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In case I ever need to prove where I learned what I know and think I know about John Watson's military career, both canon and BBC, here's a list of links:
-AQ's LONG notes - Includes Medic vs Doctor, and more.
-AQ's TTOBB Notes - the justification for Commando!John is in the notes for Chapter 1
-Wikipedia - Battle of Maiwand - 1880, where ACD Watson was injured.
-Wikipedia - 66th Berkshire Foot - ACD Watson's regiment. He was on attachment to them from the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers. Like BBC Watson identifies himself from in THoB.
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Many things that were discussed on saturday night and I'm sure I'm missing lots of them here's what I remember.

- Amazing sushi/yakiniku place in Vancouver:
- What Karaoke is like in Japan, and the two places in Seattle that we want to try out: and
- The Podfic Archive - almost everything that has been recorded is here. If it isn't, it's probably been posted to [community profile] amplificathon. Looks like not so much in your particular fandom as there is is a couple of mine, but... anyway.
- Calhale's Twilight fanfic (seriously, if you are one of her fangirls, I will be so amused at how small the world is)
- A Very Potter Musical - awesome things that Darren Chriss did before he was Blaine on Glee.

And now I'm going to revel in having three consecutive days off. Probably by sewing some stuff and mailing very late Christmas presents to my mom and sister. I know, I'm a real rebel. XD
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People often link to videos in their posts, so for once, I am going to do so as well. Because this is Important.
So important that I became a sponsor to be able to watch the new episode (out today!) an hour earlier. Even though Corina was in my living room and had already downloaded it. I also have it for my ipod. This is very exciting.
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Just some random fluff for today.

Work... >.> I don't even know where to start. At least the boss seems to think that she'll be able to keep working through this knee thing. 'Working' meaning keeping up on her office paperwork at this point... but as long as she's around I feel better.
Truck was today and freezing cold. We don't have nearly enough merchandise in the store. I think I may need to make a trip to Greely tomorrow to steal some fabric. It's getting scary out there.

I found an awesome Amazon Podcast with Tim Gunn and JMS: (it also made me miss the country music that I used to hear at work all the time... which was a little odd.

There is not enough time until Christmas and I'm a little scared. People may get late presents from me. Again. >.>


Nov. 26th, 2008 11:13 am
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Got the best 8 hours of sleep ever this morning... on the couch. I really need to make it to my bed before passing out.

T-2 hours until I head in to work to prep for Black Friday. (Only two of us are in at 4 am on Friday, so prep needs to be done tonight.)
I will be away from internets and (hopefully) television for the next couple of days because I really need to be sewing when not at work. If you're in retail, good luck. It's all downhill from here.

[profile] nympholepsia linked to this story and [profile] summer_queen shared more info. I'm more than a little worried and upset. It's been an open case for two years. And I haven't heard about it at all. Granted, he was in Iowa and I'm pretty sure Denver hasn't been searching my packages from Japan. But seriously? *shivers to think*

Anyway, lining, 'petals' for moth, and then work. Yep.
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You've probably seen these by now but:
-Gimmick Game [Fancam]
-Two performances of Hello Goodbye (with some of Sho's "Hip-Pop Bookie" attached as well)
-Take me Faraway

Didn't see Jun's but then... Meh.

Look! I'm home already! I can almost pretend that I didn't just work both days of my weekend and now don't have another day off until saturday next.

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I am presently mid-fangasm over:
-Shiraishi and Chitose
Why I didn't properly love them before now, I may never know. I can't go into details but... I am very very pleased to be in love with Chitose all over again. Also, playing an Aires is hard. :P
-Shitenhouji in general
Because of the above we just watched the most recent four episodes of Semifinals. I actually /enjoyed/ it. Read more... )
-Tachikiri-Tai and "Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy"
I liked it before, but I blame the above two points.
-Kansai-ben and Kyuushu-ben
Because Shiraishi... guh. Yes.

-Renai Shindan
I watched about half of the first episode and the overwhelming pretty nearly killed me. Must try to put this on the TV in the near future.
-Kamenashi Kazuya
I have no excuse other than "Seishun Amigo"

I also took apart Benkei's pants tonight, so they're half-way to being better. If I get my way, they'll end up as wrap-pants like Kagetoki's. Have to remember that after the Kajiwara kyoudai, I still want to make tabi and a new cloak for FYI-Betrayal-boy. Ues.

And now, I'd better sleep, lest I fall asleep during truck tomorrow. 12-3 is the stupidest truck window ever. Anyway. Bah.
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I will be downloading these in the next few months.
To DL in the upcoming months:

Binbo Danshi - SHUN~! With lighter hair again. Thank you. *pets*
Honey and Clover - Toma! And... maybe some understanding of the plot?
Bara no nai Hanaya - Flower shop. Matsuda Shota~~~~~ &hearts (Incidentally, he was in Liar Game and Regatta too... look into this. Also two other Drama this year.)
Atsuhime - pretty jidai-geki. Maki in Kimono. Potential Matsuda Shota in kimono. This is /important/.
Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata - Yanagi in a formerly-all-girls school.
Negotiator (Koshonin) - looks shiny... however, also includes Shirota, which usually puts me right off.
Fuuma no Koujirou (For the sheer Yasuka love. And here's other boys in it too.)
Edison no Haha looks interesting, but has no cast to draw me to it for sure.
Daisuki! looks sad, but has Karina... and maybe would be fun?

Itsuka nami no kanata ni Kato Rosa and pretty ocean
Namaiki Onna that one with Maki being all badass
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But I did that yesterday. And today I came home to shiny things, so it's time for new happiness. Behold my new icon. *snerks*
1) [profile] forgyoza owns my /soul/. I loves her/them/it.
2) Nao-kun is the bestest music. Always and forever. I still love you, Arashi.
3) It is the greatest tragedy in my life that though I have caps of both Kite's groin /and/ his behind, and can't put them together in a single icon. Tragedy. I tell you. I already iconed the first one that inspired me.

Not sure how I feel about the Myu costumes for Higa. They're not the sort of material I would have liked to use... or even the type that I /will/ use. Just... yeah.
Poor lonely Saeki. He reminded me that I was supposed to make Kisarazu-twins costumes. Anyway.

Tomorrow is for chatting and picspams and recovering my sanity before saturday. ;_;


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