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After finishing Freeter yesterday, I pokes at a few of the other series I had on my hard drive. Random Babble Commences )

And now, a meme:
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like (or think will actually do this) and tag me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's harder than you think.

Your Artist: Maaya Sakamoto (I chose her to give myself lots of titles to choose from, and I wonder if I should have chosen someone less prolific. XD)

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For LJ peeps, this gets /long/ under the cuts. For Facebook peeps, the same applies. :P
Music Meme/Homework under the cut )

While I'm being random, let me do a quick rundown on Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge. I watched another 3 episodes of the anime tonight, followed by the premiere episode of the drama.
Additional Babbling on Nabeshin madness in Drama form )

(Also, a few days ago [personal profile] calhale and I randomly played that MASH game that you used to play when you were in like... middle school. Apparently I marry Okiayu-san, live in a time machine (Tardis?) in London. He has a career as a voice actor while I am a successful space marine. We spend fifteen years not having any children before we get divorced. I eventually die peacefully in my sleep, and he is mauled to death by a snow leopard.)
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er... work. Whatever you want to call it. With any luck, I won't see my boss again until after NDK. Luck because she's on PTO and needs a damn vacation. And then I go on PTO for the con, so. Yeah, anyway. Work was madness, as usual. I felt bad leaving, but me being over 40 hours this week won't help us anyway.

At home I finished the 'Chance' special. It was actually pretty cool. A little predictable, and classic J-dramay, but different in some good ways. Also Meisa is pretty and Maki is adorable. Of course, I followed that up with Episode 1 of Innocent Love. My heart is breaking already and I just know it's going to get worse and probably never get better. BUT.... it looks good, so I'll try to stick with it.
Or else I'll end up rewatching Love Shuffle. Maybe both.
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I've been on a long break from LJ. Still reading and loving you all very much, but taking the time to post just hasn't happened.

Lots has happened in the last month. Tomomori got finished a couple weeks later than I'd planned (obi and all accessories are done though - except the necklace). I ended up gold-leafing the shirt with a technique that I saw in one of my quilting books. I looks amazing, but I'm not 100% sure that it will hold up to intensive wear. Anyway, since I'm already behind schedule, I've moved on to Kiyomori. Sunday night I got the body pieces for his outer robe cut out, and in the next day or two I'll be printing it. I carved a linoleum block with the design and tests with fabric paint look good to print it on the poplin.

I'm fiddling with the file format on the external a little to let the PS3 see all my files. It's really flipping awesome to go straight from the PS3 browser to my video files. This afternoon, I finally took a moment to start on Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru (First Half) )

Had to pause in the middle for new Recreation. Which was awesome.

And now it's another two days gone even since I tryped this. Work is crazy since inventory is next week and then the RVP visits the week after.
Anyway. Good night LJ.
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In the last couple of days, I've been blazing through dramas in my free time. So... some commentary is in order.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji 8-10 )

Atashinchi no Danshi 3 )

TeniMyu - Imperial Presence B/B Version )

Then today... in addition to lots and lots of Halo, I watched several eps of VS Arashi and Shukudai-kun. I really think VS (not 'versus' Aiba and Sho tell us, but vee-es) is the unsung hero of their variety shows. It just has a tension and energy that none of the other shows manage and you get to see a side of the boys that I really enjoy. Also, Nino is a tiny tiny little man and I adore him. The guest interactions are just different on VS, in a way that I enjoy. Also... Jun and Nino really get to show their strenths, which is awesome.

Tomorrow, more work. Wednesday, probably pogs and Thursday 2071. Guh, this week will be killer.
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First off... In trying to replace my lost dramas, I've been downloading subtitled versions of my shows. So! Today I got to show the first episode of "Ryuusei no Kizuna" to [profile] ladyofthegate and [personal profile] calhale. I know Jess didn't watch it too closely, but it seemed to go over moderately well. Later we watched Ep. 1 of Ouran... which is so many kinds of awesome that I didn't even remember them all. The current summer watching list is: Ouran, Tutu, FuruBa, Pretear, and... something else?

Last night I watched 5-7 of "Mei-chan no Shitsuji" and I'm in the midst of Episode 8 now.
Babble as usual )

Also... having looked through my DVDs and other harddrives, I have a list of my download priorities for the next little while.
Cut for Potential Length )
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I'm finally getting around to watching and reviewing my first eps of this season's dramas.

Smile 1 )

Meitantei no Okite 1 )

Ghost Friends 2 )

Godhand Teru 2 )

Atashinchi no Danshi 2 )

A day

May. 5th, 2009 03:06 am
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Wow, Monday.
Was supposed to get up at 7 today to get to the gym in time for workout and breakfast before I went to work at 9 and Jess went to her Dr. appointment at 9:45.
That... didn't happen.
I woke up at 9:08. Panicked. Called work - found out that Truck was today and shifted my shift later. All in all, the work-bits were ok. I was not late (much) and had time to make breakfast (which I didn't eat until 2 pm anyway).

Work proceeded to be very long. I did get the truck unloaded in a timely manner and I did finish the Arranging Supplies POG, but the latter took /so/ long that we were closed by the time I left. The good news is that it sounds like we're going to be ok for payroll this week. The bad news is that coverage is crap because we only scheduled about 20 hours over. >.> Corporate logic FTL.

Once home, I made sammiches for myself for dinner and watched Jess make deviled eggs (they were massively tasty). In the midst of that, [personal profile] calhale called me and demanded that I go out to alleviate her boredom. Fangriling Ensued )

We also hit the IHOP for a small snack before I dropped her back at her dorm, so now it is very very late. Or early. Both. And I work at 10, but am getting up earlier to go work out and hopefully encourage myself to crash a little earlier tomorrow.
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Ghost Friends 1
The production values may be a bit low... but it looks interesting. And less obvious and contrived than 'Quiz Show'. Also, pretty male cast. Yes.
The lead is cute and comfortably 普通. Which I like a lot.
And really, of all the B-level dramas I've watched. It might be the least cracky. So there.

Edison no Haha 3
I am really enjoying this show. I don't even know any of the actors in it. (Except Kikurin, but I didn't know him when I started DLing it). It's cute and inspirational all at once, and I'm curious to see where it ends up heading.
Also, yay for easy comprehension of science with subtitles. >.>

Now that I've spent the last two hours making huge order-reference sheets for wool felt andYudu products based on the JoAnn website and my own Yudu-SKU database, I think I shall sleep. Or work on writing for... that thing I'm thinking about. ^^;;

After a last edit: )
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Just got around to watching 'Quiz Show 2' Episode 1.
Read more... )

I wish I wasn't so busy wanting to rewatch Maoh and mourning the temporary (I hope) loss of my largest external, which houses all my finished dramas. It's totally interfering with y desire for more of the new dramas. Except this one.

Will be screencapping pretty Sho with fwippy hair for icons. Oh yes.
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In the last two days, I've watched a lot of stuff...
The first 8 episodes of Project Runway Season 4, for one.

Also, first episodes of "Atashi n'chi no Danshi" and "Godhand Teru" and bits of the preview special for "Smile". I don't expect that it will be a great drama season, but it should have some fun.

We finished Season 4 of Project Runway tonight. I got Jess started on it and bought the DVD set from Best Buy. I was very very pleased with the results. I almost cried... and in the end, I was so so /so/ happy with the winner. ^_^

4/23 7:50 pm
Just got back from seeing This American Life in a live simulcast at the Cinemark. It was awesome. Seriously fun. And even the few people in the theatre who didn't know the show to start with seemed to enjoy it. ^_^ Only 90 minutes though, the website lied. Next week - L Movie subbed!

Yes, I haven't posted in ages. Work has been killing me and the rest of the time I've been distracted with chatting and Midsummer's stuff. ^_^
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There's been a lot of snow here today, and the store closed so early that the Boos literally told me not to come in at all. So! A whole extra day off. Sadly, I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I did get some things accomplished. I still wish I'd gone to work out though. :3

Done Things:
*Masaomi's scrapbook is only one (maybe two pages) from being done. I'm missing a few of the pictures that I really want to have for those pages (mostly reference and design comparison photos for the shirt and chest binder).
*Got his jacket done yesterday! The costume is totally 100% wearble right now. Anything else is extra improvements to other costumes.
*Picked up additional ink and emulsion and t-shirts for the Detour Karaoke Team. Made plans with my sister to print shirts tomorrow, assuming I can drive to get out there.
*completed "Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata" one more drama down. <3
*got and watched one episode of "Yoiko no Mikata". OH SHO~! (Also, /that's/ where "Tomadoinagara" is from, another mystery solved.)
*caught up on "The Complex" chats - still need to comment though. Must remember that.
*poked a couple of shows on Crunchyroll. I may consider subscribing. Someday.

ALSO: Kagetoki-figure release date pushed up a month. Should ship in mid-april! Yay!

ALSO ALSO: Whoever the first person to read this is, if it's after 7 am mountain time and you have my cell number, please call and wake me up? My alarm can't be trusted anymore.
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I tried to sleep in. I made it to 10:15.
So I'm running lanudry and going to settle in for several hours of dramas and applique before work.

I also downloaded the PVs for "Believe" and "Kumorinochi Kaisei".
random babble cut )

Speaking of Leader. UtaOnii. &hearts &hearts &hearts
Though I have to admit it was him climbing stairs in sweat pants that inspired at least one of those hearts. >.> And Giselle's "demo" song? I cried. Seriously. I love this show.

[EDIT: LOVE SHUFFLE 6!! I love you and your sneaky sneaky plot twist. OMG. The opening of 7 was also fabulous. I will squee over every moment for the rest of the series. Even though I'm sure it will come back to kick us in the ass later. :D *dead*]
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Watched today: Uta no Onii-san 3-4. Mei-chan no Shitsuji 1-3.
(None of the Dramas this season are really really excellent. Though I'm enjoying all three that I'm watching. (Yes, I should probably pick up Voice too... blah.) Who knew that UtaOnii would actually be serious. Also, in Mei-chan I knew I recognized more butlers than Hiro and Jutta. Kei-chan and KatoKei are both in it too! And I flipped out when I. Looked up Shinobu's actor. He's the younger cook from Bambino. The one I called Kaidoh. This characters is also more than a little MURAKI-like and it's scaring me a little. New backstory to add to my mental picture of Muraki though. Guh.)

Sewed Today: Not enough

I did accomplish lots of my errands today though, which is nice. Tomorrow hopefully my SO will be processed enough that I can bring my Yudu home (and check if it's missing parts, apparently some of the pallet-sets were. ;_;

--------On an unrelated note...

「悲しみを分かち合って、涙の数減らすように  喜びを分かち合えないほうが辛いね」
"We share our pain, as if it will decrease the number of our tears. But having no joy to share is far more painful."

I can not get this line out of my head. It's one of the most beautiful statements I've ever heard in Japanese. And it just... won't go away.
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I managed to actually get some things started. Which is like getting things done, but without the actual completion.
I got the borders, backing and binding on the quilt for Jess with the help of my mother. I also got to see my mom, Arella and Mark. Which was nice.

We got a lot done on cleaning the apartment. My room is actually approachable now. I have a /big/ pile of stuff to get rid of, and almost all my clothes and things are washed now. I got the kitchen scrubbed pretty well on Friday night and Jess got the bathroom today. A little more work on my sewing area and it may be more manageable as well. Either way, I'm really looking forward to vacuuming. I actually took the time to light a candle and some incense in my room for the first time in a couple of years. It was nice to have the moment to focus and make the room really feel like /mine/. It's been since RiverRock or Sheely since I really did anything to focus the energies in my room... hopefully I can keep up with it.

There've been some things that just made me all kinds of happy this weekend, one of the big ones being just being away from work. I've also been watching dramas again...
Read more... )

Costumes, Masaomi, Etc. )

I'm also really really tired and worried about making it to work on time tomorrow, but those are troubles for another time. I'm doing much better than I was, and hope others are as well.

Work. Today. Was. Crazy. Seriously. I don't even have words to explain the madness of making 10k with staffing planned for 6k. And unloading a truck in the middle of it. SERIOUSLY. We are a small store people... we don't expect things like this in the off-season. The Boss was glowing all afternoon though, through the haze of pain anyway. And truck is ready for work to be done on it. The rest of the week better not continue to be nuts or one of us will die... but hopefully people will go back to work and settle down. Payday and double discounty goodness coming up on friday. I need to see the check and wait for sunday to really go crazy though... I want my Yudu. >.> I want to make T-shirts.

I work the next two weekends at work, which hopefully won't kill me. And then I'll have another two weeks of weekends in the beginning of March to try to get stuff done again.
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This is going to take me a /long/ time. And may be more than one post. But... here goes.
This post and any subsequent related posts will contain detailed spoilers for the various arcs of the "Ren'Ai Shindan" drama series.
Warnings for the series in general include: Boys' Love (gayness), Girls' Love (lesbians), Violence, Partial Nudity, Implied Sexual Situations, Implied Sibling Love, Character Death, Serious Illness, Mental Incapacitation and Un-subtle Symbolism.
Episodes 1-3, Tsubasa no Kakera )
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I kept putting off a new years post and now all you get is one full of memes.

I love this man. And am so sad that the stupid fangirls had to ruin the whole commenting thing for all of us. New Years was exactly the sort of day when I really really wanted to leave a comment for him.

And then the promised memes. One I stole from [profile] dilettantka...
Fandome Meme )

Also, the real life-y one I ganked from [profile] xrqz2493.
Read more... )

Am rather worried about the whole 'half of LJ staff fired' business. Sad times for all.

Drama Day

Dec. 21st, 2008 07:36 pm
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I clearly watched "Maoh" and "Ryuusei no Kizuna" in the wrong order.
The endings of both were very good... but Maoh was definitely the more depressing of the two.
I desperately want more uplifting things now, to the point that I'm considering rewatching "Yamada Tarou" or trying to pick up "Binbo Danshi" again. i would just suck it up and watch Iwojima, since it would quell my Nino craving... but I know that wouldn't make me any happier.

The only other thing I can think of to watch is Renai Shindan which... HI... won't help.

Lots of squares for the quilt done now, and I just have to do the ones with the alternate dark for the border. Lots of people may be getting lame New Years presents since I'm spending a lot of time on a few projects this year instead of having gotten started earlier.

Anyway, now done playing with computers and back to sewing until I hear from [profile] ashitara or [profile] mouse_art.
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Taking today to sew and work on presents and hopefully not spend anymore money. >.>
And also, hopefully to finish up Maoh.

That will probably lead to the inevitable ranting that comes with the end of a TBS 金曜ドラマ (I finished Ryuusei no Kizuna last night - LOVE!).

I might even remember to eat and fix my taillight. Though again with how that costs money. >.>
Now to put on a sweater and hook Damien and my external up to the TV. Fun times.

A couple of reccomendations before I forget: (Warning for lots of Fic and Yaoi) )


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