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Yes, that demands upsized font and all caps from me. I don't know when this happened, but it is fairly recent and it is important to me and relevant to the most important and persistent of my interests.
Oh god, my heart. I am so so so excited, I can't even tell you. I have to sleep now, but that just means I have all night tomorrow to relisten to the whole series and then come home and revel in NEW STORY!!!

Thoughts as I'm reading... )
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Rant number one of probably many.

So.... I made it through the intro episodes and into the team building episodes. I love that the intro updates for who is and isn't on the team at the moment.

I love seeing MODOK and the AIM idiots. Despite what a terrible idea anything to do with AIM is.

I loved the ten seconds of conversation between Tony and Steve in the mansion at the end of Cap's second episode.

I love Thor's stupid face and 'aye' and 'verily' and how his hair is always shifting in a non-existant breeze. (And how we haven't seen Loki since the origin episode... which is either terrifying or... yeah, terrifying.)

I love Janet and Hank, and understanding them as a part of the Avengers team. Hank keeps Tony honest and brings him back to earth in a way that no one on the current movie Avengers does. There aren't many people who match Tony's intellect, so it's nice to have one of them around.

I love Natasha's stupid double-triple crossing and knowing that Clint is out there somewhere.... being noble and right, but not trusting SHIELD.

Wow, Tony. Two suits in an episode? Really? I would talk about Steve and his bike, or about Enchantress being a complete dick (which reminds me that I want to go re-read Off the Record. Like now.)... but this was Episode 10 and I need to just sit here and feel my Tony feels right now. Poor boy.

Jesus fuck, I think AIM has the tesseract though... so that's a problem.

I just really want Coulson involved in this... like stupidly much.
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I've been reading The Dispossession of Echizen Ryoma.
First, I am sad that it is only available on the Pit of Vipers and not the AO3, but c'est la vie.
Second, I am thrilled that there is great TenniPuri fic out there that I can still enjoy.
Third, it breaks my heart that the story is actually believable, and in some ways a much better story for character development than the actual canon has been.

In summary:
"Not you, though, right Buchou? Can't be getting careless." Ryoma commented with a slight smirk.
"Mada mada dane," Tezuka replied with a completely straight face.

I feel like this exchange could only be written by someone who knows English and Japanese and who totally knows these characters and this show. And god, it just makes me smile. ^_^


Jan. 20th, 2012 12:33 am
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I am a fandom addict. Bit long, bit dark, possibly bit not good.
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For years, fanfiction and slash has been my "anti-drug"... Here's hoping this insane country isn't about to take away the internet as we know it, because without transformative works like fanfiction and AMVs and character-based role playing, I genuinely have no idea who I would be. Certainly not the person I am, that's for sure.
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Second and third time through 'Scandal in Belgravia' and having read the updates to John's blog I need to process more of this. It puts a lot of follow-up fics out of service of course. "The Dealt Hand/Ten Gunmen", and "There And Back Again" most notably. "Major Pieces" too, if I remember, but it's been a while since I listened to that too.
It doesn't entirely crush the Paradox Suite, leaves it quite possible actually with the whole implication from the new episode that John and Mycroft have a protocol in place to prevent Sherlock killing himself on a drugs binge. And that Sherlock knows it. It was strange to me to read the write up for "Geek Interpreter" with the name Kratades being use there, as it had also been used in ... Paradox Suite? Entirely Covered, maybe. The man who slashed open Sherlock's leg. Though, since they dressed up as Ninjas and then "dissapeared" maybe it could have been the same situation.

Other rants of the moment:
1) Saw X-Men: First Class tonight, and I ship Charles/Erik LIKE BURNING, I want the porn of it nao. PLZKTHX.
2) Found the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme tonight. And seriously... fandom, I love you so. <3 Among other things, I now have the term "Frycroft" in my database of useful words.
3) Relating to the above, watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie and Belgravia has been horribly difficult without squeeing like mad about the slashy bits. I will end up disowned by my two best friends by the end of the year, either because of this or 1 or because:
4) I have this 'I ship Tony/Steve' problem where in watching the Avengers movie (and Iron Man, and Captain America, etc.) will be tragically painful with K and J involved. I blame Reena_Jenkins entirely for this, because of her fantastic readings of "Ready, Fire, Aim" and "Situation Normal: All Fucked Up"

Now sleep. Or probably more meme. Damnit. Good night internet.
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Slept too much this morning. But it was "Rewind Forward" that actually made me late for work.
Damnit. Don't wanna go.


May. 18th, 2008 11:36 pm
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Tonight involved a lot of no accomplishment. I really do need to not touch the computer when I get home.
I did read [personal profile] reposoir's latest (even though I shouldn't have) and cried quite a bit over parts of it, which was actually nice in an odd way.
I also went over the Fanime schedule and plotted out my events. I'm excited and nervous and panicking more than a little.

Work will be far too early tomorrow, but at least I have a chunk of afternoon time. Tuesday is a mid shift, but if I plan it right i can just stay up and get things together on wednesday night. Depending when we decide to leave on Thursday of course.

Yeah... ok, no more thinking. Freaking out too much.

I guess the final question is for you all though:
FANIME is this weekend in San Jose!
Who will be there? Where will you be?
Want to meet up/hang out/fangirl PoT or Myus or BL games?

Let me know. ^__^


Mar. 5th, 2008 06:59 am
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Happy Birthday Yukimura-buchou.
You're an irritating brat as a muse, but you deserved better than what you got.

Also, a 5-Minute Ficlet prompt from AngeMedia )

And... that's all for now! Work work work... in Littleton. Ick.


May. 15th, 2004 01:30 am
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Ok... it's been a rather nice two days since last I wrote.
My body has proven to me yet again that everything can be explained by hormones. I've also lost 5800+ yen worth of CDs, which pisses me off... but after a day and a half of trying to get my brain to deal with it.
My fingers are really tired... so I don't think I'll type much.
Yesterday: Why on earth did it take me 'till /now/ to start talking to these people? )
Today: Adventures in verbs and karaoke )
Now, I really need to go to bed. We're waking up early to go to Aoi-Matsuri in Kyoto tomorrow, so I need sleep. And with no CD player, I fear my odds of my brain giving up of angsting over the frelling CDs is about nil... *sigh* Whatever.
...Jen and Tammy still haven't come home... I wonder how late they'll be out?

Current Bishounen: Tezuka's musical actor (if I were to describe even vaguely the things I'd like to do to that man... I'd have to censor this entry. ^_~)
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My fanfic reccomendation for this week.
I don't know why I'd never read it before... maybe because I didn't know Weiss back when I ws going through Snapdragon's archive....
Fic: To Bury the Hurt of Memory
Author: Talya Firedancer
Pairing: Aya/Yohji (Weiss Kreuz)
Rating: R+ (one explicit scene)
Summary: Yohji has amnesia after an accident...

I just finished it... and I needed to write... or screm, but I can't do that, someone would worry. Talya is just so good. I can't even begin... damn, and I really need to go to class now.
*shakes self* I'm ok. Tabun. Wow, that just blew me away.


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