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Confused by the title? I know! It's like I stepped back a generation and picked up AC: Brotherhood again. Well... I did. XD
Actually managed to get possibly the last trophy that I'll ever manage to "Job Skills" and played a couple hours of multiplayer with a couple of awesome level 50sn(we bonded by all having headsets and having to wait together for almost 20 minutes before getting into a Manhunt game) one of whom was in New Zealand and had an awesome accent, and the other of whom was another actual girl! So now I have Brother hood multiplayer friends. Excite!
Hindsight reviews - I miss having more perks available early on. I miss Honorable Death bonuses. And understanding the line-of-sight feature makes everything make so much sense, even if it's a little bit broken. I still love Venice more than almost any other map, though for small maps, I think I prefer Souk to Siena. And I miss my customizations, though I am almost to level 25, so I think I do have some options available now. Pushing for 50 may be insane, especially since I'm closer in AC:R and get creepy Vidic videos and plot hints there. I miss having the doctor and Fiora's sexy sexy costumes from AC: B though.

Second rant of the night: "Tissue of Silver"
If ever there was a bass-ackwards was of getting hooked on an 8 hour fic for a pairing you never once thought of shipping.... this is it. I went and downloaded this fic because the title came up in a discussion of long recordings on one of the PodAware podcasts I listened to. And since it was FayJay and lengthy and a story I hadn't heard before... of course I had to go look it up. "Maya," you say, "it's Harry/Draco for gods sake!" "You do not ship Harry Draco. You barely slash any thing in Harry Potter at all! And know that it's the fastest way to being disowned by your girlfriend that ever there was." But this is how much I love FayJay. And how badly I need new podfic. >.>
So.... I've now listened through it three times, though I slept bits of one of them. And this, like so many other AUs... works for me. Maybe it's just that stepping Jr. High- up to High School- or High School- up to College-age is so very normal in my Prince of Tennis addled brain, or maybe it's just that in some ways, I think the universe and storyline in this story are more compelling to me than the actual storyline that played out over the last three books. I assume that it was written before Order of the Phoenix was published, because it's very attentive to cannon that was revealed before that book, and very creative about getting around facts from Book 5 and on.
I keep meaning to post a rant or comparison chart about voices in FayJay's podfic... because I love knowing that her Sherlock is halfway between the Great Dragon and Arthur (Snape is close to that as well). It's lovely that she has very specific and different voices for Gwen, Morgana, and Draco (! - new one). I keep thinking that Harry and Dean Winchester are very similar as well, both sort of shouty and well-meaning. Anyway. Um, yeah. Less babbling, more sleeping now.

Good night all.

At Last!

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:14 pm
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Just got my second ever platinum trophy, on Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Not sure why I get the platinum even without the DLC multiplayer trophies, BUT I am so good with that.
Tax Evasion was the last trophy I couldn't get, but the comment on this video had a strategy that actually WORKED:

I feel like I really need video capture tech just to make an Achievement Hunter video for this.

And yes, that means I got 100% sync in this game. On everything. Now I can just play multiplayer stabbing any time I want. ^_^
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So, Happy Christmas, Merry Chanukah, and Joyous Non-denominational Holi-brations of all kinds. I've been working on a post for a while, so this may ramble.

First, we saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on opening night. It was absolutely lovely. cut for spoilers )

Then I finished Assassin's Creed Revelations this week.... Spoilers for Ending and Meta-Game Rants )
In closing, next game please let me stab William in the face. I refuse to trust Discord/Q/John DeLance.
Love, Maya
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It's been a while. Partially because my play slowed down, and then stopped for a while because of freezing problems. Partially because I was letting other people use the TV for things (Skyrim). So in the last couple days I advanced the plot a bit, 100% synced on Sequence 5, filled all my Mediterranean cities with Assassins (mostly level 10), and only crashed the game three times. Not even with the same bug. Just with other random shit. Anyway.

Now we're on the way to midnight showing of Sherlock Holmes. I'm hoping it will be amazing. Yay!
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Today in Constantinople:Read more... )

WTF, why is it 5:30 in the morning!??? Ok, me and my trophies are going to sleep. Damnit. XD
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I worked my way into Sequence 3 today, and into a whole pile of side missions. Here's the rant:
Read more... )
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This is going to be a giant spoilerific splorge about how much I'm probably going to adore this game now that I'm home and have been playing for a couple of hours. Here goes.
Read more... )
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I missed about twenty minutes of Nintendo's live feed, but here goes:

The new Golden Sun looks... interesting. Which beats last year where I had no idea what they were talking about.

I may have no interest in Golden Eye, but I know at least a half-dozen boys who are probably giddy over this, and it looks quite interesting expecially for a Wii game.

Disney: Epic Mickey would be way way more impressive to me if it didn't look like "Oh hey, that Kingdome Hearts thing was good, but... um... we can cut Sqeenix out of the look entirely and make more money on it. Yay disney!"

Ok, I'm all for Kirby, but if you name another game 'Epic' something... I may have to hurt you.

Dragon Quest! Coming to the US July 11th, and with interesting Mingle-esque social modes.

And, August means Metroid Other M. Which I know I've seen at GameStop promos already.

Donkey Kong remake, which, admittedly, looks cool. But... there are only so many 'OMG my childhood!' games that I can want. And he knows that judging by his comments, he knows that.

3DS... which I know nothing about yet... how are they going to swing these promises about 3D? Because unless this thing is a hologram generator..... I.... don't know? this going to be...

Ok, I am making no sense. I think Nintendo get's my 'WTF I Guess it works by magic?' award for this year. I mean, it all sounds lovely. But I can't even imagine how it will actually work. I guess those people on the demo floor will be able to see more.

OMG, Pit!! Kid Icarus on 3DS. Which looks f-ing amazing. Even if magical 3D toy is nothing, I hope this is ok on DSi. However... that is what I call... another sequel to an old franchise. Hrm.

They appear to be massively pimping the sleep-mingle mode from games like TWEWY and Nintendogs, it's built into the system now. Which mean you have to leave the damn thing in sleep instead of turning it off all the time. It sounds awesome, but ... they'll need a TWEWY-type amazing game to make it worth it to me.

Sadly Iwata-san makes the wifi communication sound a little than I think he intended.

Massive pile of 3rd party companies. Including Atlus of course, and Squeenix, Tecmo/Koei, Ubisoft, Activision... etc, etc. And... wow... I think it's terrible of me that hearing Japanese producers talk about it makes me actually respect the possibilities of this console a lot more.

Ok, adorable commercial. But again with how what is awesome in Japan... is kindof wierd to america. Good work guys. >.>
Ok, mazzez of girls with 3DSs linked to them. I can not even imagine how this works. But anyway, I'll wait for the on-site live blogging.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - why did I miss the start of the presentation, damnit.

Ok, so... impressions: Nintendo pissed me off last year. A lot. This year, they did not have nearly the attitude issue that I felt last year. I still feel very luke-warm about how old the game franchises that they're reprising. Still, at least this conference felt like it was directed to the world. Like they had ideas for different kinds of gamers. I have wierd relationship to Nintendo because they are just so damn Japanese. I'm feeling a bit of that, about 3DS, and I can't entirely explain it. But I know that it /will/ work in Japan. I just hope that it will work here too.

Watching the feature video about Zelda now, for which I am so so so excited.
Except that I will apparently have to buy Wii MotionPlus for it. Damn you Nintendo.
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I think I picked the wrong time to tune in to this.
Bad Compnay 2: Vietnam does look good. And of course, my brain goes: that's great for a franchise! A gme you can't win! Ever!

And now sports.... >.> Right.
Nick, you need to go look up EA Sports MMA.
Active 2 /does/ look useful... and the 'PS3' at the end of that trailer actually makes me very excited. Of course, the big multi-platform is to Kinect on the 360. Ooh! Motion sense on the PS3 as well. Must be PS3.
The online tracking looks kinda swifty too.
*sigh* Boo. Madden.
...I think I may have disown myself as a non-sports-fan due to the fact that I squeed just a little over Joe Montana. >.> Who knew?

I was gonna cry if I missed all the cool stuff, but no:
SIMS3~!! Yes, we know how awesome it is. And it's neat to know that the developers can't even predict what will happen in-game. They are saying 'years' for continuing to develop Sims 3. Console stuff... they have nothing to say except that it will give players more options than ever before, and that it's out this year.

Crysis 2 intro, it will be set in NY like they said before. I am vaguely interested, mostly because "Biggest Sandbox Ever" is a tempting idea. Still looks very FPS to me, and nothing too innovative.
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Back in Fort Collins safe and sound. Debates about Northglenn still ongoing in my head, but that's a post for another time.
I survived Black Friday again! I've even completed the base plot in TWEWY and started playing Assassin's Creed... all on my own! It's been a nice break when I'm not crazy.

Anyway! Today a very nice Fedex man brought me a package from Play-Asia. Some of you should be very excited to be on my christmas list. ^_^ I had to remind myself /more than once/ that I did not need to pull out the packing slip or use a hand-held to receive it. Too much working, methinks.
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Ok. So. I have fallen off the face of the internet. Partially because it's that time when work starts to want to take 12-hour days instead of 7 and nothing ever feels like it's done.

That's not really the reason though. See, the real issue is that I picked up the English version of The World Ends With You. And now I am an ADDICT. The plot and system were much easier to pick up without having to work to read the simple dialog, and if the game didn't /require/ shut down time and idle mingle time, then I would probably never put it down at all.

Read more... )

Also also, am I the only one in the world who wants to try to cosplay some of the /other/ branded clothes instead of the regular outfits? I know it's totally not recognizable, but I'm way amused by the fact that I've had Joshua in "bondage pants" for... most of this week.
setra: (Default), I got to watch the first 15 minutes of the Mircosoft keynote.

I can't decide if I love them or hate them.
I mean... they are giving my favorite upcomig game a LOT of press. (OMG Guests!)
On the other hand...... >.> I don't want to need a 360.

Ok, work now. I'll have more on the microsoft keynote and sony and nintendos after that I'm sure.
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There will be new TeniPuri games. For the DS. "Doubles no Oujisama" 'Girls, Be Grecious' (with female PC) and 'Boys, Be Glorious' (with male PC).
I need want Girls-side for Tezuka and Kura. I want Boys-side for Fuji and Sanada. But what I really want to know is: WHERE IS THE HIGA!? (Also, why no Zaizen, Konami? What did the punk ever do to you?).
The game seems to be about a 'street doubles tournament'. You get to play doubles with your chosen partner and you control the flow of the tennis by gaining the catchphrases (and moves) of other characters. Anyway... they're on my list now. And if I happen to stumble across a million dollars, I may try to get both just so I can have the super-special talk CD with Ryoma plus BUCHOU(s) (Including Kite, so WTH Konami?). (Even though you get the CD by mail order and I am not in Japan. ;_; So sad.)
Prior to purchasing either of those though, I really really want Haruka 3 plus Izayoiki for PSP. It's cheaper on, but they won't ship it to me in America. Because they're jerks.

Unfortunately both fall a sad second place to my screen printer. Which I get to order on monday, I think. So excited. Oh yes. I may end up running my own IST that same day just so that I can pick it up and pay at my store. We'll see.

Le sigh.

Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:26 pm
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I think... that I may be done with the base design layer of Masaomi.
If you want all the gritty details and whining, here you go. )

For the second time in my life, I really really want to purchase a proper kimono rack. They make ones that break down and aren't super-pretty for not all that expensive. On the other hand... how often do I really need it? On the other other hand, how many damned Haruka costumes are in my future?

[EDIT: *cries* NEEEEEEEED. I knew they'd hook me into buying a PSP (or stealing Jess's) somehow. Why must you kill me so, Koei?!]
[EDIT EDIT: And that whole 'Buy all three and get a calendar and other fabulous prizes campaign'? Really Koei? You're a bunch of bastards. You /know/ I don't need Forte. :| But I /do/ need a calendar. Hn.]
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Friend Code: 2578-4830-1620

[Fixed. I missed a number in the first post. XD;;]

I suck at this game, but I love it so much. ^__^

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Last night at work was... fun. For lack of a better word to describe the delicately painful process that it actually entailed.

I came home and eventually played more Saikyou team. I ended up giving up on Akaya's team and starting a new one. I put Niou in charge (hah) and I'm pretty sure in the long run I'll call them '立海五弱'. This will be especially entertaining when they cream Sanada. Game Babble )

I fell asleep during the singles two match of the second round. Kirihara beat Kabaji anyway. Anyway, I woke up at 6 and crawled into bed. Where I proceeded to have messed up work dreams ) for the next two hours. I'm really glad I get a day off, I think I need one.

So far today, I've handled my car insurance and finished (maybe) Saku's flowers. While doing that I finished up Season 1 of B5 as well, and now want to go buy Season 2... though I'm going to miss Sinclair. I like him better than John, especially now that I'm older and little more... calm. But right now, I'm wearing my Alias (Saku's wig-to-be), and trying to get up the will to actually work on Kagetoki's coat, gun or shirt and armor. Or to go out to the store and freak Val out with my hair.

more tennis today )
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Is a little tennis.
The crying, ranting, eating, and chocolate helped too.

Then I played Saikyou Team for a few hours, and you know what?
It made EVERYTHING better.
My team leader was Kirihara and I recruited: Both Kisarazus, Shishido, Yanagisawa.
there will be match and team babble under this cut )

Later. I have notes.

For now, I'm going to sleep a little. Tomorrow's gonna be another big day.

[ETA: So I actually woke up /at/ 7. And I have a hard time getting back to sleep. >.> Apparently this whole opening thing has finally got into my head. Too bad it's /SUNDAY/. Pft.]
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So, while I was off yesterday, it involved more chat reading and poking at the non-functional internets than playing video games. (And then some hanging out with boys-tachi in the night time, which was fun too. ^_^)
So here I am, home again, and here's more Survivor babble.
It's harder to ignore Rokkaku now, because they're so /cool/ in the myu... )

Also, found the load data option that imports clear data from Sanroku no Mystic. Can't tell what it does yet, but it's nice to know where it's at. ^^


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