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In the last two days, I've watched a lot of stuff...
The first 8 episodes of Project Runway Season 4, for one.

Also, first episodes of "Atashi n'chi no Danshi" and "Godhand Teru" and bits of the preview special for "Smile". I don't expect that it will be a great drama season, but it should have some fun.

We finished Season 4 of Project Runway tonight. I got Jess started on it and bought the DVD set from Best Buy. I was very very pleased with the results. I almost cried... and in the end, I was so so /so/ happy with the winner. ^_^

4/23 7:50 pm
Just got back from seeing This American Life in a live simulcast at the Cinemark. It was awesome. Seriously fun. And even the few people in the theatre who didn't know the show to start with seemed to enjoy it. ^_^ Only 90 minutes though, the website lied. Next week - L Movie subbed!

Yes, I haven't posted in ages. Work has been killing me and the rest of the time I've been distracted with chatting and Midsummer's stuff. ^_^
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To all those (probably not directed at me anyway) comments that are in my email and flist about Midsummers: I'm sorry but I can't. I won't. The end.

Worked 13 hours today. Came home. Made an obi for Masaomi. Folded up Masaomi's kimono and obi and shirt and got them into his furoshiki (pics were taken too, coming soon). I cut out the purple for the jacket! This is a huge step. Next is the gold, then interfacing, then lining and binding. I played with the material for the pants a bit, but didn't do anything with it.

While all that was getting accomplished, we watched "The Other Boleyn Girl". Actually quite an awesome movie. With pretty under-appreciated Jim Sturgess too. ^__^

Tomorrow is truck, then craziness, then home. I want to go work out tomorrow night too, since I'm already feeling like it. Wednesday I get off early to go to the doctor, so get the whole afternoon and evening to myself and Masaomi. Then overnight thursday to friday for the HD rotation. Which ... hopefully... will not suck. Hopefully.
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Congratulations to the Cast, Crew and Volunteers of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". You had a beautiful closing night and a wonderful show. I was privileged to be any part of it.

Tonight was closing night and I'm so glad that I got to see the show again.

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Midsummer's went very well for opening night. Maya's adventure for tonight was in finishing a pair of partially-assembled Hakama in about two hours. I'm a little proud. I feel pretty lame that I can't help with the kitsuke though... after all these years, I think it may be time to look into serious study of the art... I hear there's a school in Boulder.
Tomorrow I get to go upstairs when the house opens and be an okyakusan! I'm terribly excited.

I have two additional tickets each for Satuday at 2 pm and Sunday at 7 pm. If anyone wants to come up to Fort Collins to see the best Kabuki/Noh/Kyogen version of Shakespere EVER, then give me a call. Or swing by the Lory Student Center Theatre before the show and ask where Maya is... most everyone backstage knows me now.

Tickets are only $6 for non-students and $3 for students, so anyone and everyone that can make it should come - this really is a once-in-a-lifetime show. ^___^
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Break a leg, Midsummer's cast!!! You'll all be wonderful!!

Now, off to get a zipper and a bit more elastic to make sure they can do so without sleeping legs or falling pants.

I stole this 12 Days of Christmas meme from [personal profile] kirakirastar. It made me happy.
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I finished watching //a//symmetry.
Stupid Japan. Let your damn gay boys be happy once in a while, would you? It was actually quality acting and production though.
Damn pretty gay doctor Araki... I think I'll probably watch the movie a few more times in the future.

Made it through truck. Spent the whole morning moving rediculous amount of Coke products around the backroom.

Now it's time to go to rehersal at CSU... but I am so tired. I mean, I was falling asleep on hold with SOS this afternoon... anyway.... I'm off. Hopefully I can be useful somehow.


Nov. 26th, 2008 11:13 am
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Got the best 8 hours of sleep ever this morning... on the couch. I really need to make it to my bed before passing out.

T-2 hours until I head in to work to prep for Black Friday. (Only two of us are in at 4 am on Friday, so prep needs to be done tonight.)
I will be away from internets and (hopefully) television for the next couple of days because I really need to be sewing when not at work. If you're in retail, good luck. It's all downhill from here.

[profile] nympholepsia linked to this story and [profile] summer_queen shared more info. I'm more than a little worried and upset. It's been an open case for two years. And I haven't heard about it at all. Granted, he was in Iowa and I'm pretty sure Denver hasn't been searching my packages from Japan. But seriously? *shivers to think*

Anyway, lining, 'petals' for moth, and then work. Yep.
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Why yes, we did get to watch up through episode 5 of Firefly with [profile] starlit_dragon last night. The above line from "Schindig" was tentimes funnier to me post-Kite than it used to be. and even without strange TeniPuri jokes, I remembered that I love that show so very very much. ^__^

This morning there's an email in my gmail inbox:
"Zeteram's birthday is in 7 days (Nov. 29)" And my first thought is, no it's not! It should be Dec. 4th! >.>
Anyway, I'm already somewhat prepared for [profile] starlit_drgon's bday, which /is/ on the 29th.
Last night I got my 6th gym badge (!) after which the world got crazy, and I am now desperately afraid that I somehow advanced the plot too far and lost Riley. I also had nightmares about kimono not being done for midsummers and now I want to panic and sew all day. Which unfortunately actually means going to my store to get sensei's fabrics, calling her to have her pay for them, and then sewing until about noon-thirty when I have to pack out and head up to CSU for their half of the costume workshop. Now, I have no trouble going... as long as I'm not packing up either of my machines, because my travel machine is crap and my good machine is not portable. And I finally have my serger set up the way I like it and don't particularly want to shove it back in a box. >.>

Anyway... I guess I'll set the next episode of Ryuusei no Kizuna downloading and then get to sewing. That would probably be smart.

Also, this is going to be a bad weekend for too many posts... I apologize in advance.
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I managed to make it to 1672, and through their whole audit in only about three hours or so. Overlooked a lot of things probably, but if DTL wants to send me away from my store on my days off, that's what she gets. 1672 was by far the worst recovery I've ever seen in a store. It was only better than 1010 by maybe a touch, and only because it's a little smaller. I can't imagine it used to look like that when /my/ STL was there... but maybe that's why she went crazy there.

I also managed while there to find almost all the fabrics that sensei needed for the play. Tomorrow I have to call her to do a phone charge for the remaining fabrics and figure out who she needs me to give them to.

Once home, I finished all four of the blue wings and two of the white for Moth. Tomorrow night is set aside for Firefly and more sewing. I am more in love with my serger all the time, and now that I'm getting used to it, I think we'll get along just fine.

I found the Yoshitsune taiga drama from a couple of years back on Jdramas. Hardsubbed! So I'm thinking I'll be trying to actually pay attention and watch it. It may not be a lot closer to real history than Haruka 3, but it's amazing costume and dialect reference.

We're also set up for a great couple of chats coming up in one of my favorite D1 AUs, so that's exciting as well.

It should be a good weekend. And maybe after tomorrow (today) I really won't work until monday.
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Because apparently it feels all wrong to go a day without a nice checklist of things to keep me focused. I'm getting spoiled by the 4x4 walk papers at work.
Things to do today:
xMeet senseix
--Lysander wedding kimono
--"wings" for Moth (blue) - serger with black/gold
--"wings" for Moth (white for Wedding) - (serger with white/silver/kagetoki's polyneon)
--cut the-fabric-formerly-known-as-Saku's-Brocade to be a second kimono (same size as Lysander)
---Fill out and sign form for Sensei (because she really does want to pay me. o.o whut?)
-trash out of my car
-trash out for appartment
-buy gas (under $2! OMG!)
-VACCUM APARTMENT! (still needs middle-section when I have more help with wires)
-dishes and run dishwasher
-call Country about proof of insurance
-call Nice Car about taillight estimate
-Finish and turn in benefits form for work

And now newly added:
-TRUCK at 4:30 5 pm! o.o (So much for a day off. I figured it would be Gary again this week, but did they really have to call just when I was ready to settle into kimono?)


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