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I feel I should post to say that despite stress, I've been feeling much better the last week or so, about a lot of things.

And then I went back in my LJ to a post from 2008n and was reminded that lots of important work anniversaries happen for me around this time.
It's now been about five years since I stepped up into the Home Dec Coordinator, a year after than I stepped up to MTL after Cori left (though I'll admit that Jenni still did most of the work) and then a year later (three years ago today) Val offered me the OTL position. And then about two years after that I let her know that I would be leaving in the summer to move to Seattle. And the rest... isn't really history yet.

It's hard to remember those times and read how excited I was, how ready to learn. I need to get back to that headspace somehow. Something to work on.

Happy birthday to all my various Pisces friends and fictional characters! March is a good time to be born.
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Because Anime Birthdays went down and I just spent /quite/ a while typing this all up, have all the birthdays (by star-sign) that I have found from Prince of Tennis:

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Sep. 27th, 2009 11:58 am
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Had a fabulous mini-party yesterday with my sister, her boyfriend, Jess, Corina, Chris, my dad and both my brothers! Could only have been more awesome if Mom had come by.

We had just enough food, lots of snacks and a lot of fun! Thank you /all/ for coming. I felt very loved. I didn't take any pictures while my living room was filled with Beatles Rock Band awesomeness (except for one bad cell-phone pic). I'm regretting that now, but ah well.

Also, learned again that /anyone/ can pick up and like Little Big Planet in virtually no time flat. And that Gavino is much, much, much better at Halo 3 than we are. XD

Now I'm curling up with some Katamari Damacy and orange juice until my mom calls me back. Hope everyone's weekend is going splendidly!
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So... today I worked a 7 hour shift, downed 6 sudafed, spent most of my time at the cut table and... ate two bites of banana bread between 9 am and 7:30 PM. Not smart.
I did cook awesomely tasty corn stew with pork when I got home. (Japan and it's stew and curry roux-based recipies are the sum total of my cooking abilities.) While cooking I cranked up my ipod and got a lovely chain of songs going, including a fair amount of Arashi and some Aoyama Thelma, Amuro Namie and Kanon. I always need to remember that /nothing/ can turn my mood around like ten or twenty minutes in a room where I can sing my lungs out with impunity. Seriously. Try it sometime.

Then, I vegged out for a while with fic, until Jess got home. We cleaned up the apartment quite a bit, which makes me feel ten times better about the state it will be in for the weekend.

Also! Happy Birthdays to: Joe (9/24), Kirihara (9/25), Nikki (from work 9/27)!! We Libras are pretty awesome people, no? ^__^
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I need to wish a /very/ happy birthday to [profile] pixxers.
I don't have anything neat to give her because I'm a slacker, but I'm going to try to spend some good time rereading Cables tonight to remember all the reasons I adore her. Perhaps that will be enough.

Have a good day darling, I'm sure the flists will overflow with love for you. ^__^


Mar. 5th, 2008 06:59 am
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Happy Birthday Yukimura-buchou.
You're an irritating brat as a muse, but you deserved better than what you got.

Also, a 5-Minute Ficlet prompt from AngeMedia )

And... that's all for now! Work work work... in Littleton. Ick.
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I feel bad that I didn't know. But then if it happens outside of very tiny circles in Japan, I rarely hear about the news anymore.
Anyway, I think OOTS said it best. Just like that.

Also, Happy Birthday Akifumi. <3

Now I have to go work on a Yuushi story and a new vampire and then sleep. So that I can drive to 1095 tomorrow. Bah humbug. I should know better than to volunteer for things.
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Happy Birthday today to Kudoh Yohji, Rinoa Heartilly and - the newest 3/3 baby - Hirakoba Rin.
I love you all, no matter how filled with angst you may be. <3

This is one of my favorite days of the year... losing only to December the 4th. (For obvious reasons).
Yep... it's Pisces season. ^_^

On the work front, it's also Maya-promotion season.
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Feb. 29th, 2008 10:47 pm
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It only happens once every four years, so I'd better not forget to say:
Happy Birthday Fuji Syuusuke~!

I said yesterday that I /wouldn't/ give him a kick in the head. That /could/ be a present. I also thought about him today and tried to think of a way to make him happy. Being a pices though, he makes that different. So I'll settle for hugging a plushie and listening to his new single. Yep.
Happy Birthday Syuusuke, you crazy psycho stalker photographer. I love you.
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I learned a valluable lesson tonight... one which I've learned many times before. Don't think.
Everything in life is ok if you don't think. Stay in the moment, don't let your mind get bogged down in the future or the past.
My life was greatly improved by going out to dinner tonight and dressing up to go out to dinner. I also went by Linda's club for the first time... it was cute, and rather punk. But whatever.
I'd like to really appologize to Nick and Criag who both really wanted to go to tornadoes (both last night and tonight) I have no excuses other than that I was pretending to try to be responsible. Not that it worked.
On a totally different note, I can't find my angelique notes... and that's bad. They contain about 15 handwritten pages of notes, translations, and various other things... and I'll be really distraught if they got thrown out or something.
I'm not going to mention school and how doomed I am because then I'll start worrying about it again and the headache will come back.
Late happy birthday to Corina-senpai! Tanjoubi o omedetou gozaimasu! (excuse my horrid japanese... *hides*)

5 things that would make me very happy right now: not to be tired, someone to cuddle, more time, a fellow fangirl to obsess with, a club that plays japanese music

5 reasons I am happy right now: new shirts that mom gave me, mom's garnet necklace, Kat's latest journal entry [it's really happy and cute and things] (see friends), music, the rainbows around my computer

Bishonen of the moment: Ranmaru, Treize (and all Okiayu Ryotarou characters)

Bishojo of the Moment: Hokuto

add Muraki-sensei to the Bishonen list... one of his winamp skins just came up. ^_^


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