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Some of the bits I've been inspired to write (and may record) from the prompts at Podfidic.

Sophronia and Soap - Finishing School Series
Sophronia accepted the cup of tea and took a sip. "That's an unusual choice."
"I thought you might enjoy it, miss."
Sophronia attempted to set the cup down as daintily as possible, despite the complete lack of a proper table. The train swayed as she did so, and she had to sweep the cup back up to avoid spilling.
They looked at each other, and Sophronia felt a flush of entirely inappropriate affection.
"It tastes a bit like... treacle tart."
"Yes, miss." Soap grinned at her. "I thought it was appropriate, considering the circumstances. Little Vieve said you had a fond memory of the stuff?"
Sophronia just smiled, and wondered where on earth Vieve had even found such a flavor in tea of all things. "Thank you, Soap."

Setra and Draco - Original D&D Characters
Setra accepted the cup of tea and took a sip, eyes widening in surprise. "That's an unusual choice."
"I thought you might enjoy it." Draco said softly, with a low chuckle at her reaction.
Setra inhaled deeply to savor the scent before taking another drink. She set the delicate china cup down before picking up the letter she'd received and sliding her sharpest knife under the wax seal. She flipped the knife idly between her fingers as she held the parchment in one hand to read.
"Careful." Draco leaned back in his chair and smiled at her with entirely too much open fondness. "I like all your fingers where they are, my lady."
"Mmm." Setra was already engrossed in the details of the correspondence. "It appears our old friend the Lady Sien is invited to a wedding. I wonder what manner of wealthy nobleman she has managed to snare after all these years?"
They looked at each other in silence for a long moment.
"It tastes a bit like helicanth leaves." Setra commented idly, meeting Draco's eyes over the rim of her cup.
"Yes, well," Draco said with practiced nonchalance. "I thought it was fitting, considering we're to be traveling back to Ehlissa soon. Lord Bronson was looking for a second wife, I believe."
Setra just smiled and shook her head slightly. "Sien always did like shiny things, I'm sure the good lord would be a delightful partner for her."

[Character] accepted the cup of tea and took a sip. "That's an unusual choice."
"I thought you might [reaction] it."
[Character] [action].
They looked at each other.
"It tastes a bit like [flavor]."
"Yes." [Character] [action]. "I thought it was [description], considering the circumstances."
[Character] [action].


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