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It's been a long time since I looked at any of the Arashi shows except the occasional episodes of VS.
I watched one episode of Himitsu tonight. And have a few comments:
Jun's hair is gorgeous right now. I want to run my fingers through it. >.>
Leader's tan has mellowed out or the makeup artists are doing a better job of covering it. Which is pretty awesome.
Nino is unchanging, but obviously still more awkward on Himitsu. I do love him in VS, he just has the strategy down and is so much fun to watch.
And Aiba... is pretty much still just generic. It's sad that he doesn't get more hosting duties, but he's not as eloquent as Sho, and since the new Himitsu format, they have that taken care of with the ladies. He's a sweet kid, but there's a level of strange awkwardness to him in some of these eposodes that just... confuses me a little.
Sho, Sho, Sho... is just Sho. Expert host, great at hamming it up at appropriate moments, and still looking sweetly embarrassed by the concept of girly things of any sort.

Anyway.... sleep now, and more love for Arashi later. There's always a later.
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Yes, it's 4 am.
Obi is done and despite my uncertainty about the size of the interfacing insert it came out /really/ well. Deffinitely putting remaking Benkei's obi in this style on my list for the future.
Tomorrow is for tabi and fans and wig trimming, etc. Then hopefully time to start on Kagetoki repairs. And the scarf! Which means setting up my serger. Damn, must not forget about that! I'm hoping for a late truck on tuesday, but I'll have to call and see. ^^;

At least the hand-hemming and putting in the ties on the obi gave me time to catch up on VS Arashi and Himitsu (last week).
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Between all that, I finished up our Workmanship forms and worked a little on the scrapbooking portion of the Kajiwara-kyoudai Project. I'm taking the book with us for reference and putting my name and cell number on it. I know they say that you might not get it back but... she was really good with my reference stuff two years ago. If I feel insecure about it I'll only leave them the swatch cards.

[Edit: 6:15 am - I have a lovely straight-edged strip of chiffon to work with for the scarf and I'm caught up to Himitsu 21 and AnS 99 (damn, but I want to see 24-hour Terebi... like NOW) I'm thinking I might not even bother to surge the damn scarf if it gives me too much trouble. We'll see.
Time for some sleep now, though I need to get up at a reasonable hour and get back to work on things.
*sniffles* Damn them for playing Nino's whole letter to the group and damn them for using 'Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi'... I'm not exactly strong against those things at the best of times and at 6 in the morning? ;_;]

Free Day

Aug. 21st, 2008 11:45 pm
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VS 19
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Music Lovers
The performances were good. But the best thing? Sho's fake Jeans. Seriously! best idea EVER. ^___^ Dork.

I could go on about Maoh 7 and how much I just wanted to give Naruse a big hug and pet him... but that would be silly. Anyone with feelings about this episode, please comment, I need me some Maoh fangirling.

Costume Progress for today
-four more designs done. Finishing off the back of the kimono. We learned that Maya should /not/ try to reformat the flower part of the design. (pictures of failure to come later)
-also took lots of progress pics and hopefully didn't mess up my wrist too bad. It was really hurting earlier.

Himitsu 19
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We moved Hokuto today too (they're repaving the parking lot, so we had too), and got the stereo out. She's on the street now, so hopefully I'll call the junk yard people early next week. I'll miss her sometimes. :3

Also! Jess finished Avatar tonight! The ending is just as awesome the second time around.

I failed to do laundry tonight though.... which means I have no clothes to wear to work tomorrow... crap.


Jul. 18th, 2008 01:02 am
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Sleep had.
Work survived.
Played some WiiFit (not enough) and some Brawl.
Downloads of Avatar 3x16 and Himitsu no Arashi-chan 15 are done.
Very excited for new Maoh tomorrow.

Now to sleep.
Damn work in 6.5 hours.
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For some reason, it's Himitsu that I can't go an episode without commenting on.

Himitsu no Arashi-chan - Episode 14 )

Damnit... I want baby snuggles again. I'll have to try to call and see if I can pick up Mira and Aaron for a while tomorrow. Between whenever Karen wakes me up and when Nikki's ready for shiny stuff.

In other news, I played way too much MarioKart today. I still love my Wii. That is all.

[Edit: Also, Maoh Ep. 1. 4:20-4:35. It's only fifteen seconds, but the rhythm and the imagery... so very lovely. The whole scene that follows in the dark room is good too of course but the more I watch that scene (quite a few times now) the more I like how simple and symbolic it was. How much it tells you about Naruse's character. Yes, I'm philosophizing over the shower scene. Let it go.]
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I downloaded HnA 11.
I made it through the first 2 minutes of the second half before I was squeeking and flailing at them.
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In short, this show has no /idea/ what to do with itself.
And taunting Jun isn't /always/ a good thing.
I wonder how Nino is fending off the murder attempts and hired assassins. :3

HnA 10

Jun. 14th, 2008 01:53 am
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I wasn't going to post. I was just going to die on the inside silently in my apartment.
Because the rediculousness of Aiba stalking gals around the Japanese countryside is beyond my ability to contain.
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秘密のアラシちゃん 第9番
I really don't have any words left to describe this week's episode of HnA. The fact that they snuck this on Jun astounds me. the fact that he didn't appear to be attempting to kill any of them is almost more surprising. Anyway, I babbled a lot underneath the cut.
HnA - 9 - 'Hana yori MatsuJun ~LoveLove Attack Plan~' )

I blame Nino. And Sho. And Aiba because only Aiba naming sense could have created this monster. Leader is off the hook because he doesn't have a scheming bone in his bendy little body.

Also, can I take this time to say: Black hair is hot. Perms are not. Done.
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Caught up on some missed shows as part of trying to decompress a bit tonight.

VS Arashi 6+7
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Himitsu no Arashi-chan 6+7
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I also took the chance of tonight to finish Jun's appearance on 99+. He gets /so/ worked up and excited about high places. Seriously.
Also! Suwabe /so/ narrates this show! I even checked the credits. It's totally him. >.> I shouldn't be considering downloading more of it just to hear more of his soft polite announcer voice. Definitely not. Idea canceled.
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So... I can't sleep again.
This is my own fault for sleeping too long the past four days.
And in rewatching things (Read: TFP2) I find myself wondering things like:
-What the hell kind of game would 'Zombies vs Kyuukyuusha' be!?
-Did Jun really admit on national television to 'often not making it to the bed and passing out on the floor' as an explanation for why he wants a sofa?

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I really really love Nino. "Gimmick Game" is the only song on "Dream 'A' Live" that caught my attention. Including Leader's, which is good, but not as awesome as any of the other three of his that I know.

I also finally sucked it up and DLed another ep of Himitsu no Arashi-chan.
The premiere didn't catch me, and so I ignored it until now. I'm glad I came back.
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ARASHI~! Why do I love you so much!?
Thank you HnAc for suitably supplementing an already dangerous addiction.


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