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Well, after a scary jaunt over to the SOPA/PIPA page to send a composed angry letter to my representatives, I'm here to actually post something. About Sherlock of course, what else is there in my life these days?

This is a bit long, but I can't find a good place to cut it, so forgive me and skip it if you like.

This post about Irene Adler in Sherlock is really eloquent and lovely. I wasn't involved in any of the apparent fandom debacle going down over her character and such, and I actually thought she was amazing. So yeah... if you're angry about it, consider reading this.

Secondly, I found the Baker Street Babes podcast and listened to one episode yesterday. They are brilliant, amazing, and everything I want in a Podcast. I wish I could have these conversations in my house. And I wish something like this existed for every fandom.

Thirdly, from another link that Carol sent me, I found the Sherlock Wear list. Where I can learn just how terribly expensive all the details that I love about the show really are. Mycroft's $400 umbrella for one, though I'm sure the BBC gets it at a discounted rate. XD

Last night, Cally and I went out to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. She'd not seen it yet, and I am always game for more Holmes exposure these days. It was quite as lovely the second time around. I still quite like Sim, and adore the rather suggestive bits on various trains, in camps, at dances, etc. Mary stood out to me even more this time. She's a great character, and I'm glad to see that they let her take action and be involved in the resolution of the story.

I finished Black Books tonight, and started up Stephen Fry in America. I'm noting this mostly because there was a lovely quote from a Harvard professor in Episode 1 about how very much America likes to have things simple. Even when the more complex answer is clearly correct, most American's would rather have a simple one. It's a sentiment that I've been trying to articulate and understand for a great many years, probably since about 8th grade, and it was remarkable to come across it stated so clearly and honestly when I least expected it.
I also notice Stephen Fry's speech style effecting my own rather a lot, especially in terms of phrasing and word choice. I had this same issue when I was watching a lot of bits of Fry and Laurie, or way back when I was reading a lot of Tolkien. At least no one will be accusing me of plagiarism for my journal writing style, I should hope.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm starting to think that I might want to give one of my hypothetical future offspring Sherlock as a middle name. I think it would be sweet. Maybe.
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I don't think today was that bad, objectively speaking. A lot of fabric got done, not by me, but if Gene can work fabric and he doesn't feel bad ignoring guests since he's already kindof a dick, then all the better.
I spent most of the day at the register. Of course... then there were the recurring technical issues. And let me tell you, I am getting pretty damn tired of being the only one on the managment team that has any idea of what the various computers do, how they work, or how to fix them. Or indeed, what numbers to call or websites to post our issues to. THIS IS EVERYONES JOB. I am not getting paid more to be the damn tech-support guru.

Anyway, I did the bus commute today, and in addition to being frigid cold , it turns out that I took Jess's shoes this morning, so my mid day, my feet hurt rather a lot more than they did on the first few days with my new shoes. By the end of the day I had massive blisters on my pinky toes and could barely walk. Of course I had to walk... to the bus, and then home. So I pierced the blisters like a big girl and got some little blister-cover bandaid things from Safeway and headed out.

It was well below freezing by this point of course, and in my dithering around and hoping in vain that someone with a more functional car that me would be around to possibly be bribed into driving me home I has missed a bus, which meant a 40-minute wait for the next one. In the freezing cold. And like an idiot, I somehow managed to sleep straight through Everett station and not wake up until the Mariner P&R, which meant walking 14 blocks. In still-below-freezing, and in the shoes that still hurt like a bitch to move it, even if it was no longer excruciating.

Anyway, so. Not a good day. And I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I'm pretty badly OCD about some things. Like dishes. And stoves and counters being clean. And living in my present arrangement is making me totally crazy.

Anyway, downswing. One of those 'gee living with my mom would be heaven' days. They're not all that common. Except when they are.
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Jess's computer got a nasty virus today and I have to be at work in ... less than three hours.
Also, I am now depressed about internet censorship and a bunch of other bullshit. I wish the government would keep its damn paws out of my personal life unless it intends to also pay my rent and credit card bills.
Bah humbug.
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I survived Saturday! E and I are both getting rather annoyed with the fact that certain people who are responsible for the schedule are not balancing coverage, so those of us with no control over the schedule are left without coverage a lot of the time.

Now I'm listening to "For Good" for the eight-billionth time. It had never really struck me before, I loved "No Good Deed" and "Defying Gravity" of course, but until I saw it in the upcoming song list at the end of Glee Season 2 I hadn't listened to it much. Now I love it. So much.

Of course my iPod follows that up with "The Guilty Ones" from Spring Avakening. Which is just such a sweet soft introspective song. God I love that soundtrack. The whole show actually. reminds me of little Emily and of Cass. Little Emily who is pregnant now. Barely more than a child, carrying a child. I don't know what to say to her.

Aaaand sunday followup, work was blah, but Rob and I both have assassin-ish hoodies for the launch tomorrow night and I finished my assassin bag too. Soooo excited. Now time for sleep and then truck. 74 fabric cartons, here I come.
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Well, I've massively failed at writing every day. But I'm just being grateful that this month hasn't been bad enough so far to necessitate whinging on the internet everyday.

Tonight, I am massively grateful for my magnificent girlfriend and brother, for having food to eat when I got home from work, and for the soft fuzzies (hand warmers and hat) that Jess's mom sent to us.

Finally, we watched several more episodes of Merlin season 2 tonight. This season is filled with awesome that I can't even being to describe how much I love it. The plots are fantastic, and interesting (and stuff I haven't seen rehashed in a half-dozen fics yet, which probably helps), and the character growth is interesting and fun. I find myself actively slashing Merlin/Arthur slightly less, and liking them more as friends. But mostly I just want to see the whole gang pull together to do more. Morgana being all alone and scared and Merlin having to run off and do things alone makes me nervous. At the same time as I want things to be happy though, I'm excited to see more development of the overarching plot... I actually punched the air when I saw Morgause in the preview for next episode, even though I'm not supposed to know who she is. I try to pretend I don't read fic, but fuck it, it's MORGAUSE! (And yes, I only love her because of "The Student Prince" and one or two other stories, BUT... :P) Anyway.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 07:55 pm
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So today... the symptoms of my possibly being sick got more disturbing. First was being rather lightheaded and very very cold for most of the day. Except when I was too warm for brief stretches. Toward the end of the evening, I also started having some sort of numerical dyslexia (that's not the right word, but neither is aphasia, which is what I was using at first). This sucks when you are alternating between exception counts (matching numbers on a page to those on bolts) and being at a register having to hand-key numbers. Lets hope I didn't screw anything up to badly.
I did leave a bit early though, probably shouldn't have, but I wasn't doing much good and I didn't want to deal with Anna much more. I did get all my overstock logs up, and some exception counts done. I wanted to stock tapes and braids /so/ badly... I'll probably do it tomorrow anyway. Only one more day before I get a day off, and at least I can have some /sleep/ before tomorrow. I ended up deciding to leave my car at the store and bus home, so tomorrow I'll bus to work and then drive home after close. This has already backfired because it was freezing and windy and raining when I left the store, but hopefully will work out otherwise.

There's a rant in here somewhere about Episode 18 of RvB Season 9, and the Internet Box podcast, and Penny Arcade, and the Torchwood porn that I'm reading... but I'm really too tired or much more babbling. Perhaps tomorrow. Today was an ok day productivity-wise, but I still don't like having to ignore guests and walk away from messes just to get my stuff done. Mrr.

Anyway. Oyasumi.
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Every time I think of the fact that Douglas Adams is dead, it makes me quite sad. The title of the post just made me think of that. It also makes me think of all the nice things that Stephen Fry said about him in the forward to "Salmon of Doubt". The line of thinking that that takes me on it almost interesting enough to just keep going along it. Most things with Stephen Fry are that interesting to me though, so I'll stop for the moment.
I'm in the process of mass-migrating all my entries from LJ to DW. I use LJ for very little anymore, and if I legitimately want a journal to write in again it needs to be somewhere where I don't feel guilty for spamming or worried that someone will find it and email it to my boss, or be hurt by something I said. Long ago, I used to keep diaries. Before that I kept logs. I've always written, for as long as I can remember.... until the past few years.
Some part of me associates that lack of self-expression and reflection with a lot of the emotional problems I've been having the past months, so I'm going to try to go back to it. I can't do NaNoWriMo (best wishes to all who are, I believe in you!) but I can try to make myself write some every day, and see if it helps balance me out and bring my decisions into focus.

So. That's what I'm doing. Hopefully part of all this will include finding those old journals and digitizing them. I think a lot of my really early writings may be lost forever, since they were simpletext documents on old 1.4 mb floppies, and I don't know if I still have them, even if I did have a way to access them. There's a lot in my life that is just /stuff/, things I'd like to get rid of, but my history is not one of them, and with my memory as weak as it sometimes is I like the idea of having access to all the details I wrote down long long ago.

Oddly, all this motivation to start anew over on DW came from going to look at FayJay's ([personal profile] pandarus) DW, because I'm trying to get up the guts to actually tell her how vital her podfic has been to my survival lately. Particularly "The Student Prince", which I've listened to eight times in it's entirety. At over 15 hours per playthrough, that's that's 120 hours or about 5 days. Let's just say the story is near and dear to my heart. In fact I think my last LJ post involved a lengthy quote from Arthur's coming out speech. It did a lot of the same things that I loved about "Drastically Redefining Protocol", back when I first heard it, only with more characters, more plot, more magic, and more contemplation of the world and how homosexuality is actually viewed in the world. It helps that Fayjay is my favorite reader of all time. I've got into three new fandoms because of her, and that's not mentioning that it was "The Goodge Street Gambit" podfic that got me into I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, AND was the first and only podfic that I've actually shared with anyone not "in" fandom per-se. I played it for my brother in the car once, and he laughed in the right place and enjoyed it right along with me.

I'm not going to talk about work for the moment, though I'm sure I will quite a lot this month. It's probably the biggest point of contention between me and the semi-happiness I used to take for granted. We're off to get some food now, and then I ought to sew for a bit so I can get the rainbow quilt back on my bed sooner rather than later. Goodnight, Journal.
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Since it now appears that it takes me the better part of a week to write a note/LJ post, here's the rundown of the time since I started trying to post this:

Read more... )

And to try to get my brain back to working shape, I'm working on a translation:
(and since I know there are people on my F-list who do this /for a living/, I should note that criticism is very welcome, but I'm mostly just flying by the seat of my pants to try to get back into the habit and because the song really got to me. So this is rough and unfinished in the extreme with a lot of artistic license taken.
Gift )

Also: HAH! Watch my default LJ icon be appropriate for once!
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Had my best day off in a while yesterday. Got a full night of rest, woke up and recorded and edited my first podfic! (Something I would be strictly unable to do with Jess at home) And then played some Lego Rock Band (I spent a long time practicing expert vocal in RB3 last night, so I wanted to go back to something sillier.)

I also finished up listening to a 7.5 hour Torchwood fic ("Get Loved, Make More, Try to Survive"). >.> Yeah. It was cute. I did not watch any more Torchwood or Doctor Who, because I am saving it to savor at a later date while I work on a costume, hopefully.

Wow. LiveJournal entries are long. I've gotten so used to facebook and twitter and their short little posts.

And tehn after a bit of Bones, Jess agreed to watching the first episode for DW with the ninth doctor. Decided that we're going to finish Bones first, but it looks like we might be giving it a shot. We'll see. ^_^

Happy new week everyone!
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I have fallen off the face of the earth for the last few days, but wanted to post quickly.
Mostly I've been working, sewing and sleeping.
My costume progress is being continually updated over here, for anyone who is interested.

Work is very worky, but we're doing well. This is our long-time RTL's last week at our store, so there's a lot of learning and training going on.

Anyway, I need to drop store mail and then head in to close. I'm around by phone if people need me. If not, I'll see the PG-related people at next weeks meeting, the work-related people at work and everyone else.... when time allows.

Happy Late Valentines. ^_^
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Ok. So. I have fallen off the face of the internet. Partially because it's that time when work starts to want to take 12-hour days instead of 7 and nothing ever feels like it's done.

That's not really the reason though. See, the real issue is that I picked up the English version of The World Ends With You. And now I am an ADDICT. The plot and system were much easier to pick up without having to work to read the simple dialog, and if the game didn't /require/ shut down time and idle mingle time, then I would probably never put it down at all.

Read more... )

Also also, am I the only one in the world who wants to try to cosplay some of the /other/ branded clothes instead of the regular outfits? I know it's totally not recognizable, but I'm way amused by the fact that I've had Joshua in "bondage pants" for... most of this week.
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Today was rather satisfying, even if I was exhausted for all of it.
I was into work early and we made some pretty massive progress on truck.
Did four interviews at work (actually conducted 3, Boss did the last), all of whom seem pretty competent interesting people. Excited for tomorrow's group and to get some new help in for us.

Before that, I even took a lunch and actually came home and cooked during it, even if it was just Ramen. Once home I picked up Jess's baking project (Banana bread) without burning anything AND cooked me dinner for tonight and lunch for tomorrow. Food/Bentou Rambles ensue )

I even did most of the dishes from all those cooking projects! This isn't a big deal or an achievement for real grown-ups, I know, but it's a big step for me. ^_^

On my list for tonight are a letter of recommendation for one of the girls at work and finalizing my letter of recommendation requests for JET (scary!). Though I may take a small break to play some video games. >.> We'll see.

Long Pause

Sep. 19th, 2009 12:26 pm
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I realize that I haven't posted since NDK, so... here's a brief summary.

We did compete at NDK, but only with Masaomi and Tomomori. I was not comfortable with the quality or presentation of Kiyomori and the judges were thrilled to let us drop a slot. We did not win any awards this year, but those who did were overall AMAZING and quite deserving. Competition was more fierce this year than any NDK I've ever attended, especially for the intermediates.

Coming home was relatively low key, we have some interesting skit ideas for the future, and I have gotten to spend a bit of time since getting home with my DS (TWEWE and Trauma Center) and with The Beatles: Rock Band. There was some drama with my work situation on Tuesday, but it all worked out in the end. Sorry to everyone who panicked over my well being.

This week at work went really well, lots accomplished, store looking clean and sharp, and the DTL visit on thursday felt more like 'Ok, keep up the good work' than any other I can remember. It's ramping up to crazy-season, so that's a good place to be in.

On my slate for this weekend: And also note to self... )
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In poking at my PS3 video stash, I decided (after two episodes of Maoh) to watch "Doukyuusei". If I thought "Taiikukan Baby" was depressing.... man was I not prepared for this. Both are very serious stories and very much better made than some of the BL movies I've seen. "Doukyuusei" isn't BL at all actually, but it's some of the same characters in two different versions of the same period of time... so, I feel like it was enough involved with "Taiikukan Baby" to count under the same production values.

-Yellow Upper body interfaced
-Yellow neck band on
-Channels made to attach to lining of the Yellow (will go on by hand)
-Tomomori neck fasteners made and put on

Is the con really only two days away? ;_; I'm doomed.

Anyway. Sleep for a few hours now. Then go get Jess from the sleep study place and then run some laundry and work more on Kiyomori until it's time to go in to work for truck. THEN come back and close. And make things look pretty for The Boss. I hope. Why do I agree to these things? Seriously!

Post NDK, I need a serious icon overhaul. My current collection is just not really conducive to my current interests and moods.
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There is Drama in fandom again... though this time I just find it vaguely frustrating. For anyone concerned, there are articles here and the purpose statement of the... insigators? is here. On the one hand, reading their statement, I see what they are trying to do and why Fandom can't handle it. Fandom is intensely insular and defensive of it's community and culture. So despite their claims, I really don't feel fandom can or should be used to analyze the mind in the way that they are implying.

We got more coats of paint on Kiyomori's balls and jewels and wings today, and I survived work! Yay!
Tomorrow morning I sew and then I need to start working on the craftsmanship forms. They're due thursday.
Also, my mom cut about 7 inches off my hair. And I'm thinking about taking off more. This is an epic step forward!
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Yes those are three bicycles in the drive through at Taco Bell. Which could actually be kinda cool, until they took off before the window and left the poor girl making three drinks for no one. I'm hoping the one on the left was going for irony when he chose his shirt; the back reads "Service Integrity Excellence".
If you could read it, I might actually try to put it on failblog or something.

Pretty good progress today. Screen printing was working great, but I may actually have discovered the limits of repeated printing with a single screen. The wings are deffinitely wings though and it's very exciting. ^_^
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er... work. Whatever you want to call it. With any luck, I won't see my boss again until after NDK. Luck because she's on PTO and needs a damn vacation. And then I go on PTO for the con, so. Yeah, anyway. Work was madness, as usual. I felt bad leaving, but me being over 40 hours this week won't help us anyway.

At home I finished the 'Chance' special. It was actually pretty cool. A little predictable, and classic J-dramay, but different in some good ways. Also Meisa is pretty and Maki is adorable. Of course, I followed that up with Episode 1 of Innocent Love. My heart is breaking already and I just know it's going to get worse and probably never get better. BUT.... it looks good, so I'll try to stick with it.
Or else I'll end up rewatching Love Shuffle. Maybe both.
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- Carpets cleaned (Jess was right, it took us two hours to clear the floor last nigh and them 10 minutes to clean it.
- imported recently-played lists into and got it to suck less!
- Too much sleep-apartment somewhat reassembled from carpet cleaning

- checked fan for Tomomori after painting last night... It's not perfect, but it's a start and it will pass if need be
- finished printing on body pieces and am now working on sleeves for the Noshi/Kariginu/thing
- have assigned other geniuses to figuring out wings
- chose BGM for walk on (first 50 seconds of the Haruka 4 opening is almost exactly the right length (45 secs) and has a proper tone and such. Also, sneaky former-Myu-boy pimping. :D
-started choosing potential songs for karaoke (probably not competition)

(Also, today I learned that slash fandom is older than me but not by very much. Granted, I wasn't into slash as soon as I was born, but still... it's always wierd to realize after the fact that you were actually there in the kindof early days of something. Lurking. And not contributing at all. Ah, my life.
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I've been on a long break from LJ. Still reading and loving you all very much, but taking the time to post just hasn't happened.

Lots has happened in the last month. Tomomori got finished a couple weeks later than I'd planned (obi and all accessories are done though - except the necklace). I ended up gold-leafing the shirt with a technique that I saw in one of my quilting books. I looks amazing, but I'm not 100% sure that it will hold up to intensive wear. Anyway, since I'm already behind schedule, I've moved on to Kiyomori. Sunday night I got the body pieces for his outer robe cut out, and in the next day or two I'll be printing it. I carved a linoleum block with the design and tests with fabric paint look good to print it on the poplin.

I'm fiddling with the file format on the external a little to let the PS3 see all my files. It's really flipping awesome to go straight from the PS3 browser to my video files. This afternoon, I finally took a moment to start on Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru (First Half) )

Had to pause in the middle for new Recreation. Which was awesome.

And now it's another two days gone even since I tryped this. Work is crazy since inventory is next week and then the RVP visits the week after.
Anyway. Good night LJ.


May. 9th, 2009 02:38 am
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Very little accomplished today. At work or otherwise.
But... there was deffinite fun today. RvB season two again, and then watching Jess play her new game while I played around with some stuff in photoshop.

I changed the quote for my LJ layout. (It's been a quote from Cables for... over a year, probably.) Now, it is better.

Anyway. Sleep-time. Karaoke tomorrow. Very exciting. ^_^


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