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It's been a long time since I looked at any of the Arashi shows except the occasional episodes of VS.
I watched one episode of Himitsu tonight. And have a few comments:
Jun's hair is gorgeous right now. I want to run my fingers through it. >.>
Leader's tan has mellowed out or the makeup artists are doing a better job of covering it. Which is pretty awesome.
Nino is unchanging, but obviously still more awkward on Himitsu. I do love him in VS, he just has the strategy down and is so much fun to watch.
And Aiba... is pretty much still just generic. It's sad that he doesn't get more hosting duties, but he's not as eloquent as Sho, and since the new Himitsu format, they have that taken care of with the ladies. He's a sweet kid, but there's a level of strange awkwardness to him in some of these eposodes that just... confuses me a little.
Sho, Sho, Sho... is just Sho. Expert host, great at hamming it up at appropriate moments, and still looking sweetly embarrassed by the concept of girly things of any sort.

Anyway.... sleep now, and more love for Arashi later. There's always a later.
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Ever wonder what would happen to teams like Seigaku or Rikkai if their Captain had actually died?

.......I think "Saigo no Yakusoku" is a fine theory. Maybe a little nuts, but interesting.

And other thoughts on Sai-Yaku )
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A story of the color-shemes of my DSlite and new DSi... just so I don't forget it. This probably will have no significance to you unless you are entertained by things which are only vaguely related to Arashi.

My first DS silicone cover was blue, it changed color when you held it for a long time or it got warm. The stylus I bought to go with it once I lost my first one was yellow. >.> Yes, it amused me.
The second cover I bought to replace the blue one was orange, it was also heat-sensitive and turned yellow when warm. With the orange cover, I went through three styluses: a blue one, a green one and a red one.

I have just procured a new DSi. The hinge on my DSlite was breaking, I have justification!
The case I found for it it a lovely shade of purple and I have pink styluses to go with it.

I AM AMUSED, OK? Don't look at me like that.
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Wow. It's now been about two full weeks since I started this post.... I've been working in a store about 55 miles from my home store for those two weeks and my attitude has been all over the map while I've been down there five days a week. (And usually staying overnight for strings of four days at once).
[EDIT: 55 miles, not 5. I'm not THAT much of a whiney baby. >.>]

First Impressions )
Luckily, that rant was cut short because I started watching Arashi no Shukudai-kun first and was too in love with MatsuJun's new hair to care. Additional Arashi Babble goes here. )

..... all that was two weeks ago. There's been a lot of development on the work front. I'm actually getting very involved in the store. I'm growing to love the team (more on that later), it's clear that they really have their hearts in the right place. We're slowly getting back on track with freight and recovery. There's a growing sense of ownership with me and the store. And... a lot of other things going on that I don't know how I feel about. I will be down there for at least one week, probably two.

I get the feeling that my home store crew figured out where I was in the last few days. I've gotten more calls for store transfers in two days than I did in the whole last week I was there. :P
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I got a little less done today than I'd hoped, but I did FINALLY watch AAA2009 in Tokyo. *_* I am in love ALL OVER AGAIN. As much as I can tell muself that I'm over it, it wasn't anyone else that I listened to to calm down and sleep when I was panicing over costumes last week; it wasn't anyone elses concert that I watched on my iPod Sunday at work to keep me from crying or murdering someone. Arashi never cease to entertain me. Watching them perform, in concerts and in varieties (AND dramas) are all fascinating to me. Plus they're beautiful. The biggest dissapointment of the show was probably Nino /not/ singing Gimmick Game, but the rest of it (like "Hip-Pop Boogie") very much made up for the lack. ALSO, the costumes were much much better this time around... even the first two super-neon outfits weren't that bad.

-White sleeves cut and edges melted (will have to do the body for mouse out of a different fabric, since there's barely enough for Corina's size, maybe >.>)
-Yellow sleeves lined and finished
-Yellow body lining cut and assembled (needs sewn to body and then turned and finished so neckband and sleeves can be attached) [[Note to self that neckband should be sewn on to the inside first, so that the horsehair braid ends up closer to the outside than the inside. Learned that on Tomomori.]

Considering apping Caboose on Paradisa now. I should probably sleep on that before I start to think it's too good of an idea. XD

A day

May. 5th, 2009 03:06 am
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Wow, Monday.
Was supposed to get up at 7 today to get to the gym in time for workout and breakfast before I went to work at 9 and Jess went to her Dr. appointment at 9:45.
That... didn't happen.
I woke up at 9:08. Panicked. Called work - found out that Truck was today and shifted my shift later. All in all, the work-bits were ok. I was not late (much) and had time to make breakfast (which I didn't eat until 2 pm anyway).

Work proceeded to be very long. I did get the truck unloaded in a timely manner and I did finish the Arranging Supplies POG, but the latter took /so/ long that we were closed by the time I left. The good news is that it sounds like we're going to be ok for payroll this week. The bad news is that coverage is crap because we only scheduled about 20 hours over. >.> Corporate logic FTL.

Once home, I made sammiches for myself for dinner and watched Jess make deviled eggs (they were massively tasty). In the midst of that, [personal profile] calhale called me and demanded that I go out to alleviate her boredom. Fangriling Ensued )

We also hit the IHOP for a small snack before I dropped her back at her dorm, so now it is very very late. Or early. Both. And I work at 10, but am getting up earlier to go work out and hopefully encourage myself to crash a little earlier tomorrow.


Mar. 31st, 2009 12:26 am
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First off - someone used the LJ Writer's Block prompt today. It was about explaining your least-used icon. So I'm using mine. Because... when I made it... I felt that it was absolutely necessary for me to have a TimeCon skirt!Jun icon. (Also because it was the costume set that I most wanted to make of theirs.) But then I realized that I almost never have an excuse to use it. So sad.

In other news, I unfinished a costume tonight. I took Saku's sleeves off. Now I just need to make and line new ones. This is a good thing, since the old ones didn't really fit right to start with. Once that's done with I need to make collar inserts for her inner layer. After /that/ we see if I get really ambitious and try to make Benkei a new cloak in like two days.
>.> <.< Maybe.

Anyway. That's not what this post is for. This post is because I have two burning desires to cosplay in the near future.
1) Persona 4. I don't know who would be who. I kinda just want an excuse to pipe a jacket with reflective tape piping. >.> Really though, I love these characters and I'd love the chance to play something semi-recognizable for once. Something I can talk about with love and understanding. <3
2) Arashi "Right Back to You" costumes from Taipei in 2006 (the half-kimono ones). They're shiny. They're brocade. They'd look stunning on stage. AND, the first verse worth of choreography is totally doable and almost exactly 1 minute long. We could even pull stuff from the instrumental leading up to that. And I can rip straight audio from the concert itself, so it'll sound awesome. We wouldn't even necessarily need all 5, we'd just have to adjust choreography to look good. Who's with me?
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I tried to sleep in. I made it to 10:15.
So I'm running lanudry and going to settle in for several hours of dramas and applique before work.

I also downloaded the PVs for "Believe" and "Kumorinochi Kaisei".
random babble cut )

Speaking of Leader. UtaOnii. &hearts &hearts &hearts
Though I have to admit it was him climbing stairs in sweat pants that inspired at least one of those hearts. >.> And Giselle's "demo" song? I cried. Seriously. I love this show.

[EDIT: LOVE SHUFFLE 6!! I love you and your sneaky sneaky plot twist. OMG. The opening of 7 was also fabulous. I will squee over every moment for the rest of the series. Even though I'm sure it will come back to kick us in the ass later. :D *dead*]
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Watched today: Uta no Onii-san 3-4. Mei-chan no Shitsuji 1-3.
(None of the Dramas this season are really really excellent. Though I'm enjoying all three that I'm watching. (Yes, I should probably pick up Voice too... blah.) Who knew that UtaOnii would actually be serious. Also, in Mei-chan I knew I recognized more butlers than Hiro and Jutta. Kei-chan and KatoKei are both in it too! And I flipped out when I. Looked up Shinobu's actor. He's the younger cook from Bambino. The one I called Kaidoh. This characters is also more than a little MURAKI-like and it's scaring me a little. New backstory to add to my mental picture of Muraki though. Guh.)

Sewed Today: Not enough

I did accomplish lots of my errands today though, which is nice. Tomorrow hopefully my SO will be processed enough that I can bring my Yudu home (and check if it's missing parts, apparently some of the pallet-sets were. ;_;

--------On an unrelated note...

「悲しみを分かち合って、涙の数減らすように  喜びを分かち合えないほうが辛いね」
"We share our pain, as if it will decrease the number of our tears. But having no joy to share is far more painful."

I can not get this line out of my head. It's one of the most beautiful statements I've ever heard in Japanese. And it just... won't go away.
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Tonight I tried to pick up VS Arashi at 39. Which is, of course, a review of the special. SOO... I ended up decideing to go back and download the special after all. Watching it, I am back in love with this show all over again.
VS嵐 New Years Special '09 )
Nnn. Mmkay. My Arashi love for the moment is fulfilled. And I should really really sleep before I go to work in... 7 hours. Oh crap.

Also... Meme from [profile] nympholepsia.
Read more... )
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One last Masaomi progress pic for the night )

Tonight I found clips from the olden days, when Sho was tiny, Koichi and Tsuyoshi were still pretty and Gackt told awesome scary stories. All in the same show! Domoto Kyoudai 1 2 3. They also perform Jidai, just Sho, Aiba and Nino, plus the Domoto Kyoudai, since Leader was off doing stuff and Jun is a workaholic.

Also, I've been getting tagged by a SalmonBot recently. Anyone else?
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Merry Christmas again to everyone!

Today I learned that "Truth" was the Oricon #1 single for 2008. "One Love" was #2! Also, "Beautiful Days" was at 10 and "Step and Go" was 12.
And more of my artists were in the top 100 too! )

Also, speaking of the love(s) of my life...
If I tried to keep track of all of this, I would die.
Arashi MCing Johnny's countdown again this year. I know what I'll be spending the 1st-4th on. ^__^
And where can I get that Jan issue of Non-No? I neeeds it, precious.

Anyway.... >.> I'm supposed to call Arella and see about going out for brunch. Should shower and do that.


Dec. 11th, 2008 12:53 pm
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I had today off to go to the municipal court for my stupid ticket.
Which led to frustration and excitement... )
Overall, coffee and fangirling massively improved my mood. ^_^

On the way home I swung by the store for a quick post-christmas scheduling consultation and then tried to get parts to fix my car (Val swears that they're really pretty cheap and appears to be right). However! My car is too old and no one stocks or can order the tail-light that I need. Nice Car is looking for me, but only has the passenger side on hand right now. I may need to hit up Jess's dad for help on this one...

Anyway. Once home I vegged out a little on G no Arashi and Shukudai-kun )

Anyway, court sucks, fines suck. But meeting new friends is awesome. Days off are fabulous and I love Arashi. Again. Ijou desu.
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Watched episodes 3-5 tonight.
Which was somewhat foolish given the nature of my morning plans involving being at sensei's house at 9 am.
However, I have random comments.
In which the plot thickens... )
Am now caught up to the current and think that I will keep watching.
After I finish Maoh. >.> Though I may not have time for another big chunk of episodes until
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I think I've worked about 45 hours so far this week... and I still have my saturday shift left to go. Ah... the holiday season in retail. At least I got to sleep in yesterday and today. ^_^

Spending a lot of time playing Pokemon lately.

In other news, I'm having Arashi Issues )

Also, I epic fail at housework and productivity. ;_;


Sep. 25th, 2008 02:49 pm
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I case anyone missed me, Damien has gone to the scary land of manufacturer repair via Best Buy and Maya has very very limited access to the internets.
Instead, I have been spending stupid amounts of time at work (new overnight tonight, hence day of pseudo-off-ness) and playing a lot of Pokemon Diamond.
I completely missed wishing happy birthday to Tomomori and my step mother on the 23rd. And then to Shirogane on the 24th, though for him I did at least go fabric-swatch-shopping.
Today I hope to eat, get all my pokemon to level 15, and do some test dying of my ivory wool before I go to work at 9.
I would also like to call said work and see how our various nefarious plots worked out and who I am actually going to be doing the overnight /with/.
There may be some Arashi Time Concert in there... more likely some poorly-subtitled TenniPuri.
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Yes, it's 4 am.
Obi is done and despite my uncertainty about the size of the interfacing insert it came out /really/ well. Deffinitely putting remaking Benkei's obi in this style on my list for the future.
Tomorrow is for tabi and fans and wig trimming, etc. Then hopefully time to start on Kagetoki repairs. And the scarf! Which means setting up my serger. Damn, must not forget about that! I'm hoping for a late truck on tuesday, but I'll have to call and see. ^^;

At least the hand-hemming and putting in the ties on the obi gave me time to catch up on VS Arashi and Himitsu (last week).
Read more... )

Between all that, I finished up our Workmanship forms and worked a little on the scrapbooking portion of the Kajiwara-kyoudai Project. I'm taking the book with us for reference and putting my name and cell number on it. I know they say that you might not get it back but... she was really good with my reference stuff two years ago. If I feel insecure about it I'll only leave them the swatch cards.

[Edit: 6:15 am - I have a lovely straight-edged strip of chiffon to work with for the scarf and I'm caught up to Himitsu 21 and AnS 99 (damn, but I want to see 24-hour Terebi... like NOW) I'm thinking I might not even bother to surge the damn scarf if it gives me too much trouble. We'll see.
Time for some sleep now, though I need to get up at a reasonable hour and get back to work on things.
*sniffles* Damn them for playing Nino's whole letter to the group and damn them for using 'Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi'... I'm not exactly strong against those things at the best of times and at 6 in the morning? ;_;]

Free Day

Aug. 21st, 2008 11:45 pm
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VS 19
Read more... )

Music Lovers
The performances were good. But the best thing? Sho's fake Jeans. Seriously! best idea EVER. ^___^ Dork.

I could go on about Maoh 7 and how much I just wanted to give Naruse a big hug and pet him... but that would be silly. Anyone with feelings about this episode, please comment, I need me some Maoh fangirling.

Costume Progress for today
-four more designs done. Finishing off the back of the kimono. We learned that Maya should /not/ try to reformat the flower part of the design. (pictures of failure to come later)
-also took lots of progress pics and hopefully didn't mess up my wrist too bad. It was really hurting earlier.

Himitsu 19
Read more... )

We moved Hokuto today too (they're repaving the parking lot, so we had too), and got the stereo out. She's on the street now, so hopefully I'll call the junk yard people early next week. I'll miss her sometimes. :3

Also! Jess finished Avatar tonight! The ending is just as awesome the second time around.

I failed to do laundry tonight though.... which means I have no clothes to wear to work tomorrow... crap.
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You've probably seen these by now but:
-Gimmick Game [Fancam]
-Two performances of Hello Goodbye (with some of Sho's "Hip-Pop Bookie" attached as well)
-Take me Faraway

Didn't see Jun's but then... Meh.

Look! I'm home already! I can almost pretend that I didn't just work both days of my weekend and now don't have another day off until saturday next.



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