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Been on vacation for almost a week now. And a couple of things have happened.
First - I have friends. Places to be and people to see and things to do. I know this would taper off if I lived here, but it feels unbelievably nice to have people to see and talk to and to bring me into new things.
Second, I love my mom's house. Maybe it's just that I'm starting from scratch and a clean foundation, maybe it's that I haven't run out of money yet, but it feels so good to live here, to make food and clean up and sew a bit.
Third, Val texted me and said that they will need a new RTL as of 10/22. And holy shit, why do things like this keep happening? If there has been a message the universe has been trying to send me, I think it might well be 'go back to Colorado'.

Or am I feeling all this because I'm on vacation? I mean, the difference between thinking about going back to work at 2228 versus 2173 is night and day. The smiles I saw on people's faces at the Ft. Collins store and the number of people in the building.... there would still be a shrink plan to follow but... god, I feel like with Val and Shawna I could manage that. I'd be included, I'd know what the hell was going on and what to /do/. I could get back to the place where there are standards and they are enforced.

It's the dream. Anyway. I need to talk to mom about the possibility of living here and/or taking her car if I sold mine. I need to talk to Rob about whether he would stay in Washington if I moved in October. And I need to decide in my heart if this is what I want. In my dreams I can imagine that I could get a better job in Seattle, but there is something in me that fails to go out and do those things, and maybe here... god I hate making choices. They change everything and change is so miserable.
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I just woke up from a rather disturbing dream.
And I feel like I need to write it down because otherwise I'll forget it and it was rather serious.

WARNING: Topic below include my family issues, religion, freedom of speech, and mermaids.

Cut for length )

Anyway... just explaining it to Jess made me break down crying. Typing it out also did that again. The scariest part? It feels like it could happen. Too much of it re-tells very much like real life. From what I've heard from them recently, I've gotten the impression they really are pretty strongly atheistic. As a lapsed agnostic with leanings toward small-deity Paganism and/or monotheistic Buddhism... is pretty scary to think about from half your parental units. Maybe that's just me.


Sep. 27th, 2009 11:58 am
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Had a fabulous mini-party yesterday with my sister, her boyfriend, Jess, Corina, Chris, my dad and both my brothers! Could only have been more awesome if Mom had come by.

We had just enough food, lots of snacks and a lot of fun! Thank you /all/ for coming. I felt very loved. I didn't take any pictures while my living room was filled with Beatles Rock Band awesomeness (except for one bad cell-phone pic). I'm regretting that now, but ah well.

Also, learned again that /anyone/ can pick up and like Little Big Planet in virtually no time flat. And that Gavino is much, much, much better at Halo 3 than we are. XD

Now I'm curling up with some Katamari Damacy and orange juice until my mom calls me back. Hope everyone's weekend is going splendidly!
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I slept /way/ longer than planned today. Then finally dragged myself over to my moms house, where I spent the day with my sister setting up my Yudu. Made three shirts off my first screen (I kept it so I can make more though). IT IS SO AWESOME. I love the whole process, it was so much fun and really really neat. While waiting for the screen to dry I tried to help with algebra homework. It's hard. Man, I felt dumb.

Got home, ate Tiger Lily, got [profile] starlit_dragon and dropped off a shirt with [profile] ashitara, watched some Avatar while I worked on Masaomi's jacket, then took [profile] starlit_dragon home and went to the gym.

I actually really like running. My shins do not. I'm going to have to work to rectify this situation. Dancing, however, we all agree on and is lots of fun. Weights too.

I have two t-shirt design ideas on my plate now. Both of which I might actually use on things other than apparel if they come out well.

I am finally feeling tired now. Will try to sleep.
Stupid open-overnight-open-late night schedule. I want my boss back.

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Since people seemed interested last time:
Here's more pictures of Masaomi-in-progress...
Now with completed kimono and applique sample... )

Tomorrow, I have most of the day off and then the rotation in Home Dec. I hope... I hope that everything will work out. I'm kind of at a loss about it again. It's been 6 months, the last one Emily did most of and we were fully prepped. This time... I really really just don't know.

Friday I have plans to take my Yudu over to Kimball and hangout with my sister and experiment. I wish I had more emulsion, but I might try to get some liquid before I go over, we'll see. At the very least, I should have a couple nifty 'cool&soul' t-shirts by the time I'm done. ^_^
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I managed to actually get some things started. Which is like getting things done, but without the actual completion.
I got the borders, backing and binding on the quilt for Jess with the help of my mother. I also got to see my mom, Arella and Mark. Which was nice.

We got a lot done on cleaning the apartment. My room is actually approachable now. I have a /big/ pile of stuff to get rid of, and almost all my clothes and things are washed now. I got the kitchen scrubbed pretty well on Friday night and Jess got the bathroom today. A little more work on my sewing area and it may be more manageable as well. Either way, I'm really looking forward to vacuuming. I actually took the time to light a candle and some incense in my room for the first time in a couple of years. It was nice to have the moment to focus and make the room really feel like /mine/. It's been since RiverRock or Sheely since I really did anything to focus the energies in my room... hopefully I can keep up with it.

There've been some things that just made me all kinds of happy this weekend, one of the big ones being just being away from work. I've also been watching dramas again...
Read more... )

Costumes, Masaomi, Etc. )

I'm also really really tired and worried about making it to work on time tomorrow, but those are troubles for another time. I'm doing much better than I was, and hope others are as well.

Work. Today. Was. Crazy. Seriously. I don't even have words to explain the madness of making 10k with staffing planned for 6k. And unloading a truck in the middle of it. SERIOUSLY. We are a small store people... we don't expect things like this in the off-season. The Boss was glowing all afternoon though, through the haze of pain anyway. And truck is ready for work to be done on it. The rest of the week better not continue to be nuts or one of us will die... but hopefully people will go back to work and settle down. Payday and double discounty goodness coming up on friday. I need to see the check and wait for sunday to really go crazy though... I want my Yudu. >.> I want to make T-shirts.

I work the next two weekends at work, which hopefully won't kill me. And then I'll have another two weeks of weekends in the beginning of March to try to get stuff done again.
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Had a good (if unproductive) Thanksgiving Day yesterday. Filled with tasty foods and warm kitty snuggles.

Black Friday went smoother this year than last. And I've very optomistic about our sales for the day. Assuming it keeps it up through 9 pm. Not totally impossible, given the flow of the day so far. I also totally resisted buying fabric and did a bit of plotting for people's Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice presents.

Now to sort out my sewing messes and get something accomplished today. I swapped with Shawna for tomorrow so that I can have dinner with Mom-tachi. Still have yet to message Sensei and tell her how things are going. Hopefully she's doing all right.
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This weekend (yesterday) was my birthday... and I can't remember a time when I've been so overwhelmed by congratulations and so surrounded by the people I love.
I got to have dinners with both halves of my family. I got taken out to lunch by [profile] ashitara and on saturday [profile] starlit_dragon came over and we marathoned Haruhi. Saturday also involved an awesome steak dinner and fabulous cake, all made by [profile] ladyofthegate. I honestly can't say thank you enough to all of you.

I got all your well-wishes on line, and I'm sorry I can't be around more without a computer right now. The weekend was so fabulous that it's hard to think about going back to the real world.
But now it's about work-time. Turns out I'm scheduled 8:30-6. :P
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Made it to Visalia.
Someday I'll babble about the whole freaking day and work and all that, for now...
family trip details )

I won't be working on Kagetoki tonight because I'm exhausted and it's 12:30 here, 1:30 at home.
But... whatever. Sleep now, productivity later.
However, there is /always/ time for Yasuka.

[Edit 9 AM PST: Failed to post last night. Now we're getting up and getting ready to leave. My circulation sucks right now and I didn't sleep very well last night, but such is life.]
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New chapter of Toastette (<3 Kite), new Store My Ducks icon. (see it here)
Now off to play games with the family since [profile] ladyofthegate doesn't seem to be coming home right away. ^^

I am madly in love with my S2 LJ layout (I finally switched a month or so ago)... everything is where I need it and it's so easy to work with.

(*points* Did I show off my new Olivie yet? ^^)
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I'm trying leaving most of my posts public or flocked and ignoring my filters unless it's something really innappropriate to one or more of my friends? Dou? Any opinions? Too spammy?

So... right. Not enough sleep last night, and even with Truck moved back to 9 pm, enough sleep tonight isn't a likely possibility. Tomorrow I need to finish benkei's cloak and get final supplies together. Painting my staff is probably a good idea too. I just realized that Akram's sword isn't likely to make it to MN. *sigh* If I can get Benkei's bits done tomorrow after work (now until 2, rather than 11), then Wednesday can be packing and Shimon/Akram time.

Anyway, there was good and bad with the twins today. Good being that I got Aaron to eat dinner. Bad in that I had to feed it to him like when he was two. He gets too easily distracted to eat more than a few bites of things with a fork. He did a good job in the grosser areas of his personality though, so it was a less annoying day and that was nice. I also cleaned up the Twin's room and the basement and did a ton of dishes and laundry. So there. Suck it parents. :P

In about two hours, we leave to go get the parental units at DIA, then I make them drop me at home and I sleep for a while until work in the morning. (Probably under my benkei cloak/blanket-to-be)

I do however, now have an offering on a second job... one that involves sewing. This excites me.

Now to get my things packed and get a bit of rest (by which I mean watch some DD-Boys) before 11 when I schlep the twins out to the car and drive to DIA.

They sure as hell better be paying me more than that $200. I mean it. (Especially since I spent about $120 on groceries alone and another $54 on gas...)
[speaking of which, add to note on Damien; awake hours= Sun: 8am-9:30/11pm Mon: 7am-8:30am,3:20pm-9pm]

PPS- when back to photoshop, should make an uber duck-store icon with shiny-ness and things.
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The introductory note should be made that I've been watching my two 5-year-old half siblings all week.
It should also be noted that I've dealt with a lot of shit in my life. Literally. I'm the oldest of three siblings close-ish to my own age, and then the twins were born when I was 18. I also had a job for a long while cleaning out cat runs in a research colony... but this...
Way too much information, even for me, click at your own risk, I mean it )

Long story short, I love the twins, I /do/. But I really think it's good I only have tomorrow left, because I don't know how much longer I can deal with this. Leave it to their actual parents, who probably won't notice, and almost certainly won't care. This should /not/ be my problem.


Mar. 15th, 2007 10:55 pm
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Dinah posted a meme:
1. Grab the nearest book
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

It was long )

Benkei Progressy appliqué stuffies under here )

Other than all those cuts, I'm alive. Exhausted, but still going. Panicing about Saturday, wishing that I could call in both days, but I really can't... not after they've been so sweet about letting me take off for the kid's school and stuff. Not looking forward to calling in in the morning, but I think I have to. I really do need the break. I'm losing it and I feel overwhelmed. And calling off Saturday to then have to watch the twins all day seems counter to the idea of keeping myself sane. Still feel that gnawing guilt for thinking it though...


Aug. 11th, 2006 09:57 am
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So... something very good may have happened last night. I won't be sure until later, but I'm happy either way I think.

I'm not entirely thrilled to be awake at the moment and headed to RiverRock to clean wait for a moving truck that may not even have a place to park. But hey, having tha Dad/Carol unit owe me one more favor is never a bad thing, right?
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Merry Cristmas to all! (Or otherwise Good Morning on a joyous nondenominational day off ^^)

Today has so far been a lot more fun than I expected. I didn't get mom's present done yet. And I've still got stuff to wrap and send late to the California group and Robert. I was too afraid last night to actually cut the slinky stuff for mom's jacket (plus it took forever to find my bobbin case XD). I did get some minor cleaning done in the sewing room and got Arella's stuff finished up. Also listened to a reading of "A Christmas Carol" on KUNC and then to music, which made me feel infinitely better. I had a nice time plotting some quilt blocks for pillows once my brain died, and had a nice chat with Nate as well (hope some sleep cheered you up babe, smile~!).

Got up this morning feeling well and headed over to Kimball for Christmas breakfast. There was french toast and bacon, and talk of random politics. After breakfast we opened presents! I got a new scarf (mmm, softy homespun yarn~<3), two shirts (one really nice one for work!), a new coat (to replace my ghetto trench ^__^), and the most fabulous pair of leather gloves. Plus, there were socks in my stocking! Along with delicious chocolates and a mini-snow globe with Aslan in it~!

In cleaning my car the other day, I found the card that I had for my mother ages ago, and it's still perfect, so at least I have something to give her for today. I was also glad because I finished and wrapped Arella's presents last night, and she loved them. She was thrilled with the scrapbooking stuff, and I'm quite pleased with how the scarf came out. ^_^

Arella's out at a meeting now, but still wants to do stuff when she comes back, so I'm hanging out for a bit while mom chills with Greg, I guess the other stuff 'Rel and mom have to do isn't until later tonight, so I'm happy.

So this is a warm thank you and holiday greeting to everyone on my flist, for always being there. I love you guys, I hope the next year will be every bit as good or better for all of us than the last. *hugs*
(Oh yeah, and lots of you will be getting presents over the next few days, since I'm unprepared and won't see you guys today.)

Maya's Songs of the Moment - 12.25.2005 )
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Meme from tokyolove behind the cut )
So far today: Slept much more than I intended, and was still up by noon... not so good, but could be worse. It's looking like I won't be going to RiverRock any earlier than neccesary, since I'd rather spend the next couple of hours sewing.
In other news, streaming anime radio with live requests is good for you. ^_^ Armitage's Dimension. I found it through Winamp 5, but I assume there are other ways. It's not as stable as Japan-A-Radio, but being able to request Weiss stuff makes me happy, and amused.
Now I'm off to finish dishes, start laundry, and SEW! Woohoo! I'm sure you all needed to know.
Oh yes, Happy Father's Day to all those males who have produced offspring. And all those offspring who wish to be grateful for thier existence.

Current Bishounen: Kikumaru Eiji (because I requested his image song after I requested Weiss. ^_^)
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Happy Birthday to [profile] korano... he may be a dork, but he's still my little brother. 11 years old today.
We didn't do much, but Arella made a cake and I frosted it and stuff. We went out for a /fabulous/ dinner at Sri Thai (before which I had a tiny bit of a nap). We came home and played some games, then had the cake. The cat was being insane, and my mom mentioned that the vet thinks that Mercedes might be part Abyssinian... I couldn't stop giggling for 20 minutes. I now have an overwhelming urge to call her Aya... and all her little angry-cat growls make me laugh and picture a certain red-haired chibi with a sword. (^_^ <- *broken*)

My exact thought process before coming downstairs (after having not slept for well over 24 hours) was this: Before I turn on this PS2, I will go downstairs now and check for more "Walking on Hell". If the next chapter is there, I will print it and then go directly to bed with it and read myself to sleep. If there is no new chapter, I can play FF8 for an hour before taking a sleeping pill and going to bed.
So once this is posted, I'm going happily to bed, hopefully to wake up at a reasonable hour. Walking on Hell is complete... I know it will be good, however it ends... I just hope it ends well.

PS- remind me to rant about how much I love RWT - and Yagyuu in particular - at some later junction. I'm too tired right now.

Current Bishounen: Kimeru (see Current Music)
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And I can't think of anything meaningful to say. Way too brain-dead and tired.
I love Miki Shin-ichirou, I love Morikawa Toshiyuki. I have close to $900 worth of CDs.
Beatles Quiz from Nikki> <div align=center><form name= )
Quiz from Kitty, via Thorin )

Yep. Now I'm turining my brain off and going to bed.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER ARELLA! I love you, and I'll try to call today or tomorrow, I promise!

Current Bishounen: Katou (HaruDaki)
Today's Card: The World - Inverted (and man did we feel it. Between the test and nearly losing Alice in Osaka... yeah. It should have been a warning, but I totally failed to heed it.)

Last call

Jul. 16th, 2003 12:06 am
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So the call from Austin was about 50% dead air time... because he had nothing much to say, and my social genes were asleep. I tried to be supportive, and all I can do is hope that he's doing well. Really, I think there nothing more I could do for him.
Turning Point is going on lockdown tommorow, so our visit with Arella is cancelled. I'm not happy. I like hanging out with her. *pout*
I wrote! I wrote lots of pretty. It's Zia and Ana and goodness. Unfortunately, it's on the mac... I'll port it over tommorow.
Yep. Yep. Right. Bed now, I swear.

Bishonen: Rain and Deranel
Bishojo: Miho (MT) and Zienara
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Which Saiyuki Boy are you?

Which Saiyuki boy are you?

Take the Saiyuki Quiz at

(of course, I changed the one I was torn on and got Hakkai, but I'll wait and let Kat post that pretty image. ^_^ I'm assuming she'll get Hakkai.)

Anyway... I don't want to babysit. I want to help Carol but not be over there. And I know I failed my matricies test. Really badly. I thought I knew what I was doing... but apparently not. I knew the first steps, but not the more in dpeth stuff that she didn't review last night. And I hate complex numbers. They're evil.
The cute opening song from the 10th Anniversary thing is stuck in my head... "Watashi no hitomi wa, sora ni naru..." *sigh* Yeah. Gotta go home now I think, then get rescue my car and take it to the shop. Then get carol's swimsuit back to her. Then maybe go to academy if I have time... which I won't probably.
Right. So... new topic... um... roses? Ah forget it, I'd better go anyway.

Bishonen: Hakkai, Sanzo, Kougaiji
Bishojo: Yaone
[[The above can all be blamed on the saiyuki site at]]


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