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So... today Mik and I watched a ton of Anime, including quite a few new shows, and I am super proud-palled at how much she seems to love some of the silly pretty boy shows.

1) Binan Koukou Chikyu Bouei-bu LOVE! - I cannot even explain how horrifically perfect this show is. Seriously. It's completely insane and wonderful and a bit magic. We had almost as much fun watching Cal and Boom watch it later in the evening as we did watching it ourselves. XD

2) Sailor Moon Crystal - yes, season 1 is nearly over and I'm behind the times, but I have a suprisingly large number of feelings about this show. Mostly about the generals. Seriously.

3) Bonjour! Koiaji Patisserie - Mik found this, and 5 minute episodes are totally manageable.

4) Kamigami no Asobi - While I was amused by this show a few weeks back, I'm less fascinated now because of how slowly the plot seems to move. I might keep pushing through, but other shows are more entertaining to me at the moment.

5) Brothers Conflict - Well, shit. I started the show because we needed something to wash our brains from Parasyte, and while I was squeeing and trying really hard not to show my incredible and ridiculous instant love for Azusa and Tsubaki, Mik was getting rather attached to the plot. It's also great to hear KENN acting again, and the rest of the cast is pretty baller as well. Also, Hikaru. Hikaru is my favorite. Getting all the names straight will probably be the end of me, but I'm willing to commit to that.

She also looked at UtaPri when we were flipping through shows, so that's a possible thing.
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I have two things to babble about before I go to sleep.
1) I started rewatching Weiβ Kreuz tonight, and no amount of knowing how horribly cliche and lame it is can reduce my enjoyment of it. Actually, despite the age of the show, the art and the voice performances are actually quite good. Even the background characters, who aren't big names most of the time. If anyone throws me for a loop it's actually Koyasu, because for some reason that's not how Aya sounds in my head.
After all these years, I still love these characters; love the ridiculous predictable plots; love all of it. People can judge me, I really don't care. XD I'm also importing most of the CDs again, to see if I still like the music as much as I remember. I guess we'll see.

2) It's CD Japan sale time again, and even though I have no money I'm poking through things and making a list for things that I like and might want some day.
-New Kusuda Toshiyuki CD
-Meisa's "One More Drama" CD - First Press, with DVD and poster. ^_^
-Nao-kun's Yumekibo Ressha Limited edition still available.
-Amuro Namie Single "Break It/Get Myself Back"
-Crystal Kay's "Journey" - because I need more of her music.
-Nao-KUN'S "Infinity" album - since I recently realized that I really need more of hi
-As a note that I can't be bothered to research at the moment, I should also look into finishing my collection of HaruDaki manga and Drama CDs, since I think they're all completed now. CDs got up to volume 8 and the manga finished at Volume 14. Since the CDs tended to cover a little more than one volume that means the CDs are probably complete as well. And I could really use more MikiShin in my life lately. As well as MoriMori. ^_^

Other ranty things could include ways in which my computer is freaking me out lately, ways in which work is crazy, and ways in which I am not working on packing or cosplay nearly enough right now, but I'm happy in my escapism so I'll let all that be for the moment.
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For LJ peeps, this gets /long/ under the cuts. For Facebook peeps, the same applies. :P
Music Meme/Homework under the cut )

While I'm being random, let me do a quick rundown on Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge. I watched another 3 episodes of the anime tonight, followed by the premiere episode of the drama.
Additional Babbling on Nabeshin madness in Drama form )

(Also, a few days ago [personal profile] calhale and I randomly played that MASH game that you used to play when you were in like... middle school. Apparently I marry Okiayu-san, live in a time machine (Tardis?) in London. He has a career as a voice actor while I am a successful space marine. We spend fifteen years not having any children before we get divorced. I eventually die peacefully in my sleep, and he is mauled to death by a snow leopard.)
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There's been a lot of snow here today, and the store closed so early that the Boos literally told me not to come in at all. So! A whole extra day off. Sadly, I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I did get some things accomplished. I still wish I'd gone to work out though. :3

Done Things:
*Masaomi's scrapbook is only one (maybe two pages) from being done. I'm missing a few of the pictures that I really want to have for those pages (mostly reference and design comparison photos for the shirt and chest binder).
*Got his jacket done yesterday! The costume is totally 100% wearble right now. Anything else is extra improvements to other costumes.
*Picked up additional ink and emulsion and t-shirts for the Detour Karaoke Team. Made plans with my sister to print shirts tomorrow, assuming I can drive to get out there.
*completed "Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata" one more drama down. <3
*got and watched one episode of "Yoiko no Mikata". OH SHO~! (Also, /that's/ where "Tomadoinagara" is from, another mystery solved.)
*caught up on "The Complex" chats - still need to comment though. Must remember that.
*poked a couple of shows on Crunchyroll. I may consider subscribing. Someday.

ALSO: Kagetoki-figure release date pushed up a month. Should ship in mid-april! Yay!

ALSO ALSO: Whoever the first person to read this is, if it's after 7 am mountain time and you have my cell number, please call and wake me up? My alarm can't be trusted anymore.
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Because that was something productive to do with my evening.

Go through the list and check off the titles you have watched. For our purposes, "watching" a title means that for TV and OVA series, you have to have seen at least one episode. For one-shots, you have to have seen the whole thing. At the end of each genre/category, add up your sub-total. At the very end, add up the sub-totals to come up with your grand total. If your grand total is 80 or over, congratulations -- you are an obsessive anime watcher!

An Editor's Note: not all the titles listed here are great, and some are even steaming piles of crap. Titles on the list are here because they are either 1) genuinely good, 2) insanely popular, 3) good examples of the genre, or 4) just plain notorious. Good anime obsessives should be able to watch series with any of those qualities.

(And YES, even if you accidentially/forced to watch it, it counts...)
This... is disturbing. )
Grand total: 124 (98 if you don't count my '-' ones with only an episode or so seen...)

I... will be over here now. Sleeping. What's sad is that I can think of shows that could be on there that I've seen some or all of. Like Hachiyousho and the Ange series. And Corda. The Haruka OVA, the settokai shikkobu ovas, sensitive pornograph and kodocha.... there are others. Like Nerima Daikon Brothers and Martian Successor Nadeshiko and Kenranbutousai THE MARS DAYBREAK and Darker than Black and....
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Work is freaking me out. Audited today. Was probably too nice. But it takes TOO DAMN LONG. There's stuff to be doing and I spent 4+ hours just auditing stuff. >.<;; It's easier to just say that stuff is right. I hope we do get a buddy audit someday so they can be harder on us.

So, when I got home I was having a terrible craving. See, a day or two ago [profile] starlit_dragon pointed me over to [profile] otterdance. Which in turn reminded me of Nightrunner and set me to craving Alec and Seregil. Now, of course, my first instinct when I wanted to read was to pick up CoS... but demons and darkness we freaking me out and I want to reread Nightrunner before the fourth book comes out anyway... So tonight I went out and picked up Luck in the Shadows.

I'm watching another two episodes of Princess Princess before bed though... because I'm weak.
In which everyone involved is not Takumi )

I also had my leftovers for dinner and some cake and now I'm off to bed to remember how much I love rogues. Actual bed today, not sleeping on the couch. >.>
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Well, hello livejournal. It's been a while.
I have a compulsion to organize and finish my Shukudai-kun picspam, but I should really sleep. Also, all my notes and episodes are on Koori.

I had to post this however: Seto Kouji as Rock Lead Singer. I really like this boy. I wish him all the success in the world really. Kamen Rider probably isn't a bad place to start. He's adorable in it too. (I'm not watching it, really.)

I have a bizarre and disturbing craving for Princess Princess. A YouTube search found me some Anime eps, which won't hurt as badly as the drama. I hope )

Finally: Happy Birthday Oishi-fukubuchou! That means we're in the midst of Taurus-season. Jiroh must be coming up soon.
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We (finally) watched the last eight episodes of Gankutsuou tonight.
Here there be spoilers )

Overall, I'd give it 3.5 stars. It was good. The plot was fairly intriguing, and I was attached to some of the characters. It helped that it was beautifully animated and had a wonderful cast, but I'm probably not going to watch it again for a long while.

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Well, in a few hours, but I'm prolly not gonna do anything untill or after then. Hmm.
In the past 24 hours I've watched:
Perfect Blue (dubbed)
X Episode 0
Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-3 (So much Megumi Ogata that my life is just better... and Ishida Akira! And Toshihiko Seki! Wai!)
My computer is not exploding, which is a nice change of pace. I'm not doing much for New Years...
I'm getting ready to leave on the 5th. I'm not sure I should, but I told Carol that I would so I guess I will. Driving in the bay area without Austin or mom will be wierd... very wierd.
I've been doing caligraphy and working on a letter to my host faimily from japan (which I need to beg on of the ni-nen-sei to grammer chack for me... because I know what I'm trying to say, but not how to say it always.
I'm also working on Angelique (work... heh) and getting ahead for next semester japanese. My mother told Dad and Carol about my grades... and I'm not dead yet, so maybe they're waiting untill I get there to kill me... I don't know. And I'm begining to get the feeling that I won't get to meet Zero because Kat'll bring her up here after I'm gone...
Not getting all self-pitying right now. Not whining. Done.
Happy New Years all!
Bishonen: Kamui
Bishojo: Hokuto
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So last night I sat down and worked on some stuff... both of my papers, though I didn't get as much done as I hoped. (not having DnD was good) I did watch a couple episodes of Chibits though (I know I shouldn't have...)... and here's my Chobits Rant )
Couple things now before I go back to work
Top 5 Female Seiyuu:
5- Hisakawa Aya - Just by sheer volume of roles on tv at once. AND quality of character. (Sailor Mercury, TV Hinoto, Chloe(Noir), more that I can't remember)
4- Hayashibara Megumi - Do I even need to explain? (Lina, Rei, Canal, Nuku-Nuku, and more.) Plus she can sing.
3- Kuwashima Houko - My newest obsession, similar to the next two, but I think she's younger. (Kirika(Noir), Quon(RahXephon), Sango(InuYasha), Sai(AL), Filia, more)
2- Mitsuishi Kotono - Another of my newer obsessions... (Excel, Juri, Sailor Moon, Mirelle(Noir), more)
1- Ogata Megumi - Some things never change... (Kurama(YYH), Yukito/Yue(CCS), Eagle/Emeraude(MKR), Haruka, Shinji, more)

All of the above are still (even currently) in shows. Which leades me to my next rant... Last night (while lying in bed) I decided to find out what the heck Ogata Megumi had been doing for the last little while. So I looked up the Kanji for her name and started leafing through my Newtypes looking at cast lists (which is where I found out that Quon was Kuwashima-sama)... Seiyuu Rant )
So... New topic... Bishonen... I think I finnaly have my top ten list pulled together. This is the last thing before I go back to work. (I managed to have only one tie... Couples are sometimes listed together but not counted as ties)
10- Kunzite / Zoicite (Sailor Moon)
Ok, two seperate people but they are eternally linked in my mind. Beautifuly romanitc, the first anime couple I was obsessed with... ever. And the roses and cherry blossoms, never forget that. And the all powerful dark lord factor... (Kunzite) Long silver/green hair and silver eyes, and a cape. (Zoicite) Long blonde hair, green eyes, tendency to float and be dubbed as a woman *cringe*.
9- Xelloss Meltallium (Slayers)
Impaired by poor animation more than anything else. Unfailing loyalty and the tendency to be there only when absolutely needed. Purple hair, violet slit-pupiled eyes, Ishida Akira with dark magic. "Sore wa... himitsu desu."
8-TIE- Julious (Angelique)
Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that makes your life brighter. But you'll never see anything more than a hard, strong leader unless you get inside his defences.
8-TIE- Kurama[human] (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)
Beautiful and elegant, strong, yet human. Red hair, green eyes, Ogata Megumi, propencity for roses.
7- Samejima Ranmaru / Enjouji Kei (Kizuna)
(Ran-chan)Uber-uke! Beautiful and graceful with more manners than Enjouji and more innocence. Lots of pretty angst too, and the knuckle biting thing. ^_~ Red hair, Okiayu Ryotarou.
(Enjouji) Long black hair, and even better once it's cut. Very sweet, but only when he's not being stupid or hentai.
6- Clavis (Angelique)
long black hair, violet eyes, a smirk that makes me shiver just thinking about it. If there was ever anyone as beautiful as him in life... I think I would die. The hair alone would
5- Sakurazuka Seishirou (X + Tokyo Babylon)
Beauty, strenth, grace, power and angst... with sunglasses and a trenchcoat. "Ahem, WHOOSH!" CLAMP. (Koyasu Takehito in TB)
4- Mikage Souji (Utena)
The only man in the world who can make pink hair look sexy. Skillfull manipulator, but not of the truly innocent. So deeply buried in his own reality that he has defied the laws of time and life. Red eyes, Midorikawa Hikaru.
3- Nagisa Kaworu (Evangelion) [moved up to 3rd at last minute]
Half of this is just how early in my addiction he was. Honesty, sweetness, wisdom. Silver hair, red eyes, Ishida Akira.
2- Yue (CCS)
Silver hair down to his feet, silver eyes, wings, Ogata Megumi, CLAMP. If you need more justification than that, watch the show. ^_^ (very nearly a tie for first)
1- Muraki Kazutaka (Yami no Matsuei)
the epitomy of everything I worship and love about villains... wisdom, insanity, manipulation, intellegence, subtle cruelty, desire. All this, plus a white trench coat, silver hair and eyes. Often carrying a dozen red roses ^_^

Ok, I'm off now. Bye all!

Bishonen: Minoru (Chobits) and Muraki (#1!!)
Bishojo: Chii (Chobits) and Sai (Anglic Layer)
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I'm back again for my late-night 'I'm going to bed now, really!' post. ^_^
I am currently in a VERY Weiss mood... and I don't mean Janet. I've been reading this fic... which I am really enjoying. We won't discuss the title or topic of this fic because some people might try to kill me for it... so... yeah. But I've got that Gluhen Aya skin on without switch now. Except for an occational manual switch to the three Kizuna skins I have (Kai... *drool*)
Yas, I know that Kai is a moron and a jerk... but the skin is *gorgeous* The ones with Kei and Ran aren't bad either...
*drifts off into happy fangirl land*
*comes around slowly*
*wipes drool from chin*
So... where was I?
How about... classes? Ok. That bloody class that my advisor said was cancelled let me register tonight... don't ask me why. So now my scedule for next semester is 17 credits consisting mostly of mathy goodness (*ack*) and starting an hour earlier than this semester *again-ack*. Either way... it should be pretty fun.
And looking at my four-year graduation plan it looks like I might even have time to re-take matricies sometime.
Ok... bored now. New topic... bishonen.
Been there... very much needing of Weiss... or Yami no Matsuei... Or even Kizuna...
Went to Anime club today. X is good. I made comments... Austin says I've read Handpuppet theatre too many times... but I've only read it twice I swear! And the subtext/text is so there! And the tea! It's not just me! Either way, I think I'm upsetting people so I should probably stop... *sigh*
On another note, the Cities of Gold theme is really cool in french... and by cool I mean wierd and exactly like the english version only in french.
Likewise... Patamon's image song (Digimon) is rather odd - cute, but odd.
Ok... the winamp skin is getting distracting. Like my RahXephon poster. Did you know that there are NO RahXepon sites in english? Except for two reviews that both say the series is really good.
What else? I saw the music video for "Hikari" today. ("Hikari" is the japanese theme song from the Kingdom Hearts video game - sung by Utada Hikaru) It involved her doing dishes and singing... it was cute... and she looks really good with her current hair style.
I also saw several live videos of Sakamoto Maaya... she gets really nervous performing live... it's funny. And I started listening to songs from "23 Toki no Ongaku"... which is technically a Yoko Kanno album featuring Maaya Sakamoto, which basically means that not all the tracks even have vocals. It's odd... very odd... not bad... just wierd. And very obviously composed by Yoko Kanno... which is again, not a bad thing... but different than I was expecting. Not like "Easy Listening" which just leapt out and beat me over the head going "I'm a really freaking great album, how about you go to Japan and buy me NOW?"
Austin says he and I both need a massage... and when someone from only five minutes of working on my shoulders can acctually TELL that I'm too tense, then you know it's a problem. Usually people don't notice tension in my shoulders - I'm not sure why.
I really like the Trigun and Cowboy Bebop soundtracks... (Rem's Song just came on "Sound Life")
I mentioned "Easy Listening" already right?.. my favorite song is "Doreddo 39" which just freaking rocks! Fast and cool, with a more standard guitar background than, say, "Hemisphere" - which, by the way, is the HARDEST thing I've ever tried to sing in straight Karaoke (NDK was with the normal song because I hadn't found a karaoke version yet)... so hard that I almost want to sing it at Fanime if I can get it together... because it's a totally different song without vocals. I mean, I know the song like the back of my hand... rhythm and tone as well as words... but the vocals compleatly carry the melody, there's not more than a trace of a base rhythm in the song without them, and even that shifts throughout. *sigh*
Ok, rant over... I would hereby like to state that Kazuma Kodaka should /not/ be able to draw bishonen as well as she can... it's simply not fair... I mean... Well... ok she should be able to... but I shouldn't be so distracted by them. Hn.
Ok... long pause there (nearly an hour) while I want off and got distracted by... guess what? Bishonen.
I keep forgetting that Ranmaru's voice was Okiayu Ryoutarou. *sigh* Ranmaru may well be one of my top bishonen of all time... speaking of which I've been meaning to put together a list of those... for the moment atleast.
Warning that this will be heavily swayed by animation/art quality in some cases...
Top 10 Bishonen of December (or maybe just the moment, who knows?)
...or maybe not... I should sleep eventually and this is going to take a very long time to figure out... check back in a few days.
I really need to end this now... I meant to be asleep (not just in bed) nearly 2 hours ago.

Bishonen: Samejima Ranmaru (Kizuna)
Bisoujo: none... brain filled with bishonen
Favorite thing in the world: Mercades (the cat) ^_^


Dec. 2nd, 2002 02:06 pm
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I can't reitterate often enough just how much I love Maaya Sakamoto and the fact that I would have killed someone (like creepy Java kid) this morning if not for songs like "Hemisphere", "Kaze ga Fuku Hi" and "Yakusoku wa Iranai".
So. My CS webpage is sorta done - enough to be critiqued and graded. I have a topic and sources for comp... but not the bibliography that I need.
I remember more Japanese than I did before the break (if that's not a comment on my teacher then I don't know what is)
I have the first 7 or so episodes of "Ai Yori Aoshi" (I've only watched about 5) which is a simply darling show, if you can tolerate occational ecchi implications.
I've also now seen up through episode 17 of Chobits which has even more ecchi implications but is really cute and happy in that slightly dark CLAMP way.
I'd like to really thank everyone who encouraged me in LJ posts or over AIM, I will make it through this semester! Tabun...
Now I'm off to comp. I'll swing by the ni-nen-sei class afterward as usual. Ja ne!
Again... me need or "exhausted yet optomistic" as a mood...
Bishonen: any one that ISN'T creepy Java kid - in particular Hisoka (YnM) and Rain (DnD)
Bishojo: Hitomi (Escaflowne)


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