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Posting this to my journal for personal reference. Ampliracathon has been and will continue to be utterly delightful for getting to see what other people love and sharing too many rambles about what I love.

Organized by fandom.

Sherlock Holmes: BBC Sherlock, ACD Canon, Ritchie-Verse, and AU )
Merlin (and Merlin AUs)> <font size= )
Supernatural and J2/CW RPF )
Avengers-Related Stories )
Star Trek 2009 )
Doctor Who and Torchwood )
Other Fandoms: Harry Potter, White Collar, Dexter )
Crossovers: Assorted Fandoms from Above )
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You are stunning. Never change.
Cut for Spoilers... )

Coming next.... rants about Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes... because I am equal opportunity in watching cartoons aimed at twelve-year-olds. XD
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Woken up today to learn that the main events of PAXEast are live streaming, which means that my weekend off isn't nearly so wasted, because I can see the PA panels and got to see the RoosterTeeth panel this morning!

Since then I have finished my first glovelet/fingerless mitten-thing with worsted weight yarn and the cuff modifications that I wanted and started the left hand. (My increases above the ribbing worked perfectly and now the cuff fits and stays put on me. Kris didn't want the fitted cuff, but I hae her yarn to start with next.

I also picked my next cosplay project and printed some reference. I'm going with The Corsair (Eveline Guerra) from AC:R multiplayer. I love her look, and my hair will work whether I cut it off or not. I have most of the fabric and patterns that I can modify the crap out of as needed, so I'm excited. This can also double as a pirate costume if I get the hat and ever need to attend a pirate party or Speak Like A Pirate Day event again. Also, she's my favorite.

I also also pushed through a bunch more recordings for the Arashi Roadtrip AU and am editing them now. Putting together the two collections (one in chronological/timeline order and one in posting order is going to be such a mind trip. I think I read in posting order first, which is easier to get into because you start with two and then three of the boys together already and traveling. Starting chronologically is slower, but you get the background story. I think I prefer posting order, but it's much harder to follow the story. Anyway, funtimes.
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Confused by the title? I know! It's like I stepped back a generation and picked up AC: Brotherhood again. Well... I did. XD
Actually managed to get possibly the last trophy that I'll ever manage to "Job Skills" and played a couple hours of multiplayer with a couple of awesome level 50sn(we bonded by all having headsets and having to wait together for almost 20 minutes before getting into a Manhunt game) one of whom was in New Zealand and had an awesome accent, and the other of whom was another actual girl! So now I have Brother hood multiplayer friends. Excite!
Hindsight reviews - I miss having more perks available early on. I miss Honorable Death bonuses. And understanding the line-of-sight feature makes everything make so much sense, even if it's a little bit broken. I still love Venice more than almost any other map, though for small maps, I think I prefer Souk to Siena. And I miss my customizations, though I am almost to level 25, so I think I do have some options available now. Pushing for 50 may be insane, especially since I'm closer in AC:R and get creepy Vidic videos and plot hints there. I miss having the doctor and Fiora's sexy sexy costumes from AC: B though.

Second rant of the night: "Tissue of Silver"
If ever there was a bass-ackwards was of getting hooked on an 8 hour fic for a pairing you never once thought of shipping.... this is it. I went and downloaded this fic because the title came up in a discussion of long recordings on one of the PodAware podcasts I listened to. And since it was FayJay and lengthy and a story I hadn't heard before... of course I had to go look it up. "Maya," you say, "it's Harry/Draco for gods sake!" "You do not ship Harry Draco. You barely slash any thing in Harry Potter at all! And know that it's the fastest way to being disowned by your girlfriend that ever there was." But this is how much I love FayJay. And how badly I need new podfic. >.>
So.... I've now listened through it three times, though I slept bits of one of them. And this, like so many other AUs... works for me. Maybe it's just that stepping Jr. High- up to High School- or High School- up to College-age is so very normal in my Prince of Tennis addled brain, or maybe it's just that in some ways, I think the universe and storyline in this story are more compelling to me than the actual storyline that played out over the last three books. I assume that it was written before Order of the Phoenix was published, because it's very attentive to cannon that was revealed before that book, and very creative about getting around facts from Book 5 and on.
I keep meaning to post a rant or comparison chart about voices in FayJay's podfic... because I love knowing that her Sherlock is halfway between the Great Dragon and Arthur (Snape is close to that as well). It's lovely that she has very specific and different voices for Gwen, Morgana, and Draco (! - new one). I keep thinking that Harry and Dean Winchester are very similar as well, both sort of shouty and well-meaning. Anyway. Um, yeah. Less babbling, more sleeping now.

Good night all.
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Second and third time through 'Scandal in Belgravia' and having read the updates to John's blog I need to process more of this. It puts a lot of follow-up fics out of service of course. "The Dealt Hand/Ten Gunmen", and "There And Back Again" most notably. "Major Pieces" too, if I remember, but it's been a while since I listened to that too.
It doesn't entirely crush the Paradox Suite, leaves it quite possible actually with the whole implication from the new episode that John and Mycroft have a protocol in place to prevent Sherlock killing himself on a drugs binge. And that Sherlock knows it. It was strange to me to read the write up for "Geek Interpreter" with the name Kratades being use there, as it had also been used in ... Paradox Suite? Entirely Covered, maybe. The man who slashed open Sherlock's leg. Though, since they dressed up as Ninjas and then "dissapeared" maybe it could have been the same situation.

Other rants of the moment:
1) Saw X-Men: First Class tonight, and I ship Charles/Erik LIKE BURNING, I want the porn of it nao. PLZKTHX.
2) Found the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme tonight. And seriously... fandom, I love you so. <3 Among other things, I now have the term "Frycroft" in my database of useful words.
3) Relating to the above, watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie and Belgravia has been horribly difficult without squeeing like mad about the slashy bits. I will end up disowned by my two best friends by the end of the year, either because of this or 1 or because:
4) I have this 'I ship Tony/Steve' problem where in watching the Avengers movie (and Iron Man, and Captain America, etc.) will be tragically painful with K and J involved. I blame Reena_Jenkins entirely for this, because of her fantastic readings of "Ready, Fire, Aim" and "Situation Normal: All Fucked Up"

Now sleep. Or probably more meme. Damnit. Good night internet.
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Every time I think of the fact that Douglas Adams is dead, it makes me quite sad. The title of the post just made me think of that. It also makes me think of all the nice things that Stephen Fry said about him in the forward to "Salmon of Doubt". The line of thinking that that takes me on it almost interesting enough to just keep going along it. Most things with Stephen Fry are that interesting to me though, so I'll stop for the moment.
I'm in the process of mass-migrating all my entries from LJ to DW. I use LJ for very little anymore, and if I legitimately want a journal to write in again it needs to be somewhere where I don't feel guilty for spamming or worried that someone will find it and email it to my boss, or be hurt by something I said. Long ago, I used to keep diaries. Before that I kept logs. I've always written, for as long as I can remember.... until the past few years.
Some part of me associates that lack of self-expression and reflection with a lot of the emotional problems I've been having the past months, so I'm going to try to go back to it. I can't do NaNoWriMo (best wishes to all who are, I believe in you!) but I can try to make myself write some every day, and see if it helps balance me out and bring my decisions into focus.

So. That's what I'm doing. Hopefully part of all this will include finding those old journals and digitizing them. I think a lot of my really early writings may be lost forever, since they were simpletext documents on old 1.4 mb floppies, and I don't know if I still have them, even if I did have a way to access them. There's a lot in my life that is just /stuff/, things I'd like to get rid of, but my history is not one of them, and with my memory as weak as it sometimes is I like the idea of having access to all the details I wrote down long long ago.

Oddly, all this motivation to start anew over on DW came from going to look at FayJay's ([personal profile] pandarus) DW, because I'm trying to get up the guts to actually tell her how vital her podfic has been to my survival lately. Particularly "The Student Prince", which I've listened to eight times in it's entirety. At over 15 hours per playthrough, that's that's 120 hours or about 5 days. Let's just say the story is near and dear to my heart. In fact I think my last LJ post involved a lengthy quote from Arthur's coming out speech. It did a lot of the same things that I loved about "Drastically Redefining Protocol", back when I first heard it, only with more characters, more plot, more magic, and more contemplation of the world and how homosexuality is actually viewed in the world. It helps that Fayjay is my favorite reader of all time. I've got into three new fandoms because of her, and that's not mentioning that it was "The Goodge Street Gambit" podfic that got me into I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, AND was the first and only podfic that I've actually shared with anyone not "in" fandom per-se. I played it for my brother in the car once, and he laughed in the right place and enjoyed it right along with me.

I'm not going to talk about work for the moment, though I'm sure I will quite a lot this month. It's probably the biggest point of contention between me and the semi-happiness I used to take for granted. We're off to get some food now, and then I ought to sew for a bit so I can get the rainbow quilt back on my bed sooner rather than later. Goodnight, Journal.
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Especially fannish things.

So, I just managed to pay enough attention to realize that:

1) It's Sho's birthday and therefore Aquarius season and therefore nearly [personal profile] baranoneko's birthday as well as my fathers and Benkei's.

2) TeniPuri Festa 2011 just completed! (there are fun pics available on [profile] shinkata_san) They had some great cast this year, including all Seigaju (duh), all of Rikkai (Nao-kun!), all most of the important bits of Hyoutei, and all the important bits of Higa. Plus random Kishio Daisuke and Tosshi! A DVD I will certainly be wishing I could afford to import. Ugh but I hate the exchange rate right now.

3) My fandom shifts have been a bit ridiculous since I started my podfic addiction. Probably because my two most hardcore fandoms before the podfic addiction have one and zero recorded stories respectively. Boo. On the other hand, I have fallen in /love/ with certain of Katie Forsythe's work and with that particular fandom in both new and old incarnations.

4) I am now TWO FULL ALBUMS behind on my Sakamoto Maaya collection. I may be trying to rectify this in the near future. I'm so excited that she hit number one on the Oricon weekly sales, I'll feel remiss if I don't attempt to contribute to a good second week showing.

Hello 2011, here's hoping you bring me more focus and attention for the things I love. (Also, a bit more money would be nice.)


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