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Some of the bits I've been inspired to write (and may record) from the prompts at Podfidic.

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First to the asshole Bahamut-worshiping Paladin who really really didn't like having someone with undetectable alignment in the party.

You may not even read this letter, but I hope that you will. I do not wish to broach this subject aloud because I often find that I can be much more eloquent in writing than in words. I have walked many roads in my life, and animosity from one man is far from enough to unnerve me but in this case I find your untoward hatred of me to be disruptive to the group and to our goals.
Yes, our goals, since you may have noted that I show no interest in derailing the mission. These people are my friends, my family even, and that which endangers them is my goal, in so much as I can, to prevent. In this case, the animosity between us, invigorating to my wit though it may be, is not safe or productive.
I do not know what I have done to so deeply offend your morality that you can not even stomach speaking civilly to me, and certainly our first meeting was not the most opportune moment for myself but I am willing to apologize for my conduct and to attempt to rectify it in so far as I am able.
Awaiting your reply in person or in writing,
Setra Katina Lynn

A second private entry forthcoming. These were both found on un-dated note pages, probably from late 2001.


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