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So, I promised myself over two years ago, that after WCS Prelims in 2014 at NDK, I would take "a year off". Not to say that I'm not sewing or crafting, but just that I'm planning to work on whatever I want for the most part, and not feel guilty for knitting or quilting.

That said, I currently have a few plans for the new year, and I'm sure more will pop up.
1) Lady Back Champion Outfit ~The Black Rose~
Yeah, that's a lot of info. Basically she's shiny and I love her. Might as well do it now while the game is only a year and a half old. XD
2) My Super-Hot Girlfriend James Kidd / Mary Read
I have all the fabrics... ish. I still need detailed sketches and photos for the coat.
3) Clow Clow
Moon moooon. No, really, there will be more Clow. At the very least finishing my formal pieces. Also CoC Clow. And work on Smoke Clow.
4) Completion of Windsinger
Needs bells, will get sleeves and possibly a new skirt. I'll probably end up helping with Lightweaver as well.
5) Higa and Rikkai
Tennis Uniforms. Seriously. I have most of the fabric and just need to make stencils for the Rikkai emblems. I need them, even with my chubby non-athletic body. <3

Other Projects:
1) Rainbow Leaf-Lace Scarf - about 1/2 done, needs to be finished.
2) Sherlock Coat - currently ordering and evaluating swatches
3) PacRim/DCwT Quilt
4) Baby Quilt for Cal's new nephew
5) Reflections Quilt for Mom
6) BQ3 Iris Quilt
7) Picnic Quilt with Neons
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