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Something about this show. Something about this season.

I have never before wanted to punch a finalist in the face as badly as I want to punch Candice... and I have never cared so much about a pair winning as I do about Maks and Meryl winning. I know it's likely going to be Derek again, because Amy's story is so strong. She is so amazing and I am totally okay if she wins, but I have an admitted Chmerkovskiy problem.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about dancing, and how I really want to learn to do it. Seeing the bit of dance that Cal and I did in our AO skit on the playback, and knowing that my form should have been better, that I /know/ better, just makes me want to train my body to do that.

Anyway. I got to finish the season this morning, and my feels were justified. And there was a lot of Val in the finale too, dancing in various group numbers. I'm so proud of Maks, and I now want to go find RPF, which is rare for me, but again... Chmerkovskiy brothers and their sexy sexy partners.

Ignore me, I'll be over here.
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In picking Doctor Who back up (like 6 months after I watched "Let's Kill Hitler") it was really hard - as it always is - to readjust to Matt Smith. It didn't help that while "Night Terrors" was a Mark Gatiss episode, and super creepy, it wasn't the best for Eleven and the Ponds.
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In short: Ok, Mr. Moffat, it took you two years, but you may perhaps have won me over. Perhaps.
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I totally fell down on the job in my story reviews, so here's to getting started back on the right track.
A Study in Scarlet (STUD) was the first story I even heard, and The Musgrave Ritual I listened to first back in early February. My initial run through of the canon was a bit sketchy and this was one of the stories that got passed by or only listened to while I was distracted/working/sleeping. Also tacked on to this post are a couple of stories that I re-read and re-listened to in the past day or two while working/driving/etc.


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We've been living in the new apartment - the one that will live forever as 221. Seriously. It's #221, and there are three rooms, with mine in the middle, so I officially live in 221B. Because I say so.

1) Have new kitchen table and day off tomorrow, have also been turned into zombie by 19 hours awake and was useless all afternoon.
2) Have been reading fic again.
2b) Lorem Ipsum may be the best thing I've found in fandom in a long while. It absolutely made my week. There is so much to love about it. Also - Marie has art for it! Lots of art! AND there's podfic for two bits. AND AND she has blanket permission to podfic or remix the series!
2c) If well-handled kink/DS/S&M are [personal profile] calhale's thing... then I've remembered that MMF OT3s are absolutely mine. Dear sweet fuck, Lorem Ipsum had... everything. And it is amazing. I need to go find our Masako threesomes or something maybe.
3) Get to start adding music to Minds Like Ours. Which is back from beta-listener with no terrible edits. ^_^
4) Listening to the Sherlock soundtracks and to as many of Caitlin's brilliant songs as I can get hold of makes me a little giddy.

Unrelated art: this and this are the sweetest things I've ever seen.
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I watched "A Scandal in Belgravia" again last night.
1) I had forgotten what a profoundly wonderful episode it is, and what it feels like when an episode is so very very Sherlock-centric. Even Reichenbach had very strong John Watson point-of-view. Belgravia is really all Sherlock all the time... with John reacting rather than acting.
2) I now want slightly bondagey Irene/Sherlock after /he/ is "dead" too... hiding in Europe from the remainder of Moriarty's gang. He's seen that John and the others are safe and he's left London (as canon Holmes did) to protect them all. And he's wandering Europe, doing what he can to scrape by. She has already had many more months to settle into a life of sorts, and the power imbalance of her being settled and probably still wealthy while he is now little better than a vagrant (albeit one with the mind of a god).
[ETA - I did find this one. Which is set right at the end of Belgravia, and is pretty good. It gets a tone and an image across that I like, though I now have a powerful desire to remix is a bit. >.>]

Anyway. What a productive weekend I'm having. Not. We did move all the major bits of our lives on friday, and had a great night at Karaoke last night for Neko's birthday, but unpacking and whittling down the fabric collection are both going very slowly.
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So, in listening to the Baker Street Babes podcast,hearing about Charlotte Walters's blogging project, and considering joining my local branch of the Baker Street Irregulars (The Sound of the Baskervilles, SOBs for short. XD)... I'm really thinking a lot about the original ACD canon and wanting to study and think about it more.
Since I've downloaded a clean set of the audio books and have all the pieces of stories I could never listen to all of before, and some of the stories I've heard over again now and love much more now. Also, I'm interested in experimenting with the chronology, to see how the stories flow as the events happened rather than as they were written.
So, I'm going to start posting reviews of the stories. I'll cut it all, but there may be spoilers... (if there is such a thing as spoilers for stories over a century old).

Anyway, this is my plan. If I do a little more than one story a week then I'll be done within the year. I'll probably get through it faster, but let's call 2012 the Year of Sherlock Holmes and I can commit to that for sure. ^__^

Starting with the Gloria Scott tomorrow.
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Well, after a scary jaunt over to the SOPA/PIPA page to send a composed angry letter to my representatives, I'm here to actually post something. About Sherlock of course, what else is there in my life these days?

This is a bit long, but I can't find a good place to cut it, so forgive me and skip it if you like.

This post about Irene Adler in Sherlock is really eloquent and lovely. I wasn't involved in any of the apparent fandom debacle going down over her character and such, and I actually thought she was amazing. So yeah... if you're angry about it, consider reading this.

Secondly, I found the Baker Street Babes podcast and listened to one episode yesterday. They are brilliant, amazing, and everything I want in a Podcast. I wish I could have these conversations in my house. And I wish something like this existed for every fandom.

Thirdly, from another link that Carol sent me, I found the Sherlock Wear list. Where I can learn just how terribly expensive all the details that I love about the show really are. Mycroft's $400 umbrella for one, though I'm sure the BBC gets it at a discounted rate. XD

Last night, Cally and I went out to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. She'd not seen it yet, and I am always game for more Holmes exposure these days. It was quite as lovely the second time around. I still quite like Sim, and adore the rather suggestive bits on various trains, in camps, at dances, etc. Mary stood out to me even more this time. She's a great character, and I'm glad to see that they let her take action and be involved in the resolution of the story.

I finished Black Books tonight, and started up Stephen Fry in America. I'm noting this mostly because there was a lovely quote from a Harvard professor in Episode 1 about how very much America likes to have things simple. Even when the more complex answer is clearly correct, most American's would rather have a simple one. It's a sentiment that I've been trying to articulate and understand for a great many years, probably since about 8th grade, and it was remarkable to come across it stated so clearly and honestly when I least expected it.
I also notice Stephen Fry's speech style effecting my own rather a lot, especially in terms of phrasing and word choice. I had this same issue when I was watching a lot of bits of Fry and Laurie, or way back when I was reading a lot of Tolkien. At least no one will be accusing me of plagiarism for my journal writing style, I should hope.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm starting to think that I might want to give one of my hypothetical future offspring Sherlock as a middle name. I think it would be sweet. Maybe.
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Ok, so after the first fifteen minutes. That's all I could bring myself to type. Feel lucky you're getting sentences now.
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Also, I need to say how thrilled I am that everyone in my house, and my stepmother in Colorado all love this show. Seriously, we have so little in common any more. Now I think I need to go listen to the Paradox Suite again. Or possibly some of the original stories now that I have a full set of the audio books instead of the lame ones I've been fighting with for months.

ETA: This made me giggle like mad. I love this canon more than anything sometimes.

ETA2: Several other things have come to me through [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, who is continually a lovely lovely person, and shares so many of my fannish interests and opinions. Included in that is this marvelous post about Reichenbach and Sherlock's character development... and how it call seems to bring the canon closer to the Paradox universe.
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Stream of consciousness and other review-like babble as I watch the last episode of Miracle Day.
It took me forever to bring myself to watch this series, and I've still never watched 2-5 of CoE.
Yeah, this got a bit long. )

Note to self - Jack has a kid and a grandson. In town, I think.
Also, Ianto came out to his sister. <3 ;_;

After rewatching Day 1 of Children of Earth, I think I'm gonna give the rest of CoE a shot tomorrow maybe. Got a couple of days off, and the nice British school children are actually less upsetting after the whole damn world being run by pharmaceutical companies. Also, Ianto. So there.
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I need to start ranting about this right now, and it's not even over yet.
Nothing has gone as I expected. I mean, of course it wasn't going to be Dealt Hand or the other right-after fics, but it was ... entertaining at least.
All the little references to other cases, and the flash forward through time as Watson so often does.
Stream-of-conciousness ranting and then some final thoughts after the cut. God /damn/ this was a good one.
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Ok, sleep now, more ranting later.
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So, Happy Christmas, Merry Chanukah, and Joyous Non-denominational Holi-brations of all kinds. I've been working on a post for a while, so this may ramble.

First, we saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on opening night. It was absolutely lovely. cut for spoilers )

Then I finished Assassin's Creed Revelations this week.... Spoilers for Ending and Meta-Game Rants )
In closing, next game please let me stab William in the face. I refuse to trust Discord/Q/John DeLance.
Love, Maya
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I called Sony Customer support the other day, and I just gave them the only completely negative customer service survey I've ever given anyone (besides UBS)...

I was calling because it was utterly incomprehensible to me that the information I found online about being unable to upgrade or change a "sub" account into a master account could be correct. I made a sub account for my brother when he was 15 because he was a minor and could not legally agree to the terms and conditions of the master account. It has been three years, he is now eighteen and lives with me in an apartment. My entire household games primarily on the Playstation. I am a strong Sony supporter and always have been. What I found out is that there is NO WAY to update my brother's account to make his own purchases. He cannot even redeem a gift card to add money to his PSN wallet (which seems like the most highly controlled, least harmless way for a sub account to purchase things). I cannot always afford to buy the games or DLC that he wants for the games he is paying. He is an adult with his own income, in the prime of your user demographic. To tell him that in order to purchase his own games or DLC he must sacrifice all his trophies, make a new email address, and create a new PSN account is not only undermining your business, but that of your allies and developers.

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Today in Constantinople:Read more... )

WTF, why is it 5:30 in the morning!??? Ok, me and my trophies are going to sleep. Damnit. XD
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I worked my way into Sequence 3 today, and into a whole pile of side missions. Here's the rant:
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This is going to be a giant spoilerific splorge about how much I'm probably going to adore this game now that I'm home and have been playing for a couple of hours. Here goes.
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Bit of a babbling review here, probably nothing very spoilerific, but under a cut just for safety.
Short Opinion: The whole American accents thing is very odd.
The idea is very interesting. And disturbing. In a way I don't entirely want to process at the moment.
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Also also, my computer made it through the whole episode without freezing up on the video, so that is /very/ exciting. ^_^
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I have two things to babble about before I go to sleep.
1) I started rewatching Weiβ Kreuz tonight, and no amount of knowing how horribly cliche and lame it is can reduce my enjoyment of it. Actually, despite the age of the show, the art and the voice performances are actually quite good. Even the background characters, who aren't big names most of the time. If anyone throws me for a loop it's actually Koyasu, because for some reason that's not how Aya sounds in my head.
After all these years, I still love these characters; love the ridiculous predictable plots; love all of it. People can judge me, I really don't care. XD I'm also importing most of the CDs again, to see if I still like the music as much as I remember. I guess we'll see.

2) It's CD Japan sale time again, and even though I have no money I'm poking through things and making a list for things that I like and might want some day.
-New Kusuda Toshiyuki CD
-Meisa's "One More Drama" CD - First Press, with DVD and poster. ^_^
-Nao-kun's Yumekibo Ressha Limited edition still available.
-Amuro Namie Single "Break It/Get Myself Back"
-Crystal Kay's "Journey" - because I need more of her music.
-Nao-KUN'S "Infinity" album - since I recently realized that I really need more of hi
-As a note that I can't be bothered to research at the moment, I should also look into finishing my collection of HaruDaki manga and Drama CDs, since I think they're all completed now. CDs got up to volume 8 and the manga finished at Volume 14. Since the CDs tended to cover a little more than one volume that means the CDs are probably complete as well. And I could really use more MikiShin in my life lately. As well as MoriMori. ^_^

Other ranty things could include ways in which my computer is freaking me out lately, ways in which work is crazy, and ways in which I am not working on packing or cosplay nearly enough right now, but I'm happy in my escapism so I'll let all that be for the moment.
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After finishing Freeter yesterday, I pokes at a few of the other series I had on my hard drive. Random Babble Commences )

And now, a meme:
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like (or think will actually do this) and tag me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's harder than you think.

Your Artist: Maaya Sakamoto (I chose her to give myself lots of titles to choose from, and I wonder if I should have chosen someone less prolific. XD)

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