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My back-up alarm to remind me when RajiPuri is about to go off-line saved me this week and I remembered to listen on the way home.

As an early birthday present, RajiPuri gave me the best possible episode. I already got Okiayu-san hosting for the whole month, but if I got one more hope it was for Kite's voice actor to be a guest... and I got it! Plus my second favorite person in the world, Mikagawa Junko.
So this week we have Okiayu-san, Minagawa-san, Shingaki-san

Jun-chan and Taru-chan~! (It's a combi-name)

They talked about summer break/vacation. Shingaki forced himself to take one this year, and tried to go back to Okinawa (jikka/home). It was super expensive and then he only ended up being there about two days. This season is like Obon for Okinawa, so getting there was crazy. He had a friend from school that worked at the airport who was like 'Oh, you came back for Obon...' and then the next day went 'What on earth are you doing?'

TeniPuri Bunkasai has a talk event with Jun-chan, Yuki-chan, and Sacchin in a couple of days. ;_; Okiayu teases that he might go, since it's so rare to see three ladies only at a TeniPuri event.

First TeniPuri complains question is about blood type. And Jun-chan says the best thing: I don't think that humans are something you can split up into four simple groups. They talk about it.

Taru-chan is a B, but he thought for years that he was O-type. MinaJun is A, and just knows off the top of her head that Buchou is O.

Preview song from Yuushi's second album. I think the song is called Seme. It sounds baller. I can't believe it's been 10 years and 8 months since Kesshou.
Niou's song sounds ok, but Tezuka's sounds killer.
Also, new song from 3rd Season Fudoumine.

Second half - Pillar vs. Killer Echizen vs. Kite
Ryoma: "Kite-senpai, your hair looks like a _____. What do you ask for at the stylist?"
Kite: "'The usual style please.' is what I say."
The game is RajiPuri BlackJack.
Something about ranking the feelings that young men feel when falling in love with a person. Or maybe how they figure out that girls like them. They have to list them and then that's the number that they get to add to their collection.
Ryoma - "Someone you can rely on." #3
Kite - "Their cooking is good." #8 (They tease him for wanting a mother. He was aiming for )
Ryoma - "Comes over to play/hang out even without a reason." #5
Kite - "They deliver lectures/scolding with a smile" #6
Ryoma - "We both get ready to go home together." #2
Kite - "We skip set-up and clean-up together." #7 - Exactly 21... wow.

#1 was "We get sent out shopping and they set a good mood."
"They look cute in shifuku" is #4

Batsugame - sign something random to be a present for people who right in.
Request song is Ryoma's "Starting Over"

The writer of "Gather" is doing a cover of the song on her first full album. Mizaki Ayumi "Show You My Brave Heart"
Tennis no Ouji-sama Remix-One "Genius 9" is happeneing soon?
Free paper AniCan #154 has an interview with Kiuchi-san in relation to "You See?"
Unique news, Konomi-sensei is searching for an assistant! More info at the TeniPuri Attraction Site.

And Neji to Driver is the closing song. And I wonder is Taru-chan will actually just show up at the Bunkasai, he sounds kinda serious about it. XD
So aparently Jun-chan is playing the lead in the Japanese dub of the Korean Drama 'Scandal', and Okiayu-san reccomends it. I think I understood that right.

They had so much fun.... it always makes me happy when Jun-chan is around. She loves everyone. <3

Nest week is clearly Sanada and... someone else from Rikkai.

Until another year from now when I blog again.... DOT NET~!
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