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Oct. 20th, 2012 11:16 pm
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God, I can't even.
I caught up about two days before the Season 8 premiere, so now I'm watching week-to-week on Hulu like a real fan. ^_^

So, Episode 2. I am so in love with Kevin's mom, and Dean's purgatory flashbacks are breaking my heart.

Moose, Moose, Moose. And Squirrel. Fuck, he's calling them Rocky and Bullwinkle. God, Crowley. Why do I love you while I hate you?

Did they just sell fucking MJOLNIR???

Not only did they sell Mjolnir, but Sam was able to lift it. Which warms the cockles of my heart. Dear thing.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 07:55 pm
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So today... the symptoms of my possibly being sick got more disturbing. First was being rather lightheaded and very very cold for most of the day. Except when I was too warm for brief stretches. Toward the end of the evening, I also started having some sort of numerical dyslexia (that's not the right word, but neither is aphasia, which is what I was using at first). This sucks when you are alternating between exception counts (matching numbers on a page to those on bolts) and being at a register having to hand-key numbers. Lets hope I didn't screw anything up to badly.
I did leave a bit early though, probably shouldn't have, but I wasn't doing much good and I didn't want to deal with Anna much more. I did get all my overstock logs up, and some exception counts done. I wanted to stock tapes and braids /so/ badly... I'll probably do it tomorrow anyway. Only one more day before I get a day off, and at least I can have some /sleep/ before tomorrow. I ended up deciding to leave my car at the store and bus home, so tomorrow I'll bus to work and then drive home after close. This has already backfired because it was freezing and windy and raining when I left the store, but hopefully will work out otherwise.

There's a rant in here somewhere about Episode 18 of RvB Season 9, and the Internet Box podcast, and Penny Arcade, and the Torchwood porn that I'm reading... but I'm really too tired or much more babbling. Perhaps tomorrow. Today was an ok day productivity-wise, but I still don't like having to ignore guests and walk away from messes just to get my stuff done. Mrr.

Anyway. Oyasumi.
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Every time I think of the fact that Douglas Adams is dead, it makes me quite sad. The title of the post just made me think of that. It also makes me think of all the nice things that Stephen Fry said about him in the forward to "Salmon of Doubt". The line of thinking that that takes me on it almost interesting enough to just keep going along it. Most things with Stephen Fry are that interesting to me though, so I'll stop for the moment.
I'm in the process of mass-migrating all my entries from LJ to DW. I use LJ for very little anymore, and if I legitimately want a journal to write in again it needs to be somewhere where I don't feel guilty for spamming or worried that someone will find it and email it to my boss, or be hurt by something I said. Long ago, I used to keep diaries. Before that I kept logs. I've always written, for as long as I can remember.... until the past few years.
Some part of me associates that lack of self-expression and reflection with a lot of the emotional problems I've been having the past months, so I'm going to try to go back to it. I can't do NaNoWriMo (best wishes to all who are, I believe in you!) but I can try to make myself write some every day, and see if it helps balance me out and bring my decisions into focus.

So. That's what I'm doing. Hopefully part of all this will include finding those old journals and digitizing them. I think a lot of my really early writings may be lost forever, since they were simpletext documents on old 1.4 mb floppies, and I don't know if I still have them, even if I did have a way to access them. There's a lot in my life that is just /stuff/, things I'd like to get rid of, but my history is not one of them, and with my memory as weak as it sometimes is I like the idea of having access to all the details I wrote down long long ago.

Oddly, all this motivation to start anew over on DW came from going to look at FayJay's ([personal profile] pandarus) DW, because I'm trying to get up the guts to actually tell her how vital her podfic has been to my survival lately. Particularly "The Student Prince", which I've listened to eight times in it's entirety. At over 15 hours per playthrough, that's that's 120 hours or about 5 days. Let's just say the story is near and dear to my heart. In fact I think my last LJ post involved a lengthy quote from Arthur's coming out speech. It did a lot of the same things that I loved about "Drastically Redefining Protocol", back when I first heard it, only with more characters, more plot, more magic, and more contemplation of the world and how homosexuality is actually viewed in the world. It helps that Fayjay is my favorite reader of all time. I've got into three new fandoms because of her, and that's not mentioning that it was "The Goodge Street Gambit" podfic that got me into I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, AND was the first and only podfic that I've actually shared with anyone not "in" fandom per-se. I played it for my brother in the car once, and he laughed in the right place and enjoyed it right along with me.

I'm not going to talk about work for the moment, though I'm sure I will quite a lot this month. It's probably the biggest point of contention between me and the semi-happiness I used to take for granted. We're off to get some food now, and then I ought to sew for a bit so I can get the rainbow quilt back on my bed sooner rather than later. Goodnight, Journal.


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