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That's right kids, costume research time has come again. Because it's only 4.5 months now until memorial day... and less than that to earlier cons. So here are some thoughts and plans that I'm working on right now:

Hinoe ~Izayoiki~
For Cally, likely for Fanime 2010. There is /no/ reference for him on the internet (besides this), so here are some cosplayers:
- First, anything I produce will be more accrate than this.
- This girl has a lovely pdf slideshow.
- This girl is just lovely on her own. Later on, I envy her lining material. (Also, for [personal profile] baranoneko, there's a Hinoe/Nozomi sequence on this page that you might enjoy. ^_^)

Persona 4
Character allocation and reference searches to come later

TWEWY Costumes (Likely for NDK 2010)
Current thoughts are:
- [profile] ladyofthegate = Minamimoto (who already has one awesome cosplayer I found), Kariya or Neku
- [personal profile] setra = A support reaper. (No one wants to be 777 for me or else I could be a /named/ support reaper. :( (They look the same))
- [personal profile] calhale = Joshua?
- [profile] starlit_dragon = Reaper Beat? (I'm pushing for Rhyme instead because...)
- My Brother Robert = Beat
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And it keeps getting bigger. Damn money.
I had the realization today that I basically fell out of most of my music fandoms around 2006. And that was a LONG TIME AGO. >.>
This is basically a giant selfish shopping list. I have no intention of buying /all/ of it, but it makes a good reminder to myself of the /way/ too much stuff that I want to own someday. And this is without Myus and other exclusive DVDs (like Maria Magdalena ;_;) that would take more work than a CDJapan search to source and buy. >.>
LONG List of Happiness Ensues )
- Yagyuu's Solo Single must be included on principle.
- As does Faith, the Kite album I somehow forgot about the existence of.
- Owaranai Ai (the second Rikkai Young Kan single)
- Last Songs (I forgot about all my buchou's albums apparently. >.>)
- Churu Uta is also sold out. I feel like a bad person for not owning it.
- Trick, Fake, or Truth is the same situation. ;_; Noooo~

And yes, we did end up watching a pile of Seiyuu events and other things tonight that started me feeling nostalgic and out of touch with my fandoms. And yes that did get a bit rambly and overwhelmed with TeniPuri at the end. Sorry. >.>

Other than that, I've been so quiet online because I've been working tons, playing Pokemon, Assassin's Creed and TWEWY a lot and actually hanging out with people in real life. I've seen more of my family in the last three weeks than in the three months prior to that too, which is awesome, but means less babbling time on my LJ.

Hope everyone is well and has not frozen into popsicles in this crazy winter yet. Happy Holidays to all~!
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Is a funny, funny thing. Work tonight reminded me that sometimes I freak out about the strangest things.
And then I can spend a whole evening with random distractions... like Akram.

I just about died when I saw this:
and photos from the latest Neoromace Stage:

Also, if tentative thoughts about AO next year come through, i may have an excuse to make Haruka2-version....

Anyway. Sleep now. Sewing tomorrow. Ick, Kiyomori.
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When we got back from dinner tonight, I realized that I..... could do whatever I wanted. So I went off on a new search for kariginu to actually see how the heck they work. One way or another, I found Bokunan.
Which... was not the most useful thing ever... but then I looked at the other things they had, including maeita and the imitation inner collars to line up your layers too. (Undergarments too!) It also looks like they do custom orders, leaving me hopeful as to my ability to get kimono hangers or other accessories.

Anyway... back to Tomomori research. And then to the gym.
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Picked up my boots for Masaomi today. LOVE THEM.
Jacket has all four armor panels attached and 16 out of 28 buttons sewn on. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow night after work. When I think about it, the sheer number of steps involved int he construction of this coat are mind-boggling. Anyway... I get friday off in addition to my weekend again, so pants then, if not sooner and then Masaomi will be DONE. (Unless I finish my chest-binder, which I want to, but it'll be all-purpose, not just for Masaomi.)

Because I may forget some steps... here's how I made the coat: )

The Boss gave me a couple extra days off before I leave for the con too, so getting Nozomi's patch, Saku's sleeves and Benkei's obi done shouldn't be too much of a problem either. The challenge will be if I decide to remake Benkei's cloak, since the applique will take a while. The materials are all there though so... *shrugs* It's worth a try.

(Finished Uta no Onii-san tonight. Liked the ending well enough, and the performance was great of course, but.... well... I felt a little let down. I mean, I squeed more when Sho guest-stared. In fact, I think I may he been more excited by the mysterious-looking preview for the show that starts next week. It has another of my boys in it. ^_^)
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There will be new TeniPuri games. For the DS. "Doubles no Oujisama" 'Girls, Be Grecious' (with female PC) and 'Boys, Be Glorious' (with male PC).
I need want Girls-side for Tezuka and Kura. I want Boys-side for Fuji and Sanada. But what I really want to know is: WHERE IS THE HIGA!? (Also, why no Zaizen, Konami? What did the punk ever do to you?).
The game seems to be about a 'street doubles tournament'. You get to play doubles with your chosen partner and you control the flow of the tennis by gaining the catchphrases (and moves) of other characters. Anyway... they're on my list now. And if I happen to stumble across a million dollars, I may try to get both just so I can have the super-special talk CD with Ryoma plus BUCHOU(s) (Including Kite, so WTH Konami?). (Even though you get the CD by mail order and I am not in Japan. ;_; So sad.)
Prior to purchasing either of those though, I really really want Haruka 3 plus Izayoiki for PSP. It's cheaper on, but they won't ship it to me in America. Because they're jerks.

Unfortunately both fall a sad second place to my screen printer. Which I get to order on monday, I think. So excited. Oh yes. I may end up running my own IST that same day just so that I can pick it up and pay at my store. We'll see.
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First: Yudu Screenprinting Machine
And why I will be buying one )

More Cosplayer Reviews - Kiyomori and Kagetoki )

[Edit: Then I found Tomomori too...] )

[Edit Edit: Sorry for badly borked html. All better now, except for a couple of pictures that I haven't uploaded yet.]

Le sigh.

Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:26 pm
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I think... that I may be done with the base design layer of Masaomi.
If you want all the gritty details and whining, here you go. )

For the second time in my life, I really really want to purchase a proper kimono rack. They make ones that break down and aren't super-pretty for not all that expensive. On the other hand... how often do I really need it? On the other other hand, how many damned Haruka costumes are in my future?

[EDIT: *cries* NEEEEEEEED. I knew they'd hook me into buying a PSP (or stealing Jess's) somehow. Why must you kill me so, Koei?!]
[EDIT EDIT: And that whole 'Buy all three and get a calendar and other fabulous prizes campaign'? Really Koei? You're a bunch of bastards. You /know/ I don't need Forte. :| But I /do/ need a calendar. Hn.]
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8 more flowers painted today. 4 of them have gold outlining now.
That's both sleeves and both front panels done, leaving me only the body. -.-;; Have been putting off the body since it is /huge/.
Still, they're looking pretty good.

Today we also:
-got fabric for Tomomori's Izayoiki pants
-got some swatches for Kiyomori and Shigehira.
-printed out some pictures at Walmart
-(I found out where Julie/Kairi works!)
-ordered frosted blonde wigs for Tomomori and Shigehira
-ordered boots for Tomomori from Life of the Party
-got experimental materials for Tomomori's armor
-watched the Maihitoyo stage play. (Actually quite good! Am very much looking forward to the new one!)

Now for sleepy times. My eyes are tired and my back is all tence again.
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My job was too easy today.
Truck was done by 8 and fabric was almost entirely done by 2 pm. Seriously?
The district is made of crazy though. And Friday will be lame no matter what DTL does.

I spent the day thinking about Masaomi. I even made it out to the Mill and picked up some lining material for the bolero.
At home, [profile] ladyofthegate had decided to make herself crazy by thinking about Tomomori's armor again. We have some new thoughts and will be trying different techniques than expected. Of course, having been out by the Mill, I brought [profile] nonny_chan back with me and in a stroke of divine (or not so) inspiration, we decided that she would be a fabulous Kiyomori. So, after a lot of plotting and book examination, we went off to kinko's to make some additional reference copies and get a reference folder started for Kiyomori.
Even if he's not done for this year NDK, there's always the year that we have full armor for Tomomori and Masaomi. I think I can handle all three though. Especially is I succeed in my goal of getting Masaomi done by the end of February.
I could proceed to do some babbling about 夢浮橋 Special and Shigehira (I bought the PERFECT color and texture for his pants before there even /was/ a canon reference picture!) and Kiyomori and all the various things that my head is full of. But I'm really rather tired and still need to pack a bentou for tomorrow. So. Away from the internets I go.

Today's survival brought to you by "Higher and Higher, "Type wa D" and "Hip Pop Boogie".
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I managed to make it to 1672, and through their whole audit in only about three hours or so. Overlooked a lot of things probably, but if DTL wants to send me away from my store on my days off, that's what she gets. 1672 was by far the worst recovery I've ever seen in a store. It was only better than 1010 by maybe a touch, and only because it's a little smaller. I can't imagine it used to look like that when /my/ STL was there... but maybe that's why she went crazy there.

I also managed while there to find almost all the fabrics that sensei needed for the play. Tomorrow I have to call her to do a phone charge for the remaining fabrics and figure out who she needs me to give them to.

Once home, I finished all four of the blue wings and two of the white for Moth. Tomorrow night is set aside for Firefly and more sewing. I am more in love with my serger all the time, and now that I'm getting used to it, I think we'll get along just fine.

I found the Yoshitsune taiga drama from a couple of years back on Jdramas. Hardsubbed! So I'm thinking I'll be trying to actually pay attention and watch it. It may not be a lot closer to real history than Haruka 3, but it's amazing costume and dialect reference.

We're also set up for a great couple of chats coming up in one of my favorite D1 AUs, so that's exciting as well.

It should be a good weekend. And maybe after tomorrow (today) I really won't work until monday.


Sep. 25th, 2008 02:49 pm
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I case anyone missed me, Damien has gone to the scary land of manufacturer repair via Best Buy and Maya has very very limited access to the internets.
Instead, I have been spending stupid amounts of time at work (new overnight tonight, hence day of pseudo-off-ness) and playing a lot of Pokemon Diamond.
I completely missed wishing happy birthday to Tomomori and my step mother on the 23rd. And then to Shirogane on the 24th, though for him I did at least go fabric-swatch-shopping.
Today I hope to eat, get all my pokemon to level 15, and do some test dying of my ivory wool before I go to work at 9.
I would also like to call said work and see how our various nefarious plots worked out and who I am actually going to be doing the overnight /with/.
There may be some Arashi Time Concert in there... more likely some poorly-subtitled TenniPuri.
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And what it /can't/ fix can be helped along by food, painkillers, Arashi and Neoroma.
Why yes, work /did/ suck today.

Arashi Quiz Meme )

I'm Jealous of [profile] ashitara's result. But then, Leader /was/ only a percentage point or two behind, and /she/ probably really wanted her second place to win too.

Everyone on my flist has seen the Avatar Finale except me. It's finally downloading at a descent rate though and supposed to be done in an hour or so. I'll probably be stupid and watch it tonight, because waiting until 5 pm tomorrow sounds so annoying.
More annoying in fact, than only getting 6 hours of sleep.

Until then... we're watching Haruka Matsuri while in group chat with [personal profile] baranoneko. More long-distance fangirling needs to be done this way methinks. ^__^
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I can just tell. I need to stop posting and start sewing so that I can not annoyt the crap out of all of you.
First. I found this post where I mentioned really wanting this. And then went 'Yay! I got that at Fanime'
Also, Jess... there's more trouble for your full set than you thought.
A 'set' is not only:
But Also: Tomomori-Shirogane-Hakuryu**-and that other one

All are sold out and unavaliable from the producer. This may be a long quest. >.>

There was once a whole set of Hachiyo plus Suefumi from Mai-hito-yo as well. ^^;;
Haruka Plushie List?
(And I still want a Yuunoki plushie someday. If only they sold those at lame cons like NDK)
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All I have to say for MaiHitoYo...
"Ah, a world of lovely Heian robes."
"Oh, lepard print and purple, you /clearly/ belong here, yes..."
"! OMG Blonde Kid!? Die!"

I'm dead serious about sending my extra Benkei cloak to Shimon. Just so that he'll have something more attractive than a sheet or someone elses kimono.


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