Apr. 6th, 2009 12:25 pm
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Despite being very very tired, we all made it to the airport in plenty of time and I'm home safe and sound. I think lazing about on my couch for a little while sounds good so... con report time~!

Anime Detour 2009 )

I think that may be the first time I've actually written up a full con report in years.

Also, to get the ideas out of my head before I lose them...
How to Run Karaoke 101 )

Now... I think I'm going to start on Tomomori. Or possibly first on the screen design for Kiyomori. Since my legs are still really really sore today. :3
I hope everyone had a great con. And that the few new people I've friended don't think that I'm too nuts. ^_^
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I made it to Minnesota just fine. And with a bit more trouble (apparently two planes worth) [profile] double_dear both made it here as well.

Between yesterday and this morning I finished "Door to Door". I am once again astounded by Nino's character-acting ability. Also, it took me about 15 minutes to realize who she was, but Kato Rosa was fabulous and made me want to watch more of her dramas again.

I also got to watch the end of G no Arashi... it's almost sad to see it go from crazy-awesome to the awkwardness that was the early stages of Shukudai-kun. Also. Sho. Epic fail to the very end.

Today, we wait a bit to see if [personal profile] baranoneko gets out early and then head to the bus if not. I'm debating what if anything I should actually try to take on the bus with us if we go that way... since my garment bag is not a possibility. (It actually bruised my shoulder in the little while that I was hauling it around the airport. Scary.)

Now I'm messing with my various externals to try to get the database arranged cooperatively.
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There is a problem.
Benkei will not fit in my luggage.
I'm already checking two bags. Unless I cram him into my LAPTOP CASE (virtually impossible), there is no room.

So the question is... Does Hinoe prefer Saku, Masaomi, or Benkei? And does he like any of them more than Inori likes Shimon?

[Edit: Even removing Shimon is not likely to make enough room for Benkei. (I haven't tested this yet.) I'm already not bringing Yuushi because apparently he has LEFT me. I couldn't find him anywhere.
I'll have room on the way back probably, but... I can't really afford to FedEx Overnight a costume to myself.]
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[Edits at 3 am]
It's past midnight, and I'm maybe about to start packing for the con.
That includes double-checking all my costumes to make sure I have all my ties/tabi/accessories/wigs/など and making certain that I have all the necessary paperwork/computers/cables/hardware packed. [DONE - except the Benkei issue in next entry.]
Oh, and making sure I can fit everything in my luggage. -> See Benkei issue
And that I can move my luggage efficiently. And not forget the Karaoke shirts.
And that I have at least /some/ regular clothes for tomorrow, Friday (public transportation in cosplay not probably a good idea), and Monday. Though I guess that between my Taipei shirt, my Karaoke shirt and my black PJs, that covers comfortable shirts that don't look crazy.
[Normal clothes and supplies check.]

I also need to pack my reference scrapbooks]CHECK] (and maybe get a new one for Saku so that she's not in with Kagetoki). AND I need to put together an emergency sewing kit with the basics (needles, thread for all costumes, lint roller, extra snaps and paint for Masaomi. Safety pins for all kimono costumes. MY IRON. And decide what I'm doing about weaponry. I'm thinking no this year. Benkei is easier without it (especially having not remade his cloak yet) and the sword I have for Masaomi is just... not ok until I get a chance to mod it some. Also... Shimon wig? I need to find it or bring curlers and hairspray... or he's not coming. [All found and packed whoo.]

There's always Yuushi and/or Syuusuke to decide on as well. Without the design improvements that I want to make to both, its hard to be sure how I feel about bringing them, especially for a 2.5-day con with major staff commitments. On the other hand... they are much more comfortable for staffing if need-be. Meh. Yuushi's probably coming along either way, he's easy. To pack I mean. And wear. [>.> Yuushi has left me. I reject Syuusuke on principal.]

I'm pretty sure Saku will be competing this year. She has new fully-lined open sleeves on her turquoise layer (I got almost-perfectly-matched silk thread at the Mill without even meaning to) and has lovely weapons (fans) which Masaomi does not have. He'll get his time to shine at NDK, fear not.

On an unrelated note: Everyone has the AAA2008 DVD. I WANT IT SOOO BADLY. I can't even tell you. And I didn't even know it was coming out. That's how lame I am, children. So lame.
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Things To-Do/Accomplished today:
X=Done O=To-Do
X-WORK: Floss and Crossstich Accesories POGs 100%
X-Confirm all bills/payments scheduled to be paid
X-Plan for shuttle/parking
X-confirm and print flight schedules
X-check Mill for sales/fabric/thread
O-New sleeves for Saku, lined and attached
O-Collarband insert for Saku
O-toiletries/basics+T-shirts packed for Detour
O-Grocery/Household shopping
X-Gym for workout (before 6 or you won't go)
O-search for add'l Detour requests
O-set up and double check Karaoke account on Damien

Also... Right now I'm planning to only bring my three Haruka3 costumes to Detour... any thoughts on others? Should I try Shimon again? Should I bring some TeniPuri just for fun?
Any and all input appreciated (especially if you're attending).
Also also, who should compete in the Cosplay - Masaomi or Saku?


Mar. 31st, 2009 12:26 am
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First off - someone used the LJ Writer's Block prompt today. It was about explaining your least-used icon. So I'm using mine. Because... when I made it... I felt that it was absolutely necessary for me to have a TimeCon skirt!Jun icon. (Also because it was the costume set that I most wanted to make of theirs.) But then I realized that I almost never have an excuse to use it. So sad.

In other news, I unfinished a costume tonight. I took Saku's sleeves off. Now I just need to make and line new ones. This is a good thing, since the old ones didn't really fit right to start with. Once that's done with I need to make collar inserts for her inner layer. After /that/ we see if I get really ambitious and try to make Benkei a new cloak in like two days.
>.> <.< Maybe.

Anyway. That's not what this post is for. This post is because I have two burning desires to cosplay in the near future.
1) Persona 4. I don't know who would be who. I kinda just want an excuse to pipe a jacket with reflective tape piping. >.> Really though, I love these characters and I'd love the chance to play something semi-recognizable for once. Something I can talk about with love and understanding. <3
2) Arashi "Right Back to You" costumes from Taipei in 2006 (the half-kimono ones). They're shiny. They're brocade. They'd look stunning on stage. AND, the first verse worth of choreography is totally doable and almost exactly 1 minute long. We could even pull stuff from the instrumental leading up to that. And I can rip straight audio from the concert itself, so it'll sound awesome. We wouldn't even necessarily need all 5, we'd just have to adjust choreography to look good. Who's with me?
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There's been a lot of snow here today, and the store closed so early that the Boos literally told me not to come in at all. So! A whole extra day off. Sadly, I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I did get some things accomplished. I still wish I'd gone to work out though. :3

Done Things:
*Masaomi's scrapbook is only one (maybe two pages) from being done. I'm missing a few of the pictures that I really want to have for those pages (mostly reference and design comparison photos for the shirt and chest binder).
*Got his jacket done yesterday! The costume is totally 100% wearble right now. Anything else is extra improvements to other costumes.
*Picked up additional ink and emulsion and t-shirts for the Detour Karaoke Team. Made plans with my sister to print shirts tomorrow, assuming I can drive to get out there.
*completed "Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata" one more drama down. <3
*got and watched one episode of "Yoiko no Mikata". OH SHO~! (Also, /that's/ where "Tomadoinagara" is from, another mystery solved.)
*caught up on "The Complex" chats - still need to comment though. Must remember that.
*poked a couple of shows on Crunchyroll. I may consider subscribing. Someday.

ALSO: Kagetoki-figure release date pushed up a month. Should ship in mid-april! Yay!

ALSO ALSO: Whoever the first person to read this is, if it's after 7 am mountain time and you have my cell number, please call and wake me up? My alarm can't be trusted anymore.
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Picked up my boots for Masaomi today. LOVE THEM.
Jacket has all four armor panels attached and 16 out of 28 buttons sewn on. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow night after work. When I think about it, the sheer number of steps involved int he construction of this coat are mind-boggling. Anyway... I get friday off in addition to my weekend again, so pants then, if not sooner and then Masaomi will be DONE. (Unless I finish my chest-binder, which I want to, but it'll be all-purpose, not just for Masaomi.)

Because I may forget some steps... here's how I made the coat: )

The Boss gave me a couple extra days off before I leave for the con too, so getting Nozomi's patch, Saku's sleeves and Benkei's obi done shouldn't be too much of a problem either. The challenge will be if I decide to remake Benkei's cloak, since the applique will take a while. The materials are all there though so... *shrugs* It's worth a try.

(Finished Uta no Onii-san tonight. Liked the ending well enough, and the performance was great of course, but.... well... I felt a little let down. I mean, I squeed more when Sho guest-stared. In fact, I think I may he been more excited by the mysterious-looking preview for the show that starts next week. It has another of my boys in it. ^_^)
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One more day and then I get a weekend.

Off topic: If I was rich and didn't have bills (or if I had a pretty boy buying me extravigant presents), I would want this. It is one of the loveliest rings I've ever seen. The white gold version is gorgeous too, but the yellow gold has sentimental value to me. This style is also gorgeous.

Detour is only 65 days away! What? I better get a move on here!
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Or rather, a wig equation... it goes like this...

some illustrative images under the cut )

Anyway, tomorrow will hopefully be a day of working on kimono with a possible break to shop for boots, purple stuff and muslin to pattern pants and jacket. I'd like to get his black shirt done this weekend as well. We'll see.
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So, despite having all the fabric in the world for Masaomi (both costumes)... I've been working on his wig for about a week now.
I was inspired by a cosmode magazine that I picked up last summer to think about combining wigs to make styles/color combinations that aren't available. Masaomi turned out to be the perfect opportunity.
I started with a fun flip (blue) and a Rod (blue). The fun flip isn't /as/ bad as it looks in the cosworx picture, but it's perfect for Atobe or Eiji and NOT for Masaomi. Hence the Rod. After planning and agonizing a bit, I started cutting wefts out of the rod. A 'weft' is a chunk of hair on a single strand of the wig... it makes sense once you start doing it.
Read more... )
This technique will hopefully continue to be usefull. Especially considering that Tomomori and Shigehira/Shirogane will probably both need eartails added to their wigs. -_-;;

I'm hoping to pry myself out of bed Saturday morning in time to go into work before open and lay out Masaomi's red kimono and lining for cutting. I might also do it tomorrow at/after close. We'll see how motivated I am.

I'm starting to think of Detour as something that I'm aiming for. Which is a nice thought. I should really just suck it up and register... that would hopefully scare me into behaving and saving up a little money.


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