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Jan. 25th, 2015 06:10 pm
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So two Thursdays ago my roommate Mik and I took a long crazy drive to Nebraska to pick up super cheap clearance fabric at a Jo-Ann store that is closing. We had fun and even went to see the national monument nearby which I'd never visited despite being in town a lot to help the store out.
On the way home though, I could feel my lymph nodes swelling, this usually happens when I'm sick, but feeling the problem develop over three hours in the car was scary.
I spent the next two days at work, medicating myself hardcore for what I thought was a cold, and getting very little relief from my usual over-the-counter cocktail. By the end of sunday (my day off) I had no voice, and attempting to talk, as well as eating or swallowing anything, even liquids, was excruciating.
Monday I went to the doctor, and learned that I had strep throat so bad that it has opened small sores in my throat.
I didn't go to work that day, and only managed an hour of silent office work on Tuesday. Wednesday I pulled off six hours, but still spent most of it not speaking at all. I could not get over a whisper even if I needed to, and the effort of even that whisper for more than a sentence or so was crippling throat pain.

All this meant that I spent a fair portion of that week and of my PAX being silent. Not speaking and not really wanting too. Especially working this was was very challenging and... interesting? I don't know. It makes me desperately want to know sign language at the very least. It also meant that traveling with just me and Cal, I felt bad not being able to respond to things. She fills silences by default, but being able only to smile or shake my head or gesture made me appreciate that I'm rather more talkative than I give myself credit for.
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Something about this show. Something about this season.

I have never before wanted to punch a finalist in the face as badly as I want to punch Candice... and I have never cared so much about a pair winning as I do about Maks and Meryl winning. I know it's likely going to be Derek again, because Amy's story is so strong. She is so amazing and I am totally okay if she wins, but I have an admitted Chmerkovskiy problem.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about dancing, and how I really want to learn to do it. Seeing the bit of dance that Cal and I did in our AO skit on the playback, and knowing that my form should have been better, that I /know/ better, just makes me want to train my body to do that.

Anyway. I got to finish the season this morning, and my feels were justified. And there was a lot of Val in the finale too, dancing in various group numbers. I'm so proud of Maks, and I now want to go find RPF, which is rare for me, but again... Chmerkovskiy brothers and their sexy sexy partners.

Ignore me, I'll be over here.
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Rant number one of probably many.

So.... I made it through the intro episodes and into the team building episodes. I love that the intro updates for who is and isn't on the team at the moment.

I love seeing MODOK and the AIM idiots. Despite what a terrible idea anything to do with AIM is.

I loved the ten seconds of conversation between Tony and Steve in the mansion at the end of Cap's second episode.

I love Thor's stupid face and 'aye' and 'verily' and how his hair is always shifting in a non-existant breeze. (And how we haven't seen Loki since the origin episode... which is either terrifying or... yeah, terrifying.)

I love Janet and Hank, and understanding them as a part of the Avengers team. Hank keeps Tony honest and brings him back to earth in a way that no one on the current movie Avengers does. There aren't many people who match Tony's intellect, so it's nice to have one of them around.

I love Natasha's stupid double-triple crossing and knowing that Clint is out there somewhere.... being noble and right, but not trusting SHIELD.

Wow, Tony. Two suits in an episode? Really? I would talk about Steve and his bike, or about Enchantress being a complete dick (which reminds me that I want to go re-read Off the Record. Like now.)... but this was Episode 10 and I need to just sit here and feel my Tony feels right now. Poor boy.

Jesus fuck, I think AIM has the tesseract though... so that's a problem.

I just really want Coulson involved in this... like stupidly much.
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As someone who is constantly trying to get back to the good old days of my High School and Collage years.... it's starting to get hard to watch with all this graduation stuff happening.

So... "Choke" through "Nationals"
Short Rant )

And, I have feelings and a new theory about Sherlock after my second time through Reichenbach...
Read more... )
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So. Fuck. It's 4 AM and since I'm clearly not sleeping, here's where the ranting about why I'm not sleeping goes.
1) Dishes. I am hungry. But when I cook, I wash my dishes immediately. this is currently not possible because the sink is full of the dishes and J and R used to eat the last batch of food I cooked. I only got one serving, and then when I went to take leftovers to work, all the rice had been eaten. Then after today when I would have made more rice, the rest of the hayashi was gone too. Which is fine, I guess, except that I'm the one who dropped $100 the last time we went shopping, and $25 the time before that, and $80 last month, but I digress. The hunger is not really why I'm not sleeping, that's just the excuse.
The real reason is:
2) World Cosplay Summit qualifying rounds for 2013 are being announced... and NDK2012 is hosting one of them. Babbling and Depression Ensues )

This is all coming out because I had to spend all my money on car insurance this morning and so can't actually go to SakuraCon even though I requested the weekend off. So now I have four days when I'd love to be relaxing or sewing or anything, and instead I have a room with no work space, and lots of time to stare at it.
I own so many things and so few of them are important at all... but I still can't let go. I feel incredibly isolated and despondent in my own house, and I just don't know what to do anymore.
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Listening to "Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mystery" by John Taylor and read by Benedict Cumberbatch (the best thing I ever bought from Audible possibly).

So... in the second story, "The Connundrum of Coach 13"... there are two Americans mentioned in the pliot, the client Benedict, and his ex-wife Lara. My brain. It is having BBC crossover actor visualization problems.

Also, Ben's voice is lovely and I know why Cally listened to these stories over and over again. Nap time now though.
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Well, after a scary jaunt over to the SOPA/PIPA page to send a composed angry letter to my representatives, I'm here to actually post something. About Sherlock of course, what else is there in my life these days?

This is a bit long, but I can't find a good place to cut it, so forgive me and skip it if you like.

This post about Irene Adler in Sherlock is really eloquent and lovely. I wasn't involved in any of the apparent fandom debacle going down over her character and such, and I actually thought she was amazing. So yeah... if you're angry about it, consider reading this.

Secondly, I found the Baker Street Babes podcast and listened to one episode yesterday. They are brilliant, amazing, and everything I want in a Podcast. I wish I could have these conversations in my house. And I wish something like this existed for every fandom.

Thirdly, from another link that Carol sent me, I found the Sherlock Wear list. Where I can learn just how terribly expensive all the details that I love about the show really are. Mycroft's $400 umbrella for one, though I'm sure the BBC gets it at a discounted rate. XD

Last night, Cally and I went out to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. She'd not seen it yet, and I am always game for more Holmes exposure these days. It was quite as lovely the second time around. I still quite like Sim, and adore the rather suggestive bits on various trains, in camps, at dances, etc. Mary stood out to me even more this time. She's a great character, and I'm glad to see that they let her take action and be involved in the resolution of the story.

I finished Black Books tonight, and started up Stephen Fry in America. I'm noting this mostly because there was a lovely quote from a Harvard professor in Episode 1 about how very much America likes to have things simple. Even when the more complex answer is clearly correct, most American's would rather have a simple one. It's a sentiment that I've been trying to articulate and understand for a great many years, probably since about 8th grade, and it was remarkable to come across it stated so clearly and honestly when I least expected it.
I also notice Stephen Fry's speech style effecting my own rather a lot, especially in terms of phrasing and word choice. I had this same issue when I was watching a lot of bits of Fry and Laurie, or way back when I was reading a lot of Tolkien. At least no one will be accusing me of plagiarism for my journal writing style, I should hope.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm starting to think that I might want to give one of my hypothetical future offspring Sherlock as a middle name. I think it would be sweet. Maybe.
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Ok, so after the first fifteen minutes. That's all I could bring myself to type. Feel lucky you're getting sentences now.
Really really random )

Also, I need to say how thrilled I am that everyone in my house, and my stepmother in Colorado all love this show. Seriously, we have so little in common any more. Now I think I need to go listen to the Paradox Suite again. Or possibly some of the original stories now that I have a full set of the audio books instead of the lame ones I've been fighting with for months.

ETA: This made me giggle like mad. I love this canon more than anything sometimes.

ETA2: Several other things have come to me through [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, who is continually a lovely lovely person, and shares so many of my fannish interests and opinions. Included in that is this marvelous post about Reichenbach and Sherlock's character development... and how it call seems to bring the canon closer to the Paradox universe.
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Second and third time through 'Scandal in Belgravia' and having read the updates to John's blog I need to process more of this. It puts a lot of follow-up fics out of service of course. "The Dealt Hand/Ten Gunmen", and "There And Back Again" most notably. "Major Pieces" too, if I remember, but it's been a while since I listened to that too.
It doesn't entirely crush the Paradox Suite, leaves it quite possible actually with the whole implication from the new episode that John and Mycroft have a protocol in place to prevent Sherlock killing himself on a drugs binge. And that Sherlock knows it. It was strange to me to read the write up for "Geek Interpreter" with the name Kratades being use there, as it had also been used in ... Paradox Suite? Entirely Covered, maybe. The man who slashed open Sherlock's leg. Though, since they dressed up as Ninjas and then "dissapeared" maybe it could have been the same situation.

Other rants of the moment:
1) Saw X-Men: First Class tonight, and I ship Charles/Erik LIKE BURNING, I want the porn of it nao. PLZKTHX.
2) Found the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme tonight. And seriously... fandom, I love you so. <3 Among other things, I now have the term "Frycroft" in my database of useful words.
3) Relating to the above, watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie and Belgravia has been horribly difficult without squeeing like mad about the slashy bits. I will end up disowned by my two best friends by the end of the year, either because of this or 1 or because:
4) I have this 'I ship Tony/Steve' problem where in watching the Avengers movie (and Iron Man, and Captain America, etc.) will be tragically painful with K and J involved. I blame Reena_Jenkins entirely for this, because of her fantastic readings of "Ready, Fire, Aim" and "Situation Normal: All Fucked Up"

Now sleep. Or probably more meme. Damnit. Good night internet.
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For LJ peeps, this gets /long/ under the cuts. For Facebook peeps, the same applies. :P
Music Meme/Homework under the cut )

While I'm being random, let me do a quick rundown on Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge. I watched another 3 episodes of the anime tonight, followed by the premiere episode of the drama.
Additional Babbling on Nabeshin madness in Drama form )

(Also, a few days ago [personal profile] calhale and I randomly played that MASH game that you used to play when you were in like... middle school. Apparently I marry Okiayu-san, live in a time machine (Tardis?) in London. He has a career as a voice actor while I am a successful space marine. We spend fifteen years not having any children before we get divorced. I eventually die peacefully in my sleep, and he is mauled to death by a snow leopard.)
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きゅうしゅう くうこう の きゅうきょく こうきゅう こうくうき
kyuushuu kuukou no kyuukyoku koukyuu koukuuki
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We just passed a bulletin board for "BL Lime" beer... Jess commented that it probably tastes like ass. >_> I guess we're ready for the con. ^^;;
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Because we got to discussing it at IHOP, and then Jen's pictures reminded us of it... I swear this isn't dirty. No, really.

smut Pronunciation (smt)
a. A particle of dirt.
b. A smudge made by soot, smoke, or dirt.
a. Obscenity in speech or writing.
b. Pornography.
a. Any of various plant diseases, especially of cereal grasses, caused by parasitic fungi of the order Ustilaginales that form black powdery masses of spores on the affected parts.
b. A fungus causing such a disease.
v. smut·ted, smut·ting, smuts
1. To blacken or smudge, as with smoke or grime.
2. To affect (a plant) with smut.
3. To free (grain, for example) from smut.
4. To make obscene.
1. To emit smut.
2. To be or become blackened or smudged.
3. To become affected with smut, as a plant.
[From Middle English smotten, smutten, to defile.]
smutti·ly adv.
smutti·ness n.
smutty adj.


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