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So, I promised myself over two years ago, that after WCS Prelims in 2014 at NDK, I would take "a year off". Not to say that I'm not sewing or crafting, but just that I'm planning to work on whatever I want for the most part, and not feel guilty for knitting or quilting.

That said, I currently have a few plans for the new year, and I'm sure more will pop up.
1) Lady Back Champion Outfit ~The Black Rose~
Yeah, that's a lot of info. Basically she's shiny and I love her. Might as well do it now while the game is only a year and a half old. XD
2) My Super-Hot Girlfriend James Kidd / Mary Read
I have all the fabrics... ish. I still need detailed sketches and photos for the coat.
3) Clow Clow
Moon moooon. No, really, there will be more Clow. At the very least finishing my formal pieces. Also CoC Clow. And work on Smoke Clow.
4) Completion of Windsinger
Needs bells, will get sleeves and possibly a new skirt. I'll probably end up helping with Lightweaver as well.
5) Higa and Rikkai
Tennis Uniforms. Seriously. I have most of the fabric and just need to make stencils for the Rikkai emblems. I need them, even with my chubby non-athletic body. <3

Other Projects:
1) Rainbow Leaf-Lace Scarf - about 1/2 done, needs to be finished.
2) Sherlock Coat - currently ordering and evaluating swatches
3) PacRim/DCwT Quilt
4) Baby Quilt for Cal's new nephew
5) Reflections Quilt for Mom
6) BQ3 Iris Quilt
7) Picnic Quilt with Neons
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Clow Reed
NDK COSTUME SIGN-UPS - GO LIVE ON 8/18/2012, Noon MST 8/20 - Signup Confirmed, yay!
7/21-22 - Cut out all base robe pieces, pants, shirt, and mapped out new pattern pieces for modified over layer
7/23 - Cut out remaining accent pieces for cloak (blue bits)
7/24 - Started shirt assembly (classroom), completed mariners compass halves (including topstitching), pressed and pinned gold border for compass halves
7/25 - Skived off work to sew. Mariner's compass set into gold and blue borders. Body/under layers of both lining and main material put together. Lining for overlay assembled. Overlay pieces and accent pieces labeled and separated. Test for back embroidery and painting done.
7/26 - neck, edge, and tip accents attached to front overlay panels
7/27-8/4 - Hauled ass on all sorts of finishing on the cloak.
8/5 - cloak complete except for white neck accent, top finished completely
8/6 - pants assembled
8/7 - overlocking and seaming on rest of pants seams
8/10 - elastic into pants waist, planning to add a cuff at the ankle to tie in with the costume and to add some length
8/12 - Redrafted McCalls 4645 and previous modifications of it for Clow's coat. Started sketches for jacket back detail and lower hem embelishments.
8/15 - Classroom. Cut all yellow facing/trim strips and coat pieces.
8/17 - Drafted design for asymentric star portions for back tails of jacket.
8/18 - Pieced back point insets, set aside until yellow trim was on.
- Sketched, embroidered, and appliqued center back sun and moon.
- attached all yellow trim/facings at outer hem
- mitered corners and angles of yellow facings
8/24 - bought tassles and piping for jacket, started to top stitch yellow facings/trims. Trimmed down point insets and positioned in alignment with yellow and piping.
8/26 - assembled collar with piping, finished tacking down lower jacket trim, then found out the collar looked horrible and went to sleep
8/27 - managed to fix jacket collar to the point of not-quite-so-failing
8/28 - panicked, spun in circles, then worked on unrelated T-shirt things.
8/29 - finished tacking down lower jacket stars, sleeves attached
8/30 - Printed Shirts for Green Jello Cosplay, Packed
8/31 - PAX - Assassin Day
9/1 - PAX - RT and Aquisitions Inc. Day
9/2 - Fly to Denver, Drive to Ft. Collins, unpack
9/3 - Hiked and puzzled with family, napped, saw Julie at night.
9/4 - Hung out with Mik, finished Jacket cuffs
9/5 - Stayed home. Made piping and cording, finished pants cuffs and fasteners/frogs for jacket
9/6 - cut and attached robe collar! Ordered new boots. Rehersed for walk on. A lot.

To Do:
-create/attach belt or sash
-tighten frog loops
-rehearse walk on more

-assemble cloak lining 7/25
-test for back design 7/25
-enlarge back design to approx 19" across
-create back design (applique, embroidery, and paint)
-complete shirt
-assemble cloak outer layer (complete designs first)
-Assemble pants 8/7
-draft jacket pattern 8/12
-cut out jacket pieces, assemble 8/15
-bobbles and tassels for jacket 8/24
-finish Jacket - yellow cuffs with piping 9/4
-finish pants - choose band color for bottom, need extra length (yellow with blue piping?) 9/5
-cut/attach white collar accent on cloak 9/6

Mycroft Holmes
To Do:
-modify/cut jacket pattern
-modify/cut slacks
-purchase or pattern button down
-modify/cut vest
-purchase umbrella (plain black, wooden handle)
-hair gel
-tie/pocket square

Eveline Guerra (The Corsair) [As of 8/28, planned for AkiCon 2012]
March - Corset re-drafted, cut, and assembled

-binding, boning, accents, and fastenings on corset vest
-cut out dress/shift
-cut out pants
-modify and cut coat pattern
-purchase hat
-create head scarf
-hair cut and colored
-ganuntlets/armor bits

As of 8/11/2012 I am also considering Order of the Stick cosplay. This is just a theory.
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Woken up today to learn that the main events of PAXEast are live streaming, which means that my weekend off isn't nearly so wasted, because I can see the PA panels and got to see the RoosterTeeth panel this morning!

Since then I have finished my first glovelet/fingerless mitten-thing with worsted weight yarn and the cuff modifications that I wanted and started the left hand. (My increases above the ribbing worked perfectly and now the cuff fits and stays put on me. Kris didn't want the fitted cuff, but I hae her yarn to start with next.

I also picked my next cosplay project and printed some reference. I'm going with The Corsair (Eveline Guerra) from AC:R multiplayer. I love her look, and my hair will work whether I cut it off or not. I have most of the fabric and patterns that I can modify the crap out of as needed, so I'm excited. This can also double as a pirate costume if I get the hat and ever need to attend a pirate party or Speak Like A Pirate Day event again. Also, she's my favorite.

I also also pushed through a bunch more recordings for the Arashi Roadtrip AU and am editing them now. Putting together the two collections (one in chronological/timeline order and one in posting order is going to be such a mind trip. I think I read in posting order first, which is easier to get into because you start with two and then three of the boys together already and traveling. Starting chronologically is slower, but you get the background story. I think I prefer posting order, but it's much harder to follow the story. Anyway, funtimes.
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This whole post was inspired by the PAX 2009 and PAX 2011 episodes of PATV. Particularly Jerry's description of of PAX as a con that needed to exist and didn't before they made it.

Read more... )

Ok, my rant kind of petered out... TL;DR: I love PAX, I may never go back to Anime conventions again. Except for my people. Yep.
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Ten years ago, on a much smaller and more insular internet, I found a website for a little gathering called 'YaoiCon'. I was still two years and a month too young to attend, being only 15 with a birthday coming up in September.

Until now, the only time I've attended the event was in 2005, to see mangaka Higuri You and Kazuma Kodaka. This year is YCon's tenth anniversary. This year I get to go again, to see seiyuu Kiuchi Hidenobu and Okiayu Ryoutarou, as well as the awesome author Lynn Flewelling ([profile] otterdance ).

Since YCon is usually around Halloween, a holiday which I can almost never take off in my industry, this may be the last time I get a chance to attend for a while. Also, Okiayu Ryoutarou. I mean... I would travel almost anywhere in the world to meet this man in person. So. Yeah.

Since it worked pretty well for AO, here's my list of stuff to get done before the con:
Read more... )
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My Reviews for Weds and Thursday in Anime Oasis Land.

Read more... )

To Be Continued after some sleep. Overnights are rather tiring.

[Random Note: Somehow, even before this con, [profile] tinfoil_starz was only two degrees of LJ seperation away from me, because her mutual friend [profile] isogashii05 is friends with [personal profile] baranoneko. How or why, I could not tell you, but damn it is a tiny tiny internet, isn't it? XD]
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Finished the last overnight for the week. Only two more days of work before the con. Ohgod,shootmenow.
-assemble and hem last Akram kimono
-find more podfic (or record it myself) in order to continue preserving sanity
-help with the Julie/Kay/Mik apartment move (assuming continued consciousness)
-clean iron and pack up costumes for friday
-finish trimming and styling Darlton wig
-find shoe repair options for my boots
-hook up with Cally to procure milly wig
-hand Milly Jacket, gold bias and black for cuffs over to Cally? Or do it myself?
-Um.... Darlton pants.
-style Guilford and Allen wigs (w/ Nick)

Work Stuff - May audit, make sure Nikki/Val will file EOM paperwork, expense report for FW16 @ 1858, make sure the extra set of keys resurfaces, various emails to DTL, and other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

Personal stuff - plan a june weekend for seattle, continue harassing UBS, find a checker auto-parts store
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[[**EDIT: I need music suggestions for our walk on! Traditional robes, but two of us are warriors, so maybe something a bit battle-y? Anyone?**]]

NDK is in 22 days people! Are you panicking yet?
Time for lists. Of things to do before NDK and things I may NOT do.

Projects: Tomomori, Kiyomori, Etc. )

Only in my wildest fantasies will I possibly have time to work on him, and even if I did it wouldn't be up to my standards for competition.... anyway. >.>
すばらしきこのせかい(The World Ends With You)
Starting it doesn't mean you should keep playing it. Really. It can wait for con, you always need things to do in line and at night anyway.
Pokemon, Rock Band, Little Big Planet, 遙かなる時空の中で-夢浮橋-
Video games of any kind really? Not nearly as productive as you think they are. Get over it.

Oh no!

Aug. 5th, 2009 02:28 am
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I'm updating again? Woah.

Some random things:
-[profile] starlit_dragon is in Japan, so 2/3 of the people I see most often outside of work are now there. I hung out with by Brother on monday night to make up for this. :D
-AX: MoriMori's hair, woah! I still always expect him to be blonde. (Photo was from [profile] double_dear. Yell at me if it's a problem to post it here.)
-NDK: It's that time of year in my store.... and it makes me panicy ever time a cosplayer talks to me. I'm like 'Aaaah, costumes aren't done!'.... even though two of mine totally are.

Thanks to the people who gave me feedback on the work-related letter I posted the other day. (Not everyone saw it, so ignore this if you didn't) Work has been better this week so far... and hopfully we'll get back into the nice balance that we've had historically really soon.

Hey Flist?

May. 28th, 2009 11:02 pm
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.... I may need to attend Anime Expo this year.
And by 'may' I mean 'will be' and by 'need' I mean 'OMG Morikawa Toshiyuki!'.

Does anyone maybe have a hotel room maybe? That they would like an extra person in? A relatively small person with some costumes from games that no one has ever played. (Haruka, Apocripha and Gakuen Heaven at this con.) I'm very quiet, I'll sleep pretty much anywhere, I love seiyuu and speak Japanese.

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Or are all the cons this year.... kinda weak on the Japanese guest front?
This obviously excludes Sakura-con, which has two fairly big-name male seiyuu and a pile of bands.
Of all the others... I think m.o.v.e. being at A-cen is the most impressive guest announcement that I've actually seen so far.
Fanime... not great. AX? Blah. Otakon - virtually no info. Y-con has no guests as of yet... but at this point, Lynn might actually be the awesomest person to go to a convention to see this year.

All the more reason to save my money and be responsible, I guess. You never know what will get announced with the next TeniMyu and with certain significant events in November. >.>

And no, I'm not asleep yet.
And no, I'm not sure why.
I guess I should work on that. >.>

Finally: Local peoples! Karaoke this saturday afternoon at DJs, call me for details!


Apr. 6th, 2009 12:25 pm
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Despite being very very tired, we all made it to the airport in plenty of time and I'm home safe and sound. I think lazing about on my couch for a little while sounds good so... con report time~!

Anime Detour 2009 )

I think that may be the first time I've actually written up a full con report in years.

Also, to get the ideas out of my head before I lose them...
How to Run Karaoke 101 )

Now... I think I'm going to start on Tomomori. Or possibly first on the screen design for Kiyomori. Since my legs are still really really sore today. :3
I hope everyone had a great con. And that the few new people I've friended don't think that I'm too nuts. ^_^
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There is a problem.
Benkei will not fit in my luggage.
I'm already checking two bags. Unless I cram him into my LAPTOP CASE (virtually impossible), there is no room.

So the question is... Does Hinoe prefer Saku, Masaomi, or Benkei? And does he like any of them more than Inori likes Shimon?

[Edit: Even removing Shimon is not likely to make enough room for Benkei. (I haven't tested this yet.) I'm already not bringing Yuushi because apparently he has LEFT me. I couldn't find him anywhere.
I'll have room on the way back probably, but... I can't really afford to FedEx Overnight a costume to myself.]
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[Edits at 3 am]
It's past midnight, and I'm maybe about to start packing for the con.
That includes double-checking all my costumes to make sure I have all my ties/tabi/accessories/wigs/など and making certain that I have all the necessary paperwork/computers/cables/hardware packed. [DONE - except the Benkei issue in next entry.]
Oh, and making sure I can fit everything in my luggage. -> See Benkei issue
And that I can move my luggage efficiently. And not forget the Karaoke shirts.
And that I have at least /some/ regular clothes for tomorrow, Friday (public transportation in cosplay not probably a good idea), and Monday. Though I guess that between my Taipei shirt, my Karaoke shirt and my black PJs, that covers comfortable shirts that don't look crazy.
[Normal clothes and supplies check.]

I also need to pack my reference scrapbooks]CHECK] (and maybe get a new one for Saku so that she's not in with Kagetoki). AND I need to put together an emergency sewing kit with the basics (needles, thread for all costumes, lint roller, extra snaps and paint for Masaomi. Safety pins for all kimono costumes. MY IRON. And decide what I'm doing about weaponry. I'm thinking no this year. Benkei is easier without it (especially having not remade his cloak yet) and the sword I have for Masaomi is just... not ok until I get a chance to mod it some. Also... Shimon wig? I need to find it or bring curlers and hairspray... or he's not coming. [All found and packed whoo.]

There's always Yuushi and/or Syuusuke to decide on as well. Without the design improvements that I want to make to both, its hard to be sure how I feel about bringing them, especially for a 2.5-day con with major staff commitments. On the other hand... they are much more comfortable for staffing if need-be. Meh. Yuushi's probably coming along either way, he's easy. To pack I mean. And wear. [>.> Yuushi has left me. I reject Syuusuke on principal.]

I'm pretty sure Saku will be competing this year. She has new fully-lined open sleeves on her turquoise layer (I got almost-perfectly-matched silk thread at the Mill without even meaning to) and has lovely weapons (fans) which Masaomi does not have. He'll get his time to shine at NDK, fear not.

On an unrelated note: Everyone has the AAA2008 DVD. I WANT IT SOOO BADLY. I can't even tell you. And I didn't even know it was coming out. That's how lame I am, children. So lame.
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Things To-Do/Accomplished today:
X=Done O=To-Do
X-WORK: Floss and Crossstich Accesories POGs 100%
X-Confirm all bills/payments scheduled to be paid
X-Plan for shuttle/parking
X-confirm and print flight schedules
X-check Mill for sales/fabric/thread
O-New sleeves for Saku, lined and attached
O-Collarband insert for Saku
O-toiletries/basics+T-shirts packed for Detour
O-Grocery/Household shopping
X-Gym for workout (before 6 or you won't go)
O-search for add'l Detour requests
O-set up and double check Karaoke account on Damien

Also... Right now I'm planning to only bring my three Haruka3 costumes to Detour... any thoughts on others? Should I try Shimon again? Should I bring some TeniPuri just for fun?
Any and all input appreciated (especially if you're attending).
Also also, who should compete in the Cosplay - Masaomi or Saku?


Dec. 11th, 2008 12:53 pm
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I had today off to go to the municipal court for my stupid ticket.
Which led to frustration and excitement... )
Overall, coffee and fangirling massively improved my mood. ^_^

On the way home I swung by the store for a quick post-christmas scheduling consultation and then tried to get parts to fix my car (Val swears that they're really pretty cheap and appears to be right). However! My car is too old and no one stocks or can order the tail-light that I need. Nice Car is looking for me, but only has the passenger side on hand right now. I may need to hit up Jess's dad for help on this one...

Anyway. Once home I vegged out a little on G no Arashi and Shukudai-kun )

Anyway, court sucks, fines suck. But meeting new friends is awesome. Days off are fabulous and I love Arashi. Again. Ijou desu.
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Do we try to attend NDK or not?
Pre-Reg through August 15th is $45 each.
If we pre-reg, we will probably be able to get Cosplay slots, as online signup begins Aug. 16th.

Hotel would be another $60-80 per person (depending on if anyone shares the room with Jess and I). [Edit: Hotel would likely cost more like $75-110 per person.]

Attending would also mean I would have to fully complete Saku or refine Benkei and maybe consider making Kokuryu for Corina. In the next four weeks. [Read: I WOULD GO CRAZY.]

It would also make me very very poor.
But I want to.
Any thoughts? Anyone?

I have to keep reminding myself that the only award I can hope to win from the masquerade/cosplay is master's craftsmanship. Which has no associated prize, just a nice bit of paper.
The thing is that Kagetoki will be a year old after this con and we probably wouldn't get the chance to compete with it again (since there's already talk of Genbu and Haruka 4 and various other craziness).
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This isn't an official report... it probably won't even begin to cover most of the con. For now it's a list of my shiny shiny new merch (nothing compared to [profile] ladyofthegate's of course) and some babbling.

Merch List )
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I ran into him getting into the elevator. Like... not in the normal 'oh hi, how crazy do you think America is /now/?' (He... um.... sat through all of Bishounen Bingo.... I don't know WHY)
No. There was that first, but then I /walked/ into him.
I appologized.
He proceeded to say 'Oshitari' about 4 times (I was dressed as Yuushi). I should have had a suave kansai-ben response (which I have proceeded to think about for the next hour)... but I didn't. I just appologized and failed to come up with anything clever to say to him in the next 12 floors.
Um... the con is awesome though.
Very very awesome.
A thousand kinds of awesome.
Awesome named Kiuchi Hidenobu.

I will miss the 'fan appreciation' panel tomorrow (namely, the panel for going 'say this as X character?'). I'm sad about that, but family comes first. I'll be back in time for Karaoke at least. If I have to freaking /walk/, I'll be back for that.

More update later when my computer isn't dying and the internet doesn't suck.
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We just passed a bulletin board for "BL Lime" beer... Jess commented that it probably tastes like ass. >_> I guess we're ready for the con. ^^;;


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