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Jan. 25th, 2015 06:10 pm
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So two Thursdays ago my roommate Mik and I took a long crazy drive to Nebraska to pick up super cheap clearance fabric at a Jo-Ann store that is closing. We had fun and even went to see the national monument nearby which I'd never visited despite being in town a lot to help the store out.
On the way home though, I could feel my lymph nodes swelling, this usually happens when I'm sick, but feeling the problem develop over three hours in the car was scary.
I spent the next two days at work, medicating myself hardcore for what I thought was a cold, and getting very little relief from my usual over-the-counter cocktail. By the end of sunday (my day off) I had no voice, and attempting to talk, as well as eating or swallowing anything, even liquids, was excruciating.
Monday I went to the doctor, and learned that I had strep throat so bad that it has opened small sores in my throat.
I didn't go to work that day, and only managed an hour of silent office work on Tuesday. Wednesday I pulled off six hours, but still spent most of it not speaking at all. I could not get over a whisper even if I needed to, and the effort of even that whisper for more than a sentence or so was crippling throat pain.

All this meant that I spent a fair portion of that week and of my PAX being silent. Not speaking and not really wanting too. Especially working this was was very challenging and... interesting? I don't know. It makes me desperately want to know sign language at the very least. It also meant that traveling with just me and Cal, I felt bad not being able to respond to things. She fills silences by default, but being able only to smile or shake my head or gesture made me appreciate that I'm rather more talkative than I give myself credit for.


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