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I have fallen off the face of the earth for the last few days, but wanted to post quickly.
Mostly I've been working, sewing and sleeping.
My costume progress is being continually updated over here, for anyone who is interested.

Work is very worky, but we're doing well. This is our long-time RTL's last week at our store, so there's a lot of learning and training going on.

Anyway, I need to drop store mail and then head in to close. I'm around by phone if people need me. If not, I'll see the PG-related people at next weeks meeting, the work-related people at work and everyone else.... when time allows.

Happy Late Valentines. ^_^
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I kept putting off a new years post and now all you get is one full of memes.

I love this man. And am so sad that the stupid fangirls had to ruin the whole commenting thing for all of us. New Years was exactly the sort of day when I really really wanted to leave a comment for him.

And then the promised memes. One I stole from [profile] dilettantka...
Fandome Meme )

Also, the real life-y one I ganked from [profile] xrqz2493.
Read more... )

Am rather worried about the whole 'half of LJ staff fired' business. Sad times for all.
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Merry Christmas again to everyone!

Today I learned that "Truth" was the Oricon #1 single for 2008. "One Love" was #2! Also, "Beautiful Days" was at 10 and "Step and Go" was 12.
And more of my artists were in the top 100 too! )

Also, speaking of the love(s) of my life...
If I tried to keep track of all of this, I would die.
Arashi MCing Johnny's countdown again this year. I know what I'll be spending the 1st-4th on. ^__^
And where can I get that Jan issue of Non-No? I neeeds it, precious.

Anyway.... >.> I'm supposed to call Arella and see about going out for brunch. Should shower and do that.
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Taking today to sew and work on presents and hopefully not spend anymore money. >.>
And also, hopefully to finish up Maoh.

That will probably lead to the inevitable ranting that comes with the end of a TBS 金曜ドラマ (I finished Ryuusei no Kizuna last night - LOVE!).

I might even remember to eat and fix my taillight. Though again with how that costs money. >.>
Now to put on a sweater and hook Damien and my external up to the TV. Fun times.

A couple of reccomendations before I forget: (Warning for lots of Fic and Yaoi) )
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Just some random fluff for today.

Work... >.> I don't even know where to start. At least the boss seems to think that she'll be able to keep working through this knee thing. 'Working' meaning keeping up on her office paperwork at this point... but as long as she's around I feel better.
Truck was today and freezing cold. We don't have nearly enough merchandise in the store. I think I may need to make a trip to Greely tomorrow to steal some fabric. It's getting scary out there.

I found an awesome Amazon Podcast with Tim Gunn and JMS: (it also made me miss the country music that I used to hear at work all the time... which was a little odd.

There is not enough time until Christmas and I'm a little scared. People may get late presents from me. Again. >.>
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Had a good (if unproductive) Thanksgiving Day yesterday. Filled with tasty foods and warm kitty snuggles.

Black Friday went smoother this year than last. And I've very optomistic about our sales for the day. Assuming it keeps it up through 9 pm. Not totally impossible, given the flow of the day so far. I also totally resisted buying fabric and did a bit of plotting for people's Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice presents.

Now to sort out my sewing messes and get something accomplished today. I swapped with Shawna for tomorrow so that I can have dinner with Mom-tachi. Still have yet to message Sensei and tell her how things are going. Hopefully she's doing all right.
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Already three days late, I know. XD

For days all I've wanted to do is write and send proper 年賀状 (Japanese new year's cards). I didn't get them together this year, but I think I'll try harder for next. Even if it takes some explanation, there's a feeling of 'Thank you for all you did for me last year. I look forward to working with you again this year.' That I just... want to convey to people.
See, even that phrasing is bad.

I posted over at [profile] mayachan first. I blame [profile] doori_blog for my writing style in Japanese.
English feels awkward this morning.
I went to work at 7:30. Which turned out to be pointless, since I close. >_>;;

That's all.
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Home from work, off to mother's house of dubious internet.
Love you all very much. Especially Nikki (whose package got here today) and Jess (who must have signed for it. ^_^).

I wish everyone on my flist a wonderful Christmas in whatever way you choose to spend the day.
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July 2-3, 2007
My original post from a week ago )

July 4th, 2007
Celebrating america's brithday with bishounen )

July 5
Characters who /actually/ win )

July 7
Work and Music )

Oh, Important thing! It's Tanabata!
Well... sorta. It's 7/7 but Tanabata is supposed to be the 7th day of the 7th /lunar/ month... which is closer to 8/7. But there are celebarations on all three days in different places so there. My boys want to dress up in Yukata and make wishes now.
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Merry Cristmas to all! (Or otherwise Good Morning on a joyous nondenominational day off ^^)

Today has so far been a lot more fun than I expected. I didn't get mom's present done yet. And I've still got stuff to wrap and send late to the California group and Robert. I was too afraid last night to actually cut the slinky stuff for mom's jacket (plus it took forever to find my bobbin case XD). I did get some minor cleaning done in the sewing room and got Arella's stuff finished up. Also listened to a reading of "A Christmas Carol" on KUNC and then to music, which made me feel infinitely better. I had a nice time plotting some quilt blocks for pillows once my brain died, and had a nice chat with Nate as well (hope some sleep cheered you up babe, smile~!).

Got up this morning feeling well and headed over to Kimball for Christmas breakfast. There was french toast and bacon, and talk of random politics. After breakfast we opened presents! I got a new scarf (mmm, softy homespun yarn~<3), two shirts (one really nice one for work!), a new coat (to replace my ghetto trench ^__^), and the most fabulous pair of leather gloves. Plus, there were socks in my stocking! Along with delicious chocolates and a mini-snow globe with Aslan in it~!

In cleaning my car the other day, I found the card that I had for my mother ages ago, and it's still perfect, so at least I have something to give her for today. I was also glad because I finished and wrapped Arella's presents last night, and she loved them. She was thrilled with the scrapbooking stuff, and I'm quite pleased with how the scarf came out. ^_^

Arella's out at a meeting now, but still wants to do stuff when she comes back, so I'm hanging out for a bit while mom chills with Greg, I guess the other stuff 'Rel and mom have to do isn't until later tonight, so I'm happy.

So this is a warm thank you and holiday greeting to everyone on my flist, for always being there. I love you guys, I hope the next year will be every bit as good or better for all of us than the last. *hugs*
(Oh yeah, and lots of you will be getting presents over the next few days, since I'm unprepared and won't see you guys today.)

Maya's Songs of the Moment - 12.25.2005 )
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As I was the only one privy to my private entry last night, I don't expect this to matter to much of anyone. Suffice it to say that I was in a very bad place a few hours ago, and since that led to insomnia, I'm not in an entirely better place now. For the first time in my life this morning I felt terribly, terribly old. And without the benefits of sleep, my attitude has not improved as much as I would like.

But, as it stands, it is thanksgiving morning and that deserves a positive outlook.

This year, this week, this day, this moment, I am thankful...
...that I have friends with whom to share both troubles and joys.
...that I will see some part of my family today.

...that I am blessed with the strength to keep trying and that I have been surrounded with support no matter how often I fail.

...that the sun will always rise on another day, another blue sky, and a chance to make things right.

...for Japanese Dramas and thier constant message to never give up (Waterboys).
...for Shirota Yuu, Kimeru, Sakamoto Maaya, Do As Infinity and Takahashi Naozumi, whose voices give me solace and joy.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. May your day be filled with warmth and friendship.
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Well, in a few hours, but I'm prolly not gonna do anything untill or after then. Hmm.
In the past 24 hours I've watched:
Perfect Blue (dubbed)
X Episode 0
Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-3 (So much Megumi Ogata that my life is just better... and Ishida Akira! And Toshihiko Seki! Wai!)
My computer is not exploding, which is a nice change of pace. I'm not doing much for New Years...
I'm getting ready to leave on the 5th. I'm not sure I should, but I told Carol that I would so I guess I will. Driving in the bay area without Austin or mom will be wierd... very wierd.
I've been doing caligraphy and working on a letter to my host faimily from japan (which I need to beg on of the ni-nen-sei to grammer chack for me... because I know what I'm trying to say, but not how to say it always.
I'm also working on Angelique (work... heh) and getting ahead for next semester japanese. My mother told Dad and Carol about my grades... and I'm not dead yet, so maybe they're waiting untill I get there to kill me... I don't know. And I'm begining to get the feeling that I won't get to meet Zero because Kat'll bring her up here after I'm gone...
Not getting all self-pitying right now. Not whining. Done.
Happy New Years all!
Bishonen: Kamui
Bishojo: Hokuto


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