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So I've been away from this corner of the internet (tumblr, you are a cruel and demanding mistress.) but this is still the best place to log costume progress and to-do lists, so here I am.

I remastered Benkei for Anime Matsuri in March/April this year, and my skit (with Pas's Nozomi) took Best in Show. Pretty fucking incredible, seriously. They still haven't gotten us our prize money at this time, which is a bit shitty.

Anyway, after that I actually worked hard on Eveline Gurerra, The Corsair from Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayer. I have loved her design for years, and the costume pulled together in time for Denver Comic Con, and was then updated for the Colorado Rennaisance Festival in Larkspur.

In between all my Eveline love, I started on my competition piece for NDK and my friendship piece for PAX: Clow Reed (an original version to matck Mik's Yuuko) and Nix (from inFamous 2, to hang with Kat's Kuo)

Also, I may have watched 1.5 seasons of Game of Thrones and 3.25 sessons of Leverage while working on these things.

Progress at present stands as follows:

Nix (Due by 8/27/2013 - PAX Prime)
-Paint Design on back of vest Done 7/29
-Cut down Jeans Done 8/4 and 8/6
-Cut out sleeves
-Pattern and fit neck thingy
-Detail (cutouts in) sleeves Done 7/31 and 8/5
-Attach sleeves to vest (make detachable?) Done 8/6
-Add Tan Panel to Jeans Done 8/7-8/10
-Sew Lining and construct neck thingy Finished 8/10
To Do
-Create and Detail Necklaces - use existing knit
-Test makeup and document
-Test fit and add bandannas and belts
-wig/dreadlock solution - one option done 8/10, need new option?
-Get boots of make boot covers

Clow Reed - Adapted Lotus Version (Due by 9/11 - NDK)
-Pattern and Cut Out Pants
-Cut and assemble shirt
-Shirt Applique Done 8/4
-8/11 - tested vest, decided against vest, patterned coat
To Do
-Shirt Frogs
-modify coat pattern to cross over - Done
-cut and applique coat - Back and cuffs done 9/10 and 9/9
-assemble lining
-bind and finish coat
-coat frogs - 2x butterfly shaped
-make earring tassle
-add collar to shirt, hem shirt - Done
-Cut and construct vest and lining
-assemble pants (and applique ankle) - Done except bottom hem!
-create hair piece
-trim and style wig
-Test and Document makeup
-Test dry ice and light effects with bowl and pillar
-Add velcro pocket to inside of shirt sleeve for light balls

Eveline Gurerra - The Corsair (Update/Complete for PAX)
To Do
-Add button loops to coat - Done!
-add buttons - Done
-straighten back button thing - Done
-get tie for wig (use Misty or Rina's wig?)
-add black detail to pants and make tighter
-move eyes on sash to be tighter - Made additional sash band instead
-practice and record process for makeup
-get extra belts? - Done


May. 8th, 2013 11:20 pm
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Things I was supposed to do after work today:
-start mother's day present
-set up vacuum with tiny hose to clean out computer fan

Things I did today:
-caught up on Glee
-fused a small sheet of blue/white angelina, tested opacity and adhesion on the suiting, and started cutting out my multiplayer emblem
-updated my player model in AC:R to match the costume I'm making (no sleeves
-stared at Eveline's model for long enough that her proportions really started to bug me
-finalized plans for embellishment on Eveline's coat (soutache and paint for shoulders, gold binding, some rick rack or more paint for the bottom and rear hems AND pants embellishment)
-Spent an hour with mom discussing options for the remaining pieces of the costume
-played an hour of AC:R multiplayer
-interfaced back-shoulder area on coat
-interfaced and assembled collar for coat... may have to redo this anyway
-chalked in the first lines (to be done in soutache braid) on the shoulders and back of the coat

Summary... finally actually making progress on Eveline, but only because there are other things I should be doing instead. >.>

For Tomorrow:
-pick up 7 1-2" gold buttons (or 5 for front and 2 larger for back)
-look for other trim/cording for button loops
-check color match on gold rick rack and/or gold fabric paints.
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Clow Reed
NDK COSTUME SIGN-UPS - GO LIVE ON 8/18/2012, Noon MST 8/20 - Signup Confirmed, yay!
7/21-22 - Cut out all base robe pieces, pants, shirt, and mapped out new pattern pieces for modified over layer
7/23 - Cut out remaining accent pieces for cloak (blue bits)
7/24 - Started shirt assembly (classroom), completed mariners compass halves (including topstitching), pressed and pinned gold border for compass halves
7/25 - Skived off work to sew. Mariner's compass set into gold and blue borders. Body/under layers of both lining and main material put together. Lining for overlay assembled. Overlay pieces and accent pieces labeled and separated. Test for back embroidery and painting done.
7/26 - neck, edge, and tip accents attached to front overlay panels
7/27-8/4 - Hauled ass on all sorts of finishing on the cloak.
8/5 - cloak complete except for white neck accent, top finished completely
8/6 - pants assembled
8/7 - overlocking and seaming on rest of pants seams
8/10 - elastic into pants waist, planning to add a cuff at the ankle to tie in with the costume and to add some length
8/12 - Redrafted McCalls 4645 and previous modifications of it for Clow's coat. Started sketches for jacket back detail and lower hem embelishments.
8/15 - Classroom. Cut all yellow facing/trim strips and coat pieces.
8/17 - Drafted design for asymentric star portions for back tails of jacket.
8/18 - Pieced back point insets, set aside until yellow trim was on.
- Sketched, embroidered, and appliqued center back sun and moon.
- attached all yellow trim/facings at outer hem
- mitered corners and angles of yellow facings
8/24 - bought tassles and piping for jacket, started to top stitch yellow facings/trims. Trimmed down point insets and positioned in alignment with yellow and piping.
8/26 - assembled collar with piping, finished tacking down lower jacket trim, then found out the collar looked horrible and went to sleep
8/27 - managed to fix jacket collar to the point of not-quite-so-failing
8/28 - panicked, spun in circles, then worked on unrelated T-shirt things.
8/29 - finished tacking down lower jacket stars, sleeves attached
8/30 - Printed Shirts for Green Jello Cosplay, Packed
8/31 - PAX - Assassin Day
9/1 - PAX - RT and Aquisitions Inc. Day
9/2 - Fly to Denver, Drive to Ft. Collins, unpack
9/3 - Hiked and puzzled with family, napped, saw Julie at night.
9/4 - Hung out with Mik, finished Jacket cuffs
9/5 - Stayed home. Made piping and cording, finished pants cuffs and fasteners/frogs for jacket
9/6 - cut and attached robe collar! Ordered new boots. Rehersed for walk on. A lot.

To Do:
-create/attach belt or sash
-tighten frog loops
-rehearse walk on more

-assemble cloak lining 7/25
-test for back design 7/25
-enlarge back design to approx 19" across
-create back design (applique, embroidery, and paint)
-complete shirt
-assemble cloak outer layer (complete designs first)
-Assemble pants 8/7
-draft jacket pattern 8/12
-cut out jacket pieces, assemble 8/15
-bobbles and tassels for jacket 8/24
-finish Jacket - yellow cuffs with piping 9/4
-finish pants - choose band color for bottom, need extra length (yellow with blue piping?) 9/5
-cut/attach white collar accent on cloak 9/6

Mycroft Holmes
To Do:
-modify/cut jacket pattern
-modify/cut slacks
-purchase or pattern button down
-modify/cut vest
-purchase umbrella (plain black, wooden handle)
-hair gel
-tie/pocket square

Eveline Guerra (The Corsair) [As of 8/28, planned for AkiCon 2012]
March - Corset re-drafted, cut, and assembled

-binding, boning, accents, and fastenings on corset vest
-cut out dress/shift
-cut out pants
-modify and cut coat pattern
-purchase hat
-create head scarf
-hair cut and colored
-ganuntlets/armor bits

As of 8/11/2012 I am also considering Order of the Stick cosplay. This is just a theory.
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Woken up today to learn that the main events of PAXEast are live streaming, which means that my weekend off isn't nearly so wasted, because I can see the PA panels and got to see the RoosterTeeth panel this morning!

Since then I have finished my first glovelet/fingerless mitten-thing with worsted weight yarn and the cuff modifications that I wanted and started the left hand. (My increases above the ribbing worked perfectly and now the cuff fits and stays put on me. Kris didn't want the fitted cuff, but I hae her yarn to start with next.

I also picked my next cosplay project and printed some reference. I'm going with The Corsair (Eveline Guerra) from AC:R multiplayer. I love her look, and my hair will work whether I cut it off or not. I have most of the fabric and patterns that I can modify the crap out of as needed, so I'm excited. This can also double as a pirate costume if I get the hat and ever need to attend a pirate party or Speak Like A Pirate Day event again. Also, she's my favorite.

I also also pushed through a bunch more recordings for the Arashi Roadtrip AU and am editing them now. Putting together the two collections (one in chronological/timeline order and one in posting order is going to be such a mind trip. I think I read in posting order first, which is easier to get into because you start with two and then three of the boys together already and traveling. Starting chronologically is slower, but you get the background story. I think I prefer posting order, but it's much harder to follow the story. Anyway, funtimes.
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So. Fuck. It's 4 AM and since I'm clearly not sleeping, here's where the ranting about why I'm not sleeping goes.
1) Dishes. I am hungry. But when I cook, I wash my dishes immediately. this is currently not possible because the sink is full of the dishes and J and R used to eat the last batch of food I cooked. I only got one serving, and then when I went to take leftovers to work, all the rice had been eaten. Then after today when I would have made more rice, the rest of the hayashi was gone too. Which is fine, I guess, except that I'm the one who dropped $100 the last time we went shopping, and $25 the time before that, and $80 last month, but I digress. The hunger is not really why I'm not sleeping, that's just the excuse.
The real reason is:
2) World Cosplay Summit qualifying rounds for 2013 are being announced... and NDK2012 is hosting one of them. Babbling and Depression Ensues )

This is all coming out because I had to spend all my money on car insurance this morning and so can't actually go to SakuraCon even though I requested the weekend off. So now I have four days when I'd love to be relaxing or sewing or anything, and instead I have a room with no work space, and lots of time to stare at it.
I own so many things and so few of them are important at all... but I still can't let go. I feel incredibly isolated and despondent in my own house, and I just don't know what to do anymore.
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Don't even know what to do with myself this weekend. For once, all I'm required to do is keep myself entertained.

Started the UK version of The Office last night. A bit painful in that awkward embarassed-for-other-people way, but then there's Martin Freeman saying "cock" or dancing in most episodes to make up for the unfortunate reminders of what a shitty manager I actually am.
And then I started "The Last Enemy", which in thirty minutes has had Benedict Cumberbatch being both naked and a bit OCD. And MAKING OUT WITH GIRLS. Well, a girl. Still. Turns out he's also a genius researcher thing, and that it's a big brother freaky future thing.

I should be able to finish the Twilight Sparkle quilt tomorrow (today) and then I can start on whatever I want. I'm thinking some Donna Noble bits in case I make it down to Sakura to see Lor-Doctor.

Also, knitting. I took Kid's Knitting 101 from my favorite teacher the other week, and now am actually enjoying knitting. Just playing with straight knits and purls so far, but liking it quite a lot! Works well while listening to podcasts and Sherlock Holmes stories.

And god damn, but I love Benedict Cumberbatch. Just going to bask in that for a while. I'm thinking Sherlock marathon this weekend before ME3 comes out and any chance of using the TV is lost forever.
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This whole post was inspired by the PAX 2009 and PAX 2011 episodes of PATV. Particularly Jerry's description of of PAX as a con that needed to exist and didn't before they made it.

Read more... )

Ok, my rant kind of petered out... TL;DR: I love PAX, I may never go back to Anime conventions again. Except for my people. Yep.
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So, got an email back from the cosplay peeps at SakuraCon, so am now actually planning on attending, here's the progress list for Saku, Kagetoki, and my karaoke songs, to be updated as the month progresses:
Read more... )
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So Glee. I watched the first two discs of the first season tonight.

It's not Dr. Who. It's not Torchwood. It doesn't make me forget everything in the world or want to run away on an adventure, and there isn't the intese rush of fangirlish energy that I get every time The Doctor says 'fantastic' or Jack grins at his team.

But Glee has characters that I care about against all my original expectations. It has amazing music and it moves me. And that is definitely worth continuing to watch. Even before Darren Criss.

It really really makes me miss karaoke though. That 3 hours a week made life so so much better.

In other news, I have a white linen hood sitting on my sewing machine. For competition? Maybe. For awesome? I certainly hope so.
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When Maya burns time on the internet, randomness results:

Head Computers, step one:

WANT TO GO TO THIS: (Tacoma hopefully... I need to study a map and my days off...)

Also upcoming events for me: - April 22-24 - May 26-29

I think this means that I really need to stop quilting and clean up my sewing area to get going on costumes. Ack.

Convention Costume and Event Plans )
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I may or may not have spent the last three hours in photoshop working on a texture and gradient set for damnned Shitenhouji jersies. Now to test to see how the Yudu handles it and then start the epic search for a yellow knit that Jess and I can actually agree on.

For anyone wondering what I'm going on about...
Take a look at this team's uniforms. See that lovely leafy green texture pattern? I'm trying to screen print it onto plain fabric. Yes I may have lost my mind.

[profile] ladyofthegate found me a potential Shiraishi wig locally: at Display & Costume. (Which means another chance to visit Pacific fabrics. ^_^ I only wish that their clearance outlet was closer than Seattle. >.>)

Also, there are work things. But I have Friday off and we get to see Chris, so that worry can wait for another day.

It should also be noted that I got my second ear piercing on... monday evening I think. So soon I shall be able to show off more than one set of earrings at once. ^___^
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Ten years ago, on a much smaller and more insular internet, I found a website for a little gathering called 'YaoiCon'. I was still two years and a month too young to attend, being only 15 with a birthday coming up in September.

Until now, the only time I've attended the event was in 2005, to see mangaka Higuri You and Kazuma Kodaka. This year is YCon's tenth anniversary. This year I get to go again, to see seiyuu Kiuchi Hidenobu and Okiayu Ryoutarou, as well as the awesome author Lynn Flewelling ([profile] otterdance ).

Since YCon is usually around Halloween, a holiday which I can almost never take off in my industry, this may be the last time I get a chance to attend for a while. Also, Okiayu Ryoutarou. I mean... I would travel almost anywhere in the world to meet this man in person. So. Yeah.

Since it worked pretty well for AO, here's my list of stuff to get done before the con:
Read more... )
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My Reviews for Weds and Thursday in Anime Oasis Land.

Read more... )

To Be Continued after some sleep. Overnights are rather tiring.

[Random Note: Somehow, even before this con, [profile] tinfoil_starz was only two degrees of LJ seperation away from me, because her mutual friend [profile] isogashii05 is friends with [personal profile] baranoneko. How or why, I could not tell you, but damn it is a tiny tiny internet, isn't it? XD]
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I'm considering so many options right now that I felt like a list would be a good idea:

-Hisui from Haruka 2 - for Jess, to go with Akram. Though looking at him, we'd have to work on finding a reasonable way to open bind, he's got a lot of exposed chest.

-Veruna-ouji and Might from the ening of Silver Chaos: only four reference pics.

-Atsumori, Rizuvaan, Full Masaomi, Full Tomomori - all from Haruka 3. You know, to complete the set. >.>
6/11 - Tomomori keeps making me think... and yet I am really still not 100% certain of how I want it to work. Masaomi has similar concerns.

-Rikkai or other prince of tennis uniforms... because I love them all so much.

-Various Apocripha/0 costume repairs

-Queen's Horse or other Skalan garb from Nightrunner or the Tamir Trilogy. I remember absolutely loving some of the descriptions of Tamir's dresses in the end of 'The Oracle's Queen'.
6/10 - searched for more detial, but couldn't find it... may end up working from memory anyway. I really like the idea.

- Reapers from TWEWY: Kariya or Minamimoto for Jess, Tenho or BJ for me... need to actually purchase a pin-making machine. ;_; I also have Uzuki and/or the iron maiden ideas, but all would be dramatically modified from canon.

-Final Fantasy 13... um.... people. I still haven't really considered.

-Scheizel or Kannon from Geass... entirely because of this image.

**ETA - Decisions-ish (6/11)**
Y-Con (if financially plausible):
-Hyoutei Uniforms - I just need to find my good Yuushi wig and replace Gakuto's pants.
-Shitenhouji Uniforms ([profile] tinfoil_starz, if you know what fabrics you two used for your uniforms... and if you're wearing them at YCon... we'd like to match.)
-Rikkai Uniforms? Assuming my madness persists and I have time before then to play with my Yudu.

NEW-Angel's Feather - Sho and Kai probably. Possibilities of Ousaka and Anri or maybe Sena and Shion. Many thoughts.

Also, OMG, I don't ever have to update my costume checklist from before the con, ever again! Whee~!
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Finished the last overnight for the week. Only two more days of work before the con. Ohgod,shootmenow.
-assemble and hem last Akram kimono
-find more podfic (or record it myself) in order to continue preserving sanity
-help with the Julie/Kay/Mik apartment move (assuming continued consciousness)
-clean iron and pack up costumes for friday
-finish trimming and styling Darlton wig
-find shoe repair options for my boots
-hook up with Cally to procure milly wig
-hand Milly Jacket, gold bias and black for cuffs over to Cally? Or do it myself?
-Um.... Darlton pants.
-style Guilford and Allen wigs (w/ Nick)

Work Stuff - May audit, make sure Nikki/Val will file EOM paperwork, expense report for FW16 @ 1858, make sure the extra set of keys resurfaces, various emails to DTL, and other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

Personal stuff - plan a june weekend for seattle, continue harassing UBS, find a checker auto-parts store
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Odd Crossplay Reasearch )

Other things on the internet:
- A place that will make buttons for you relatively affordably
- A place where I could drop $350 on a quality button-making tool
- This place has kits too.... also for $300.

On an unrelated note. Nine years ago, I was in Creative Writing and Poudre, journaled nearly a page a day by hand, had never been to Japan and never heard of LiveJournal or The Prince of Tennis. Hell, I don't think I'd ever even set foot into Jo-Ann Store 1679. I'd also never played a male character in Cosplay.
Crazy times.
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I'm going to state my utmost love and devotion to my PS3.
I even got one of these:
(And I even got it to auto-update. ^_^)

Monday: I found out at 8 that I was not scheduled at work at all and proceeded to sleep for another eight hours. I didn't wake up until 4 but I feel fabulous.

I've been listening to tons and tons and tons of podcasts the past few weeks. Mostly Savage Love.
Few notes and comments )

In other news, Akram's pants are done. The core of Milly's Jacket is done (for Cally - it just needs all the trim and buttons and whatnots).

Watched disc two of Lelouch tonight too. Liking it very much, even if I'm on the mean side.
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Mostly for my own reference. There may be a few photos that end up here too, we'll see.

Akram (Haruka 2 Ver.)
1/21/2010 - Photocopied reference sketches, etc. Still need a copy of his full-color. No full-body images of this costume exist online.
1/24/2010 - All fabric is purchased
2/5/2010 - Sample applique swatch made.
2/7/2010 - Copies of robe layout printed sizes calculated, white fabric cut and assembled flat.
2/8/2010 - All pink mesh attached. Web stitching sample completed.
2/9/2010 - Lower back web complete, started right sleeve front web.
2/10-12/2010 - Continued work on webs. All stitched freeform around a marked center with reference pinned to the wall nearby.
2/13/2010 - Special ordered remaining needed red sheer for leaves.
2/15/2010 - All webs complete, the large front shoulder one was the last to go, but it looks pretty damn fabulous if I do say so myself.
2/16/2010 - Got most leaves cut out and started appliques. Leaves are two layers of crepon with wonder-under in between and underneath to fuse to the robe. The stitching looks a lot tighter on the leaves and while they take /forever/ they are also turning out very well. ^_^
2/17/2010 - Right sleeve and lower back appliques 100% complete.
2/20 - started calculating measurements for Kimono layer
2/23 - picked up special order and got (hopefully all) additional leaves cut out.
2/24-2/28 - completed leaf appliques
3/2-3/5 - all linings cut and attached
3/8 - Neckband attached (7/8" horsehair braid looks perfect)
3/10 - made and attached neck clasps (hook inside, traditional frog outside)
3/later - pants completed, belt completed
4/9 - castle piece + sheet done except for gloss coating
4/26 - second and third coats of gloss on, looking good.
4/30-Digital reference material needs to be to Julie TODAY. - DO IT ASAP
5/4 - Cut out all of lt. green kimono and all but sleeves of dk. green.Sprayed sword - black all over, then dark silver base on the blade and then chrome over that from just the back side of the blade, hopefully making it somewhat shaded.
5/FW14-15 - Worked on kimono in various hotel rooms and on breaks during overnights.
5/17 - Finished lt. green kimono
5/19 - scanned and emailed Akram reference pics.

NEXT STEPS: boning for tail of robe, assemble kimono, find and clean wig, finish reassembling sword, make obi of some sort for kimono. ^^

Glaston Knight(s)/Andreas Darlton (& Gilbert G.P. Guilford) (Code Geass)
Links cut for length )
3/5 - rented first disc of Code Geass. Which of course only barely gets me to the point of having seen the Glaston Knights. Cornelia's voice (Minagawa Junko) is drop dead sexy and I am so in approval of serving her every whim. :P
3/? - bought velvet and gold satin
4/8-10 - made lots and lots of gold bias tape, all set for binding... eventually.
4/9 - picked up Nick's Guilford for sure - we both need to go pants shopping.
4/12-13 - modified Jade patterns into new patterns for Darlton
4/14 - draped and modified Darlton/Jade for Guilford. Guilford lining assembled, Darlton lining cut out.
4/16-4/22 - Darlton velvet cut, all applique and collar attached, cuffs cut and sewn
4/22 - completed season one of Code Geass. I saved her life you bastards, the stabbing was completely accidental and unavoidable.
4/23 - bias tape around edges, remaining trim purchased.
4/24 - Reference for both sent in to Julie-manager. Darlton: cuffs bound, zipper, trim and cuffs complete. Darlton coat is 100%!
4/25 - Cummerbund thing 100% except for some sort of back clasp and maybe a gun holster
4/27 - Guilford velvet cut - assembly can hopefully begin 4/29 or on the 28th after 'Rel's birthday.
4/28 - Guilford back panel and trim completed - waiting to fit Nick before further assembly
4/30 - fitting done and front panels modified
5/1 - front applique done, collar applique done and collar attached
5/3 - started bias binding before work
5/4 - binding attachment completed, all black trim and 'buttons' attached - Guilford coat DONE except for zipper (and hooks?)
Next steps: Darlton: pants, style wig. Guilford: pants, zipper on coat, sash, wig styling? ^_^ [[Potentially one of these little headsets for both?]

[Added Early April - Supervising and Detail on Allen Walker Jacket:]
4/1-21 - Back applique, right arm applique, front panel decoration, LOTS of bias tape
4/22 - anime screencaps taken for reference
4/23 - Skirt-part cut and assembled
4/24 - 'Skirt' attached, left sleeve complete. Reference page sent in.
4/25 - Second collar band complete and attached
4/26 - sketched star/patch for front panel and picked up a shiny metal thing for the center.
4/28 - faux-buttons attached to second collar. Made front patch: metallic silver thread on the same white rodeo as most of the other detail.

Running Costs for Nick:
A-Bias tape: 3 packs at 1.79 = 5.37
G-Velvet: 3 yds at 5.49 = 17.50
G-Lining = approx. $3 (denver fabrics)
G-Gold and black = approx $6 (1.5 yds together, each $4/yd)
G-Purple for sash approx $2 (denver fabrics)
G-Trim: 2 yds = $1.79
G-Black gems = $3 ($2 for gems, $1 for partial can of paint)
A-1 white thread and 1 med-weight needle...
A-Buttons+emblem for allen walker = $2.80
-Wig: allen walker - 24.99, (Guilford? = 39.99), Guilford watch - 12.95
==$79.41 w/o Guilford wig ($84.73 with tax)
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I have fallen off the face of the earth for the last few days, but wanted to post quickly.
Mostly I've been working, sewing and sleeping.
My costume progress is being continually updated over here, for anyone who is interested.

Work is very worky, but we're doing well. This is our long-time RTL's last week at our store, so there's a lot of learning and training going on.

Anyway, I need to drop store mail and then head in to close. I'm around by phone if people need me. If not, I'll see the PG-related people at next weeks meeting, the work-related people at work and everyone else.... when time allows.

Happy Late Valentines. ^_^
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That's right kids, costume research time has come again. Because it's only 4.5 months now until memorial day... and less than that to earlier cons. So here are some thoughts and plans that I'm working on right now:

Hinoe ~Izayoiki~
For Cally, likely for Fanime 2010. There is /no/ reference for him on the internet (besides this), so here are some cosplayers:
- First, anything I produce will be more accrate than this.
- This girl has a lovely pdf slideshow.
- This girl is just lovely on her own. Later on, I envy her lining material. (Also, for [personal profile] baranoneko, there's a Hinoe/Nozomi sequence on this page that you might enjoy. ^_^)

Persona 4
Character allocation and reference searches to come later

TWEWY Costumes (Likely for NDK 2010)
Current thoughts are:
- [profile] ladyofthegate = Minamimoto (who already has one awesome cosplayer I found), Kariya or Neku
- [personal profile] setra = A support reaper. (No one wants to be 777 for me or else I could be a /named/ support reaper. :( (They look the same))
- [personal profile] calhale = Joshua?
- [profile] starlit_dragon = Reaper Beat? (I'm pushing for Rhyme instead because...)
- My Brother Robert = Beat


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