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Yes, that demands upsized font and all caps from me. I don't know when this happened, but it is fairly recent and it is important to me and relevant to the most important and persistent of my interests.
Oh god, my heart. I am so so so excited, I can't even tell you. I have to sleep now, but that just means I have all night tomorrow to relisten to the whole series and then come home and revel in NEW STORY!!!

Thoughts as I'm reading... )
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amplirecathon 2012 promo image cc celine nadeau

Posting this to my journal for personal reference. Ampliracathon has been and will continue to be utterly delightful for getting to see what other people love and sharing too many rambles about what I love.

Organized by fandom.

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I've been reading The Dispossession of Echizen Ryoma.
First, I am sad that it is only available on the Pit of Vipers and not the AO3, but c'est la vie.
Second, I am thrilled that there is great TenniPuri fic out there that I can still enjoy.
Third, it breaks my heart that the story is actually believable, and in some ways a much better story for character development than the actual canon has been.

In summary:
"Not you, though, right Buchou? Can't be getting careless." Ryoma commented with a slight smirk.
"Mada mada dane," Tezuka replied with a completely straight face.

I feel like this exchange could only be written by someone who knows English and Japanese and who totally knows these characters and this show. And god, it just makes me smile. ^_^
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The poor archive being down, and me being rather picky about my fandoms this month, I've actually started reading fic again. I think I mentioned Lorem Ipsum, which is brilliant. Now I started on Two Two One Bravo Baker which is very well written and remarkably compelling to me for a military story which usually isn't my sort of thing. Then again, it has very professional organized proper military John Watson, which is very much my thing. Very much.
Just needed to remind myself that that and some SHkinkmeme fills are what I'm reading in case my computer dumps all my tabs again. I'm off to go quilt for a while now and then I close, then close, then mid for truck, then open then open, I think. Ugh. Need a day or two to set up the apartment and finish emptying and cleaning the old one. Not gonna get that apparently.
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We've been living in the new apartment - the one that will live forever as 221. Seriously. It's #221, and there are three rooms, with mine in the middle, so I officially live in 221B. Because I say so.

1) Have new kitchen table and day off tomorrow, have also been turned into zombie by 19 hours awake and was useless all afternoon.
2) Have been reading fic again.
2b) Lorem Ipsum may be the best thing I've found in fandom in a long while. It absolutely made my week. There is so much to love about it. Also - Marie has art for it! Lots of art! AND there's podfic for two bits. AND AND she has blanket permission to podfic or remix the series!
2c) If well-handled kink/DS/S&M are [personal profile] calhale's thing... then I've remembered that MMF OT3s are absolutely mine. Dear sweet fuck, Lorem Ipsum had... everything. And it is amazing. I need to go find our Masako threesomes or something maybe.
3) Get to start adding music to Minds Like Ours. Which is back from beta-listener with no terrible edits. ^_^
4) Listening to the Sherlock soundtracks and to as many of Caitlin's brilliant songs as I can get hold of makes me a little giddy.

Unrelated art: this and this are the sweetest things I've ever seen.
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I watched "A Scandal in Belgravia" again last night.
1) I had forgotten what a profoundly wonderful episode it is, and what it feels like when an episode is so very very Sherlock-centric. Even Reichenbach had very strong John Watson point-of-view. Belgravia is really all Sherlock all the time... with John reacting rather than acting.
2) I now want slightly bondagey Irene/Sherlock after /he/ is "dead" too... hiding in Europe from the remainder of Moriarty's gang. He's seen that John and the others are safe and he's left London (as canon Holmes did) to protect them all. And he's wandering Europe, doing what he can to scrape by. She has already had many more months to settle into a life of sorts, and the power imbalance of her being settled and probably still wealthy while he is now little better than a vagrant (albeit one with the mind of a god).
[ETA - I did find this one. Which is set right at the end of Belgravia, and is pretty good. It gets a tone and an image across that I like, though I now have a powerful desire to remix is a bit. >.>]

Anyway. What a productive weekend I'm having. Not. We did move all the major bits of our lives on friday, and had a great night at Karaoke last night for Neko's birthday, but unpacking and whittling down the fabric collection are both going very slowly.


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