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Sep. 11th, 2009 03:10 am
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For better or for worse, it's con time! See everyone at NDK!

Kiyomori.... isn't really ready. Wearable, yes. Done to my standards? No way.

Done today on thursday:
-purple layer
-channels for wires/balls

Not done or non-functional:
-wings (the attachments are screwed up and the robe isn't stiff enough to hold them up...)
-shoes/boots ... I know how I want to do them, but the time and the frustration were getting to me so I did everything else first
-bags/purses of any kind... one of those things I wanted to do once I got Kiyomori done... which never happened.


Sep. 10th, 2009 02:13 am
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Productive day was productive. (Wednesday) I could maybe be done now if monday and tuesday hadn't been what they were. Oh how I wish.

Progress today:
-white layer fully aseembled (including collar cover)
-purple layer body and neck band assembled - sleeves need lining or binding and then to be attached.
-fastener attached to yellow layer
(Damn, that looks a lot less impressive on paper - it means 3 out of 5 major Kiyomori pieces are done!)

Left for tomorrow (later today):
-Kiyomori obi
-wire channels sewn into yellow robe.
-attach snaps for wings to yellow robe (<-- do this before wires?)
-attach snaps for shoulders to Masaomi.
-boot covers/shoes for kiyomori
-Style Kiyomori wig, pack Tomomori wig
-ribbon ties onto Kiyomori's crown
-return unused supplies.
-assemble emergency repair kit, extra fabrics, etc. Pack.
*Test fit all, discuss choreography, plan makeup, take a few photos?

........ organize and print progress materials... halfass scrapbook. FAST.

I'm starting to have this feeling... like... how much extra money would I have if I didn't sink all my money into this hobby? Really, is it even worth it? Is anyone besides me getting any enjoyment out of it at all? Would I really miss it if I went back to making one costume every year or two just for myself?


Sep. 8th, 2009 11:21 am
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Didn't keep my phone on me, so missed out on about half of truck. :3 Looks much more managable than I was afraid of though. Also got my first friend on Cosplay Atrchive. The site is still incredibly difficult to use, but I did find the search photo feature that actually works!

The photo collections are mostly memberz only, but they're worth it. Like 'Zomi, Saku, Chibi-Hakuryu and seven of eight Hachiyou. Not the highest quality costumes, but still an awesome group. :D
Also, I may start stalking (or try to friend) their Saku. I just need to compose a message that doesn't sound wierd and update my profile to look less lame. After NDK. >.<

Progess since this morning
-washed some laundry!
-sleeves attached to Kiyomori's yellow robe
-made frogs/closures for Kiyomori's robe (need a color consult before attaching)

Now back off to work. Then two whole days to pull this nonsense together before con. o.o;;
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In poking at my PS3 video stash, I decided (after two episodes of Maoh) to watch "Doukyuusei". If I thought "Taiikukan Baby" was depressing.... man was I not prepared for this. Both are very serious stories and very much better made than some of the BL movies I've seen. "Doukyuusei" isn't BL at all actually, but it's some of the same characters in two different versions of the same period of time... so, I feel like it was enough involved with "Taiikukan Baby" to count under the same production values.

-Yellow Upper body interfaced
-Yellow neck band on
-Channels made to attach to lining of the Yellow (will go on by hand)
-Tomomori neck fasteners made and put on

Is the con really only two days away? ;_; I'm doomed.

Anyway. Sleep for a few hours now. Then go get Jess from the sleep study place and then run some laundry and work more on Kiyomori until it's time to go in to work for truck. THEN come back and close. And make things look pretty for The Boss. I hope. Why do I agree to these things? Seriously!

Post NDK, I need a serious icon overhaul. My current collection is just not really conducive to my current interests and moods.

Slow going

Sep. 7th, 2009 01:54 am
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-Pants cut and sewn, just need elastic, ankle ties and bottom hems.
-White sleeves lined and finished. Need a body and neckband to attach to.
-Purple layer still in yardage
-Need white satin for boot covers and to fit them to some size 9 flipflops.
-found perfect wire for floating balls. need to set channels for wires into yellow lining.

Not /my/ progress, but the wings and crown are looking /gorgeous/. If we had psychic powers to levetate them, they would be almost done. XD

I love Project Runway.

Predictably, I picked up a shift on Tuesday (when I should already be on costume crunch PTO). Anyway. Very very tired now. Hopefully the motivation will come back tomorrow.
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There is Drama in fandom again... though this time I just find it vaguely frustrating. For anyone concerned, there are articles here and the purpose statement of the... insigators? is here. On the one hand, reading their statement, I see what they are trying to do and why Fandom can't handle it. Fandom is intensely insular and defensive of it's community and culture. So despite their claims, I really don't feel fandom can or should be used to analyze the mind in the way that they are implying.

We got more coats of paint on Kiyomori's balls and jewels and wings today, and I survived work! Yay!
Tomorrow morning I sew and then I need to start working on the craftsmanship forms. They're due thursday.
Also, my mom cut about 7 inches off my hair. And I'm thinking about taking off more. This is an epic step forward!
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Yes those are three bicycles in the drive through at Taco Bell. Which could actually be kinda cool, until they took off before the window and left the poor girl making three drinks for no one. I'm hoping the one on the left was going for irony when he chose his shirt; the back reads "Service Integrity Excellence".
If you could read it, I might actually try to put it on failblog or something.

Pretty good progress today. Screen printing was working great, but I may actually have discovered the limits of repeated printing with a single screen. The wings are deffinitely wings though and it's very exciting. ^_^
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I got a little less done today than I'd hoped, but I did FINALLY watch AAA2009 in Tokyo. *_* I am in love ALL OVER AGAIN. As much as I can tell muself that I'm over it, it wasn't anyone else that I listened to to calm down and sleep when I was panicing over costumes last week; it wasn't anyone elses concert that I watched on my iPod Sunday at work to keep me from crying or murdering someone. Arashi never cease to entertain me. Watching them perform, in concerts and in varieties (AND dramas) are all fascinating to me. Plus they're beautiful. The biggest dissapointment of the show was probably Nino /not/ singing Gimmick Game, but the rest of it (like "Hip-Pop Boogie") very much made up for the lack. ALSO, the costumes were much much better this time around... even the first two super-neon outfits weren't that bad.

-White sleeves cut and edges melted (will have to do the body for mouse out of a different fabric, since there's barely enough for Corina's size, maybe >.>)
-Yellow sleeves lined and finished
-Yellow body lining cut and assembled (needs sewn to body and then turned and finished so neckband and sleeves can be attached) [[Note to self that neckband should be sewn on to the inside first, so that the horsehair braid ends up closer to the outside than the inside. Learned that on Tomomori.]

Considering apping Caboose on Paradisa now. I should probably sleep on that before I start to think it's too good of an idea. XD
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- Carpets cleaned (Jess was right, it took us two hours to clear the floor last nigh and them 10 minutes to clean it.
- imported recently-played lists into and got it to suck less!
- Too much sleep-apartment somewhat reassembled from carpet cleaning

- checked fan for Tomomori after painting last night... It's not perfect, but it's a start and it will pass if need be
- finished printing on body pieces and am now working on sleeves for the Noshi/Kariginu/thing
- have assigned other geniuses to figuring out wings
- chose BGM for walk on (first 50 seconds of the Haruka 4 opening is almost exactly the right length (45 secs) and has a proper tone and such. Also, sneaky former-Myu-boy pimping. :D
-started choosing potential songs for karaoke (probably not competition)

(Also, today I learned that slash fandom is older than me but not by very much. Granted, I wasn't into slash as soon as I was born, but still... it's always wierd to realize after the fact that you were actually there in the kindof early days of something. Lurking. And not contributing at all. Ah, my life.
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[[**EDIT: I need music suggestions for our walk on! Traditional robes, but two of us are warriors, so maybe something a bit battle-y? Anyone?**]]

NDK is in 22 days people! Are you panicking yet?
Time for lists. Of things to do before NDK and things I may NOT do.

Projects: Tomomori, Kiyomori, Etc. )

Only in my wildest fantasies will I possibly have time to work on him, and even if I did it wouldn't be up to my standards for competition.... anyway. >.>
すばらしきこのせかい(The World Ends With You)
Starting it doesn't mean you should keep playing it. Really. It can wait for con, you always need things to do in line and at night anyway.
Pokemon, Rock Band, Little Big Planet, 遙かなる時空の中で-夢浮橋-
Video games of any kind really? Not nearly as productive as you think they are. Get over it.
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Multiple cuts is so much work....

Day 6 complete and now I get a whole day off!
Work Today )

Since several people have asked, things are much better at my store. And will be even more better soon. I did talk with my boss a bit, and we appear to have settled things. With Inventory and the RVP visit over with for now, we're all hoping things will settle for a while, though it is August, so the roughest quarter of the year is still ahead of us.

I'm at a pretty much total standstill on Kiyomori... mostly because I broke the rhythm I had going and am a bit nervous to start back up. I /did/ however, get a couple yards of a /beautiful/ white brocade at the ARC last week and think it will work much better than what I had for his white layer. Additionally, we got in some new houndstooth suitings at work, so I have a new possibility for P4 costumes. Though I'm tempted to try to just throw together their casual outfits and buy wigs instead.

That pretty much covers my life updates. More tomorrow since I won't have work to distract me. :D

On an unrelated note, Corina and I figured out that the Heike memorial site thing I linked to before is most likely actually way way south at 赤間神宮, near the site of the Dan-no-Ura battle. Too far for her to see.

Also also, Random Mainichi Shinbun Rant )
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I ran out of fabric paint two hours ago, and I could have gone to sleep once I cleaned up my mess... but since I'm trying to shift my sleep to make me not insanely exhausted for inventory on friday, I seem to have some spare internet time on my hands. So today... have some random notes about.... the Taira!

Rambling. Some historically acurate and some not. )

Oh no!

Aug. 5th, 2009 02:28 am
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I'm updating again? Woah.

Some random things:
-[profile] starlit_dragon is in Japan, so 2/3 of the people I see most often outside of work are now there. I hung out with by Brother on monday night to make up for this. :D
-AX: MoriMori's hair, woah! I still always expect him to be blonde. (Photo was from [profile] double_dear. Yell at me if it's a problem to post it here.)
-NDK: It's that time of year in my store.... and it makes me panicy ever time a cosplayer talks to me. I'm like 'Aaaah, costumes aren't done!'.... even though two of mine totally are.

Thanks to the people who gave me feedback on the work-related letter I posted the other day. (Not everyone saw it, so ignore this if you didn't) Work has been better this week so far... and hopfully we'll get back into the nice balance that we've had historically really soon.
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I've been on a long break from LJ. Still reading and loving you all very much, but taking the time to post just hasn't happened.

Lots has happened in the last month. Tomomori got finished a couple weeks later than I'd planned (obi and all accessories are done though - except the necklace). I ended up gold-leafing the shirt with a technique that I saw in one of my quilting books. I looks amazing, but I'm not 100% sure that it will hold up to intensive wear. Anyway, since I'm already behind schedule, I've moved on to Kiyomori. Sunday night I got the body pieces for his outer robe cut out, and in the next day or two I'll be printing it. I carved a linoleum block with the design and tests with fabric paint look good to print it on the poplin.

I'm fiddling with the file format on the external a little to let the PS3 see all my files. It's really flipping awesome to go straight from the PS3 browser to my video files. This afternoon, I finally took a moment to start on Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru (First Half) )

Had to pause in the middle for new Recreation. Which was awesome.

And now it's another two days gone even since I tryped this. Work is crazy since inventory is next week and then the RVP visits the week after.
Anyway. Good night LJ.
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First: Yudu Screenprinting Machine
And why I will be buying one )

More Cosplayer Reviews - Kiyomori and Kagetoki )

[Edit: Then I found Tomomori too...] )

[Edit Edit: Sorry for badly borked html. All better now, except for a couple of pictures that I haven't uploaded yet.]
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Did nothing today.
Blah work splorge

Did decide on a fabric set for Kiyomori that I am very pleased with. Now to find a really big wood block and make a giant stamp. Why yes, I have lost my mind, thank you for asking.

Lots of painting done last night (most of the back panel) but still no photos to post.... and tonight... was a bust for accomplishing anything.

My brain is so dead that that's all you get. Sorry.
Mmm. Leader.
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My job was too easy today.
Truck was done by 8 and fabric was almost entirely done by 2 pm. Seriously?
The district is made of crazy though. And Friday will be lame no matter what DTL does.

I spent the day thinking about Masaomi. I even made it out to the Mill and picked up some lining material for the bolero.
At home, [profile] ladyofthegate had decided to make herself crazy by thinking about Tomomori's armor again. We have some new thoughts and will be trying different techniques than expected. Of course, having been out by the Mill, I brought [profile] nonny_chan back with me and in a stroke of divine (or not so) inspiration, we decided that she would be a fabulous Kiyomori. So, after a lot of plotting and book examination, we went off to kinko's to make some additional reference copies and get a reference folder started for Kiyomori.
Even if he's not done for this year NDK, there's always the year that we have full armor for Tomomori and Masaomi. I think I can handle all three though. Especially is I succeed in my goal of getting Masaomi done by the end of February.
I could proceed to do some babbling about 夢浮橋 Special and Shigehira (I bought the PERFECT color and texture for his pants before there even /was/ a canon reference picture!) and Kiyomori and all the various things that my head is full of. But I'm really rather tired and still need to pack a bentou for tomorrow. So. Away from the internets I go.

Today's survival brought to you by "Higher and Higher, "Type wa D" and "Hip Pop Boogie".


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