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Because I know I will re-read this blog someday, and other things I've written here have made me feel better in bad times, so here's another one.

You there.
Have you been to the gym lately?
Have you gone out dancing?
Did you go yesterday?
Have you gone yet today?
GO. Now.
Seriously, half an hour of cardio and a few minutes of weights will make you feel sooo much better. Also, you can shower after and it feels amazing.
Just do it.
Stop your bitching. Take some podfic and go.
You /will/ feel better.
You'll feel like a grown up.
would want you to.
Have a good night.
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Just got back from the gym. I did a full 28 minutes on the eliptical tonight. I started the Taipei concert at "Himitsu" and made it all the way through "Blue". The pace of the concert is great to keep you going and the timing is right that I kept wanting to push on through one more song.
So this rant is mingled babble about music and working out. )

Tomorrow I want to turn on the wiifit and log a fitness test, but before that I'm thinking bed and sleepies. Yay.

There's this jacket on my couch. >.> I need thread to match the binding. Must get done tomorrow. Pants too.
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I'm... tense.
I think that's the right word. I feel like I can't stop thinking, even though I'm exhausted and don't want to think about things at all.

I need to stop looking at stuff about tours/concerts/appearances/performances by my idols. It makes me feel... lonely. Small. Needy. Like... what am I doing wrong in my life that I can't plan like these other people can and get out there to see things. I just... it's been so long since I've been in Japan. And it's hard sometimes. Knowing that if I was braver or a stronger person, with more self-control, I could be there doing these things. I could be seeing these things live, really, and not just sitting here trying to live vicariously.

At the same time, I know I should be incredibly grateful for what I have, which is so much more freedom and shininess than a lot of people get. I AM greatful. I know that I'm lucky. I'm just... having one of those days.

And I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for the first time in like... two years. Starting with blood work. I still hate needles, and I'm not all that fond of doctors and I really really don't want to be told all the things that I already know are wrong with my body and lifestyle.

[Edit: "Beautiful Days" is making me cry. Damn hormones and lack of sleep.]


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