have new kitchen table and day off tomorrow, have also been turned into zombie by 19 hours awake and was useless all afternoon.
2) Have been reading fic again.
2b) Lorem Ipsum may be the best thing I've found in fandom in a long while. It absolutely made my week. There is so much to love about it. Also - Marie has art for it! Lots of art! AND there's podfic for two bits. AND AND she has blanket permission to podfic or remix the series!
2c) If well-handled kink/DS/S&M are [personal profile] calhale's thing... then I've remembered that MMF OT3s are absolutely mine. Dear sweet fuck, Lorem Ipsum had... everything. And it is amazing. I need to go find our Masako threesomes or something maybe.
3) Get to start adding music to Minds Like Ours. Which is back from beta-listener with no terrible edits. ^_^
4) Listening to the Sherlock soundtracks and to as many of Caitlin's brilliant songs as I can get hold of makes me a little giddy.

Unrelated art: this and this are the sweetest things I've ever seen.
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This morning I slept... about fifteen hours, I think. It was madness. I was still tired.
I want to rant about the Middle School episode of This American Life.
I also want to rant about Sherlock 1+2 which we just rewateched tonight. But I really need to go to sleep first, and get to the doctor and the post office tomorrow. So much for writing a lot. Boo.

More tomorrow, I hope.
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Damn you Project Runway.

Now I really really want one of these someday.


Also, Only 45 minutes left until work! I <3 me some coffee, yes I do.

PS - HOUSE. Oh how I missed you.
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I ran out of fabric paint two hours ago, and I could have gone to sleep once I cleaned up my mess... but since I'm trying to shift my sleep to make me not insanely exhausted for inventory on friday, I seem to have some spare internet time on my hands. So today... have some random notes about.... the Taira!

Rambling. Some historically acurate and some not. )


Apr. 16th, 2009 12:49 am
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Today was a good day at work, all things considered. Got a lot done, and we're ahead for the week. Once home, I was ridiculously irresponsible and went out and bought a new iPod after dinner. I'm not sure what inspired me to decide that today was the day to do this... but... it's done now. He's a 16-gig purple 4th-gen Nano and his name is Eishirou. Yes. What?

I did have a fit of guilt when I got home. Iroh has been good to me. I thought about getting him for a long time, and I hadn't really out-grown him yet... though I was getting there. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the 4th-gen design either. It's pretty, but I really liked the compact-ness of the 3rd-gen. I also liked the flat screen and it's ability to have a silicon case and a plexiglass screen-cover. Meh.

Anyway, after getting Eishirou loaded up with songs and things, we headed out to the gym. (It'd been too many days without going again. >.>) And he got his first test... It took me a little while to pick a song to start my warm up and I wasn't totally happy with those two, but the rest of the songs that came up on shuffle? Well... it was a pretty awesome set:

Within my 'On-The-Go Exercise' Playlist )

And now... either some dramas or some sleep, I'm still not entirely decided. I'm off tomorrow and monday, but work the weekend. Which means that I'm free for the weekend of the Midsummer's Revival! Yay!
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[Edits at 3 am]
It's past midnight, and I'm maybe about to start packing for the con.
That includes double-checking all my costumes to make sure I have all my ties/tabi/accessories/wigs/など and making certain that I have all the necessary paperwork/computers/cables/hardware packed. [DONE - except the Benkei issue in next entry.]
Oh, and making sure I can fit everything in my luggage. -> See Benkei issue
And that I can move my luggage efficiently. And not forget the Karaoke shirts.
And that I have at least /some/ regular clothes for tomorrow, Friday (public transportation in cosplay not probably a good idea), and Monday. Though I guess that between my Taipei shirt, my Karaoke shirt and my black PJs, that covers comfortable shirts that don't look crazy.
[Normal clothes and supplies check.]

I also need to pack my reference scrapbooks]CHECK] (and maybe get a new one for Saku so that she's not in with Kagetoki). AND I need to put together an emergency sewing kit with the basics (needles, thread for all costumes, lint roller, extra snaps and paint for Masaomi. Safety pins for all kimono costumes. MY IRON. And decide what I'm doing about weaponry. I'm thinking no this year. Benkei is easier without it (especially having not remade his cloak yet) and the sword I have for Masaomi is just... not ok until I get a chance to mod it some. Also... Shimon wig? I need to find it or bring curlers and hairspray... or he's not coming. [All found and packed whoo.]

There's always Yuushi and/or Syuusuke to decide on as well. Without the design improvements that I want to make to both, its hard to be sure how I feel about bringing them, especially for a 2.5-day con with major staff commitments. On the other hand... they are much more comfortable for staffing if need-be. Meh. Yuushi's probably coming along either way, he's easy. To pack I mean. And wear. [>.> Yuushi has left me. I reject Syuusuke on principal.]

I'm pretty sure Saku will be competing this year. She has new fully-lined open sleeves on her turquoise layer (I got almost-perfectly-matched silk thread at the Mill without even meaning to) and has lovely weapons (fans) which Masaomi does not have. He'll get his time to shine at NDK, fear not.

On an unrelated note: Everyone has the AAA2008 DVD. I WANT IT SOOO BADLY. I can't even tell you. And I didn't even know it was coming out. That's how lame I am, children. So lame.
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Just got back from the gym. I did a full 28 minutes on the eliptical tonight. I started the Taipei concert at "Himitsu" and made it all the way through "Blue". The pace of the concert is great to keep you going and the timing is right that I kept wanting to push on through one more song.
So this rant is mingled babble about music and working out. )

Tomorrow I want to turn on the wiifit and log a fitness test, but before that I'm thinking bed and sleepies. Yay.

There's this jacket on my couch. >.> I need thread to match the binding. Must get done tomorrow. Pants too.
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I slept /way/ longer than planned today. Then finally dragged myself over to my moms house, where I spent the day with my sister setting up my Yudu. Made three shirts off my first screen (I kept it so I can make more though). IT IS SO AWESOME. I love the whole process, it was so much fun and really really neat. While waiting for the screen to dry I tried to help with algebra homework. It's hard. Man, I felt dumb.

Got home, ate Tiger Lily, got [profile] starlit_dragon and dropped off a shirt with [profile] ashitara, watched some Avatar while I worked on Masaomi's jacket, then took [profile] starlit_dragon home and went to the gym.

I actually really like running. My shins do not. I'm going to have to work to rectify this situation. Dancing, however, we all agree on and is lots of fun. Weights too.

I have two t-shirt design ideas on my plate now. Both of which I might actually use on things other than apparel if they come out well.

I am finally feeling tired now. Will try to sleep.
Stupid open-overnight-open-late night schedule. I want my boss back.

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I'm... tense.
I think that's the right word. I feel like I can't stop thinking, even though I'm exhausted and don't want to think about things at all.

I need to stop looking at stuff about tours/concerts/appearances/performances by my idols. It makes me feel... lonely. Small. Needy. Like... what am I doing wrong in my life that I can't plan like these other people can and get out there to see things. I just... it's been so long since I've been in Japan. And it's hard sometimes. Knowing that if I was braver or a stronger person, with more self-control, I could be there doing these things. I could be seeing these things live, really, and not just sitting here trying to live vicariously.

At the same time, I know I should be incredibly grateful for what I have, which is so much more freedom and shininess than a lot of people get. I AM greatful. I know that I'm lucky. I'm just... having one of those days.

And I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for the first time in like... two years. Starting with blood work. I still hate needles, and I'm not all that fond of doctors and I really really don't want to be told all the things that I already know are wrong with my body and lifestyle.

[Edit: "Beautiful Days" is making me cry. Damn hormones and lack of sleep.]
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Slept too much this morning. But it was "Rewind Forward" that actually made me late for work.
Damnit. Don't wanna go.
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I slept 14 hours this morning... until almost 3 pm.
I spent most of the day after that lazing about reading fic.
Except for the part where I kept working on Masaomi's wig.. only to then find out that it doesn't fit me. >.> It has Shimon-syndrome (meaning too small of a distance across the top of the head). Luckily, I think I can continue using bits of the Rod and make it work... I hope. Sewing wefts into wigs is possibly one of the most annoying things I've ever done for a costume. It looks great though. Assuming it fits my head someday.

I also took a Harry Potter house quiz. I rather liked it and feel content with the results.
Read more... )

Also, on an unrelated note, I stumbled upon this blog entry, featuring The most beautiful Hiiragi EVER. Guh. Don't want to cosplay 4 yet, I haven't done everyone in 3 yet. >.>
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But /someone/ distracted me.

You know what, Masaomi?
You just keep being difficult.
Just keep it up and I'll give up on finding out what flower you ACTUALLY have on your damn kimono and you'll just end up with DAISIES! Or roses!
That'll serve you right.
So there.
Irritating jerk.

On the plus side, I did figure out how he wears the damn thing (it /is/ a kimono and not a noshi-type). *grumble*SlackerNotAProperHeike*grumble*

[Edit for Cosplayer Image Explosion: At least mine will not look like this.  May not be as cool as these though. I'm a little jealous of the armoring stuff on this one, but again... the kimono around his hips? Hello?
Also, for reference: Tomomori shirt?. And speaking of my favorite Taira general... I have brocade jealousy - especially this girl's. (I secretly think ours will come out beautifully, but I have to whine.) We are not the first to have had the Shigehira idea. Also, look! Another Saku!]

In conclusion, not enough people cosplay Masaomi. Fewer really get even /most/ of his details right. (This one's my favorite.Yet so many of them have better wigs than I do. ;_; You make me sad Japan.

NOW... sleep. >.> I am so never allowed on the internet again.
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I kept putting off a new years post and now all you get is one full of memes.

I love this man. And am so sad that the stupid fangirls had to ruin the whole commenting thing for all of us. New Years was exactly the sort of day when I really really wanted to leave a comment for him.

And then the promised memes. One I stole from [profile] dilettantka...
Fandome Meme )

Also, the real life-y one I ganked from [profile] xrqz2493.
Read more... )

Am rather worried about the whole 'half of LJ staff fired' business. Sad times for all.


Nov. 26th, 2008 11:13 am
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Got the best 8 hours of sleep ever this morning... on the couch. I really need to make it to my bed before passing out.

T-2 hours until I head in to work to prep for Black Friday. (Only two of us are in at 4 am on Friday, so prep needs to be done tonight.)
I will be away from internets and (hopefully) television for the next couple of days because I really need to be sewing when not at work. If you're in retail, good luck. It's all downhill from here.

[profile] nympholepsia linked to this story and [profile] summer_queen shared more info. I'm more than a little worried and upset. It's been an open case for two years. And I haven't heard about it at all. Granted, he was in Iowa and I'm pretty sure Denver hasn't been searching my packages from Japan. But seriously? *shivers to think*

Anyway, lining, 'petals' for moth, and then work. Yep.


Nov. 13th, 2008 03:20 am
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This post will be filled with random Music-babble, mostly for my own amusement.
Tonight before starting laundry I embarked on a massive overhauling of my iPod collection. By which I really mean that I made a new playlist for the first time in 4 months.
And thus the 'Overdrive' playlist was born... )

Now to bed, I wasn't planning to stay up this late at all and am now more than braindead.
EDIT - Apparently so braindead that I forgot how to code LJ-cuts. Wow. -.-;
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Overslept not only my alarm (which appears to have never gone off) but also work itself, by two hours. I'm now closing instead of Mid-shift and I feel really stupid.

Checked my Flist quickly to find a very eloquent and passionate post from [profile] pixxers relating to Prop 8 and it's passage in CA last week. There's an awesome video clip from MSNBC as well.

Finished Cables last night, am still basking in the glow a little, will be commenting late when I can cohesively frame my thoughts.

Also, AWESOME POST with a subtitled Japanese TV show clip where a random male video Game reporter reports on NeoRomance and then plays Trois. :P

Anyway, work now, where I will have far too few hours in which to play with fleece and flannel. ;_;
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I. Put your iTunes/Ruckus/Napster/etc on shuffle.
II. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Pure White Oath )

I so have to be at work in 6 hours. >.> I suck at this game.


Oct. 22nd, 2008 08:48 am
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Worked 19 hours on the overnight.
I know, I'm scared too.
Took a long hot shower and am now planning to curl up with breakfast and my 200+ page printed copy of Cables and see how far I get before I fall asleep.
I may also play some Avatar. We'll see how long my brain stays focused.

The relative sanity of this post is brought to you by Iroh (the iPod) and Arashi.
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I think I've worked about 45 hours so far this week... and I still have my saturday shift left to go. Ah... the holiday season in retail. At least I got to sleep in yesterday and today. ^_^

Spending a lot of time playing Pokemon lately.

In other news, I'm having Arashi Issues )

Also, I epic fail at housework and productivity. ;_;


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