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You are stunning. Never change.
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Coming next.... rants about Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes... because I am equal opportunity in watching cartoons aimed at twelve-year-olds. XD
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I have these feelings about Natasha and her fear of the Hulk, and about Bruce and Tony's conversation about the big green guy. Maybe they're feelings about Bruce/the other guy in general. No one that I've talked to about it sees as much depth as I do to this stuff, so here's the rant.

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Made a joke about the Stark Spangled Banner pairing after the movie this time. J totally shut down. IT WAS A JOKE. The most slash opposed person we know mentioned it to me, which is the only reason I said it... I thought she'd laugh. But no. Right. As if I could ever forget how very very unwelcome any mention of slash is.

Which brings me to the rest of the evening, where we finished season 2 of Merlin and started Season 3. So the end of Season 2 I am aching with my desire for Arthur and Merlin to be... together? A team. Trusting one another. And it never happens of course. Then on we go into Season 3. And I have this problem. The one where I ship the chemistry between Uther and Morgana (blame "Defenders of the Realm" for that) except that she's evil and lying, so not that. And then I ship Morgana/Morgause like burning. Also Morgause/Sendred. Morgause/winning I guess. She looks so gorgeous in armor... and I don't even like blondes most of the time.

I can discuss exactly none of these feelings with J. Because slash and fandom are evil. Because... I don't even know why. I genuinely am not sure how you go about enjoying a show if you're not involved in the fandom for it, if you're not reading subtext underlying it. Maybe I'm weird...


Jan. 20th, 2012 12:33 am
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I am a fandom addict. Bit long, bit dark, possibly bit not good.
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For years, fanfiction and slash has been my "anti-drug"... Here's hoping this insane country isn't about to take away the internet as we know it, because without transformative works like fanfiction and AMVs and character-based role playing, I genuinely have no idea who I would be. Certainly not the person I am, that's for sure.
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Well, after a scary jaunt over to the SOPA/PIPA page to send a composed angry letter to my representatives, I'm here to actually post something. About Sherlock of course, what else is there in my life these days?

This is a bit long, but I can't find a good place to cut it, so forgive me and skip it if you like.

This post about Irene Adler in Sherlock is really eloquent and lovely. I wasn't involved in any of the apparent fandom debacle going down over her character and such, and I actually thought she was amazing. So yeah... if you're angry about it, consider reading this.

Secondly, I found the Baker Street Babes podcast and listened to one episode yesterday. They are brilliant, amazing, and everything I want in a Podcast. I wish I could have these conversations in my house. And I wish something like this existed for every fandom.

Thirdly, from another link that Carol sent me, I found the Sherlock Wear list. Where I can learn just how terribly expensive all the details that I love about the show really are. Mycroft's $400 umbrella for one, though I'm sure the BBC gets it at a discounted rate. XD

Last night, Cally and I went out to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. She'd not seen it yet, and I am always game for more Holmes exposure these days. It was quite as lovely the second time around. I still quite like Sim, and adore the rather suggestive bits on various trains, in camps, at dances, etc. Mary stood out to me even more this time. She's a great character, and I'm glad to see that they let her take action and be involved in the resolution of the story.

I finished Black Books tonight, and started up Stephen Fry in America. I'm noting this mostly because there was a lovely quote from a Harvard professor in Episode 1 about how very much America likes to have things simple. Even when the more complex answer is clearly correct, most American's would rather have a simple one. It's a sentiment that I've been trying to articulate and understand for a great many years, probably since about 8th grade, and it was remarkable to come across it stated so clearly and honestly when I least expected it.
I also notice Stephen Fry's speech style effecting my own rather a lot, especially in terms of phrasing and word choice. I had this same issue when I was watching a lot of bits of Fry and Laurie, or way back when I was reading a lot of Tolkien. At least no one will be accusing me of plagiarism for my journal writing style, I should hope.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm starting to think that I might want to give one of my hypothetical future offspring Sherlock as a middle name. I think it would be sweet. Maybe.
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This whole post was inspired by the PAX 2009 and PAX 2011 episodes of PATV. Particularly Jerry's description of of PAX as a con that needed to exist and didn't before they made it.

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Ok, my rant kind of petered out... TL;DR: I love PAX, I may never go back to Anime conventions again. Except for my people. Yep.
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Stream of consciousness and other review-like babble as I watch the last episode of Miracle Day.
It took me forever to bring myself to watch this series, and I've still never watched 2-5 of CoE.
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Note to self - Jack has a kid and a grandson. In town, I think.
Also, Ianto came out to his sister. <3 ;_;

After rewatching Day 1 of Children of Earth, I think I'm gonna give the rest of CoE a shot tomorrow maybe. Got a couple of days off, and the nice British school children are actually less upsetting after the whole damn world being run by pharmaceutical companies. Also, Ianto. So there.
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Second and third time through 'Scandal in Belgravia' and having read the updates to John's blog I need to process more of this. It puts a lot of follow-up fics out of service of course. "The Dealt Hand/Ten Gunmen", and "There And Back Again" most notably. "Major Pieces" too, if I remember, but it's been a while since I listened to that too.
It doesn't entirely crush the Paradox Suite, leaves it quite possible actually with the whole implication from the new episode that John and Mycroft have a protocol in place to prevent Sherlock killing himself on a drugs binge. And that Sherlock knows it. It was strange to me to read the write up for "Geek Interpreter" with the name Kratades being use there, as it had also been used in ... Paradox Suite? Entirely Covered, maybe. The man who slashed open Sherlock's leg. Though, since they dressed up as Ninjas and then "dissapeared" maybe it could have been the same situation.

Other rants of the moment:
1) Saw X-Men: First Class tonight, and I ship Charles/Erik LIKE BURNING, I want the porn of it nao. PLZKTHX.
2) Found the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme tonight. And seriously... fandom, I love you so. <3 Among other things, I now have the term "Frycroft" in my database of useful words.
3) Relating to the above, watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie and Belgravia has been horribly difficult without squeeing like mad about the slashy bits. I will end up disowned by my two best friends by the end of the year, either because of this or 1 or because:
4) I have this 'I ship Tony/Steve' problem where in watching the Avengers movie (and Iron Man, and Captain America, etc.) will be tragically painful with K and J involved. I blame Reena_Jenkins entirely for this, because of her fantastic readings of "Ready, Fire, Aim" and "Situation Normal: All Fucked Up"

Now sleep. Or probably more meme. Damnit. Good night internet.
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Especially fannish things.

So, I just managed to pay enough attention to realize that:

1) It's Sho's birthday and therefore Aquarius season and therefore nearly [personal profile] baranoneko's birthday as well as my fathers and Benkei's.

2) TeniPuri Festa 2011 just completed! (there are fun pics available on [profile] shinkata_san) They had some great cast this year, including all Seigaju (duh), all of Rikkai (Nao-kun!), all most of the important bits of Hyoutei, and all the important bits of Higa. Plus random Kishio Daisuke and Tosshi! A DVD I will certainly be wishing I could afford to import. Ugh but I hate the exchange rate right now.

3) My fandom shifts have been a bit ridiculous since I started my podfic addiction. Probably because my two most hardcore fandoms before the podfic addiction have one and zero recorded stories respectively. Boo. On the other hand, I have fallen in /love/ with certain of Katie Forsythe's work and with that particular fandom in both new and old incarnations.

4) I am now TWO FULL ALBUMS behind on my Sakamoto Maaya collection. I may be trying to rectify this in the near future. I'm so excited that she hit number one on the Oricon weekly sales, I'll feel remiss if I don't attempt to contribute to a good second week showing.

Hello 2011, here's hoping you bring me more focus and attention for the things I love. (Also, a bit more money would be nice.)
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Ten Top Trivia Tips about Cornelia li Britannia!

  1. Reindeer like to eat Cornelia li Britannia!
  2. The blood of mammals is red, the blood of insects is yellow, and the blood of Cornelia li Britannia is blue!
  3. Edinburgh imports three thousand kilograms of Cornelia li Britannia every year!
  4. Cornelia li Britannia was named after Cornelia li Britannia the taxi driver in Frank Capra's 'It's a Wonderful Life'.
  5. Cornelia li Britannia was the first Tsar of Russia.
  6. More people are killed by Cornelia li Britannia each year than die in aeroplane accidents.
  7. Over 2000 people have now climbed Cornelia li Britannia, with roughly ten percent dying on the way down!
  8. By tradition, a girl standing under Cornelia li Britannia cannot refuse to be kissed by anyone who claims the privilege!
  9. The Church of Scientology was founded in 1953, at Washington D.C., by Cornelia li Britannia.
  10. In Vermont, the ratio of cows to Cornelia li Britannia is 10:1.
I am interested in - do tell me about


Apr. 15th, 2010 03:09 am
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On the way home tonight, the Fuji/Oishi/Echizen version of "Birthday" came up on my iPod. Okiayu-san wasn't even singing, but for some reason, the song felt intensely emotional to me. It makes me physically ache for the high and sense of joy I used to get from TenniPuri. And it makes me almost angry (or maybe just disappointed) at the musicals and craziness that finally burned me out on it a bit. A lot of it was the recession as well, and it's one of the only things that I really feel as a loss in my life due to it... I stopped importing and owning the things that I loved and that made me happy, and therefore fell somewhat out of the swing of a fandom that had given me continuous enjoyment for ...six years now?
Anyway. Melancholy moment at three in the morning.

Costume progress updates on FaceBucket and on my AO Progress Tracker.

Happy Thursday, everyone.
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There is Drama in fandom again... though this time I just find it vaguely frustrating. For anyone concerned, there are articles here and the purpose statement of the... insigators? is here. On the one hand, reading their statement, I see what they are trying to do and why Fandom can't handle it. Fandom is intensely insular and defensive of it's community and culture. So despite their claims, I really don't feel fandom can or should be used to analyze the mind in the way that they are implying.

We got more coats of paint on Kiyomori's balls and jewels and wings today, and I survived work! Yay!
Tomorrow morning I sew and then I need to start working on the craftsmanship forms. They're due thursday.
Also, my mom cut about 7 inches off my hair. And I'm thinking about taking off more. This is an epic step forward!
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- Carpets cleaned (Jess was right, it took us two hours to clear the floor last nigh and them 10 minutes to clean it.
- imported recently-played lists into and got it to suck less!
- Too much sleep-apartment somewhat reassembled from carpet cleaning

- checked fan for Tomomori after painting last night... It's not perfect, but it's a start and it will pass if need be
- finished printing on body pieces and am now working on sleeves for the Noshi/Kariginu/thing
- have assigned other geniuses to figuring out wings
- chose BGM for walk on (first 50 seconds of the Haruka 4 opening is almost exactly the right length (45 secs) and has a proper tone and such. Also, sneaky former-Myu-boy pimping. :D
-started choosing potential songs for karaoke (probably not competition)

(Also, today I learned that slash fandom is older than me but not by very much. Granted, I wasn't into slash as soon as I was born, but still... it's always wierd to realize after the fact that you were actually there in the kindof early days of something. Lurking. And not contributing at all. Ah, my life.


Apr. 29th, 2009 06:16 pm
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From what I'm hearing through the grapevines:

Second Niou (double cast) will be Wada Taisuke. blog
Second Yagyuu will be Onoda Ryuunosuke. blog/profile (Born in '91. ;_; He looks like a cross between Kame and Baba. And that's a little freaky. He has done a lot of musicals though, including the Saiyuki Myu. ^^)

New Yukimura will be Masuda Toshiki (not the scarily old guy with the same kanji) profile

No information exists on New!Yanagi. Even the Chinese blogs don't know who he is yet. He was in an instructional DVD for Country Line Dancing. In Japanese. Yeah, IDK either.

In searching for him though, I found a Chinese blog with the same info that [profile] dilettantka had found and shared. It's here: bein' cool.

New Jackal was in Taiikukan Baby.
New Bunta ... is ... um... on Ameba. That's about all. Blog here.

Now food. Then L Movie. Yays.


Apr. 15th, 2009 12:06 am
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I have been poking through my old old LJ entries...
On Dec. 8, 2002 in this entry.
I made comments about characters existing in multiple Clamp universes, specifically one that they killed off.
A certain person [profile] felessan commented to say to me:
Have you ever heard of the concept of 'mutual exclucivity' where things DON'T actually hold a connection to everything else? Granted big companies like to do stuff like that, but
I would seriously doubt that Clamp has any true intention of making all their shows one big universe, they simply enjoy plagerizing themselves."

I offer, in retroactive defense of myself: Tsubasa and XXXHolic. Thank you.

And good night.
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I kept putting off a new years post and now all you get is one full of memes.

I love this man. And am so sad that the stupid fangirls had to ruin the whole commenting thing for all of us. New Years was exactly the sort of day when I really really wanted to leave a comment for him.

And then the promised memes. One I stole from [profile] dilettantka...
Fandome Meme )

Also, the real life-y one I ganked from [profile] xrqz2493.
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Am rather worried about the whole 'half of LJ staff fired' business. Sad times for all.
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I don't have time. I should be asleep.

1) Shiny Happy All-Fandom Meme of Ultimate Sparkle Go, be happy. Share the sparkle and make others happy. It's awesome.

2) DramaPuri!? I'm sure it's my innate and automatic ignorance of China that caused me to miss this until... which does not mean that I won't be watching it now. I mean... TeniPuri in /college/ like it should have been! :D
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[personal profile] baranoneko just linked me to An Open Letter to the Industry.
This is more proof that I should not be allowed on the internet when I have days off.

Preliminary Thoghts )

I'm too hungry and not eloquent enough to keep going right now. Back to my poorly-subbed ancient PoT.

Well then

May. 31st, 2007 02:24 am
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Blessed be. There is a a news post.
(And with the crisis in the /process/ of being averted, the lj-tards return to normal wank... like over the first comment. *headdesk* No, I mean it.)
SixApart responded sensibly, coherently and in the way I feel was right.
There are several communities that I don't think will be back, but hopefully /hopefully/ the wrongly deleted RP journals and some of the more innocent comms will be back.
Sorry to have re-spammed flists with this, I know many of you don't want to see it, I'm just... relieved.

Now I'm going to sleep. I even think it has a good chance of working.

Does that mean that "strikethrough2007" is over?

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So I'm going to post here...
My comment, which won't fit:
Under this cut )

Now I'm off to have my other journals join [profile] fandom_counts.
Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and got the icon. I liked the song BEFORE this happened, damnit.


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